“Day of the Dove” Remastered Screenshots

Season 3 Jewel gets a new polish
Star Trek Remastered is back from Christmas hiatus with “Day of the Dove,” one of the better episodes from TOS’ 3rd season…and not just because Chekov gets zapped by a Klingon agonizer. Jerome Bixby’s script deals with war, peace, racism and throws in some cool sword fights for good measure. In what becomes a Trek tradition, it also reveals additional dimensions to a recurring villain. Apparently Klingons love their wives and enjoy a good belly laugh as much as the next sentient species.

This CGI highlights of this episode deal with the Klingon D-7. In this case the CBS team went straight down the line and mostly did exact duplicate shots, but in the case of the destruction of the ship added some very nice details not seen in 1968. The Beta XII orbit shots were crisply done, but once again we get a very blue Earth-like planet from space even though it has a very un-Earth-like green sky…oh well. In the case of the digital transfer some of the colors in this episode (especially when around the alien light ball) seemed over saturated. But the Enterprise continues to look good (especially in the TNG-ish high warp shots) and all in all the remastered episode is a welcome addition to the catalog.

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I am Kang…have you seen Kodos?

werry werry beutiful

Sulu chop!

cue the theme from “The Bodyguard”

Once again Spock doesn’t get the joke

A note on TOSR previews
Until the end of last year previews for each week’s remastered episode would be put up on StarTrek.com. Since the layoffs at StarTrek.com TrekMovie.com has been trying to find a way to bring those here every week. Hopefully something will be worked out in the near future.


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