Star Trek Teaser Trailer Online Now + New Viral Site [UPDATE + Screenshots]

The Trek teaser is now available (including HD) at the new official site…GO!.

Enterprise Shipyard Online
If you look closely on the offiical site you will see a tiny red dot next to ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION.’ Click that dot and you are taken to a special new site at showing you four ‘webcam’ like images of the Enterprise under construction from the “Shipyard.” Each camera seems to go ‘online’ and ‘offline.’ There are also sliders under each which changes a setting. Go to and play around.

UPDATE: Settings for cameras and screenshot
If you don’t want to play around…then the setting are [CAM 1: 564, CAM 2: 125, CAM 3: 955, CAM 4: 289]. Only three seem to be able to be seen at one time so you have to refresh your screen. Below is a shot of all four cams working and set right (click to enlarge)

UPDATE2:Secret Image
If you wait long enough the ‘offline’ camera will activate and show you a corridor…check it out

UPDATE: click to see enlarged version with brightness added

Teaser also available at…
For today the trailer is available on a limited basis. In addition to the official site it is available (offiically) at Yahoo Movies. (also in HD) and in the UK version is at Empire Online (not HD). The trailer will be made available on a wide basis on Tuesday.

Embedded version

UPDATE 3: Teaser Screenshots of the Enterprise

UPDATE 4: TrekCore has added a full gallery of shots from the trailer

Full Coverage of the Star Trek Trailer:

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This looks to be a great movie!!

Hmmm… this is what all the fuss is about.

I suggest people see it in the theatre, that’s the BEST way to see it!

I think im driving my GF nuts by watching the teaser multiple times lol! But im trying to convince her to see this movie when it comes out. Got her to see Transformers and she loved it! Can’t wait to see the actual trailer later this year!

Now the webcam images will keep everyone talking about canon. It’s just a movie, but I love star trek as much as the rest (I even have the first edition of the Spock Must Die novel, as well as a 1968 Enterprise with the lights).


Wow! The viral game now begins!! I know I’m excited now!

Wow! I think the only way I’m seeing this movie on Christmas Day is to tell my wife I want it as a present…

f’n awesome!

Cool Beans! That’s awesomeness squared!

An its on at in 1080p, 720p and 480p for those like me who have problems with the official website (seems overloaded already :( )

Enjoy :)

WHAT THE HELL AM I LOOKING AT FOR THE VIRAL SITE!?!?! I think they have better cameras than this for the 23rd Century.

Looks like the cameras have adjustment buttons and sliders….

i personally think it looks awesome

So what’s the numerical combinations for the three cameras?

ah there is some kinda puzzle to the viral site….lol I’ll wait for you guys to figure it out then tell me how to do it

Looks like the fins or “wings” are on the back of the nacelles

certainly a vry diffferent look

I have three webcams online.

#5 – A 1968 Enterprise with the lights? Where can I see that?

You have to tune in the signal for the 1st 3 cams………..trying to figure out #4 now!!!!!!!

Wow! I liked it when I saw the videoed-off the-cinema-screen version.

The full quality version is just wonderful. I t manages to show the classic ship, but the feel of the trailer is unlike anything seen in Trek before.

That’s the best thing about it: a whole new approach to our favourite series!!!

i have 3 webcams…you have adjust them to get close to 100 percent on their scale so you can see what they are





Really get a lot of good looks at hd, if you stop it you can clearly see the detail under the saucer and an aft forward shot of the nacelles. They absolutely have a very different looking enterprise but have kept 80% of the original look. I think it’s a fair re-imagining portrayal. The fins could be a major issue with fans though. I’m not a big fan of fins on cars or space ships

Yea agreed, for 23 century optics…these stink.

564, 125, and 955 gets the three webcams in focus, but doesn’t activate the fourth one.

If you tweak the sliders on the base of the webcam windows, it brings the video ‘image’ into focus. 3 webcams seem to be working now. I love viral PR and whatever project pie JJ has his finger in, usually has the best, smartest & kick ass viral going!

2 camera = 111
3 camera = 940
4 camera = 290

Y#15 –
You slide the bar left and right until you get 100%. That way the picture is no longer distorted.

Love the virtual webcams! Very cool idea.

Thanks JJ!

there is a slider under each camera, if you move it around you can clear up the images. it is a clever idea, but i kind of agree with #12…300 years in the future and we still have to tune TV frequency?

damn I’m slow :)

my cams ‘tuned the best as follows’

1- 547

Huh… looks like different webcams load every time you load the page.

Oowww web 3 just came online, looks like if you refresh the cam online changes…


I’m glad to see the ship looking so real and ginormous.

It’s good to see the movie PROBABLY won’t be a mess of CGI.

I like the look of this so far.

#4 just came online for me

Checked out the viral site. It now has three cameras online. The adjustment settings I put are as follows.

Camera 1. 564
Camera 2. 125
Camera 4. 289

Also, it looks like it’s different for every computer.

reload the cam page – different each time

i had the 4th webcam for a quick second…i think it showed a corridor!

this is what I got:
cam 1: 567
cam 2: 123
cam 4: 289

You do have to “tune” it like a radio….but as long as you’re within about 5 points of these values you can get a clear picture

Looks like there is some variation in the numbers. My camera two works better at 140..

#42 – I saw that also!

Huh. Jeyl and I actually have the same settings. In my case:

Camera 1 – 564
Camera 2 – 125
Camera 3 – 955
Camera 4 – 289

holy crap!!! the third cam just flickered online for a second, accompanied by a sound effect, and I got a shot of a dark-looking corridor!

#19, it was the orginial model kit that was put out when the show was in production. it used flashlight lights for the bridge and bottom deck and the nacells and the batteries are in ‘engineering’. you turned the deflector right or left to turn the lights on. I was 8 when I got it. Lots of wiring went into it, but it was a cool model.


There’s always one camera that is offline… Am I giving up too fast or is it just it?

1 = man welding from above, he has a box behind him and the light flashes yellow occassionally… code: 555

2= Random shower of sparks from top right (currently offline on this refresh) OOWWW it just flashed with view of a complete construction looking VERY much like the original engineering view with the ‘A’ shaped framing pattern….Where’s Scotty?

3 = looks like a modified version of cam 4, lots of sparks…possibly in a corridor. code: 948

4 = medium close up of a guy welding, looks like a different view from the scene in cam 4 code: 293