Description of Trek Trailer

The teaser trailer for the new Star Trek will be appearing on the big screen this Friday in front of Cloverfield. A description of the trailer has shown up at has confirmed that the description is “pretty close” to the final. See below for more (spoilers)

Here is an excerpt…

Slow Paramount logo.

Bad Robot logo.

Black, suddenly some sparks (very saturated, Michael Bay looking cinematography)

We hear an old NASA radio countdown: “30 sec and counting.”

Close up of a timeless guy with goggles leaning down doing some weilding and sparks flying around.

He lifts his googles — slightly futuristic head covering. It’s not a space suit, btw.

The dude leans down and wields some more — he’s standing on big metal.

“FROM DIRECTOR J.J. ABRAMS” (blue font with a nice lens flare)

Read the rest at

Connecting Trek to today
As noted above, have confirmed that this is an accurate report. The notion of showing the beginnings of the Enterprise in the 23rd century intermixed with the sounds from the 20th century reminded me of something Roberto Orci said in his interview with You have talked about making Star Trek relevant again, how are you going to do that?

Roberto Orci:
I think when a lot of people think of Star Trek they think of it as some other kind of fantasy world. What we want people to see is that the future that Gene Roddenberry created, of Star Trek and Starfleet and Starfleet Academy and the Federation, are extension of what might happen…maybe tomorrow. One of the things we are trying to do with this movie is connect it back to today. How we got from here to how we got to Captain Kirk on the Enterprise.

Clearly the trailer is doing exactly that. Showing us how we got from here to the Enterprise. The thing that distinguishes Trek from Star Wars most is that Star Trek is our future, and not ‘from a galaxy far far away.’ It appears that the film makers are trying to make that connection…and the trailer is just the beginning.

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Sounds really really really uninteresting.

It is like the first five minutes of Flashdance.

Looking forward to seeing it!

And so it begins!


Well…it sounds like it has been predicted to be… Personally I can’t wait…

Sounds good!! :D

How unimaginative. Abrams is having his way with my childhood!

Wow! Sounds incredible.

I just read the whole plot on the Nimoy Aging article here on Trek Movie.
What up wit dat?

#7 Oh great, even one of the writers is complaining!!

“In the early to mid-23rd century, at least twelve heavy cruiser-type starships, the Constitution-class, were commissioned by the Federation Starfleet. The vessel registered NCC-1701, which was constructed at the San Francisco Fleet Yards in Earth orbit and launched in 2245, was christened the Enterprise.” Taken from Memory Alpha.

Don’t know If I like the sound of this. I always thought the “E” was constructed in Earth orbit. They are saying it was constructed on Earth?? I believe this report may be bull, but if it isn’t…….

…under construction. ha. I like it. Love the idea of mixing Kennedy into the trailer. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen Friday.

Sounds like it continues the theme of the opening of “Enterprise”. meh

The Enterprise should be assembled in space

Oh yeah, it’s Post #114

still gonna waste my ten bucks to see it and Cloverfield Friday. Wonder if I’ll be the only one giving it a standing O? at least at the theater here in town

I see that Mr. O’s been into the smart-ass pills again today. :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

“Michael Bay looking cinematography)”…. This is bad. Reminds me off the Transformers….

Ok i did not read that.


Well, maybe final assembly can take place in orbit, right? So there we are. :)

Sorry Guys Thought I was the first one to comment…

1st thought was the opening sequence for Enterprise. “Getting from there to here”

This will not be in the actual movie fellas.
For those that liked that description, Sorry.

I really hope there is more then that! Otherwise I’ll just skip Cloverfield in the theaters…

“Huge aircraft-like warp engines”





Roberto, were you being a naughty boy? ;-) Give us a hint – what do they resemble? An F-16? B-2? The (alleged) Aurora? A Fokker Eindecker? LMAO

#1 Anthony Lewis – January 15, 2008
“Sounds really really really uninteresting.”

That’s exactly what I thought …

While I’ll give this movie a chance, I always liked the way it was vague (TOS} about how everything came about. Although, I am still waiting for the eugenics war.

It sounds so neat to me! :D

I cannot wait!

Uh, oh, from what is said in this teaser trailer could what AICN said about the script be true?

To post #11:

There were many great ships that were built at the SF Fleet Yards. Some of these include 1701, 1701-A, Excelsior, Sutherland, and the Enterprise-E.

These ships were never constructed ON Earth, just in orbit. I don’t see how that is any problem whatsoever. A ton of other ships were built in orbit of Utopia Planitia on Mars. One of which was the USS Voyager.

