Details and Cover For New Shatner Autobiography

This week details and a cover have been released on a new autobiography from William Shatner, the first Captain James T. Kirk. The book titled "Up Till Now: The Autobiography" (co-authored by David Fisher) promises to be the definite Shatner-ography and will be available in May on both a hardcover and audio CD (presumably narrated by the man himself). Details and large cover image below.

From the publisher’s description of the (audio version).

This is the story of William Shatner’s half-century career and private life. The audio will take readers from the streets of Montreal to regional theatre, where Shatner was once called upon to replace Christopher Plummer as Henry V— in a role he had never rehearsed, with actors he had never met. It will describe his early TV work and movies, among them Roger Corman’s The Intruder, a movie about racism filmed in the south in 1961; Kingdom of the Spiders, in which he costarred with 30,000 tarantulas; and Incubus, the only film ever made in the language of Esperanto.

It will include his private life, including the complete story of the drowning death of his third wife. It will include stories from three other series, T.J. Hooker, Rescue 911—which saved more than 240 lives—and Boston Legal, as well as his work on Third Rock from the Sun, for which he won his first Emmy for playing “the Big Giant Head.”

And of course, it will include the story of Star Trek; how it came about and how it affected him—and fans—concluding with the story of a taxi driver who told Shatner he’d been a prisoner in Vietnam and that pretending they were the Star Trek crew kept him and his fellow inmates sane. And yes, it will include his singing and commercials and quiz show hosting and award show hosting and the greatest practical joke ever played, Invasion, Iowa, not to mention the story about Shatner being invited into a cage with Koko the Gorilla—who wanted to take him back to her bedcage.

After almost 60 years, William Shatner has become one of our most beloved entertainers. And as evidenced by Comedy Central’s roast, “The Shat Hits the Fan,” Shatner gets the joke. For the first time, William Shatner shares with listeners the remarkable, full story of his life.

Shatner’s latest autobio

Not Shatner’s first
William Shatner is an enigma. There is much to admire about William Shatner, none the least of which is his enthusiasm. Shatner often talks about trying to not have regrets or living in the past (even saying that he never looks over his old work or even photographs). But for someone who claims to not think about the past, it is ironic that he has written so much about it. "Up Till Now" will be Shatner’s sixth memoir. In 1979 Shatner wrote" William Shatner Where No Man" with Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath. Then, in 1989, Shatners William and Lisabeth wrote "Captain’s Log: William Shatner’s Personal Account of the Making of Star Trek V." The book is a fascinating and honest description of the compromises that occur from idea to actual feature film with lots of great insights. Then, Shatner’s next two books (co-authored by Chris Kreski), "Star Trek Memories" in 1993 (about the TV series) followed by "Star Trek Movie Memories"
in 1994 are very funny, genuine and poignant presentations of Shatner’s Star Trek experiences. They include refreshing interviews with his Trek costars speaking their mind and letting him know what their problems with him. But Perhaps the best Shatner memoir so far is "Get A Life!," his 1999 book on his history with Star Trek conventions. The book (also co-written by Kreski) is very funny, yet has a real arc for Shatner as a person. He writes about how after the reality of Kirk’s death in Star Trek Generations, Shatner would go to as many conventions as possible to help ease the pain. He realized that he really had no appreciation for these events and since writing the "Get a Life!" his talks and interactions are more respecting of Star Trek and its fans.

What makes "Up Till Now" exciting is that Shatner is writing it during the best years of his life. It will be fascinating to read what he thinks of those years of playing Shakespeare at local theater to being Captain Kirk. It is easy to glean from his CD" Has Been" that Shatner’s enthusiasm for today doesn’t mean he has found contentment or that he is ever satisfied with his experiences. For these reasons, it should mean" Up Till Now" is worth checking out, a postmodern writing about the past of a man who doesn’t really want to think about. it.   

“Get a Life!" the best memoir so far


“Up Till Now” is available now for pre-order at Amazon

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Looks good.

His Trek Memories were pretty good books. I’ll probably pick this up.

I may actually buy this !

