Corgi Announces Star Trek Movie License

Collectible company Corgi International announced this week that it had extended its Star Trek license through 2010. The announcement specifically mentions that the license will include the 2008 Star Trek feature film. has learned that the license applies mainly to the Master Replicas brand (which Corgi bought in 2006). Master Replicas, maker of high-end collectibles, has been producing Star Trek-related prop reproductions and ship models for the last decade.

Good news for MR and fans
This deal was key for Master Replicas who recently lost its lucrative Star Wars license. Master Replicas were making lightsabers and props items, which were spectacularly popular. They must be hoping that the new film will bring Star Trek collectibles up to fill in the gap. Corgi’s CEO Michael Cookson says

Star Trek is a license that has had great resonance with our consumers, and we expect that the new movie will bring a whole new wave of Star Trek enthusiasts. The marketplace is excited with the forthcoming movie and our range will mirror that excitement, with releases planned for 2008.

Corgi’s Master Replicas tends to quality collectors items. Their $1200 ‘studio scale’ version of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 is a critical and fan success. And for $2000 you it came signed by all the living TOS era crew (with extra memoriam images and signatures of De Forrest Kelley and James Doohan). Master Replicas does offer more affordable items, such as the small models of the Eneterprises (1701 and 1701-D) for about $40. However, these items are not toys meant to be played with, but more museum quality items meant for display.

Small Corgi Enterprise and ‘studio scale’ Master Replica Enterprise

More info at Toy Fair
At the February 17th to 20th New York Toy Fair, Corgi/Master Replicas will be showing off new pre-production versions of their Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country “Assault Phaser” and the Star Trek: First Contact Mark IX Science Tricorder, both 1,500 limited editions and are likely to retail for $400+. The props feature displays with acrylic covers and sound effects from original sound files. Early images have shown up online (below). Corgi is also expected to announce more details on plans for the new Star Trek movie.

Master replicas new STFC Tricorder and STV Phaser

More merchandising news coming
Over the next week or two will be bringing you more exclusive coverage and commentary on the Star Trek merchandising for both the franchise in general and for the new movie.

For more information, visit Corgi’s Master Replicas website . Plus more good images of Master Replicas ‘studio scale’ Enterprise at TreksInSciFi

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If I just had more money…

MR is a bit out of my price range. Hopefully Art Asylum/Diamond Select will also get in on the action. I’ll clear a spot on the mantle for the new Enterprise. : )


Do they make TOS phaser #2’s??

I would be interested in one of those.

Maybe they can replicate some tissues for the so called TOS purist’s to boo their eyes out into just because the railing on the bridge isn’t going to be bright red.

you’ll probably see the ships of Trek 2008 earlier than the film debut because the toy co.s will need the info/specs to build their replicas.maybe that’s why JJ said something about the photo of the enterprise being forthcoming.Perhaps they’d prefer to have some control rather than have the images leak out in that manner.

Many of the original crew of MR have split off and gone on to do their own things. The simple fact is the release of the TOS Enterprise from MR had some major quality control issues and was really only aimed at the high-end collector. Pity they don’t make a model of the kit in 1/350th. There are some GK manufacturers that are trying to do this, but they will be in direct copyright violation. I made a series of masters for this ship, but was excommunicated by the GK’ers. Here’s hoping that corgi will do something interesting with the new series.

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Master replicas did have a limited edition tos phaser 2 with detachable phaser 1, along with a great communicator and tri corder, unfortunatly they have been sold out long ago. They also had klinglon weapon, and of course the enterprise, they make good sturdy props and all were limited edition and once they were gone they were gone. You might be able to find them on ebay or some online stores might have a few.

Can’t wait for the new st items

I wonder if they will make a Re-imagined Starship Enterprise Model that’s as big as the original ones that are sold out…

I love Master Replica, they are great at the task of replicating film and TV history.


…especially any miniature or Corgi-sized ships, which I tend to display on my desk at work. Oddly enough, no one has ever noted them and said, “Oh, you like STAR TREK?” Something tells me they just walk away while shaking their heads… :)

Always loved mu Dinky and Corgi cars replicas from way back-

Looking forward to what they do with my favourite franchise!