There’s the Warp 5 Complex, Earth Station McKinley, the Beta Antares Shipyards, 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards…

I mean… the list is endless. All ships have to built somewhere.


That’s it then. Cannon is officially out the window. Sounds like we’re getting the equivelant of the third season of ALIAS.

In the TREK Universe, Starships are constructed IN ORBITAL SHIPYARDS. We’ve seen this from TMP onward through TREK III, IV, IX, TNG, DS9, VOYAGER and ENT. Heck, even the current ISS is assembled in orbit after the component parts are carried aloft either by rocket or shuttle.

Also…it’s not as if the ENTERPRISE was the first of its class, in addition to being commanded by two other captains before Kirk.

If this happens at Area 51, already the butt of a brillant conceit in “Little Green Men” (an episode I’m sure the filmmakers haven’t seen), we know the level of braintrust at work here.

Once again, the legacy of Trek is in the hands of those who reject it.

Now, if a blonde helps Kirk reprogram the KM senario, well, then, I suppose we’ll watch as Trek’s future ends.


an interstellar ftl starship, never intended to operate in an atmosphere, let alone to touch the ground, and they build it like the Titanic circa 1900.


Yeah, the on-the-ground shipyard thing is really asinine.

No, folks. The ships is ASSEMBLED in orbit. It is made, piece by piece on Earth. Then the pieces are sent up and put togther in space.

So, no “canon” is violated here. Get a grip.

Hey Q! Apparently you didn’t read it right…

“Really impressive shot from by the nacelle(?) of people all over the ship, and you can see a huge industrialize city or shipyard in the background. It’s being built on Earth, NOT IN SPACE.” Caps My Own!

“No, folks. The ships is ASSEMBLED in orbit. It is made, piece by piece on Earth. Then the pieces are sent up and put togther in space.”

This is your speculation, yes? Its not like you know what you’ve said is fact any more than anyone else posting here besides Mr. Orci.

Well everyone who was bashing Aint it cool for the Area 51 thing, enterprise built on Earth, looks like it may be time to chomp some crow. Chomp Chomp away fellas, crow yummy.


BTW…next thing you know…Mr. Orci will have you believe Scotty invented the Transporter…


Boo, twice.

I bow to you Lord Garth! LOL!

And it will be on-line sometime on Monday.
So you won’t have to waste $9.00 to see “Cloverfield” too.

Saucer section. flying saucer. Area 51. Get it? Bwahahahaha – that’s how they’ll connect the past and the future. Maybe the Area 51 aliens were vulcans?

Calm down folks. This is a teaser – not the final film.

Just because the teaser shows the Enterprise being built on Earth that does not mean it will be the same in the movie. As pointed out by Roberto and Anthony the purpose of the teaser is to link the present to the future.

Starting on earth in a non-specific time period and making it seem like our present is a damn clever way to break audience preconceptions about the next Star Trek movie.

Wonder how the Big E looks.


Finally, sorry about the “canon” misspelling. All the rage boiling inside me…I couldn’t help it.

Then again, I’m over the idea that flying cockroaches designed the DEATH STAR, so I’m sure I’ll get over this.

But I might not.


Kurtzman and I left Alias in the 3rd season.

To the whiners: Please find a canon source that states the Enterprise was built in orbit.

I can’t find one.

The assumption is that it is built at the same drydock as the one in TMP but this has never been stated onscreen and therefore is not canon. Therefore it is ok to be constructed on the surface.

Personally I don’t give a rats ass where the ship is built, it could’ve been built at the Baghdad shipyards for all I care.

#34. Just what I thought. It’s kinda silly to assemble the whole thing in orbit in a vacuum. In zero gravity. Makes it unnecessarily complicated. Besides, we have seen a shot of Utopia Planitia on TNG (the ground bases, not the spacedocks) where Galaxy class saucers and nacelles were stored *on* the planet. Possibly being under construction.

But from the description, it sounds impressive. Sad that we won’t see anything like this in the movie. Or do we???

So, could we have gotten a hint at the the official title of this film – “Star Trek XI : The Future Begins”?

Just for the record, I am perfectly calm about this. For those of you for whom this sounds good and exciting, more power to you. I just prefer a dose of common sense, but I was told this wasn’t my father’s Star Trek and apparently it may well not be mine either, and I’m sure Mr. Orci, et al, won’t be losing any sleep over that.

Definitely won’t be seeing Cloverfield this weekend though.

The dedication plaque said the San Francisco Ship Yards. Does San Fransisco now extend to space?

I have a bad feeling about this.