Jennifer Garner Wants To Be A Klingon

Although rumors of her being a love interest for Spock in the new Star Trek appear to have been wrong, Jennifer Garner still seems to want in to the new movie. After starring on JJ Abrams Alias the actress seems to have become quite the fan telling MTV “he rocks; I would do anything for him.” Apparently Garner is a bit of a Trekkie and the actress tells MTV that she would even do a non-speaking cameo.

But Garner has a specific request, saying

I just want to be a Klingon in the movie, I just want to walk through [the frame] as a Klingon.

This isn’t the first time Garner has talked about a role for Abrams Trek movie. Back in September the actress said that all JJ Abrams has to do is ask and she would be there, adding “I owe him.” Garner wouldn’t be the first Alias actor in the film. Her co-star Rachel Nichols landed a part as an Orion. And it is likely that Greg Grunberg will show up somewhere. Maybe Garner is feeling a little left out.

Garner shows off her warrior side in “Electra”

More on Garner’s Trek desires at MTV

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Fine. No ridges, though.

Garner would be a great addition to this film

She should be a Romulan. Better with her body type and face.

HOT Klingon!!

Jennifer Garner! That would be cool with Ridges!

Everybody seems to want their face attached to this project, even for just a walk-on. The thing ought to be a visual Easter egg hunt when it finally comes out. Let’s play ‘Guess who’s behing the rubber forehead’. ;-)

Everybody seems to want their face attached to this project, even for just a walk-on. The thing ought to be a visual Easter egg hunt when it finally comes out. Let’s play ‘Guess who’s behind the rubber forehead’. ;-)

Whoa. Double post during a typo correction. Never did that one before. LOL :-)

I like her lady lumps. Fergies too…..

there are Klingons in this thing as well as Romulans?

I am getting concerned that instead of a movie, we are going to have a Star Trek version of LOST.

Flashbacks/Flashforwards with:

Contruction of the Enterprise
( though this may just be a trailer stunt much like the teaser for transformers)

Sarek and Amanda
Mom amd Dad Kirk
the Kobiashi maru
Orion slave girl.
old Spock/New Spock
the proffesor and maryanne

and of course….Kirk Rock !


Garner is awsome. I’d love to see her as a klingon. Man, there’s a show concept. Klingon secret agent working for Section 31. Never would happen, nor should it :) but its a fun thought experiment.

“Jennifer Garner Wants To Be A Klingon”….and I want to let her!

I want a Star Trek: Titan series :(

sorry was thinking out loud… oh yea, Garner…. 2 words Hubba Hubba!!

I would prefer to see her as a Vulcan love interest for Spock at the time of Pon Farr. She gives new meaning to the term BLOOD FEVER!

6 Everybody seems to want their face attached to this project

Sounds like what the 60’s Batman series was to celebrities. Everyone wanted to be on it. That is a cool thought however.

I’d like to see Jennifer Garner be a Vulcan or Romulan. I dug the commander of the Romulan ship. She always turned me on.

She should be T’Pol


She’d look better as a Klingon than she does normally, IMHO.
(And I’m partial to Cardy women anyhow.)

“Apparently Garner is a bit of a Trekkie and the actress tells MTV that she would even do a non-speaking cameo.”

I hate to bring up Shatner’s name because I don’t want to turn this into another BBK debate thread………but I just can’t help it…………
Garner is willing to do a non-speaking cameo, while Shatner says “I don’t do cameos.” Who is the bigger box office draw? Garner by far.
Who has the bigger ego? Shatner by far.

I think she has the perfect features for a Vulcan or Romulan (but no ridges please, or that stupid TNG wig). She would be wasted under all that Klingon make-up; but if that’s what she wants, then let her have it!

Oh! She can play the great grandmother of Lursa and B’etor! She can come out in a boob enhancing suit that shows lots of cleavage and get in a bitch fight with Uhura! It will be like every trek nerd’s wet dream come true.

Actors who would do anything for and with Abrams, even non-speaking cameos, actors who are content with just walking through…

Good grief – is this Hollywood’s new list of highly promising, compelling, bold actors setting the standards for Trek years to come?