Does anyone think that Pfaltzgraff will ever commission a new set of Star Trek-themed plates, mugs, etc? I have a couple coffee mugs that I acquired in the early to mid-90s, and they are still in tip-top shape. Perhaps they could commission a new set for the movie…

The Enterprise that MR makes is truly a wonder to behold. Although I could never afford it, I thought it looked more authentic than even the Greg Jein filming model I saw. They had one at this little comic book shop in Pike Street Market in Seattle and the clerk there was nice enough to turn it on for me. Add the fact that it has the lighting to go with the exacting detail and a ship geek like me had to bring a tissue when I saw it. I have to admit that I have never seen any of MR’s $40 versions of the E, but I bet they are great too. I hope that if they are going to make ships for the masses from the new movie that we aren’t going to have to pay thousands or even hundreds of dollars. That would be one good thing about Art Asylum and Diamond Select. Their prices weren’t out of line. Although their quality control had seemed to be slipping and they just weren’t large enough of a company to keep with the demand that the Trek franchise is defined by. At least in the collectibles department. I haven’t really liked the Corgi stuff myself.

That sparkling white Enterprise is lame-o.

Why didn’t they just make it a smaller version of the “studio edition”?

I still have all the playmates ships..and I mean ALL

that pike street comic store is a royale rip off generally. Is it still open hmm

I’ve got the MasterReplicas classic Phaser (I and II combined unit), Communicator, and Tricorder, plus the studio-scale Enterprise. Of them all, the Phaser is the nicest piece, really well done. The Tricorder lacks the removable data disks (and the disk release knob clearly visible in the prop photo in THE MAKING OF STAR TREK), and has a non-canonical graphic on the little monitor. The Communicator is too thick at the bottom (so as to accomodate batteries) and can only be displayed CLOSED in the provided plexiglas display case. And there are a number of fit-and-finish problems with the studo-scale Enterprise (and pretty amateurish pencil lines representing the deflector grid on the upper surface of the primary hull). Still, they are all nice pieces, and I’m glad to have ’em. Anyone in greater Toronto who is thinking of shelling out for the studio-scale Enterprise (the only one of these items still on the market0, and would like to see mine in the flesh is welcome to email me through the link on my website. Robert J. Sawyer / Science Fiction Writer /

I own a MasterReplica communicator, phaser (the best thing they ever made – exceeded all my expectations. My brothers and I tried it out in the dark of the closet. Three guys in their 30’s giggling at the lights and the sounds like we were kids. Just in awe of how cool it was) I also got the Klingon disruptor and the tricorder. So there’s all my establishing data on the fact that I’m a fan and a repeat customer.

I do want to say I hope they continue to keep the quality up. Not meaning to run the boys at MasterReplicas down especially with this new announcement, but around the time I was waiting for my tricorder I noticed what I felt was a lapse in customer care and response. (I know they were having trouble with labor during the development and production of the tricorder and I’ve heard the typhoon had something to do with it all. I’m aware of all of that) However, I remember after a lengthy delay ( a year longer than they promised) I was left a bit wary and to this day have not received any E-mail feedback from my queries. I’m sorry, but labor and production problems or not….I feel that’s bad business.

Now….having said all that…I still like what they do but I’d love for one person to respond to one of the many questions I’ve had for them over the years…….and that one is……

…. Are you going to make a Gary Seven SERVO pen that makes me forget about how cool the phaser is?

#9, you are an idiot!!

why does that make him an idiot? If it’s true that a bunch of the early artisans jumped ship maybe that explains the perceived lack of quality and some of the problems I spoke of.

On the subject of merchandise, have I missed this — has anything been mentioned about a novelization for the new ST movie?

I believe Hallmark did it right. Produce quality collectables at a reasonable price. They were limited. The first issue, the Enterprise, sold for $25. After it was sold out, it got as high as $800. Now it is around $200 – $300.
Quality unique limited items at a resonable price. While large artist quality can go for high dollar. Props even higher.
If the Enterprise is reconfigured, even by a little, it can do well.

