Abrams + Trek Team Chat Starts HERE 1 PM (Pacific)

Answers to questions posed in the submissions thread for the JJ Abrams live chat will be posted HERE IN THIS THREAD LIVE (starting at 1PM Pacific Time).

Abrams along with his cast and crew answered questions below as well as in an updated thread. Their comments are mixed in with fan comments and questions. Click the links below to read the cast and crew comments in easy to read Q&A format.

Director JJ Abrams + Cast and Crew Friday chat transcript from the set: CLICK HERE
(Includes exclusive set images)

Writer Roberto Orci chat transcript from Saturday & Sunday: CLICK HERE

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AM I the first?

Let the questions begin!!!! On to post 1-0-0-0 !!!

Is there anything I can say to my girlfriend to convince her to go see a movie with me that is titled “Star Trek”? If so, that could be very helpful ;-)

Hi Trek Team,

First the question. How much thought had been given to the credits?

One of the things that has been better about Star Wars and James Bond as compared to Star Trek is the way that those movies have had a consistent look to their credits. When you walk into a movie theater and look down the barrel of a gun, you know you’re in a Bond movie. Likewise with “the crawl” at the beginning of Star Wars.

I think it would be cool if the movie started off like the show. The TV show intro is so iconic, I’m surprised the earlier film makers didn’t think to put it into all the movies. That classic yellow font would instantly gives the movie’s setting (the 23rd century). The movie could be given some sort of episode name, to distinguish it from the next “Star Trek.” In TMP, there was that great scene of the flyby of the Enterprise with Kirk and Scotty in the shuttle pod. Great for letting us see the new E, not so good in terms of the pacing for that film (which everyone agrees was slow). In First Contact, on the other hand, went straight to the action, which though much better for pacing, robbed the audience of a clear look at the E. By giving us a set of good beauty shots during the credits, the audience could still get that Motion Picture feeling with the much better pacing of some of the other Trek films. Unlike any individual ship in Star Wars, the Enterprise is as much a star of the movie as any of the actors. Give her first billing by putting her in the credits.


So is it a time travel film?

Welcome JJ and Crew:)

This question is for anyone if you get the time…what has been the best part of making this film?


TrekMovie.com is going to explode

A big welcome for Mr. Abrams when he’s here. I hope he knows a lot of people have tons of confidence in what he will bring to Trek.


Lets give them a chance guys… lol.

Dear Mr.’s Abrams, Orci, Lindelof, and Burk,
First of all, I am a huge lost fan, and I’m looking forward to making my “You-All-Every-Bean-Dip” for the premiere this week!

This question may be a little more specific than you are willing to answer, but in the last few years of the franchise, the “Star Trek” timeline seemed to get so bogged down with “canon”, that it seemd that Star Trek was more the “future” of the world of the 60’s (& 80’s), than the future of the world we live in today.

Was one of your goals in working on this film, to re-align the future portrayed in Star Trek to once again be a realistic progression of our world today? In other words, do you feel that a 16 year old kid will be able to line up the dots of his own life to the world of James T. Kirk? Do you feel that Star Trek’s all important sense of hope is in this new film’s DNA?

Mr. Abrams,

As a Star Trek fan since the first series, the Star Trek franchise production/licensing torch has been passed many times. Also, the whole theme of Star Trek has unfortunately lost the mass appeal that it used to have back around the time of Star Trek II, III, and IV. With the latest blow being cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise (cancelled way before its time in my humble opinion) due to the lack of interest by producers/promoters to sell the rights to another station like Sci-Fi, unfortunately the Star Trek flame of life is burning at the lowest intensity ever. With the big budget movies displaying more special effects, explosions, and violence rather than “a good story line” (which most movie goers do not want to devote the time to anymore), how do you plan to promote this latest movie? Do you plan to stick with appealing to the die hard fan base (which won’t sustain the franchise) or do you hope to appeal to all? If you want to promote the franchise successfully across the masses, how do you plan to accomplish this? Star Trek offers a positive vision of the future where all forms of life attempt to coexist together peacefully. Unfortunately, the ways of the world are not going in that direction anymore, which affects what is popular at the movies and on TV too. I wish you the sincerest good luck with your project! You have your work cut out for you, and creativity is going to be the key!

