AICN Has More Trek Rumors – Orci Responds

This morning Aint It Cool News posted an article containing what they claim is a review of the script for Star Trek as well as a description of some of the footage from the film. The script review part seems mostly negative, but the footage review seems mostly positive and apparently they are from different sources. However, Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci questions whether they have actually seen the script. More below (spoilers)

AICN on the Trek script
The ‘script review’ from AICN’s source is short on details and long on recriminations. It appears to be mostly be a ‘hit piece’ against the Star Trek writers, here is an excerpt:

The problem with the script is all its blatant inconsistency with things in the TREK canon, not to be innovative… but because Kurtzman and Orci are lousy writers and have zero feel for Roddenberry’s universe, even when attempting to reboot it. The dialogue is about on par with their past works and some of the liberties they’ve taken are insanely sloppy. (Forgive me, wasn’t the Enterprise built in space and not Area 51?) It’s remarkably unintelligent writing.

Orci Responds
Links to the AICN story first went up this morning in the talkback section for the latest Nimoy story. In that talkback Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci responded:

Yeah. AICN for some reason has never liked us. The best example was one of their review for Transformers. I forgot which one of those wannabes wrote it, but it basically said how much they loved the humor, the characters, the sequences, and the structure of the movie, but they hated the script. Classic.

If this movie works, these same folks will say that JJ “saved” a crappy script with his directing, just like Shia “saved’ our dialogue by “making” it funny.

Whoever wrote that piece HAS NOT read the script, and I would trust Nimoy to tell us if we know anything about the Trek universe over just about anybody else.

Orci also responded at AICN…seemingly dismissing the reference to Area 51

Let’s see. Area 51 is a place where we supposedly keep aliens and spacecraft A SECRET. In Star Trek, earth KNOWS there are spaceships and aliens. You might’ve even heard of one of them. His name is Mr. SPOCK. You do the math.

UPDATE: Orci keeps on commenting has always been honored to have Mr. Orci drop by once in a while and interact with the fans. Today he has made a number of comments and and answered some questions. See the comments section below.

AICN on the Scale of the Enterprise
AICN’s second source claims to have seen footage from the film and comments on the scale of the production and how the you will get to feel the true size of the Enterprise. From the report:

If you watch the TV series and many of the movies than – if you are a Star Wars fan like me – you always have the feeling that there is a discrepancy between the size of the alien worlds / the space ship(s) of the Federation and the locations where most of the scenes have been shot. In other words, the Bridge is more like a living room and does not match the size nor style of gigantic size of the Enterprise at all. It is certainly unbelievable because it’s mostly the only place we get to see (and of course three or four other places, but all in all just 1 percent of the ship, I presume).

We’ll, this movie is gonna end all that for sure. The “stage play” and Disney like nature of the TV episodes is gone, the “we’ll only show you three locations but trust me, this really is a gigantic spaceship we’re flying around in”-feeling will also be gone.

CLICK HERE to read the full story (potentially contains spoilers)

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Let me be the first!

hasn’t this already been debunked by ‘a VERY good source’?

I am first!

I’ll second that.

look at me everybody!

Yeah, Orci himself already commented that whoever wrote that review as not read the script. He also commented on the same AICN thread about Area 51: “Let’s see. Area 51 is a place where we supposedly keep aliens and spacecraft A SECRET. In Star Trek, earth KNOWS there are spaceships and aliens. You might’ve even heard of one of them. His name is Mr. SPOCK. You do the math.”

I read the story when it was linked in the previous thread, I thought it was BS then, and it seems that way now.

Maybe a red herring – the question is who’s diverting who?

This is very concerning. I am a strong believer that Star Trek canon must be followed. The history is there, work around it. I am worried.

For God’s sake, AICN is filled with the most hateful and snooty people I have ever seen online. Harry seems OK, but I hardly go there anymore, and I especially stay away from their foul-mouthed talkbacks. Don’t lose too much sleep . . . I’d choose Orci and Nimoy over those losers anytime.

Hope its good.


And I think it bears repeating…

Source #1 CLAIMS to have read the script and that he hates it… but gives us NO real examples of WHY or ANY OTHER “spoilers” outside of the whole Kirk thing which has already been fed to the Internet masses and could have been slightly embellished by anyone with half a brain.

Source #2 CLAIMS to have seen the new Enterprise… but gives us NO real description, other than “it’s more detailed.” Yeah, right. Even I could have sent THAT one in.

And Source #3 makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I have no idea WHAT the hell he’s trying to describe. Is he saying Quinto can’t do a proper Vulcan salute, so they digitally inserted Nimoy’s hand? Maddeningly vague.

