Preview of Star Trek The Tour

Star Trek The Tour opens up to the public in Long Beach this Friday, but had a chance to check out an early preview. See below for pictures and video

First impressions
As a Trekkie there is something wonderful about being able to walk into a giant dome filled with the sights and sounds of Star Trek. Right off the bat in the entrances lobby area you are confronted with dozens of genuine ship models as well as a giant replica of the USS Enterprise-A. Once inside the main tour you are surrounded by display cases full of genuine costumes and props spanning the time from The Original Series through to all the feature films and up to Enterprise.

In addition to checking out all the memorabilia there are a number of highlight attractions to visit within the tour. The recreations of the Enterprise bridges from TOS and TNG are nicely done and offer opportunities for photo ops. Another fun photo op is getting one of those transforming postcards of you beaming out of the Enterprise D transporter room. If you want to go for a ride, there are two types of ‘shuttle’ simulation rides immersing you in an attack on the Borg (complete with running dialog from your pilot Worf).

There is much more to talk about, including some areas that were not operating during the preview (like the big finale Tuvok & Crusher movie). will have a full review with more details, more photos and video over the weekend.

Video Preview


Star Trek The Tour kicks off on Friday Jan 18th in Long Beach. For more info and tickets go to

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That looks very cool.

Hey Anthony… looks great. Just like being there! Wait… ;)


Can’t wait until it comes to the Boston area. Any word on dates?

Looks like a real good gig … hope you had fun (no need to hope, I am sure you did). Look forward to the report, as I doubt we will see it in New Zealand.


How far ahead of time will the dates be set for cities? I plan to try and go when its nearer to me and I see a couple on the list but not sure when?

Looks pretty cool, have wanted to go to “The Experience” but living in Illinois its a good distance away…. Of course a friend I met at work apparently wen’t there with his wife when they got married. :)

the transporter effect on this photo-thingy doesn´t even look close to the effect used on the show…as far as I can see on the pic. Anybody can do this better with a graphics card with video in, a “makeshift” croma key wall, a picture of empty transporter room and free particle illusion trial.

Want… now.

Incidentally, Tony, is that you in any of those pictures? You know we Pascale cultists have always wanted an icon– er… an image of you. For reference. And to prove that you are not Future Guy.

I’d love to visit that “experience” but over here in Portugal,I can only dream of it…
Those of you who are going…enjoy and please report!!!

I don’t suppose this is coming to the UK is it? Can’t see anything mentioning this on the tour web site.

I’d like it to come to the UK to, but i doubt it will

Can’t wait to see this when it comes to Toronto!

That “cheesy” TOS bridge alone makes it worth the price admission…for me anyway. Can’t wait to check it out.

I audibly gasped when I saw the E-D’s Engineering Section. That is literally a dream come true.

The Tour is going to the Queen Mary until February 17th, then San Fransico (oh, my!), Minneapolis, and Chicago.

If you email asking, they are very friendly, yet they do not have the dates of the Star Trek Tour available yet.

Thanks for the video Tony!

We are already saving for the tour which will be our family vacation this year!

This looks remarkably similar to the Star Trek experience that was in London.

is this coming to the UK?

Anthony, about how long would say it would to see it all and really take it all in?

Is it a 2 hour thing or more like an 8 hour thing? somewhere in the middle perhaps…

just wondering….

Looks like fun… can’t wait to take the kids to see this when it hits Tampa. I took my oldest to see the Trek exhibit at the Smithsonian years ago and he loved it. That was a “hands-off” thing though… so going to this show and actually being able to interact with the environment should be a totally different experience. Even with the Star Trek experience in Vegas, you’re only allowed to walk through the ENT-D mock up.

I just wish they had some advance dates so I could plan for this already!!

As a “snide” note… I wonder if anyone told Harlan Ellison they have a mock-up of the Guardian of Forever at the exhibit. You know, so he’d have something new to complain about.

Looking forward to going to this!

Bring it to Germany!

hmm yea i live in Ireland , guess its not coming here, hell if it was in the uk or other parts of europe i would go over to see it

Well, not that I’m surprised or anything, but it looks like the majority of the stuff there is TNG related, not TOS related. Which means I need a bit more than just the TOS Bridge to make me want to go. They have nothing TOS-related at The Experience in Vegas, and they’ve already got the TNG Bridge and Corridors and such in Las Vegas. Could it kill them to add/feature more TOS gear besides a bridge and a couple of uniforms?

I think it’s coming to Atlanta. I’ll have to find an excuse to sneak out and go.

I’ve been to the “experience” a number of times already, and I’m just wondering how much is duplicated between the two. I live in Los Angeles and though it’s not the distance, it’s the price that bothers me the most.

Thanks for the preview video and still images, Anthony. Are you in there? That recreation of the TOS bridge wasn’t quite right, but nice to see they tried.

so which one is Anthony ?

In the Captain’s chair, or in the Transporter ?

To sit in a recreation of the bridge of the original Enterprise is worth the price of admission to me.

I would have MUCH rather seen a TOS transporter and more 23rd century themed stuff in general as the 24th century designs leave me rather cold. But for the TOS bridge, the TOS movie stuff and that kick ass guardian replica (i’m thinking photo opps here) I’ll be sure and check it out.

LOL another typical fat star trek couch potato fan who ads to the stereotype….GREAT! Oh p.s. your wife’s full-length dress and boots are very sexy, does she practice much witchcraft?

I want to go…I think I’ll use The Time Traveller’s Time Machine so I can go. . .

I, too, am curious about how different it is from “the experience” in Vegas. I was there once and, while it was cool, probably wouldn’t go again.

I’d really like to see this, it’s looks a lot better than the touring museum of trek from about ten years ago.

What irks me a lot is that I wish we could see the models of the Ent D, DS9, Defiant, ENT A, or Voyager. OHHHH, but we can’t because they decided to auction it OFF instead! Now no one can enjoy those models. It REALLY pisses me off!

@16, This was in the UK several Years ago now, Hyde park was its first stop, although then it didn’t have half the stuff its got now. ;-)

Looks fascinating i hope I can get to see it .Thanks for posting the pictures and the video.

When it comes to Rochester, NY, I am going to see this!!!

That looks cool! I can’t waite untill I go on Saturday.

Has the USS Titan video been released online? Will it?
I’d like to see Wesley Crusher ride again! :-D

Save your Money Don’t Go!

This is the worst ! Simulator’s stink!

it is only a part from the last Exhibition´s in Europe, I have a better collection in my house, it´s ok if you need only a picture with you on the bridge. but I come special from Germany to see it before it closed maybe for ever, but you miss nothing if you don´t go.