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If you don’t own an iPhone stop reading now, but for my fellow iPhoners here is a little helping hand from We have added a nice little icon for you to put on your home page (see image right). You will have to have upgraded to the latest firmware, and if you need help there are instructions on the Apple homepage. Thanks to my new friend Kayla for making the icon.


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I own nothing from Apple, so I guess I have nothing to be excited about. :-(

Thanks for making an official icon available. I had been improvising with this up until now:

Which is a good resource anyway for sites that don’t have friends like Kayla who are willing to share icons so generously.

No iStuff here either, but way cool!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

VISTA = Virus Infested Stick To Apple


Thanks Anthony!

When is the trailer going to be on itunes?

By the way, I do not know if this has been mentioned but they do have the teaser in different languages. The Australian and New Zealand is not ready it. Can anyone translate the Russian teaser? Or any of the others? I am curious to what they said.
Also, is the teaser improved? I notice the sounds are enhanced. And the rising mist. Are there more of them?

Blackberry’s are superior!
All hale the Blackberry !!!!!
Landru commands it!

Ah, I just found the link on itunes. The copy is very nice.

Ahh, very nice! As soon as the new firmware is unlocked I’ll use this icon! Thanks!!

Aawww. So nice of you Anthony. JJ will love it considering that he is a big fan off all things that is Apple. PowerBooks and all.
Hey, can we also have an icon in the new black and sliver version?


I guess Pimpin’ IS easy. :)

Very nice. I’ll put on my bf’s iPhone. We’re both addicted to this site.

Got another request for us mobile users. iPhone & Windows Mobile users can’t see the youtube videos you post. iPhone gets a broken icon & WM get a blank spot. Don’t know it’s there unless you’re using a real computer. To solve it, can you additionally post just the link? Thanks for listening & providing a great site.

You can download the iPod version of the trailer here:

It’s great asking people if they have seen the new trailer, and when they say “no”. I just pull out the iPod and say “Take a look!” It’s also great having a library of TOS episodes in your pocket to watch anytime, anywhere.

#16 Captain Presley thanks for the link.

This also works on the iPod touch, as well.

I’m going to buy an iPhone just for this. Thanks!

Arrrr…. all me iPhone ever did was tell me “Queen to queen’s level three..” as if expecting me to answer it then…

I tossed it into the sea… Now I wish I had it back so I could put the bonny badge on it…

If ya find me IPhone coming outta your plumbing one day… mail it to Her Majesty’s Royal Navy please…

oops- the line of code I pasted there didn’t show up. Hope it’s not doing anything weird! Here’s the page where I got it:

Next up (hopefully): an iPhone optimized site. And a Dashboard Widget (Mac OS X, not the one on the side, there…)

Thanks Anthony and Kayla :-)

Thanks guys. It looks great…

Ok- it works. Maybe I just didn’t let the page load completely.
It looks very cool, thanks!

Anyone notice the icon has disappeared? I accidentally deleted my homescreen icon for TrekMovie now I’m slapping myself cause it looked so nice on the iPhone. I’ve sent an email to Anthony asking about its disappearance!