So, in the end: Bull, bull and bull. Use your brains, people… there’s absolutely NOTHING here.

#10 Harry seems to have turned into a large married pervert … nothing wrong with that but I know know how that helps him be an expert on movies

I am very proud of myself because I didn’t go to the AICN site (nor will I ever), and I didn’t even read the AICN snippet Anthony posted in his article above. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to resist reading spoilers all together pretty soon.

I have a really good feeling about Roberto, Alex and JJ, and I can’t stand hate mongers. Since they can’t produce anything productive, they try try to make a living by tearing others down. They have no integrity.

Also with AICN, there is a definate side that if they like you, you can do no wrong ( Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro, the good Paul Anderson ), otherwise you are screwed ( Orci for example ). Of course, everyone can hate Uwe Bowle(?) and the OTHER Paul Anderson

For God’s sake Roberto don’t get into an exchange with that AICN crowd! At best your soul will burn away. You may even get VD. Don’t do it — that’s an order!


You’re right. First and only time. I’ll stop. Moment of weakness. Sorry.

If they wanna talk to me they can come here.


Just make a good movie, people are going to hate and say vile things no matter how bad or good the movie is. Just make a movie that feels right and lets the majority of fans feel satisfied.

Since this rumor from AICN has been debunked, does that mean that the creation of an alternate universe rumor that they had reported a few months back is also false (I personally actually liked that idea)?

As far as i’m concerned, their “sources” are bogus entertainment. They are in desperate need of attention, knowing this will rattle our cages. It’s so laughable, “lousy writers”…yeah that’s why Orci and Kurtzman have been entrusted with Trek XI and Nimoy backs it up 110% percent and calling it “gigantic”…please, let’s see these “sources” write a script and compare it to the one they’ve supposedly read. Too vague and too general. I’ll still be there in line 354 days from now…if anything this has only increased my excitement and interest in anticipation of the movie

Having read the story, it can be inferred that the writer of this so-called “review” doesn’t have any respect for Trek in general, and is using this as a forum to stir the shit against the new film. Nothing seems substantial or specific in the “review” and his source in regards to the new Enterprise is obviously colored by his “Star Wars” fan mentality. Regardless, nothing is told to us in details and in generalities that you or anyone else could make up and post on the internet. Another show of misinformation by those that only want hits and to appear to have knowledge others do not.


Glad to see you won’t go down to their level. Remember what the man said:
“There’s only one kind of man, or woman for that matter: You either believe in yourself or you don’t” (Kirk, “Mudd’s Women”).

Ignore “em.

if old spock pretends to be his own cousin like he did in yesteryear i shall be creaming!

and if the teaser trailer as reported shows the enterprise being built then according to aicn it would be undergrond hardly epic – eh!

and wasnt there a area 51 type place in transformers too!

i think the “source” seems to think all they can write is area 51 type places!

hang on a minute wasnt there one in xena!!!!!!

just kidding!!!

Wow, people are right when they say those AICN commenters are mean. There’s something about the virtual anonymity of the Internet that makes people throw any sense of civility out the window, which is too bad. I’m all for expressing your opinion, be it positive or negative, but there’s no reason to be an arse about it.

oh and the difference between posting here and posting on aicn is
people respect your opinions!!!!

kind of star trek like isnt it!

You can’t always trust some of the stuff that AICN (or any site for that matter) posts that comes from an anonymous source. As a webmaster myself, I would never post something about a script without having read it myself.

To say: “An anonymous source told us that they read it and it sucks…” means nothing.

Kudos to Mr. Orci for standing up for himself. He and Kurtzman are good shit. We should be so lucky to have them — otherwise a good many of our childhood favorites would get flushed down the toilet.

Besides, if there is anyone who is going to ruin Star Trek, it will be J.J. Abrams…

12. You’re totally right about a lack of specifics in describing how “bad” the script was. Thinking back, there was also a definite tone to the writing that came across as spiteful, for lack of a better word.

I must concur with #12. SPB. Most logical.

well done AICN you made yourself look right tibble poo there . First it sounds stupid , ………well it is stupid. But i am sure AICN great “sources ” have all had a good look at the script , its not like its the mostly tighly kepth and secert script in hollywood right now or anything XD

If the movie is half as good as fans are hoping it will easly be one of the hits of 2008 , and AICN will yet again just look like fools .

There have been loads of rumours on various major Movie and Trek sites regarding plot, script, cast, etc. lately. Why did Mr. Orci feel like immediately reacting to just this one?

Denial sometimes speaks louder than silence.

Area 51? Right. Sure.

Out of all the places in the Federation, that’s where they build starships.