Wouldn’t be the first random celebrity cameo in a Trek film; it’s an honorable tradition :)

Well someone had to… Ms. Garner as an old-school Kligon:

Yes. Definitely. Get Jen Garner in the Klingon outfit. Absolutely.

As the great-grandmother of Lursa & B’Etor, perhaps?

She would make a fantastic Klingon!

And we want Jennifer Garner to be a Klingon, dammit.

Ridges are fine. But, use her real cleavage, please.

My honest opinion?


I dunno.. the fewer recognizable faces the better if you ask me.. don’t want it turning into a “get yourself into trek lore” party… although, yeah, if I knew the guy I’d probably ask to be in it too lol

where is the trailer!?!?!?!

#10 — Actually, we don’t know Klingons will be in this movie. Garner is just assuming they will, and we are assuming based on her assumption.

#22-That’s the ticket.

somebody please photoshop her as a klingon. As to what type ? the enhanced klingon from the TOS or as a regular klingon from Enterprise and TNG?

#19 – not my wet dream. mine would include a gorn (hardcore gorn movie) :P

Eh, this movie has a large enough cast as it is. Save her for the sequel.

even her as another vulcan passing through would be good.

#30 please refer to #22

#31 Hahaha, Hardcore Gorn… good one. Slar Swallows he’s my favourite Gorn Star ;)

Jen would be a very nice addition to this movie (maybe during a pantie pillow fight with Uhura… what too much?).

If Klingons are going to be included in this movie it would be interesting to see how JJ deals with them. Will he take the Augment virus into account? Or just use the TNG era makeup? Mixure of both??

What ever he does he’d better not have bumpy foreheaded Romulans… that look sooooooo stupid. Senator Vreenak had the best Romulan look, he had the bumpy forehead yes, but it was subtle and looked very good with the actor.

TOS era Romulans looks so cool and evil, and yet they had the same prostetics as a Vulcan, they need to take that approach in this new films not just added evil forehead ridges and Kes-wigs to make them look menacing.

TOS Klingon please.

She would be a better Orion Slave Girl

In my opinion… a Romulan… or should I say Romu-YUM!

Come on JJ, give us Geeks some more eye-candy!

Hiding a beatiful woman like Jennifer Garner under all that Klingon make-up would be a crime against nature!

Why not have a naked Garner roll around in a tub of Jello with Ensign Kirk as they… they………..

I have to go now!

Just don’t let Affleck near the set (unless Kevin Smith’s with him)!

Regarding the movie set making Star Trek
The last person they need around is Affleck
He’d slow the process down
With his constant glaring frown
He’d turn the production into a trainwreck!

She plays a sexy Klingon captain named Bam Chicka’Wah.

Maybe it’s just me, but i don’t find Garner to be a smoking babe. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty, but I don’t know why everyone acts like she’s a supermodel.

Jennifer Garner’s sharp features would be better suited to a Vulcan or Romulan role. She wants to be a Klingon, but clearly she would play whatever J.J. would ask of her. Also, I don’t see J.J. giving her a role (even a small one) without it being a speaking role.
And someone needs to Photoshop her as a Vulcan/TOS-era Romulan.

I’ve just realised – she’s got the same jawline as David Coulthard….

Jennifer Garner is part of the family, she´s MORE than welcome! She´s everything that is good! Please beam her up!

Boy you said it chewey I mean #43.
Just think JJ has to put up with all these distracions.
Jenifer Afflick she’s just as bad as her husband on any film. Since she’s making it publically known I have no prob saying I woundt care to see her in film at all….or her husband as well.
Sorry to the daredevil and Electra fans….
I would tell Garner to get Lost.
All these cameos and tyler perrys might not create a stellar story…?

“Apparently Garner is a bit of a Trekkie”

yeah, seems like everyone is a trekkie nowadays. sounds to me like they just want a job. I smell poser.

Can we just put her in the movie!

#10 makes a good point.

There’s too much stuff happening in too little time, with a director with no experience and no-one in the crew to offer any kind of guidance. I’m worried there’s going to be too much “making the fans happy” and not enough “making a good movie.”