Preview Of 2008 Movies From The New Trek Stars (Pt. 2)

A few weeks back, we gave you a preview of the films opening this year featuring those cast members playing the crew of the USS Enterprise in the new Star Trek film. Now has compiled information on those films featuring Star Trek‘s supporting players, including Eric Bana, Ben Cross and Winona Ryder.

Eric Bana (Nero)

The Other Boleyn Girl (February 29th)
Bana is the object of affection for Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman in this period romantic drama based on the novel by Philippa Gregory. The story is a romanticized account of 16th century aristocrat Mary Boleyn (played by Johansson), who competes with her sister, Anne (Portman), for the affections of King Henry VIII (Bana). The king gets it on with both lovelies, but ultimately, only one becomes Queen of England while the other gets her heart broken. It’s okay, though, because by the end of the movie we’ll be reminded why being a wife to Henry VIII is not all it’s cracked up to be. See the film’s Official Site for more details.

Trailer for "The Other Boleyn Girl"

The Time Traveler’s Wife (TBA 2008)
A sci-fi romantic drama in which Bana plays a librarian whose genetic makeup causes him to involuntarily travel through time. Naturally, this causes some issues between himself and the missus, played by The Notebook actress Rachel McAdams. Like Boleyn Girl, this film is also based on a novel, one by Audrey Niffenegger.

Rachel McAdams and Bana in "Time Travelers Wife"

Bruce Greenwood (Captain Christopher Pike)

Greenwood can currently be seen in the films National Treasure: Book of Secrets with Nicolas Cage and I’m Not There with Christian Bale, Cate Blancett, Richard Gere, and the late Heath Ledger. In addition to Star Trek, his other upcoming films include:

Weapon (TBA 2008)
In this action flick, a genetically-engineered super-soldier (played by Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champ Rich Franklin) is apprehended by a US border patrol agent (Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Tiffani Thiessen). Greenwood plays the soldier’s creator, who starts hunting down his creation and the agent.

Bolt (November 26)
Computer-animated Disney film about a German Shepherd named Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) who, as the star of his own action TV series, believes he has superpowers. The adventure begins when Bolt is accidentally shipped from his cozy film studio in Hollywood to the chaotic New York City. It is currently unknown what character Greenwood voices.

Poster for Disney’s "Bolt" fearing Bruce Greenwood

Clifton Collins, Jr. (General Ayel)

Sunshine Cleaning (premiered at Sundance January 18th)
A comedy about a mother who starts a biohazard removal/crime-scene clean-up service with her unmotivated, unreliable sister in a desperate bid to raise money to send the mother’s son to private school. Collins plays a guy named Wilson.

The Perfect Game (Spring 2008)
Collins stars as a former Major League Baseball player who returns to Mexico and begins coaching of little league team comprised of poor Mexican children, leading them to win a perfect game in the Little League World Series. Star Trek: Voyager guest star Bruce McGill (Braxton in "Relativity") co-stars in this drama based on a true story. For more, see the official site — which includes quite possibly the world’s longest teaser trailer.

The Horsemen (May 9, 2008)
In this thriller, Dennis Quaid stars as a recently-widowed detective who discovers a connection between himself and the suspects in a series of bizarre killings which have something to do with the Biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Collins has a supporting role as a guy named Stingray.

Still Waters (TBA 2008)
In this thriller, Collins plays a mysterious stranger who comes into the lives of a married couple and puts their marriage — and their lives — in jeopardy.

Poster for "The Perfect Game" featuring Clifton Collins Jr.

Ben Cross (Sarek)

War, Inc.. (July 10)
In this John & Joan Cusack action comedy War, Inc., a hot sauce-drinking hit man assigned by a private corporation to kill the CEOs of their competitors. He ends up falling for a reporter, played by Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny, What Women Want). Nothing is known about Cross’ role in the film. The film was supposed to premiere at Sundance, but the festival didn’t pick it up.

Hero Wanted (TBA 2008)
This action film stars Cuba Gooding, Jr., as the victim of a staged bank robbery gone bad who kills the man that double-crossed him… only to find himself on the run from the dead guy’s associates, who want retaliation. The only thing known about Cross’ character is that his name is Cosmo Jackson.

