Pictures of Star Trek Cast At Cloverfield Premiere [UPDATED]

JJ Abrams brought his new Trek crew to the premiere of Cloverfield on Wednesday.

Zachary Quinto (Spock) and Chris Pine (Kirk)

and Zoe Saldana (Uhura)

John Cho (Sulu) and Karl Urban (McCoy)

Anton Yelchin (Chekov) and Bruce Greenwood (Pike)

Jennifer Morrison (Winona Kirk) and Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk)

Zachary Quinto (Spock) with Chris Pine (Kirk) and exec producer Bryan with producer/director JJ Abrams

All images via WirePhoto

UPDATE: Videos and more pictures
IESB has some Cloverfield red carpet interviews with some of the Trek cast members. All were sticking to their veil of secrecy, but interesting nonetheless. Check out the videos here. IESB also has a nice premiere photos, Click for their gallery.

Plus more shots from JFX Online.

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That’s friggin’ awesome!

Cool! You can see Cho with the Sulu haircut :)
And does Quinto use these big black glases just to hide his half shaved weird eyebrows, or did he use them before ST?

I’m starting to see Pine as Kirk…especially in the picture where he is behind Quinto.

…of the cast together at another movie and off the set,
but hmmm


Quinto is looking more and more like Nimoy. Karl Urban has the McCoy look going. Casting has been amazing! Can’t wait!

I don’t remember seeing him with the glasses before filming began…
You might be right – trying to hide the eyebrows

The more I see them, the less I see them as Kirk and Spock.

So they allready got to see the trek preview with Cloverfield!? ;-) Cool nice to see some pics of them together. Looking forward to seeing the trailer and movie (Cloverfield) tomorrow.

Im so excited!!!

This is cool. I almost didn’t recognize Keith Urban, But there he is looking a bit like mccoy would have if he had been australien.

And yes on hiding the eyebrows. Although a man that is willing to wear glasses like that. Gota give him respect. And by the way, he did wear glasses like that as Sylar in HEROES (watch SIX MONTHS AGO from season one)

Chris Pine is looking like the pretty boy soap star. But if his acting chops are at least as good as Shatners was at the time, then he should be fine.

And of course Seldana (Did I spell that write?) she is a beuty. An uhura for the new age

JJ really is a nerd, and he looks every bit the part

Urban smiling? I can’t believe it ;-)

I don’t know about you guys but…

when I saw that first pic of quinto and pine I got chills.


Zoe Saldana… lookin’ good!

10. TJ Trek … that would be Karl Urban, not Keith, and he’s from New Zealand, not Australia!

Cheers …

Shoot. Didn’t mean to post just the one sentence. Frack.

Anyhow, the meat of my post was that I got chills. These actors have no idea what they’ve gotten into… but we might well be watching this men and women individually and as a cast for the next twenty years. And, for the first time, I can actually envision that seeing this pics. Thanks, as ever, Tony.

I like that Pine looks to be just a little shorter (Sorry Chris – no offense.)
Just as Shatner was not the typical tall leading man too. They are both (obviously) very good looking. But it helps when the villan in the story has that “little bit more” over the hero.

Too bad Lindsay (not ST related) is looking 30’ish already. Yikes!

It sure looks like Urban is sporting some pointy Trek sideburns…

12. J.D. Lee
[I don’t know about you guys but…
when I saw that first pic of quinto and pine I got chills.]

And he has his hands behind his back too! Looks like Quinto is still in character, I hope!

Oh no! Pine is taller than Quinto111!!!!!

not Canon, not Canon!!!111111



Yes. Spock will have glasses and an oily pompadour in STXI.

just look at how uhura appears to be holding the torch of liberty in her hand! bet no one else saw it! :)

Pine is a bit too blond / ginger-ish for my liking. Kirk’s hair started off dark and got a little lighter as he got older.

I think that Urban’s looking good for McCoy though.

#18 “And he has his hands behind his back too! Looks like Quinto is still in character, I hope!”

Yes, Quinto is surely posing as Spock. You know, impersonating a cold blooded, logic driven vulcan should be very funny :-)

For everyone who hated TNG for supposedly replacing the TOS crew back in the ’80’s, what do you all think now about their real replacements?

24: I won’t know until I see the flick. But, Quinto sure looks the part.

Urban looks good, too, but I cannot get Eomer from LOTR out of my head.

Chekhov needs a Monkees wig.

Pine is the only person who could have played a uyoung Kirk and look so much like him. Same for Quinto as Spock. But Zoe… although beautiful, just doesn’t have the figure needed. Oh well, maybe they”ll give her some padding in the right places?

Aint it Cool has some quick opinions about the trailer in their “Two Tons Of CLOVERFIELD Reviews Rampage Onto The Site!!” section. The Big E seems to look cool.


Karl Urban certainly has the look of McCoy.


I agree. I am amazed. The same hair cut, and the pointy sideburns!

It’s to cool to be true…these people just look amazing. I hardly can believe that after all these years the original will be reborn! Can’t wait to see them in uniforms and on the set…

Very cool. Urban really seems to have captured the look of McCoy. It is weird see Kirk taller than Spock though.

All those pointed sideburns and side parts gave me chills.

Clark Kent was at the Cloverfield premiere??? ;)

What I want to know is, where the heck is Simon Pegg?

Hey, Chekov, what’s up with the metrosexual-gay-prostitute, greased, curly, combed-up haircut? :P

But other than that, it’s mightily cool. Pine looks cute indeed. And Sulu reminds me the one from Animated series. :D

35 Yeah, I was thinking that. Bit disappointing.

Probably just not in town, or may have prior engagement. Eric Bana is not there I either.

Call me strange, but that top picture of Quinto somehow reminds me of a young Gene Roddenberry. I think it’s his hair and the shape of his head from that point of view.

Don’t know about you guys that ‘got the chills’, but I wonder if Stanky ‘got the shivers’… ;)

Alas, no shot of Simon Pegg, I mean ‘Scotty’, I mean Simon Pegg…

And has everyone read the interesting ‘Cloverfield’ review at ?

Hey folks!

There is much more pics of new ST crew in this link:

Looking good guys, keep it coming!!!!

I’m not sure Pine is taller than Quinto. It looks more like a perspective thing.

Oops I did not see the IESB link at the end of article. I am sorry, Anthony!

re: 39. Cervantes – January 17, 2008
“Don’t know about you guys that ‘got the chills’, but I wonder if Stanky ‘got the shivers’… ;) ”

The Hee-Bee-Jee-Bees…

Actually, my only reaction was, ‘big deal – shows nothing about the movie’

How about some shots of the cast clipping their toenails —- together.

Quinto is taller than Pine. It’s been established many times.

Zoe. Neelix. Mess hall. Now.

Look… the fakes are out…

This is so NOT going to be TREK

My god Quinto looks like Spock – especially the way he’s standing with his arms behind his back – I wonder if he’s picked that up from standing that way on set?

I just had one of those “this is going to be awesome” moments.

Call me an optimist.


Now I’m really starting to get psyched. They all look GREAT.

#16: Yeah, I agree. Lindsay is looking rough.

Slow down, girl. Slow down.

Cast looks great. Sure, Zoe seems very scrawny for Uhura, after Nichols fantastic figure, but that’s nit-picking. And Urban? I don’t know why, but I get the sense that he’s going to freaking rock as McCoy. :)

The casting team did a great job.