Grunberg: Big Cameos In Star Trek?

William Shatner may not want to do a Star Trek cameo, but it looks like other celebs are ready to go. In yesterday’s chat with JJ Abrams, the Star Trek director revealed that his ‘good luck charm’ Greg Grunberg (pictured in MI3) will not be appearing in the his new movie. However, Abrams pal Grunberg says that there are plenty of others who are on board the new Enterprise.

Grunberg tells SyFy Portal

You will see some of the actors that J.J. likes to work with in the movie. I’m not talking about me in particular, but you will see some great cameos. You’ll never know who the people are, but they are all fans of the [Star Trek] shows, fans of the movies, and called up J.J. asking to be in the movie. They were monster celebrities from all over, and he’s put them all in disguises and put them into his movie.

So who could he be talking about. We already know about Tyler Perry’s cameo. Abrams friend and MI3 star Tom Cruise dropped by the set a couple of weeks ago, but indications are that he did not shoot anything. Grunberg’s Alias co-stars Jennifer Garner and Kevin Weisman have expressed an interest. Maybe some folks from Lost could drop by? And of course there are some big celebs who are also Trekkies, like Tom Hanks. This is an area where we will have to do some more sniffing around.

Star Trek cameos
Star Trek on TV has a long history of celebrity fan cameos. These have included John Tesh, James Worthy, Kelsey Grammer, Bebe Neuwirth, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Melvin Beli, Jason Alexander, Seth MacFarlane, Mick Fleetwood, Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), and Stephen Hawking. However in the Trek films cameos have mostly been winks to the fans of favorite characters, such Bob Picardo showing up as “The Doctor” in First Contact or Grace Lee Whitney as Rand in The Undiscovered Country. Go Go’s singer Jane Wiedlin appeared in The Voyage Home, director Bryan Singer appeared in Nemesis , and possibly the most famous cameo was Christian Slater in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Slater wakes up Captain Sulu in STVI

More from Grunberg on Trek at SyFy Portal

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first time poster!

Tom Hanks for Admiral!

“you’ll never know know who the people are” suggests they will probably be in make-up. It’ll be an all-star cast of aliens, in there for their enjoyment and respect for the the project rather than their names. Nice to see.

I really wish Grunberg could be in it! Well, there should be other chances at least, for the followup movies…hoping this one goes as well as anticipated, that is.

Mmmm, Jennifer Garner as a Klingon! :-P

Tom Hanks For Pike!

I wish they’d confirm Faran Tahir already.

I’m trying really hard to picture Hanks as a Vulcan. My imagination isn’t quite good enough to picture it without turning into a joke, but I suspect he’d actually be pretty good.

Tom Hanks as Captain April!


Christopher Plummer
Adrian Zmed
Heather Locklear
Angie Dickinson
Catherine Hicks
Stephen Collins
Dana Carvey
Jon Lovitz
Laurence Luckinbill
James Spader
Patrick Stewart
Malcolm McDowell

And any- and everyone from the “Shatner Roast!”

That’ll really make him stew in his juices! :)

(Lest I get flamed, this is all in jest. I fully right smack on the fence where Shatner is concerned in TREK XI. Wouldn’t mind either way.)

im glad we wont see these celebs it would be too distracting seeing cameos every five minuets

Didn’t Christin Slater have a cameo in ST: VI?

Yes he did ad Sulu’s helmsman.

“You have hearing problems mister? That is what Sulu told him while CS was standing a doorway.

Scott Bakula for Amiral Archer :)

I’m with #16 – give Scott his props for what he did, like it or not. Man, what a wickedly great idea!

Well, let’s make a list of characters that we believe should be in there, since it’s a prequel and all.

-Captain Robert T. April
-Ben Finney
-Captain Garrovick
-Butler, Kirk’s dog.

just to name a few

Still Curious to read who James Cawley is playing.

Tom Hanks as April! (I 2nd the post above)

#11 – thanks for the disclaimer. Inasmuch as I’d like to see The Shat in it, I really don’t want to see the the dying embers of that pile o’ bear squeeze fanned again. LOL :-)

Where did The Rock show up?

