Star Trek Trailer Online Jan 21st

Next Friday January 18th the teaser trailer for the new Star Trek hits screens across the country in front of Cloverfield. And if you aren’t headed to a theater, then according to Paramount you will have to wait until Monday the 21st to see it online. The trailer will be available at all the usual locations for trailers and at a Paramount promotional site. has confirmed there will be a new dedicated promotional website for the movie which should go live next weekend. Like with previous films, the site will be linkable off of and have its own URL. Right now it is unclear if the site will go live on the 18th or wait until the 21st. The promotional site for the last Trek film (Star Trek Nemesis) was at (which now just redirects to the Nemesis page on

What will we see?
As usual details are hard to get with regards to anything Trek, but the trailer has been described to as “very much a teaser.” A source says that there will be no live action shots of any of the film stars in the teaser. It has been confirmed that the Enterprise will be seen being constructed, but you will not see it in full detail.

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YAY!!!! I didn’t want to have to go see Cloverfield. No offense J.J.-san. lol. This rocks!


About time!! I hope the teaser is worth it!!

Finally !!!!

This is either going to be one of the highlights of this year or make me want to cry…..

Will we see them install the toilets?

Cool. This is the kind of progress (albeit without much detail) I’ve been waiting for.

Let’s see. It’s probably going to be about 15 seconds of words and stars and then a quick glimpse of the starship construction.

No. 7 that is probably what it will be along with the theme music. May be they show ceratin familiar locations as well.

When do you guys think a FULL trailer will be out? October-ish or sooner?

I’m guessing when they say “very much a teaser,” it means not much if anything will be revealed. My guess it will be close-up, panning shots of the hull that will be mostly indiscernible. The camera will come to rest on the wordmark, “USS ENTERPRISE”, then fade to black. The words “Christmas, 2008” will then appear, then camera fades to black. I’m betting we won’t see much of the E at all.


We now know that most of this new movie is completely VR. Sad, I know, BUT, we should really expect (AND WANT) to see very little so soon.

Since this Trek is almost all VR, then it would be much better for us all if we did not see anything until at least next Fall. That way it will give the FX designers time to really do the perfect job that we expect.

Trek fans should really expect (AND WANT) to see very little in the “trailer.”

#7 – yeah, proably the end of a nacelle and the side of a deflector dish and a lot of fading to black.

We should see some live action trailer with Indy on May 22nd.

#9 Well a Dark Knight trailer’s just come out, and that’s not being released till April/may…

I’m predicting to see it being built- bulkheads, floors / ceilings… everything but the exterior hull.

Well, maybe just enough of a hull to have “Enterpri…” painted on teh side.

Just enough to get everyone speculating and arguing over the exterior shape and font type.

You mean this isn’t the site for the new movie? [small bit of sarcasim] Seriously I’m actually looking forward to the trailer and Cloverfield, hope it’s worth going to see (Cloverfield that is).

Maybe we’ll see one of the shuttlecraft heading to the Enterprise.



This movie is the only reason I haven’t commited suicide yet….. maybe after the trailer. :)

#9 – I think the full trailer will be attached to either Indiana Jones or Iron Man in May. If they want the trailer to actually get noticed, they need to attach it to a movie that will be seen by a lot of people.

Maybe we will see them constructing the green screen

Are they morons to wait till the 21st to put the trailer up online? The trailer will be on YouTube within minutes of it being played at a theater.

Anything Trek will wet my appitite. I’m just Trek hungry. I’m sure it will rock!
I’m a new one coming on board.

#14 karandon

Try July ;)

Anyone who watches it on Youtube is going to be disappointed. Wait for the HiRes version on the official site.

my guess is that the’ll have to have the full trailer ready by at least Comicon time. Probably that plus a whole presentation.

Face it, That is the geek Mecca. and they’ll want to have the buzz going thru the fall.


No; they don’t have *those* bodily functions in the 23rd century! ;)

And re your post in another thread regarding the Guardian residing along I-85, whereabouts is that?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Awesome news, hopefully they’ll have a nice high-resolution clip that won’t look sucky blown up to fill the whole screen. Even the chance to watch and re-watch the trailer at my leisure isn’t as exciting as the thought of watching it on the big screen, but at least it’s seeing something. I really wanted to watch this in theaters, but am apparently never going to be allowed to watch Cloverfield so it’s pretty much out of the question. (I’m thinking that it’s a long shot to hope that the theater-attendants will let me hang around in the doorway to watch the trailer and then leave. :( )

#11 ,
“We now know that most of this new movie is completely VR.

What a stupid (and unifomed) thing to say.

the set designer said that she knew of ONE set that would have looked great as a physical set, but was being done as green screen. ONE SET

it’s probably a set that is only specific to this film, anyway. It’s not like the bridge set which would carry over to the next film or antything.