Trailer for “Hero Wanted” featuring Ben Cross

Winona Ryder (Amanda Grayson)

The Last Word (premiered at Sundance January 19th)
An independent dark comedy written and directed by Geoffrey Haley (a camera operator on shows like Heroes and Dexter), this film tells the story of a guy (played by American Beauty‘s Wes Bentley) who makes his living writing people’s suicide notes. Everything goes topsy-turvy when he becomes involved with Ryder’s character, the sister of one of his recently-deceased clients. Talk about awkward. See the film’s entry at the Sundance Website for more.

The Informers (TBA 2008)
Ryder stars with the likes of Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke, “Superman” Brandon Routh and the recently-deceased Brad Renfro in this drama based on the book by American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis. Set in 1980s Los Angeles, the film is a collection of seven stories that all connect with one another, dealing with such "morally-challenged characters" as a movie executive, rock stars, and yes, even a vampire. Ryder plays a wannabe newscaster who is engaged to Thornton’s character who is still engaged to Basinger’s character who… you know what, it’s too complicated to go into. Just go see the movie when it opens.

Poster for "The Informers" featuring Winona Ryder

Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk, Sr.)

The Root of All Evil (TBA 2008)
Hemsworth’s first Hollywood film is a psychological thriller which examines the ugly truths of human nature. And that’s about all that’s known of the plot. Hemsworth plays someone named Sam Phelan.

Jennifer Morrison (Winona Kirk)

Big Stan (April 25)
Morrison plays the female lead and love interest in this comedy about a nebbish con man (played by Rob Schneider, who also directs) who is sentenced to serve time in prison. He seeks kung fu training Kill Bill‘s David Carradine, hoping to defend himself from being violated in the big house. He uses his new-found skills to command respect in the joint and bring peace to the prison yard, but a corrupt warden (Scott Wilson) has other plans.

Poster for "Big Stan" featuring Jennifer Morrison

Rachel Nichols (Orion)

Nichols can currently be seen in Charlie Wilson’s War, opposite Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. In addition to Star Trek, the other film she has coming out this year is:

For Sale by Owner (TBA 2008)
This supernatural mystery-thriller involves an architect (played by Scott Cooper, the film’s writer) who discovers "the secret to one of America’s most haunting mysteries" while restoring the home of John Smith of Jamestown. Or something like that. Nichols plays a character named Anna Farrier, who appears to be the female lead. Also starring in the film is Joanna Cassidy, who played T’Pol’s mother on Star Trek: Enterprise. See  for more.

Poster for "For Sale By Owner" featuring Rachel Nichols

Tyler Perry (Head of Starfleet Academy)

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns (March 21)
Perry brings yet another one of his successful plays to the big screen, and also reprises his famous role of Madea. Angela Bassett stars as a recently laid off single mother who takes her family to Georgia to attend the funeral of the father she never met, hoping to receive some monetary assistance. But nothing could have prepared her for her father’s crass, fun-loving family, the Browns. Perry also plays the role of Uncle Joe in the film. See IMDb for more; the official site can be found here.

Trailer for Beet the Browns” featuring Tyler Perry


2008 movies from the new Trek ‘crew’
Check out Part 1 of our 2008 preview for movies from the new Trek Crew (Chris Pine, Karl Urban, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana, and Simon Pegg)

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I think I’ll let “Star Trek” be my way of seeing these people in action.

no shit!

these movies look really bad.

Don’t get me wrong; there are a couple that could be good.

But for the most part …

I mean, Rob Schneider?

Just watched Winona in Alien: Resurrection last night. She was OK, but I was reminded about just how good Sigourney Weaver is. And how tall. Ron Perlman is a big dude, and Sigourney was in his face.

Although this doesn’t have anything to do with Trek, I was (and am still) looking forward to the Dark Knight movie this year, but with the sad passing of Heath Ledger, I can’t help but be reminded of The Crow and how Brandon Lee’s death cast a pall over the movie.

