New Voyages Revamped Koenig Episode To Premiere At Gala Event

In November we reported that Star Trek New Voyages was working on a re-edited version of their second episode “To Serve All My Days” featuring Walter Koenig and written by D.C Fontana. Originally planned as an Internet release for Christmas ’07, it has now turned into a gala event.

Gala Premiere For a Star
“To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969” featuring new scenes, music and CGI will premiere on March 29th in Beverly Hills at the Fine Arts Theater. This will give Koenig’s episode the same gala celebrity-filled treatment as the most recent STNV episode “World Enough and Time” featuring George Takei which premiered at the Fine Arts Theater over the summer. The event will also be used to promote the campaign to get Walter Koenig a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Koenig is still the only member of The Original Series cast without one. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame committee will be voting on Koenig’s star in June.

This event will feature “To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969,” other rare television footage, and many new surprises. Doors to the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills will open at 6:30PM (Pacific Time), screenings begin at 7:30PM, with a Q&A session to follow the screenings. Invited guests will include many from the the STNV cast and crew, various Star Trek celebs, Walk of Fame committee members, and of course (along with other members of the media). The Internet version will be made available to coincide with the premiere.

James Cawley has provided with another shot made by Daren Dochterman and the effects team for the new version of “To Serve all my Days.”

More planned for 2008 and beyond
After “To Serve All My Days” is released, James Cawley tells that they will quickly follow that up with the first part of “Blood and Fire,” written by David Gerrold and featuring Denise Crosby. Part 1 should be available in April with part 2 likely to come out in May.

The STNV team is also already into pre-production on two additional episodes. The first will be “Rest and Retaliation” written by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur which begins location shooting at Vasquez Rocks in late March. Kevin Rubio is directing and hopes are to have that episode out some time in 2008. That episode will be followed up by “Killkenny Cats” written by Jimmy Diggs adapted from a story intended for Star Trek Enterprise. “Killkenny Cats” will feature the Kzinti, the cat-like creatures invented by Larry Niven and so far only seen on The Animated Series. Cawley tells that they will have fully rendered CGI Kzinti, which can be seen on the promo poster below.

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first ;)

Cool stuff here ******Second!!


I always remember “The Slaver Weapon” being the one of first TAS episodes I ever saw on an old black & white TV way back in 1975. I was convinced for YEARS afterward that there had been a STAR TREK cartoon… but with cats in the leads.

I’d read about the original TAS series, but always remembered thinking, “Yeah, but what about the one where they’re all cats???”

Amazing the tricks your foggy 3-year old memories will play with you!

Kzinti??? Why not use Xindi…

Why can’t I see the pictures? Does anyone have a working link for the Kzinti promo poster?

Ok. There it is.


I think you’re remembering a different show.

There was a show on saturday mornings in that time called “The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty” (or something like that… obviously a reference to “Walter Mitty”) but it had the main character in different parodies every week… and one week was a star trek episode. That one was all Cats.



Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

‘Kilkenny’? Coincidence?

#7 – DarenDoc:

Oooooooo! My mind reels! Could have been that one, too!

I just assumed years later when I finally saw “The Slaver Weapon” again on Nickelodeon that that must have been the episode that sent me on the wrong track.

(I’m 35 years old… why the heck am I even talking/thinking about this???)

Kudos to Cawley and company. . . they are just getting incredibly ambitious with this project. If it’s not “real” Trek (and I can’t honestly consider it such, the contributions of some of the origianal participants notwithstanding), it’s still a fascinating and worthy addendum to Roddenberry’s universe in its own right, much as with some of the better ST novels.

I actually liked “To Serve All My Days” a great deal in spite of its flaws–in some ways I actually preferred it to “World Enough and Time”–and really would enjoy attending the premiere of this new version.

Hope they fix the continuity gaffe this time out.