AICN sucks. Their reviews are terrible, the critics/ whatever you want to call them have little to no taste and i agree with # 15, they have hard ons for same lame filmmakers.

I have faith.


Cuz it called me out personally. You see conspiracies in everything.

You’re a disgruntled Transformer’s fan, aren’t you? Did you go by any different names on the TF boards? Not attacking, just curious.

i go out with a girl from iowa shes well sexy and she got me a kirk shirt for xmas too!!!!

hey orci please hi five me!

oh well off to bed now dreaming of kate, my yellow sjirt and orci hi fiving me!!


..way off topic here..isn’t remastered Trek’s Day of the Dove airing this weekend?? Since it’s a 3rd season episode, we son’t be seeing it on DVD for awhile….so how come no covereage? Or am I completely bats and it’s a repeat this week?

…and staying on topic…AICN’s hear-say, from someone who knows someone who read something…is a waste of everyone’s time. All I know is the trailer is coming in 13 days. Let’s just hope it shows a bit more than a starfield and some narration.

IMO If there was even the smallest problem with TREK canon. I would think Nimoy would and could over rule in a very big way. He didn’t come out of retirement just to make a fast few bucks after 15+ years. Nimoy is also more concerned about his own reputation then most people are in the business. His past track AKA TREK record speaks for its self.

I used to enjoy AICN and found it a great source of information. However it has lately been overrun by mean spirited, foul-mouthed people and has lost its appeal. At least for me anyway.

That’s why I prefer this site. This discussion is, mostly, civil in nature.

Dark Horizons is another site I discovered about the same time as AICN. It is not as famous as AICN, but at least has maintained a sense of dignity.

Take care, all.

It’s hard to fathom that all the advances of human civilization, not to mention many centuries of evolution of the English language, have transpired just so that something called a “disgruntled Transformers fan” could exist and be so described. But hell, pandas have thumbs.

Roberto Orci #30

“Disgruntled Transformers fan”

I just did a spit take onto my computer screen.

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AICN isnt all bad. I visit daily. Their TV news and reviews are usually spot on. Film scoops sometimes spot on, sometimes they fall for the rumours. Harry’s reviews are always entertaining.

However, there’s nothing in that article that suggests the person writing it hasnt been following the latest newsbites and making stuff up.

Mr Orci, whatever you post on that site, half will call you an ass the other half will accuse you of being a lying ass — reistance is not futile! However there are more pressing matters, James T Kirk as played by Mr Shatner ;) Time is running out!

Hey, I appreciate Mr. Orci clearing up this matter.

He didn’t have to do it. That speaks volumes to me.

It seems to me that he cares about Trek, his own reputation, and the fans.

More than can be said about many others!

Mr. Orci’s participation in these forums is what is truly “Cool”. The more I hear from him, the better I feel about the movie.

We certainly don’t get riled up over false rumors and BS presented on this site as is the case with AICN and other sites. Thanks, Anthony, for all the work you do in verifying reports and sources. Obvioulsy, Orci and company respect you!

I will believe Trek is in good hands until proven otherwise!

Can’ t wait to see the movie!

I’m wondering if the lack of advanced episode coverage is tied to the demise of I don’t think the official site posts the ST:Remastered trailers any longer. I’m guessing we’ll still see the usual clips and such once the episode has aired.

And yes, Mr. Orci, I am glad you are taking the advice presented in post #16.


Mr. Orci – thanks for taking the time to answer my post.

No, I haven’t seen Transformers, nor am I planning to see it nor am I posting on any TF boards. Why are you asking – have you experienced that watching TF, seeing conspiracies and being disgruntled is somehow connected?

No, I don’t see conspiracies, but I tend to be curious myself and there have been quite a few things lately that have called me out personally, too – and some of them indeed have caused disgruntlement in me.

Roberto–let me just say you have got to be the coolest Mo’-Fo’ behind the scenes at Trek in a LONG time I hope the movie is a HUGE hit and you stick around a LONG time man.

This is just so cool…if Bob Orci really is the one he claims to be , I guess this is the greatest day of my live. I’m actually using the same commenting system as the man himself! Come on, this sounds to good to be true. Sounds like something that has never happened before! At least not to a geek like me.

I can well remember early 2002…The Nemesis script leaked and those AICN people shred it to pieces…the rest is history. However, and this is new, this time, one of the writers seems to fight back, trying to make a difference! I really like that…

But then, aren’t you on strike, Mr Orci? Well, I truly hope the movie will make enough money so that we can all laugh at these critics at AICN in about a year…these AICN critics aren’t making history tonight…YOU are the one changing the world with that script, Mr Orci!