I heard that Heath was taking Ambien, and if that was a contributor to his passing, I hope that more people realize the dangers of this potent and volitile drug. Not two days after Ledger’s passing, a friend of mine took too many Ambien and found himself across town hallucinating and eventually unresponsive for four hours. If it weren’t for the fact that he is 6′, 9″ and 250 pounds, he may have died, too. We hid the Ambien.

Sorry for the derail.

Have to agree with the first three posters here. Ugh.

I think the only one ill go and see will be Bana’s “The Other Boleyn Girl” the others look… well as Stephen Fry would say: “Utter arse water”

This is definitely a wait-for-DVD selection for me.

Thanks, Charles!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|


i heard that Heath was really trying to get into the role of the Joker, u know that thing some actors do to really get a grasp of the role and character… i heard that getting into the mind of the Joker really screwed him up, its probably safe to say that along with Ambien and his divorce, this really pushed him over the edge. However i dont think his death will mar the success of “The Dark Knight” i think many people will go and see it just to see him in action in what i believe was his last completed movie. I personally cant wait for it… i only hope they release it in his memory. RIP Heath.

I am also sorry for the de-rail there…

Going back to trek…

Does anyone think that if this film (Star Trek) and the sequel (which would consequently go ahead) and is also a success, do you think that JJ and Co would make a Star Trek series… perhaps Titan orientated??

I would kill to see a Titan series, dunno bout anyone elses views on this subject.


With the money I’ll save by skipping those flicks I can afford to buy the next set of TOS-R on BlueRay (I hope!)

@9 & 11 – The whole Ledger losing his mind because of the Joker character makes for great press and little else. Only getting two hours of sleep a night will screw anybody up.

#11 thanks for the response there, wasn’t expecting one to be honest! wow… i dint know about some of that stuff you said about Heath… dude.

LOL yea… lets submit the idea to bob orci next time he’s hanging around!

i can just imagine it…

“From the makers of Star Trek and Star Trek (2?) STAR TREK: TITAN”

I bet Frakes and Sirtis would do it… Wesley and Tuvok would be pretty sold on the idea too… and with all thats being shown on Star Trek: The Tour with regards to the Titan story… this little fanboy can only hope and pray!! :D

Philistines. A few of those are obviously garbage–most likely the few of them that will actually get theatrical releases. But most of them could be very promising. I’ve been looking forward to The Informers for a while and The Time Travelers Wife is great source material. Sorry they’re not all poor adaptions of comicbooks or 80’s cartoon shows.

The one I’m looking forward to is “Time Traveller’s Wife”. After a bunch of movies in 2004-06, Rachel McAdams almost disappeared in 2007. Good to see her back.

wow, i am amazed at how lame these movies look! Seriously, that was too funny.

definitely a slow news day

Is it just me, or does “Time Traveler’s Wife”, sound like the exact same premise as the now canceled TV series “Journeyman”?

I miss that show.

They forgot Pegg’s “Run Fatboy Run” Which looks awesome. For shame!!! :)

…-ORION…sounds good….


Exactly what I was thinking.

“Journeyman” was the best new series on TV this past season. Naturally it was cancelled.

“THE PERFECT GAME” it is the real history of a small group of winning children, is a pleasure to see the “icon” from my city the “Hill” -Cerro de La Silla- in the poster of the Movie and appears in

its friend trekkie in Monterrey City.

Journeyman was largely inspired by the book version of The Time Traveler’s Wife.

I would love to see it. I am still wondering about Bruce Greenwood Playing Pike. Not that he’s a bad actor, but isn’t his age a little off with when it’s supposed to take place?

no EAGLE EYE? I know Kurtzman and I aren’t actors, but still!!!

Kidding. Not really. No, I am. But seriously. Joke.

#18 & 21

It had just started to come together as a show, that’s what’s so sad about the cancellation.


Totally agree.

#18 and 21 – The novel The Time Traveler’s Wife came BEFORE the TV series Journeyman, as another poster pointed out. It’s an interesting book, but I didn’t know there was a movie coming out and somehow I can’t picture Bana in the role of Henry. Oh well.