#18 – being canine-centric, I lobby for a l’il Butler! (Hey, if 23rd century tech can help a human live to 150, it can help a pooch live to 40 or more. And I wistfully wait for the day.) :-)

Gary Mitchell needs some kind of mention.

#21 In the Voyager Episode called “Tsunkatse” from season6


“The Rock” appeared in an episode of a Star Trek: Voyager. He was a contestant on a WWE-style fighting event pitted against 7 of 9.

#16 well, archer, was a captain during the UFP charter signing and apparently become president some years after, so I don’t know if that would be possible, maybe he could at the send off for April or Pike.

How about Robert Pine as a security chief riding around the new massive halls of the Gigantor E on a 1978 Kawasaki Patrol cycle


I guess you answer with the episode name and season number trumps my lame description. I really need to get my LCARS back online. lol

You’ll be playing ‘spot the cameo’ after you’ve seen the film multiple times

I thought that was magic. Or abnormal Human physiology.

Chekov had a romantic relationship with a woman named Irina.

If J.J. has Lawrence Luckinbill in the movie, I will walk out! LOL. It would be nice to have a mention of Captain April. Enterprise’s last episode, “These are the Voyages” established that Archer attended the unveiling of the Enterprise, and died the next day. I would not put people like Garrovick, Sybok, Finney, or even Gary Mitchell in as cameos. Their stories were too important to the characters of Kirk and Spock to just have them appear for 2 seconds. Besides, Grunberg is saying the people are in costume, essentially as extras. I wonder if Spielberg or Cruise will pop up, since they were both on the set?

Jennifer Garner as Number One!
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson as Robert and Sarah April wouldn’t be bad.

How about Godzilla? Or Harry Ballz?

let’s be realisitic fellas.

hey john laraequete. i think i spelled it right played a klinon in the serch for spock. i think he played maltz. but here is a great gust cameo. how about harrison ford or mark hamill or sean connery now those would be some great cameos. but i realy want the origanal capt kirk. willian shatner in the movie. it’s just not star trek without the capt.

#8. Anthony Pascale –
Absolutely agree Anthony. Wouldn’t want to detract from our heroes, (No Syler Pun intended!).
But, ever since you first mentioned Hanks, I have wanted to see him involved in some capacity. I know that he is a Huge fan, and would probably do it in a heartbeat. Capt. April would be a good idea.
I don’t remember which thread it was on, but it was mentioned that there was a “Major A-list” star filming.

well, all we have to do is wait.

By the way Anthony,
I am Still Blown away that JJ answered my question.
Even if disappointed that Grunberg won’t be in the movie.
Thanks again for pulling that together.

#30 Laserlover2254 – you ought to meet my doc. If he can’t cure it, diagnose it, or send you to someone who can, he’ll give you the pills to make you think it ain’t there. LOL ;-)

oh no dont get carried away..whats next scottys sons dog

James Cawley should play Gary Mitchell.

They should have another rec deck scene and crowd all the celebrity cameos in one shot!

Better yet – a dusty bottle with an unidentified ‘green’ content. And it gets billing.

It would cool to see Christopher Lloyd in there, I know he may not be an “A-List” actor, but he did Trek before and come on, he’s Doc Brown!!! He invented the flux capacitor, which is on a starship….atleast a TNG era starship.

maybe Steven Spielberg is in it, we know he paid a visit to the set. He did Austin Powers, so he could do Trek.

I think Seth MacFarlane should be in the movie dressed up as a Klingon doing Peter Griffin’s voice…oh, or better yet, Stewie’s voice.

i suggest mickey dolenz as an ape-like character
and david lynch as… well, whatever david lynch would be in the future.

…and still recommend shatner’s face spinning around in the nacelle caps.

Greg will be Finnegan.

I vote for Stanky McFibberish as Boothby. That way he can clean up this movie to be more to his liking!


“…and still recommend Shatner’s face spinning around in the nacelle caps.”


(That could be one of the funniest suggestions I’ve EVER read on these boards!!!)


Lloyd also played Rev. Jim Ignatowski, the biggest Star Trek fan ever, on Taxi.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|