I’m holding out for James Cawley’s book, thanks.



shatner is a legend.

I’ll probably be reading this, if not buying it.

I read the 2 Memories books, and the Star Trek V journal. All were good. I’ll probably read this at some point.

And, fortunately there’s not much in the way of strong opinions as to whether he should be in the movie or not. From what I’ve read on the website, most people could go either way. ;)

Seriously, let me say again, if he’s not in this one, he’ll be in the next one. They’ll get that little mistake made in ST 7 cleared right up in STXII.

Picture This, Shatner Pine and Cawley on SNL in Dec just as 11 comes out.

Trek Memories were good; William Shatner: Where No Man was trendy and superficial the deeper it pretended to be.

I love James T Kirk……I love William Shatner as James T Kirk……But I still cant Stand William Shatner.

Lookin’ forward to snaggin’ it at down at the public library :)

Shatner. I’d fight William Shatner.

Looking forward to reading this. I have enjoyed all his previous “Memories” books.

Crap, I’ve read 2 and I thought I was ahead of the game.

Ah well, I’ll put it on my reading list. Usually has some fun stuff.
Maybe he should call it “I Am Not Kirk.” ;-)

Shat rules!

Now, THAT could make for a funny skit.

Sort of a major twist on “The Enemy Within”, with all of them screaming, “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’M CAPTAIN KIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK!!!!!”

that will be an interesting read,,,


Shatner rules, indeed!

Gosh, I hope he is the film. Despite al the talk of him not being in it, I hope its all a ploy to convince us otherwise. The fact is, Shatner is in his late 70s. He won’t be acting forever. Now is the best time to get him in a movie.

This looks very deep. Shatner is a good man, on many levels.

After years of seeing him on TV, and reading about him in magazines since the 60’s and 70’s and with the media onslaught since then (internet, etc.!) I doubt there is much more I need to know. I am an original series fan. Bring on Chris Pine!

I like to pretend William Shatner was actually born in northern Maine.

I’ll be first in line to buy it. I always love to hear what Bill has to say.
Love Live The Shat!!

Get a Life was a great read. Looking forward to reading more about Boston Legal and his CD “Has Been”.

What’s with his “befuddled” look on the cover.
This is the same look he gets when you ask him for an autograph.
Sounds like an interesting read, but so do the other books. I have none of them…

He’s gone back to a fuller wig (for the cover) I notice.

Professionally speaking,Shatner is best off leaving Trek behind him.He’s got so much going on as a favorite pop culture actor/celebrity.Pushing the Kirk thing makes him seem one dimensional (defined through Kirk).

I just wish Shatner actually wrote these books, he makes a mockery of those who really do write for a living.

As much as I think I will like the movie, I will definitely feel bad for the Shat if he ends up not being in it. As great as it sounds, it probably won’t feel right. Why resurrect Nimoy and not Shat? Also, anyone notice that Nimoy’s voice sounds really aged in the trailer?

What’s with this “Up Till Now” crap? The man will be 77 in March! Other than spending the next 3 or 4 years playing Denny Crane and any other buffoonish cameo roles he can land, it’s coming down to the home stretch for the Shat!

A better title might have been, “That’s All, Folks!”

(ducks and hides)

mmmm…. “That’s All Folks!” is still a few years away. I don’t think he will slow down till the day he dies. Its just not in him.

The difference between the 1999 and 2008 covers!

Oh my!

Quick JJ Note for you, Anthony:

Cloverfield is making viewers sick. Hmmm, if it starred Mary Hart, it’d kill ’em.

CmdR, that’s the only reason I’m not going to see Cloverfield – I can’t see paying $9 so I can get motion sickness. It happens to me enough for free.

I haven’t read any Shatner memoirs, but I am tempted to read this one, if I can get it at a discount.

I’ve read three of the above-mentioned Shatner books, and “Get a Life” is surprisingly good. It sounds like Shatner was a lot more involved in the actual writing than the others I read (Where No Man and Star Trek Memories). There’s some funny stuff in it, and some introspection as well. Worth a read.

Interesting note: I got mine at the Dollar Tree a few years ago.