As most have said, by and large these don’t look like movies I’ll be seeing in the theater. But in a way that’s the point – they cast this movie largely with little-known, “B movie” type actors rather than big stars in order to bring something new and fresh to the franchise.


we will be doing another one of these, but for ‘crew’

jeez Mr. Sensitive


Yeah, sure… I’m going to hold my breath till I turn blue.

Bob… i did present a question the other night but it wasn’t answered, im not bothered as you guys had a mountain of questions to get through and you are of course a very busy man, any chance of answering my question today?

My question is:

If this Star Trek film is very successful, and a sequel is made and also very successful, would you consider making a Star Trek series? if so would you consider doing a Titan series, or would it probably be with this young crew?

Kind Regards


Manchester, UK

Well other than Star Trek, “Meet the Browns” is just going to have to be a must see for me. :)

Any connection between Bob & Roberto? I know how much Anthony frowns on impersonators. So this can be confusing.

33. I was wondering the same thing. I think Anthony can tell who’s who by the e-mail addresses they submit whenever they post.

i have said it before…yes boborci is roberto orci. I always check these things. The few fools who have tried to spoof famous people get instabanned (no warning) and all posts deleted. If you see something here from a famous name it is real (and if not it will go away quickly).

I think the new Star Trek movie will spawn more films (at least a trilogy?), most likely with the same cast . I think any new Trek television should be something like a mini-series, or simply a Trek Universe kind of series where many different crews, ships, etc. could be told about.
One of the problems with ST has, historically, been a “fatigue factor,” where the same cast, the same crew, the same producers, etc. do, essentially, the same thing for years. After a while, Trek-overload sets in. And, in spite of our tremendous desire for more Trek, we tend to get bored, tired, uninterested, and frustrated because Trek starts looking stale and fails to deliver.
The new blood coming into Trek at this juncture is severely important and needed. But I’d hate to see this new Trek get wrung out like a good deal of past Treks.

If never understood “fatigue factor.” Historically, it has always been about season three or four when the shows have finally found their own niche and began to blossom. (Yes, I’m one of the ones that thought that Ent was just hitting it’s stride when it was cut short) So I’m hoping that a nice movie trilogy, at the least, will work out, perhaps a new series to follow, and I’d love to see the Perpetual mmorpg get off the ground, along with the various books, toys marketing, etc that goes with it. More exposure for us and the stars in different roles can’t hurt either, since we all know how much they hate to get stereotyped into certain roles. Variety is good, for us and for them!

wow, with a few exceptions, it looks like some highly mediocre fare coming our way. perhaps the porky’s franchise needs a reboot as well, to, you know, class up the season.

this will all just make our starship shine brighter, of course.

i once thought of posting as “ob borci”, but i knew anthony would see through it.

BTW, will Paramount release the non-English trailers on the web, or just on theaters? Just curious to know what’s in those instead of Armstrong, Kennedy etc.

Wow, Eric Bana got to make out with Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, and Rachel McAdams………..he had a very good year. I’ll bet…. in the ST movie, not only does he not get to make out with anybody, but will meet with a very unheroic death. oh well.

For me it’s still Star Trek and Hellboy 2………. is this the best Hollywood can come up with!!?

If “The Other Bolyn Girl” is not up to historical truth and respects the British monarchial canon, then I dunna wanna see it! Harrrr!

Any of you Yanks gotta copy o’ “Prairie Home Companion Movie”? never acht saw that…

Speaking o’ new films… what’s with the “Of Gods and Men” movie that old Tuvok made? Seems bonny…

The only movie I will perhaps watch is “The other Boylen”, just for the intereset about that period of time.

# 13: A STAR TREK – TITAN series would be great, but I would prefer an Enterprise-F series much more, with an entire new crew and production design. (Starting in 2394 and with it’s last season (the 7th perhaps) it should be the year 2400!)

I really hope that Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman & Co will do Star Trek 0.5 (Or call it just Star Trek XII). A trilogy would be good, but then the Trek movies should move on to another timeframe in the Star Trek universe. Perhaps in the early 24th or the early 25th century or even around the founding of the UFP (2161+).

I wanna see… The Day The Earth Stood Still

It’s got Keanu Reeves in it should be a big block buster

They let Rob Schneider make another movie???
Phasers on incinerate!