Tom Cruise Visits Trek Set

On a number of occasions over 2007 had to debunk rumors that Tom Cruise would appear in the new Star Trek. At one point he was to be the villain, then Pike, then just a cameo (all not going to happen), but that doesn’t mean he can’t board the Enterprise. Cruise is currently finishing up reshoots for his newest outing, the WW2 film Valkyrie, but found time to visit his pal JJ Abrams on the set of Star Trek.

A trusted source tells that Cruise, along with his daughter Suri, dropped by the Paramount Star Trek stages on Thursday. Cruise is reported to have taken the opportunity to sit in the captain’s chair on the new set for the USS Enterprise. Sources indicate that the production has been focusing on scenes on the Enterprise and the bridge this week. However, there is no indication Cruise shot (or will shoot) anything for Star Trek. Apparently he is just a fan and of course he and the director bonded when Cruise brought JJ Abrams out of the world of TV to direct Mission: Impossible III.

Cruise is not the only famous face to visit the set. Just a few weeks ago Karl Urban revealed that Steven Spielberg came by for a visit early on in the shoot. Apparently there have been others. It seems that JJ Abrams’ ultra-secret Star Trek set is one the the ‘in spots’ in Hollywood today.

Tom Cruise and his daughter (taken last August)

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He’s just hoping to hitch a ride back to the mothership, or wherever Scientologists think they come from. Poor Katie…poor Suri…

I do NOT want to be FIRST… especially in THIS thread.

Scientology in space!

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six…damn. No Cruise for my Trek please. Thank you.

Xenu! Guide us!! (And kindly beam him OUT of Teegeeak!)
I know. I’m a Supressive Personality… or… whatever.

He doesnt deserve to sit on our precious “Captains Chair”

C’mon Tom. Make a cameo like Christian Slater did in Trek VI.

things like this make me wonder. how come he gets to sit in the captains chair. should be shatner sitting there!!!!

Actually, having Tom in the movie would be a fun distraction. I never ‘saw’ him as Pike, but would have been perfect for the up-and-coming Captain (Commodore) Decker.

That’s just me hoping!

Also Anthony… it’s well within your rights to the edit off-topic comments.

Just a thought, cause from what I see – Tom’s just following his beliefs which is not a crime in the US. And I challenge anyone to point out where his behavior exceeds that of other stars. I may not like Scientology, but it doesn’t make him a menace, or a bad guy.

Oh dear lord.

Now pictures will float of Cruise in “the chair.”

Rumors will abound.

[whisper] “Cruise filming secret role in new ‘Trek’!” [whisper]

[whisper] “New ‘Trek’ will have scientology bent!” [whisper]

I can just see what the media might do with this…

Cruise!!! Stay away from Trek!!!


Ok…ok… IF I would have seen #10 first Anthony….it’s your site.
Hopefully JJ knows what side his toast is REALLY buttered on, though.

Anthony, Tom Cruise looks kind of scary in that link of Ty Webb’s. I don’t know Tom personally, but the ego and self-importance that he displays are disturbing. I am not a scientologist, so to me, everything that is coming out of his mouth is disinformation. I don’t believe that scientologist are here to save the world. And if they are, they should get on with it.

BTW, Suri was made on Earth, too.


His visit does nothing positive for us now. STXI needs uber-coolness, and TC is truly “steppin’ into Eden, Yeah, brother.” Especially with the new biography

OH– now Anthony’s post is #6, not #10….

Yeah I heard about this. A trusted source tells me that Tom had starting confessing his love for Star Trek, and after 15 minutes, well.. let’s just say they are going to have to get a new Captain’s Chair now.

Pretty cool stuff and a huge honor of Tom was able to do that!

It’s funny that Tom Cruise was in the Paramount set. Wasn’t he got fired by them?

Star Trek XII – The Wrath of Xenu.

I am enturbulated by this news

Zefram Cochrane was an Operating Thetan Level XV and the great grandson of Tom Cruise.

Please Lord, keep this little screwball away from Star Trek.

Oh lord… keep him away from Trek, please.

Tom Cruise’s studio, United Artists, signed a good interim deal with the WGA.

That makes him okay with me, as if it would ever matter to him what strangers thought.

About the only thing we have in common, in fact, is that we live in the United States – and it’s our tradition here that people have the right to believe in whatever they like, worship as they like, and to say so if they choose.

That our nation fails to live up to that tradition is our shortcoming – not the ideal and belief itself. :)

Thanks, Anthony. Glad you’re keeping an eye on things. I wouldn’t mind if Tom was in the movie. Wouldn’t mind if he’s not. Am just thrilled that it’s being made and that J. J. has the stuff to do it. So far it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

Please, please tell J.J. (if he does come across any negative comments) to ignore them and focus on the positive ones. So far, he has chosen some excellent people to be in it. Can’t wait.

Are you allowed to tell us what other pics he’s doing? Or is that privileged info?


You know, as an agnostic, I don’t understand the virulent hatred for Scientology.

I mean, did you know there are scads of people who believe that a 2000-year-old zombie will save your immortal essence from eternal torture if you just telepathically signal Him that you, in fact, believe He exists?

And that His dad likes to talk to people from burning bushes, and while creating a species with free will and a lifespan that seems to top out around 100 years, also created the place where they can be tortured for eternity, given that huge numbers of the species were also engineered to do things that the dad wouldn’t like?

Oh, and let’s not forget occasionally causing likenesses (if you squint really hard) of His sons to show up in dirty windows and blueberry muffins?

I mean, c’mon, how is that any LESS ridiculous from an unbeliever’s viewpoint than ANYTHING L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up?