What is “SAD” is that , like “Enterprise” there more than likely won’t be any physical models of the ships, but don’t let anybody tell you that they won’t be using a real set for the important locations.


Haven’t you seen The Guardian of Forever, just up from Spaghetti Junction on I-85? When I’m late for work, I pop thru and get to my desk 70 years early. (Flirt with the receptionist, Edith.)

And, if they don’t have bodily functions in the 23rd century, they’ll explode in the 24th century. What a mess for Picard and crew to have to clean up.

What do you guys think the website (domain name) will be?



29. Ampris, why wouldn’t you be allowed to see Cloverfield? Besides, if you want to see any part of a movie at a theater, they’ll make you buy a ticket.


LOL! You’ll have to be more specific, I’m afraid. I’m too busy trying not to get killed by your fellow Gwinnetians on I-85 to take much notice of the surroundings! Going northbound, is it on the left or right?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

For those who are confused, it was a lame joke about what the new E will look like in cheap cgi. Notice the GOF is near some asphalt.

I’m saying it’s I-85 SB, around Beaver Ruin Road. (Just north of Atlanta, GA)

The Time-Truckers love it.


I’m guessing it’s beacause he’s 10 years old.
I wonder what the age of most posters are on here now!

I absoulely cannot wait. Can we borrow Cpt Janeways time traveling Shuttle and go to December already??

Capt Abe


LOL! Pretty much sums up what the movie is about right?!?!?
At least what we’ve heard. Next time I’m in Atlanta I take a trip backward in time…No, maybe forward.

My girlfriend won’t let me see the movie (with her at least) and im not usually in the mood to go to movies alone. So we shall see.

I expected as much. Then comes wave after wave of complaints about it. I’m going to see “Cloverfield” anyways but I just have to see it on the big screen. I’ll either cheer or hurl my soda at the screen!

Yippee I get to use my imagination even more to pretend that I know whats going on. GREAT enterprise like sections in dry dock and no live action shots! I love JJ. I hear hes a magician too. I would teach him how to bend a fork with the mind if he would just leak one FREAKIN enterprise pic!


Duncan, sweetpea, you need a new girlfriend! j/k.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Remember Matt Reeves, director of Cloverfield, has already seen the teaser trailer and had this to say…

“He certainly is the only one talking about it on the record, saying “it’s a teaser trailer. But still, I was like ‘Wow!’ Just the scope of it, the scale of it, you just look at it and it’s so elegantly done.”

Reeves tells MTV:

I think what [he and his producers] are doing with the trailer is fantastic; this is a great way to reboot the franchise, and get people excited about something new….That’s what excited me about seeing the trailer, was that I thought ‘Well, this does look completely different and new, but while having all the stuff that will make fans of ‘Star Trek’ still feel fulfilled.’ ”

I don’t know, sounds like there is a little more to this than just a starfield and some close ups of rivets and hull plating.

#42… right on… it has to be something special, or the audience will just groan, “oh, no ,not ANOTHER one!” It has to make them interested as well.

What we see in the teaser trailer may not be in the movie, it is just an ad.

If the trailer is “very much a teaser” with “no live action shots of any of the film stars”, and the Enterprise “not in detail”, then WHAT’S THE POINT?? It would be no better than the two posters they’ve put out that reveal NOTHING. They can’t give us one freaking shot of young kirk in uniform? Or one shot of the bridge? Abrams needs to stop “teasing” and give Trek fans something to get excited about. This isn’t Area 51, its a movie. Show us something!!

Actually what I expect is what we got as a teaser for Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. By “seeing the Enterprise being built” I’m actually expect to see modelers building the Enterprise prop. I would not be surprised by this at all.

“If the trailer is “very much a teaser” with “no live action shots of any of the film stars”, and the Enterprise “not in detail”, then WHAT’S THE POINT??”

Every other film ever made gets a “teaser trailer” why should Trek be different? The point is its a *teaser*, that’s the point!!!!!

They’ll show us more, when the time comes to do so. Don’t be greedy.

“No; they don’t have *those* bodily functions in the 23rd century!”

Actually, people weren’t *that* perfect until the 24th Century :-)

I agree with #10 and the others. It’ll be just enough to drive us mad:

The blackness of space…

A fade in some hull plating…

Some flames painted alongside the lettering “NCC – 1701″….

Fade to black….

All Anthony’s servers fall over….

You know the teaser’s gonna be crap.

I still remember the collective “Booo…” from the audience when we saw the teaser for MATRIX RELOADED.

It’s probably gonna suck like the teaser for THE DARK KNIGHT.

But nehoo, 2008 is awesome!