International Trailers At Official Movie Site [UPDATED]

The official movie site for Star Trek has been updated to include seven ten international versions of the teaser trailer.

To get to the int’l sites and trailers, scroll down on the official site and click on the flags. The countries available so far are: UK, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. The UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand sites and trailers all cite Boxing Day as a release date. All others only have ‘2009’ for now. is trying to get a full list of international release dates and will do an update when Paramount provides one.

UPDATE: More flags/sites/trailers added
In the last day Paramount have added flags for the sites for Mexico/Latin America, France and Germany (but for now the German site has the UK trailer…but Paramount will be adding a German trailer soon).

The trailers are fundamentally the same with the audio translated into local languages. This means that the original clips from NASA in the 60s along with Nimoy’s “space the final frontier” are in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand versions. However, the Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian versions all have the titles and the audio in the local languages. At least in the case of the Russian, it appears that the NASA clips have been replaced with those from Russia’s space history. (hopefully some international readers can translate what is in place of the NASA clips for these versions).

Going global
It is nice to see that Paramount thinking globally for this Star Trek movie. With this big budget movie, they will need to bring in big bucks outside the domestic market for the film to be a success. Although Star Trek is often thought of as a global phenomenon, the Trek films have not really done that well overseas (especially in non-English speaking countries). These days your typical ‘tentpole’ movie is expected to do at least as well overseas as it does domestically, with some doing many times more overseas. Yet every Trek film has made around 60% of its sales domestically. One exception to the non-English speaking world is Germany, where Trek is very popular (making it ironic that the German trailer is not up yet). One area where Trek really needs to get more traction is in Asian markets (so hopefully Paramount gets cracking on trailers and sites for Japan, China, Korea and beyond).

“From Director JJ Abrams” in the Russian trailer

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first, sweet!

i like the sound of Russian Spock!!

Sadly Ireland doesnot have a space programme yet.

Tihird? I’m working on the translation.

Australia has a space programme…I beleieve Russell Crowe once threw a telephone in to low-earth orbit a few years back.

Hey Anthony… No Brownie Points for the tip :)

As far as I see it, the German version has not yet been translated, it’s simply the UK version… and for some weird reason, the website’s font has been changed from the TOS registry font to the one used in the DS9 and Voyager credits. Also the German’s expect the movie “soon in cinemas” – probably no reliable release date yet.
BTW: The French website is not linked properly.

“but for some reason no flag links”

yeah! because, there is no german trailer, just a german website

Does the Russian version speaks of Yuri Gagarin, he was the first human in space.

well the one i understand is the spanish trailer and here’s a reasonably accurate translation of it:

30 Seconds and counting,
The astronauts report everything is good
T minus 25 seconds…

God has no intencion of limiting mans efforts to conquer space
because man can go to space–>(this phrase is a bit hard to hear with the music)
he sees its dimensions are unlimited…

man must rise above the earth up to the limits of the atmosphere and beyond, because only then will we truly understand the world in which we live…

then space the final frontier…and cut to the enterprise!

hope that enlightens some of you…ive never heard those quotes before though

The Russian trailer features a couple of quotues from Tsiolkovsky, Plato and Lao Tzu.

Socrates: “The man has to rise to the boundaries of the atmosphere and go beyond them, for only then he will truly understand the world he lives in ”

Lao Tzu: “For the wise man looks into the space, and understand that it’s limitless”

Tsiolkovsky: “The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but , obviously, it can’t stay in the cradle forever”

Pseudo-Nimoy: “Space. The final frontier”

Sorry, not Plato, Socrates he is.

Italian translation is very good!

#7 & #8: There IS a german Trailer (shown at the Munich Movie Week). I just don’t know why they didn’t put it on that website… maybe that’s because it is not linked with a flag yet.

And the GERMAN RELEASEDATE is 12/25/2008 (according to )

“man must rise above the earth up to the limits of the atmosphere and beyond, because only then will we truly understand the world in which we live…”


there is something about political correctal that just makes me want to …….

Star Trek was Made in America, like the last episode of the Sopranos, like the last album by the Blues Brothers. Like the Ted Danson movie with Whoopi the Guinan.