C’mon guys, don’t be PTS/SPs. It’s Tom’s constitutional right and religious duty to KSW. He is doing more than anyone else (except me and LRH) to clear the planet. Now go write O/Ws, before I send you all to ethics and you find yourselves on the RPF.

Gold out.

If Star Trek is going to be scientologized…I am going to throw up.

My dislike for Mr. Cruise has very little to do with his faith or beliefs, I just think the guy is very very strange on many levels.

#26 – LOL, touche. But to each one’s own. We’re not here to judge.

#26-“I mean, c’mon, how is that any LESS ridiculous from an unbeliever’s viewpoint than ANYTHING L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up?”

Have you ever seen Battlefield Earth”?

#30-“#26 – LOL, touche. But to each one’s own. We’re not here to judge.”

Have you read the teaser trailer preview thread or any Shatner thread on this site?

I think it’s totally unfair and very un-Trekkian to bash anyone in this forum, period. It brings to mind a McCoy-ism: “It’s a wonder these people ever got out of the 20th century.” Apparently, it applies to 21st century people, as well.

# 26. Nice attack job, Mr “agnostic’.

He’s kinda creepy I think , but his little alien child is really cute!

Valkyrie — the story of the plot to kill Hitler.
hmmm. Wonder whether he succeeds? I’ll rush to go see Cruise transpose his w’s and v’s.

#35 – “…but his little alien child is really cute!”

That’s so wrong, lol.

Woah – IDIC, people!

Scientology ain’t for you, hey, that’s cool. But if someone were to come in here and bash Catholicism, Judaism, Methodism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Bahaiism or any other belief everyone would be going nuts.

I am not a scientologist, nor do I plan to be – but I can’t get down with mocking someone’s belief system.

You wanna mock Tom Cruise, start with “Cocktail.”

I wonder if he thinks Star Trek is real. He seems to have a hard time telling science fiction from reality.

#26 And you’re no Agnostic. You sound like an atheist to me. Just think, according to you, in less than 100 years you’ll know if youv’e been right or not. Good luck with that.

I don’t agree with TC’s personal beliefs. Tom Cruise being on the set is no big deal to me, BTW. He was there for a visit, nothing more.

Sorry for starting the thread off with a Scientology bash…but darnit, Cruise makes it so easy! Have you watched that video? He’s begging to made fun of: only Scientologists know how to help people in accidents? Come on.

That said, I didn’t mean to be mean, just poking fun. Teasing, not hating

Oddly enough, the only Scientologists I’ve met (that I know of) were at a Trek convention in California about 20 years ago. They seemed as normal and well-adjusted as anyone else at the convention…and that’s all I’ll say about them. ;)

It’s all just creepy. The picture, this thread, Tom Cruise, this thread, me bothering to post, in this thread, and this thread.

Creepy. And now I’m creepy too. And that’s creepy.

#38 Doesn’t IDIC include letting people expressing their honest opinions, even if some people don’t like them? What if my belief system includes my belief that freedom of expression is more important than preventing people from hearing that their ideas are absurd. Why is that belief in freedom of expression not being tolerated? Why is it okay to tolerate scientology and other religions, but not a belief in freedom of expression? I just don’t like it when people try to protect ideas from criticism. Superstition and ignorance breed in an environment where we aren’t free to question.

Geez, so much for IDIC…

#33 – It brings to mind a McCoy-ism: “It’s a wonder these people ever got out of the 20th century.” Apparently, it applies to 21st century people, as well.

Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more.

The only real question now is which soldiers of fortune or crack team do we hire to rescue Katie Holmes?

I reckon Murdock and the Face-man could rustle up a distraction, but if there’s gonna be shootin, I reckon it might be best to just call in Rambo.

His films are now banned from our house after several of his rather dangerous and mysogenistic proclamations. So if he IS in ST08 it’s almost the only thing that will stop me seeing it.

Even if Shatner is in it leaning over an orange guard rail.

Bogus… :-(

This thread is SO going to be closed soon. :D

Anyway, regardless of what you think of Cruise, I think it’s still pretty cool that such huge heavy-hitters as him and Spielberg are seemingly excited for this movie.

I think Abrams has really tapped into something with his idea to revisit TOS.

#6. Anthony Pascale
[Please people show some respect. You never know if JJ might drop in and read this stuff.]

Now then, why is the Post #4 allowed? Nice to know that we are SUPPOSED to see that video. That apears to be a very strange marketing method indeed.

Now my real point is that I do like Tom Cruise. Sorry all, but I do like Tom Cruise. He is an excellent actor and typically shows a real devotion for getting his point or message across as he intends. Kudos!

I was originally hoping he would appear in ST XI as Gary Mitchell. But, that would mean Tom would not appear in any sequels. Would it not? I also thought he would be perfect as Christopher Pike. But Pike is sure to be eliminated by the end of this movie too. And if Trek’s history is an indicator that will be surely be a painful demise. Perhaps that’s also why he is not involved (this time around.) You have to admit he would look great in a Star Trek uniform and his public persona is similar to Trek’s image .

For some reason the media enjoys portraying him as a strange character. Maybe for good reason, maybe not, Who could be the judge?

Same goes for the Scientology thing, who knows? Who really knows
what brings each of us to a certain faith? Surely on some level all of our existence is predetermined. Does that make any of us wrong for any of our actions? I see that there is good and bad in life. We should all aspire to make the best choices that we can at each moment. I think the real evil in life is regret. How bad we all feel when there is a missed opportunity to make any beneficial change in any of our lives.

SO in response to your Post #6, Anthony, I do agree, but not just because JJ will see it, but just because we SHOULD be kind to each other in all of our words and actions. ALWAYS

Now, that’s all I have to day about that.