Scott B. out.

#34 JBS “if I can get it at a discount”

Some clever pundit would say you’re trying to discount Shatner’s contribution to the writing of “his” many books! :)

“Where No Man” was the actual title of the book? What? That does not roll well off my tongue. Where No Man. Where No Man. William Shatner: Where No Man. William Satner: Hell no, man! There, that sounds better. Don’t you hate it when some random word just up and sounds wierd all of a sudden? Like, Glad. Glad. Glad. who makes these things up! Anyway, I’ve been dreaming about being on the new bridge. Like I’m sitting at a console. I see stars flying by the window and I can’t remember if it’s day or night. This is gonna be a looooong year. Yo, w’sup H-Ballz. The Shat is our new George Burns. Homie’s gonna outlive us all. He probly eats raw rattlesnake livers for breakfast. He’s got that crazy vibe that Jack Lalane and Regis got. You know, that crazy energy and those eyes that see right through you. Like they’ve tapped into some invisible energy field.

Mr Ballz. He also wrote (yea right) a book called “I’m working on that!”

I think he believes technology is going to keep him alive forever. Even if its just his head in a BIG jar.
:) Bender what are you doing with that ?

the man’s a dick. and apparently an actor.

#38 steve adams “Even if its just his head in a BIG jar”

Sheesh, do they make a jar THAT BIG??? Not bloody likely!!

The man has an ego the size of Chicago!!!

>31. TrekNerd – January 23, 2008
>The difference between the 1999 and 2008 covers!
>Oh my!

I’ve allways assumed that Shatner is a fictional person and they hire a new actor each 10 – 20 years.

Either that or he is a founder.

Haha Mr Ballz, I was thinking his head was a big as Cloverfield. But Chicago is bigger… I wonder if Sparkletts can help us ?

A new Bill Shatner Biography???

If they print it on recycled paper, I’d buy it and put in my bathroom. But only if it’s soft enough. My tush doesn’t like scratchy toilet paper. Thank you, Bill.

#27 “I just wish Shatner actually wrote these books, he makes a mockery of those who really do write for a living. ”

#29 “A better title might have been, “That’s All, Folks!””

#39 “the man’s a dick. and apparently an actor.”

#42 “If they print it on recycled paper, I’d buy it and put in my bathroom. But only if it’s soft enough. My tush doesn’t like scratchy toilet paper. Thank you, Bill. ”

..and the petty jealousy rages on…..

And no “tribble on his head” jokes yet? Dang. Those are always a knee slapper..

Arrrr… has any actor and role been so very inseperable as Shatner and Kirk? Sure, typecasting ensues but that’s usually for a type of a character. not a specific cahracter and as evidenced by the posts on this here site… there can be only one, eh?

What other entertainer around be so much larger than life these days? Have fun with Billy boy, I’m sure he’s a’havin fun enough himself. Even when covered in spiders…

-Tek War was one of my favorite shows….

“The man has an ego the size of Chicago!!!”

Plus charisma, energy, success and fame to match!

GO SHATNER!! No one lobbing weak insults at you from the internet will ever accomplish one-tenth of what you have! You ARE Star Trek! :)

Can you please tell me who is Level 1 Entertainment ? And what movies have they done before Star Trek? Do we have to worry about them?

bill is still da man, my favorite ham!

Mr. Shatner was recently polled as today’s funniest entertainer. I’d add to that he has had one of the longest-lived careers in today’s entertainment field; he is a well rounded actor (yes, he can be a ham– and I am sure he knows it); he is genuinely charming; smart and certainly well thought of by a lot of people in and out of the entertainment buisness. AND yes, he is disliked by a lot of people too.

Seeing all these insults in here reminds me of the people I have seen who are mean-spirited behind someone’s back, but let’s face it, I’d bet money that those of you in here who say all these horrible things about him would be the first person in line for his autograph, if given the opportunity.

What is it about the internet that makes people feel so safe that they can say anything they please, whether it be the nastiest, rudest things that they would never ever say in person?

I, for one, look forward to his autobiography.