International marketing whores out the purity. Dude, thats not effing racist, innit?



hello m&m.

where can I see this german version have you a link?

to the others:

I’m from Germany too. I love this site. I want to say hello to all the other fans here. I’m following the discussion here since the beginning. Thats help me to practise my english. I know it’s bad but my reading is better.

I hope the release in cinema is worldwide the same day. This would more recognized by the tv news and others like the releases of harry potter or star wars. And so some new people say “oh my god that ist awesome this boom about the film maybe I watch it to to unterstand this boom”. I hope you can unterstand my bad english.

Live long and prosper!

I’m crazy to get home and hear who is voicing for nimoy in this movie here in Spain.

I found recently that his voice in our TOS DVDs is the same voice of Gandalf in Peter Jackson’s LOTR.

Australia did have a fledgling Space Program, we even put our satelite into space decades ago, we were one of the first countries to do so I believe “During the heyday of rocketry research in the 1960s Australia was the fourth nation to launch a satellite, WRESAT, into orbit, and the third from its own soil.” Straight from wikipedia but our Govt gave up on it.

Just watching those trailers I remember someone in the cinema saying, “cool! wonder what that it is!” and a girl said
“Man where have you been living! Thats the new Star Trek movie”
guy “what Star Trek with Captain Picard and the blind dude or Star Trek with the pointy eared dude and the guy from Boston Legal”
Girl “Star Trek with the pointy eared dude, and his is in it”
Boy “Realy! That’d be great man, and the dude who made lost is doing it! It gotta be good.”
Girl “Like yeah,I’m glad the guy from Boston Legal’s not in it, his weird”
Boy “I’ll go see it, but I’m sad the blind dude aint in it. You sure it aint Star Wars”
Girl “No!!”
Boy “Thank god!”
Lady behind them “Shut up!”
Her Husband “Hey honey kids think Star Trek is cool again! Leave them alone!”

So it seems Trek is getting some interest from young guys and gals, even though I am only 25, Trek needs teenagers to survive. And at least Trek seems to have at last started to claw back ground it “lost” to Star Wars, which I still say “borrows” alot from Trek. Ok I have rambled enough.

# 10
Thanks for the attempts at translation. The second and third quotes seem to be the same as the Russian version, but I’ve found the source of the first. It’s from Pope Pius XII, and is generally translated as “God has no intention of setting a limit to the efforts of man to conquer space.”

16. hitch1969©

Star trek Is supposed to be, in part, about all the countries in the world working together as one. Tis is not like G.I. Joe, where the grat american heroes are american french, japanese,etc in greater glory of the USA.

In Star trek Things are done in greater glory of Humanity, so, no Great american heroes for you in Trek, and then again so, miltilingual, multicultural marketing.


Why do some get the quotes and some get the NASA stuff in translation? The Italian one clearly has the NASA clips. Is there any system behind it?

And are you sure that the German trailer has been dubbed yet? Maybe they are still trying to find a new vioce for Nimoy (they guy who did him died a couple of years ago).

16. hitch1969© – January 30, 2008 – Trek and the rest of life, Earth etc, is not all about the mighty US of A. There are other Nations on this planet, there are other space programs as well. And Trek wasa about ALL of humanity not just the US. Theres nothing racist about having voices from Russia’s space program play over the trailer, it links Russia with the Trek Universe and Gene wanted. So in short, the almighty US of A is not the only nation in the world, but then again many American School kids believe WW I started in 1917 and that WWII started in 1941.

USA is an amalgamation of the world, since every race and culture goes there. USA is really the beginning of the Federation when you think about it.

Can’t wait to see the Vulcan trailer.

24. Battletrek – January 30, 2008 – No the UN is the amlagamation of the world. Not the US.


Star Trek is about mankind, courage, the human spirit. These are international values.
America was discovered by an italian explorer, but his effort is recognized as a human achievement.


Holy true))

Wow, they actually renamed him “Jay Jay Abrams” (Dzhey Dzhey, even). I wonder whether he’s okay with it. :D

#16 hitch1969

There is so much wrong with your overall post that you are hereby awarded this month’s ‘politically incorrect’ award! Hopefully the crew of this movie reflects an EARTH crew rather than a purely U.S.A. crew, just as the original TOS did surely, not forgetting a non-Earth Spock…

However, for coming up with ‘Star Trek’ in the first place, gawd bless America indeed. Just remember, without the likes of Scotty, the ‘E’ might not have gotten very far. :)

#18 Cheve

Sir Ian McKellen dubs Spock’s voice on the Spanish TOS dvds? Who’d have known…

And this type of movie could be huge in Asian markets. Me, I’m looking forward to those crazy Japanese, Chinese, Korean trailer quotes…

is it true, that the russian trailer uses quotes from their space mission program? or did they translate the englis quotes from the us-trailer?

it would be cool, if the first was true :-).