#10, could still be TAS, after all; with M’Ress they had a cat on the bridge :)

Glad to see the Cawley stuff getting the attention it deserves. CGI Kzinti? I’ll believe it when I see it, but I’m happy to see them taking a no-boundaries approach.

#10 SPB

I can understand your confusion… cause they used some of the same music… and sound effects, as I remember… cause it was produced by Filmation, the same company that produced the Trek Animated series.

Oh wow…I love that new pic of the Enterprise. Great work Daren and co!

That’s always how I imagined the remastered TOS would have looked…I really wish Daren had gotten a job working on that project. It’s just so scatter shot and inconsistent.

14. A lot of those sound effects later turned up on Masters of the Universe, as well.

Oh wow, can’t wait to see the Kzinti brought to life.

I hope Walter gets his star, as it is long overdo. I would never suggest a write-in campaign to the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s honorary Mayor, Johnny Grant. That would be wrong. :)

forgive my ignorance, but do walter koenig and george takei play their familiar characters in these new voyages episodes. i like trek but i’m not an uber fan, also can someone tell me where i can watch them, thank you. just discovered a whole new world of star trek, thanks to the old tinternet.

Is it KILKenny or KILkenny or kilKENNY or kilKenny? And shouldn’t Cats be Kats? Or Catz? Or Katz? Or Katzenjammer? Meh!

Kilkeny cats sounds intriguing!!. I’m hugely looking forward to that one.

#19 Check the New Voyages website.
It is the epicenter for TRUE Classic Trek!

#19 go to

It’s the epicenter for TRUE Classic HORRIBLE acting. Why Daren Doc would attach his name to this is beyond me…wow.

I can’t help but think that the expression of Chekov in that shot at thetop of the page reflects how Walter must have felt…

“Here I am, reduced to guest-starring in fan-made Star Trek videos… how pathetic.”

Not knocking the efforts of the fans involved… they are doing great; but it still must be a blow to any actors ego to be at that point.

#25 “it still must be a blow to any actors ego to be at that point.”

What actor? I thought we were talking about Walter Koenig!

(Hey, I just said it before Harry Ballz did. :))

23 and 23 thanks for that, just had a quick look, put on first episode for a wee peek, almost wet myself seeing sulu and rand. stnv’s mccoy looks very much like original, any relation? spock on the other hand, my god he’s just freaky


Was the above composition of the Enterprise and Klingon vessel a sly nod to almost the exact same shot from STAR TREK III, when the Enterprise stares down the Klingon Bird of Prey?

I used to have a small mini-poster of the TREK III shot… that’s why I recognized it right off the bat! If so, kudos! If not, it’s still great!

oops 22 and 23, sorry

Now THAT is what CGI Enterprise is supposed to look like. LOVE IT!

TG for James… with him we still get REAL Trek. KEEP IT UP!!! :)

#24 Hey, it’s getting to be a very professional fan produced series. The most recent episode with George Takei was quite memorable with some very professional acting.

While the episodes are a little “rough” around the edges, the spirit of the original Trek is alive and well. As someone would was weaned on the classic Trek reruns of the ’70’s, I highly recommend New Voyages!

#27 lol, yeh, ‘Spock’ is somewhat Herman Munster!. Nevertheless, you will find MUCH to be impressed about.

There were plenty of TOS episdes with pretty bad acting, but we still love them. So lighten up on TNV.
Personally, I think James & Co. are doing a fine job.
#29 The next new episode (not To serve all my days) wll have a new actor (a genuine actor) portraying Spock..

Glad that Koenig will also get the gala treatment Takei had. The speed at which they intend to produce the episodes is marvelous! Kzinti will be cool to see. I wonder if they’ll be all CGI? And who else thinks Wing Commander (a game series I loved) stole the big nasty cat idea for the Kilrathi from the Kzinti? Wait, Kilrathi….Kilkenny…..hmmmm.

#33 yeh, thats gona be weird- another actor playing Spock?! lol

#27. John Kelly is no relation to DeForest Kelley.

