Star Trek Looking For Little People

The extras casting agency working on the new Star Trek movie is currently seeking little people for background work on film. They are specifically looking for men and women who are 4’4″ or shorter (age range 18-60, any ethnicity). It is not an open casting (like the one in October), but being done using Hollywood casting notices. The actors are required for shooting in mid-March.

Will Star Trek have alien aliens?
No word on what roles they need these background actors for, but it is likely some kind of alien. A possibility could be the gold-skinned Ithenites seen in the TOS episode “Journey to Babel” (pictured). One area where Star Wars has excelled in is creating truly exotic aliens. In Star Trek, especially on TV, the variety of aliens has been more limited. Most aliens tend to be roughly the same size and shape with (of course) various differing foreheads. However it looks like JJ Abrams Star Trek is going to break the trend. Sources tell that this is something that was important to the film makers. It is evidenced in this casting call and a previous casting call for people with unique and unusual facial features. Plus we have reported that the film has an ‘alien choreographer‘ who works with the background actors to show them how to act ‘alien.’

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Sweet First

If this is true, then it will be good to see the little gold-skinned people again as I don’t believe we’ve seen them since.

Of course, I always thought they were a little cheesy as-is and could use a prostetic update.

about time too! Decent aliens much needed. Of course the whole point was that the aliens were representations of different aspects of human culture, but we all remember the giant doll creature in ST:IV!!

Sorry – I always wanted to do that. I guess it’s the AICN factor in my genes.

Back to the aliens – I hope we see some non-humanoid aliens based on other species – insects, reptiles, plants… and as few bumpy headed aliens as possible.

Now for the big question – will klingons be bumpy headed?

It also could be for background crewmen to use in forced perspective sets like they did in ST:TMP. Maybe?

I wonder if their required for long distance shots like in the engine room (ST-TMP)
oh and dare I say it….First…no forget it

Alexander from Plato’s Stepchildren?

Star Trek X1: An Ewok Adventure

They are needed for the Ewok scene. Duh!

Midgets are funny looking.

Maybe the Lollipop Guild will make an appearance? I always thought Star Trek could use more three-part harmony singing.

One drawback to having so many different aliens right off the bat is that it kind of takes away from impact of meeting new ones.Star Trek should limit their aliens to a few known species and save some drama for the introduction of new ones IMO.

I am very interessted myself in small people, because we have many here resulting from pregnancy drugs, which this caused. I am not small, but I did not see a lot of people, who are. This is a cause for more aliens, who looks like small people, but I hope that Star Trek has a circus becomes.

#7 John Conner

The man who played Alexander passed away more or less 20 years ago.

How about Verne Troyer who played Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies?

#10 – FYI, I think “midget” is generally offensive and used pejoratively now. My understanding is that it’s one of those formerly medical terms that has gradually turned into something of an insult, much like “idiot” and “moron.”

And what’s with the picture accompanying the article? Did we need a reminder as to what little people look like, or is that some screenshot from a TOS episode?

I’m waiting for Bob Orci to come in, read the part about the casting possibly being for Ithenites, and leaving the comment, “Hmmm…” ;)

Hopefully we won’t have a ‘forehead of the week’ alien and they truly give us some unique and strange aliens in this film. This is one of the things that caused me to lose interest in Trek for a long time because of the different species that were turning out to be not so different and quite frankly boring…


…that we see Cadets Arex and M’Ress slinking about in the background of Starfleet Academy at some point in the film…

…or better yet, on the bridge of the Enterprise!

I wonder if there are any Vulcan midgets. There are human midgets in Star Trek, why can’t there be any Vulcan dwarves, or maybe Klingon dwarves? That’d be hillarious.




…I’m 5′ 6″. Does that count? :)

that was Michael Dunn, a.k.a. Miguelito Loveless from Wild Wild West.

I’d love to see the Ithenites. Never knew that’s what they were called – but cool. If they’re doing that then bring in some Andorians and put their antenae on the back like they originally were. Now you’re talking canon with me.

and 4

Back to the aliens – I hope we see as few bumpy headed aliens as possible.

Right on, brother!

Human midgets don’t exist in the future…give me one example of a human midget in the 23rd or 24th century…

You don’t suppose they’re using them in the Engine Room the same way they created the “forced perspective” shots in ST:TMP? I noticed that they’re requested for backgrounds. That seems like extra work to me.

Well I am 5’3 and a half. I think that qualifies as “hobbit”. right?

I love the Ithenites idea. I remember Daniels referred to them in an ENT episode, & I didn’t know what he was talking about. Now I do, & i love it!!! Bravo JJ.

Arrrr… gold dwarves? I heard of red dwarves…
I’ve seen bad, bad naughty old films with little people… Be good to see something good w/ their services in it…
Hey- Dunna judge me! It gets lonely out at sea… Arrrr…

I want an alien made o’ pudding.

(again, I’ve seen bad, bad naughty old films with pudding…)

#16 As a matter of fact the picture IS a screen shot from the TOS ep ‘Journey to Babel.’ :)

Silly little hobbitses! :-P

That was in reply to #27, btw.

It’s for the scene where Nero hits our heros with his “shrink gun”

#24-“Human midgets don’t exist in the future…give me one example of a human midget in the 23rd or 24th century…”

Ferndawg, have you checked your calender lately? Nobody on earth can give you an example of anything from the 23rd or 24th century.

We’re just pretending.

Hey everyone go watch the cable news channels right now! Heath Ledger just died. This is’nt a joke go now.

#20, #24 – We’ve seen a relatively small Ferengi, Nog. Even in flash forwards his adult height is 5 feet, since that’s Aron Eisenberg’s height. And he was generally shot as being smaller than that, ie.

Even the random background aliens from ST:TMP, though humanoid, were more interesting than the foreheads we got from TNG onward. In early first season TNG “Lonely Among Us” got our hopes up with dog-men and snake-men, but it didn’t last.

I think a dwarf Klingon would be exceptionally dangerous. He’d have to be to make up for the size difference. Probably everyone around him would cover their crotches!


How terribly sad. He was appearing as the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie.



Michael Dunn also played “Mr. Big” in the pilot episode of GET SMART!

He was outstanding in that also in addition to his signature role in WILD


Just heard

I agree, the Selay were sweet… would love to see them again. Maybe an intimate scene with a Gorn? You know… a hardcore Gorn movie… just with a Selay :D

Ledger. Drug related. What a tragic waste. Wasn’t he only 28?

that was my first thought, too.

The terrible news about Heath Ledger is a reminder that we must all cherish each moment of life…it is so fleetingly short!

It also could be for background crewmen to use in forced perspective sets like they did in ST:TMP. Maybe?

Or like they did in the last scenes of Casablanca.

#5 very unlikely with the budget of the film however lord of the rings did it

Life is short if you make it short…


I get your point, but drug use aside…even a healthy person could be struck down when they least expect it! Make every moment count!

Didn’t they use little people for the engineering shots in TMP to give the impression the room was larger?

Could just be something like that.

Shock and grief at Heath’s death.
Learn from this.If you have unresolved emotional issues do not turn to drugs.You can lose everything despite how much fame and financial resource You may have.Find God’s grace and a recovery program.