# 17: Nice to find other Germans here.
And it’s generally great to see that people from all over the world are so much interested in Trek and looking forward to the new movie!!!

the french one seems to be translated, not?

# 32: noch ein deutscher… ich persönlich finds fantastisch, dass sich die leute von der produktion hier tummeln. so fan-nah waren bisher doch noch keine “star trek-macher”, oder?

@30: I believe he means that the spanish voice of Sir Ian McKellen also dubbed Spock in TOS.

#35 Markus

I actually realised that. ;)

“It’s from Pope Pius XII, and is generally translated as “God has no intention of setting a limit to the efforts of man to conquer space.”

Hmm… I seem to remember this story about a tower that was named after an Oscar winning movie. Forgot where I read it though. Something about a tower so immense that it would have “its top in the heavens.”

Oh yeah, right… it was that book Steve Gutenberg published.

No, that’s not right…

#32 – if he’s the one Heiko I know, then he’s not German, he only lives there. :)

#16, #24 – next time you’ll be telling us that von Braun and Tsiolkovskiy were Americans, Lunokhod was a Dodge and Gagarin came from Iowa. Dream on, Yankees. :o)

Yeah, America above all blabla. Best put a big American flag behind Kirk.

How good that they finally realized what star trek is about : A developed mankind that overcame nationalism and racism. A developed Mankind, not a developed American.
There are at least as many Star Trek Fans outside the USA than inside the USA.
So very intelligent to think of them!!
Thanks to who ever had the idea!
Especially to the Russians they never could have shown a Teaser with Kennedy, almost like pointing a finger at them and laughing “we won, we won”

@Anthony: The 25th is officially confirmed for Germany. The German Association of Film Distributors (Verband der Filmverleiher VdF) lists it on it’s web site for December 25th.

There is a Brazilian version of the teaser, but the voice wasn´t repleaced, they put subtitles. There´re rumours that the premiere in Brazil won´t happening in december. So, I guess, no international release for us, only in 2009. I think will be the same for other latin countries, or maybe, in Europe, Asia, etc.

Jolan Tru.

Star Trek is a product of Hollywood USA. and because of that fact, it will have inherent imprints of Uncle Sam. THe movie will be no different in that regard.

#42 jonboc

No complaints about that, as it is indeed one of America’s finest exports.
I just hope it doesn’t reflect the inward-looking jingoism of post #16…

I expect February 2009 as a premiere date for most minor markets. Which means that instead of visiting a theatre, I’ll be watching the movie from R1 DVD again. :-|
No wonder that audience numbers are declining.

#42, #43 – indeed, if only did they export less “democracy” and more Star Trek, the world would be much nicer place to live. :D

Hi fellow Germans! *waves around* Happy to see you all popping up.

And I’m very hopeful they’ll release the German version in the cinemas on time…they’d be really stupid if not.

#34 Nicht dass ich wüsste, aber es hat mich auch noch bei keiner anderen Produktion interessiert ;)

This was discovered and sent here as a tip by me.
I also sent the tip to, where they even thank me :D
By the way, I’m German as well.

#34 #47
Huhu, ihr alle. Das ist echt der Wahnsinn. So viel Mühe hat sich bis jetzt echt noch kein Produktions-Team gemacht, ob Trek oder nicht.

But even if it’s great to find so many German fans here, let’s talk again in English from now on, after all it’s an international forum :-).

Does anybody know when you can watch the teaser in Germany? With which movie will it be connected?

I guess the German release will be on time, I read in somewhere on a German Trek-page.

This is really nice and has been missing on Trek of late… OK, so I mean missing from Enterprise (which had LOTS of different types of Americans… and a whiny English bloke).

The ‘message’ goes missing when the Enterprise becomes a troop carrier for the US Marine Corp in disguise ;-)

That Russian impage just looks cool, Russian is just a great looking (and sounding) language…