I’m sure John Kelly is a swell guy, but his poor acting is one of the weakest links in ‘New Voyages’. However, even though all of the acting is sub-par in general, ‘New Vovages’ episodes are crisply written and involve some interesting stories.


Was it a tribute to that famous shot in Star Trek III?

Well… This episode is supposed to have taken place in 1969 in the mythical 4th Season of the original show… so…

I prefer to think that they paid homage to this episode in Trek III.


Yeah, that’s what I was going for. :)

#37 you nailed it. I saw it straight away as well.

oh, and #37, your scale looks more accurate than TSFS Bird Of Prey shot!


Great job on the models–they really do look like studio-lit miniatures. I also like the multicolored stars.

Is this shot in the middle of a pan, or something? The stars on the right edge look blurred.

Oh, and isn’t Niven going to shit if they use the Kzinti? I seem to remember him not wanting later Trek to mess with them at all.

There’s a cat in ST:V. Why doesn’t anyone every talk about that movie??

Sounds fun. I hope the CGI is convincing.

On the Chekov do-over, does he still, um — (SPOILER ALERT)
croak at the end?

The less said about ST:V the better.

Great shot of the E and Klingon Battle Cruiser! Why does this shot look so much better than the still frames provided by CBS Digital? The quality of those are always washed out and a little fuzzy.

This is how it should be! Doug L.

That’s a pretty poor rendition of a Kzin but it’s par for the various Man/Kzin War book covers. Kzin don’t have fuzzy cat ears. They have large fan-like batwing type ears. You’d think the artist would actually read a description of them by the author and not just go with a human with a tiger’s head. TAS got it right. This artist apparent hasn’t see “The Slaver Weapon”.

I hope he does NOT croak at the end!
Lame! Lame! Lame!!
That’s been my only problem with the episode. (Well, that and the crappy CGI…)

And I don’t care what they say, it smacks of writer’s block to me!

The cat in Trek V is a different species. The Kzin are a little closer to what we saw sitting amngst the Federation delegates in Trek IV. Take that felinoid, and hulk it out. The Kzin are large, lumbering cats… closer to a Smilidon or an African Lion than to a Domestic cat, which is what the Trek V cat was much more akin to.

I don’t think Niven would have too much of a problem… the comics used them as did a book or two, I believe. Again, considering it’s all done as a fan-based-not-for-profit venture, I doubt he would have a problem.

#25…Walter has expressed his graditude at finally being given a Chekov role that was worthy of his talents and fleshed out the character in a way that the studio was never willing to do. He even enlisted DC Fontana to write it.

If more people were aware of Walter’s extensive acting career on television maybe he’d have that star already. Check out YouTube for a bunch of clips.

Chris, since you mentioned it… for a letter writing campaign…well, visit

And yep, they’ve got leathery, scalloped ears, as #45 stated. The episode “Slaver Weapon” certainly nailed it.

I don’t know why so many people nitpick the NV acting abilities. I don’t think acting is that important. Are the real fictional characters (Kirk, Spock…) good actors giving Shakespearian speeches like Kirk or Picard did in the TV shows?
They are interesting characters on their own. They don’t need to be acted! The worse the “acting”, the more realistic a production is. Why do people always expect “good acting”? In my book “acting” means just some artificial pretense that has got nothing to do with real life. No one out there is talking like actors in movies and TV shows. The only realistic characters are the ones portrayed by those lame actors just behaving like you and me. But I guess people will never really get that since they are so spoiled by “real acting”…that may be entertaining but it will never be realistic…

C’mon! Observe your lives, your everyday talks. Is it even remotely related to movie dialogues? No, because no one talks like that. No smootly written dialogues acted out in such an artifical way…because we’re no actors. If you want something that you can relate to, find actors that are bad enough to sound like average people…NV is pretty close…Exeter is even closer…they sound like a real Kirk would sound…the Shat’s version is a well-acted theatre play of the real adventures…NV ARE the real adventures (or closer to it)…And yes, I’m sober…