I’ll try this again.
Golden Age Collectibles in Pike Street is indeed still in business (as of last summer). Their MR E was priced at $1800 which I knew was listed higher than what it was going for online. Didn’t matter to me as I wasn’t going to buy it at $1200 or $200. Can’t keep the peace and raise a family if I spend my money on ALL the collectibles like a drunken sailor (no offense BND).

I hope that the new Enterprise isn’t going to be outrageously priced so that the average collector will be able to afford it.

And where I live, the only way you can buy Trek collectibles is online, sight unseen. I will be drooling to see these in stores and actually PICK mine out.


Although the coloring of their “Legends of STAR TREK” line wasn’t 100% accurate, and they’re a little on the flimsy side (die-cast, they ain’t), the detailing and sculpting was remarkably faithful… their versions of the TMP Enterprise and the TWOK Reliant were GORGEOUS for such small reproductions.

Any chance if/when they might add more to their line? They’re really quite eye-catching and, more importantly, AFFORDABLE! I’d love to see Johnny Lightning take a crack at the TMP Klingon cruiser, the TMP Vulcan Shuttle, the Excelsior, Klingon Bird of Prey and the Enterprise-E.

See, this is the area of Trek where I discriminate. I have always liked what Corgi/MR markets. And #25 – Ralph – just behind me, behind my big, leather command chair, and at the foot of my bed, is a cedar chest containing every Hallmark Trek ornament of import since (and including) the original TOS Big E.


I do not bespoil mein tennenbaum with them; I don’t think those dogmas hunt well together, aesthetically -speaking. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even opened 75% of them, just to eyeball each one – they are as virgin as Hallmark shipped them. I remember looking in a collector’s blue book a dozen years ago, just to see the cash value of them, and the entire set – unmolested – was worth a small annual salary. My mother, God bless her, has even done the same thing, and has her own trove.

The difference? Mom protects hers with an alarm system monitored by ADP. I protect mine with an alarm system monitored by a Colt revolver and several years of military and law enforcement training. LOL ;-)

# 9 I guess when you made your masters of the TOS in 1:30 for retail, it was OK for you to be in direct violation of copy right?

Whatever…..I just want a servo. And to be treated like a valued customer.

#20 Robert-
You nailed all the issues perfectly concerning MR. I have an MR phaser, Shatner sig. edition comm, tric, & FC phaser. The tric ts the best of the Trek stuff, but their MIB flashy thingy is the best!
I’m not holding my breath over these new releases. I’m sure the same bizzare problems with accuracy & QC via China will be cropping up.

my first corgi toy was a james bond miniature aston-martin with revolving license plates, and an ejector seat that tossed a wee plastic badguy about 3 feet. it was 4 inches long, purchased at a airport in germany, and was my favorite thing ever. circa 1967.

but back then i spoke as a child and thought as a child. now i have grown and left behind my childish ways.

…until this film was announced.

LOL! You boys and your toys are so funny!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Warning: level 10 gravimetric wave of retail therapy approaching. Impact in 12 months.

Sensors indicate it is unstoppable…

If they appear, it should be interesting to see what the classic three props will look like. The phaser, communicator and tricorder are regarded with high esteem with collectors of the original series. I wonder if they will be redesigned as with other aspects of the movie?

I hope not, who can say what a prop can do? If the props are used to advance the exposition of a scene, just be clever about their usage during the film and use the props as per the direction of the script. Bob Justman has said that when a script dictated a specific function of a prop, they just wrote it in without a lot of worry about a props capabilities.

Heck, the communicator was purported to have a range of 16,000 miles and could contact a ship in orbit and serve as a target for the transporter. That’s pretty futuristic, to an extent. I guess the problem with creating devices for the future is it that it’s fairly hard to predict new futuristic hardware when so much exists today. In the 60’s almost everything trek predicted didn’t exist or was an extrapolation of an existing device, such as with the computer.

I’d be thrilled if young Kirk pulled a ‘Cage version’ communicator and used it. Sure, it’s big but again, those 23rd century devices packed a lot of features into ‘em!