Okay. I’m ready!

Warp Core breach, shes going to blow!!!! ;-)

Is it a story worth telling? (add this to my two earlier advance submissions)

Boy, please, he has got 600 questions already! Let the man talk!

Was your decision to add James Cawley to the cast based upon the (very positive in my opinion) possibility that it may attract the die hard “purists” of TOS that thus far have been speaking quite negatively about the film?

I am very excited to see James Cawley AND Chris Doohan added to the billing.



How do you feel?……… :-)


A: It’s funny that you phrased it that way — carrying the torch — because that’s exactly what it feels like. Trek means a great deal to many people, and I fully appreciate that responsibility. But I have never been overwhelmed by that burden. Quite the opposite. The fans have been part of the inspiration. This experience has felt, from the beginning, like a truly unbelievable opportunity. We’re only half-way through principle photography, but the torch is burning bright and we’re running hard!

Good Evening people


Hey to all the Trek team, great to have you here :)

Little hint folks – keep your questions short ie one or two sentence – the longer your question is the less chance it will be selected.

Where is the chat?

Lol, he surely will say no and stop working on STXI immediately .


Don’t you think it’s a slap in the face that you put Nimoy into the film but not Shatner?

You deserve kudos for doing this (the live chat?). What made you decide it was a good idea?

Also, hi from the UK!

Dear JJ&Co [all of you]

…if this film is a hit […And I think it will be ! ] is the cast and crew going to be committed to another film or two?

…and are there plans for a new TV series and if so will any of you be involved?

It’s surprising there are only 600 questions.


Lol, Ok.

How much thought has been given to the opening credits?

To Mr.Abrams,

First off hello from England, hope you are all well ;-)

My question is if Paramount make a new Star Trek Series and they ask you to be Executive Producer would you do it?

Good luck with the movie (I already know it will be amazing), thanks and Live long and prosper!


JJ are we going to see how the power three’s relationships were built, spock kirk mcoy?

Another hint:
Quit typing and start reading. The questions you ask now probably won’t be answered for a LOOOOONG time.

Will there be any references to “Star Trek: Enterprise”? Thank you.

#20 Kenny B

I feel fine, thanks for asking :)

Hi JJ. I know you guys like flashbacks/flashforwards (Lost, MI:3 etc). Will there be any in Star Trek? Could be a way to incorporate Shatner…


Uh, this isn’t the questions thread. That was closed.

I am all for the element of suprise and wonder so the movie isn’t spoiled..but ..can we at least see some uniforms soon please :)

JJ as one of the few:
Good decision to not bring Shatner back as Kirk or more than a Cameo!!

Even if there was any technobabble, unrealistic kind of idea how to bring him back, Shatner became older – Kirk not.

#28..Nimoy has stated he has cared about the franchise and his place in it..and that he wouldnt do a movie for the sake of doing another trek film, which is why he wasn’t in ST6. I think it shows the kind of movie the has the potential of being if Nimoy is on board.

For now stop posing new questions…JJ is working off the old list…thanks

The thread is open! Commence the random chatter!

THX-1138: can we have a limerick for the occasion?

I have a tattoo of the Enterprise, will I have to have it changed now?

#40 shuttlepod10

People can still ask questions, but JJ & his team will be answering the ones from the previous thread first.


Ok. My first question was too long… How do you plan to revive the Star Trek franchise, and make it appealing to the masses like it was back in the 80’s?


Couldn’t agree more. In fact, these questions probably won’t be answered at all. It is now time to read, you should have submitted your questions earlier.

#28..Nimoy has stated he has cared about the franchise and his place in it..and that he wouldnt do a movie for the sake of doing another trek film, which is why he wasn’t in Generations. I think it shows the kind of movie the has the potential of being if Nimoy is on board.

Why not bring Kirk out of the Nexus like Picard did after Kirk’s first time ribbon death?