‘Star Trek’ On Facebook

Hey kids…want to hang out with the new Star Trek movie? Well it now has its own Facebook page.

In case anyone is wondering, TrekMovie.com has confirmed that this page was created by Paramount. The page was created earlier this week and it already has 160 fans (presumably that will go up as people learn about it). So far not much going on with the page (just the teaser posters), but in the coming months the page should grow. No word yet on if Star Trek will show up on any other social networking sites. Paramount has been doing more social networking marketing lately, including special MySpace campaigns for both Transformers and Cloverfield. In the case of Cloverfield, many of the film’s characters had their own MySpace pages — each providing more clues to that mysterious movie.

Along with the new official movie site, Paramount is clearly gearing up their online marketing campaign for the new Star Trek movie. Being that this movie is being made by people who have been involved with Lost, Cloverfield and Transformers, it is quite possible that some ‘viral’ type of things will also pop up over the next year as well. And, of course, TrekMovie.com will be here to find them!

Check it out: “Star Trek” Facebook Page

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This is a good marketing tool.

How about MYSPACE!

except for the fact the college kids have things a little whoo-hoo
I went to Cloverfeild and after the ST trailer some college kids in the back started laughing after one of em’ yelled, “STAR WARS SUCKS ASS!”

the kid was later escorted out of the theater

Already joined it on my facebook profile. And I already saw Anthony putting a word out for this website ;).

Thats neat,,,


Better start those viral games.

Very cool. The wording is interesting on my profile now; it says I “became a fan.”

Pretty funny considering my fannish behavior started more than 42 years ago. ;)

Now all of the uber geeks can ‘poke’ Star Trek.

Already up to 229 people!

*Goes To Add*

Well I just went ahead and added it.

I added it to mine but I usually use myspace, still cool to see it getting out there.

I join now!

myspace meh, facebook meh, they need a bebo page, bebo is much more poplour here in Ireland and uk and parts of europe i think, then myspace and facebook.

in fact up riped the blurry star trek teaser off youtube and put it on my bebo page…………leave me alone i am a college student i have to give into peer pressure and to be cool

I just joined it! :D

added….lets see how high it gets

let’s. I’m betting itll be up to 1,000 by at least Monday

This article is PERFECT for Star Trek fans.

Facebook: To boldly go where no MAN has gone before!



Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Up to 428. Word is spreading!

Do I have to have a Facebook account to be added?



1000 Quatloos for 1500 members by this Monday night at 11:59 p.m .

It’s heartening to see a good international spread of “fans.” USA, Canada, Israel, Sweden, UK, Belgium, S. Korea, Australia, Colombia, Egypt, etc. Also, we are not all amazingly old, and are not in our parents’ basements!

has Super-Poked *Star Trek*

(eye roll)

Just added it to my my Facebook page!

We all saw Chris pine dressed as Kirk in a bell hop type costume……

Now it’s Quinto’s turn
here’s a video of Quinto playing a bell hop in the the show Blind Justice


Good to know I’ve “become a fan of star trek”, so thats what ive been all these years

#20 –

Ah ok, thanks for the info, Captain Hackett :)

going where the people are. cool.

Facebook. Meh. We got Orci and Nimoy. Let ’em top that. ;-)

Crikey, it went up by 20 members just in the last five minutes. :D

This is silly ;)

Now if there were like Captain’s Logs to read…..

OOOOO, Viral Idea !

– W –
* grinning *

old news…. ive been a member of this since i heard that the film had been given the green light.


As updated at 2:23 p.m. EST, there are now 1,300 members.

I’ll tell ya, I’m really impressed by the marketing being used by Paramount for this movie.

We need a trekmovie.com Facebook group. What you say, Anthony?

one of Anthony’s three friends on Facebook.

I’m there..


How about at least offering registration for Trekmovie.com e-mail updates?

I’m sure everybody here would sign up for it, myself included.

37 – that’d be cool

39 – that would also be cool

Why not use StarTrek.com too bad Paramount didn’t think the site was worth keeping updated with movie news and interviews.

#42. – That’s why the movie got its own website :)

#37″…so maybe there is something to this whole interweb thing…I think it might catch on”

Pshaw! Next thing you’ll be telling us is that men can travel through the air in giant flying machines! Hogwash, I tell you! Hogwash!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I mean, I could take care of it… I’m all over this interweb thing.

As of 9:11 a.m. Monday. 2,178 fans!

Star Trek or trekmovie.com MYSPACE
Facebook is meh

#7: Can only poke personal profiles. :)

Facebook makes no sense – its a designers nightmare.
Anyway, yeah it makes sense to use social networks for viral marketing, it will get a real sense of anticipation going, especially if sites like ncc-1701.com begin to release hidden clues and tidbits of information. It wil make it seem more like an adventure to get into rather than just another film to sit back and watch.