And yes, Master Replicas did a pretty good job on their props, not perfect, but pretty darn good for each.


Hello SPB,

Yes, Johnny Lightning is offering the U.S.S Constellation, Klingon D7 Battlecruiser with explosions, Shuttlecraft with damage, and the
U.S.S Voyager with Borg modification. They are available this summer, probably June.

The Johnny Lightning line is great because it is affordable, usually about $4 per ship with nice quality.

Last year, we provided this article about JL Star Trek ships

The great thing about Star Trek merchandise is the variety. There are $4 ships and $2000 ships available to fans.

Let the geekdom ensue …

I had a die cast Enterprise when I was in fifth grade (1975) can’t remember if it was Dinky or Corgi, but I had many Corgi cars too. It’s GREAT that there is going to be some ORIGINAL toys and ships available FINALLY. The only decent TOS Enterprise you could find for years was the Playmates one, and recently Art Asylum. Can’t wait for the Corgi one!

I just hope there are some decent ones in my price range. No, I won’t be spending two grand unless the cussed lottery people do a better job picking numbers.

And, Vulcanista, you can play with my toys anytime.



Around the time you were buying those models (1975) I remember going to a model shop in town that had the Enterprise blueprints. They were in a glass display case and I remember coveting them. They were 25 bucks at the time which was a fortune for a 4th grader. Having seen them in recent years they don’t seem to be much more than an outline of the ship on blueprint paper. I wonder how much they’re worth today.

The TOS Enterprise is not sparkling white!

Am I the only one who isn’t colorblind?

There’s no point in making a toy that’s not screen accurate.

I hope they make a TOS phaser rifle. I’d like to get my hands on one of those.

Have both the 1701 and 1701-D from the “reasonably priced” replica series. Not anal-retentive accurate, but they look great on a desk or shelf. Would love to see more (many more) in this line — the refit ENTERPRISE from ST:TMP, the other Es (1701-B and 1701-C), and some of the unsung vessels from the series (tv, film, and animated). A replica of the smashed CONSTELLATION from the TOS-R “Doomsday Machine” would be great.

29. In the Know – January 26, 2008

# 9 I guess when you made your masters of the TOS in 1:30 for retail, it was OK for you to be in direct violation of copy right?




Moddler, In the Know
…calm down guys or take it outside

I’m calm, very calm. :D

I’ve known of owners of the MR TOS *Replica* that have had to return their ship several time for various reasons including, but not limited to… Light leaks, bad paint job, bad decals, penciled grid lines, etc….etc….etc..

Let us not forget that the ship is made in China and that the people that actually made it were probably paid 50 cents a day. Also, China isn’t very green.

MR has made some great products in the past but they pretty much dropped the ball on the TOS toy. $2000.00 for a mass produced toy?

I’d rather take my skills and make my own toys than to pay someone elses kids to go to college. If some poor basement dwelling TOS fan has to refinance his Pinto to buy the thing it ought to at least be worth the purchase price?


LOL, you were also an elementary school trekkie! BTW I also had UFO diecast toys at the time, a green interceptor, and a mobile, as well as the obligatory tin Star trek and UFO lunchboxes. That was like the extent of merchandising back then.


I think I’ll go for the $40 MR Enterprise 1701.

You think the assault phaser’s upper coverings will cock forward and back like it did in Star Trek V?

Hey, when you guys are saying the $40 MR Enterprise, are you talking about the one from Corgi? If you are talking about a different one, do you have a picture or a link so that I can see one. I’m not aware of an affordable MR Enterprise, so curiosity begs the question.

I have both an MR TOS communicator and a Star Trek the Experience communicator (OK, more than one of both), and for display purposes, the STTE comm is great. Don’t put the batteries in it and leave the grill opened. MR’s electronics and sounds are better, but I don’t go around opening it all the time. Diamond Select is going to be releasing a TOS communicator which I think is a reworked STTE model for under $30 this year. That might make a good knock-around model. If it gets released on schedule.

Please don’t censor me. At least be consistent.

I have as much right to an opinion as KirkTrekModeler.

I’m SICK of the guy always spreading his lies and taking shots and folks.