Official Movie Site Opens Forums

The official movie site for Star Trek opened up their forums tonight.

What about forums?
I am glad you asked. TrekMovie obviously has an active community for article talk back, but we have held back on traditional forums. But in February we will be opening a new community section of the site. The first step was taken literally this afternoon by signing on with a new hosting company who will be able to handle the growing traffic for the site (the new provider handles huge sites using the same technology, like, so they can handle us). More info coming soon.

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I am so there!


I’m glad to hear that you’re getting forums for! I’m not a fan of this “comment” format…

Anthony do you know if the new movie and their forum will replace

Sorry to say that, but I simply must… I was the first fan member, even before the cast and crew… still can’t believe it! This is a dream come true… the greatest honor and the happiest moment of my fan life.

Please understand me… I think I’ll burst the next second :D

Sorry I meant the new movie site and their forum will replace

Wow! So impressed nice!


Does that mean we stop posting here??

haha just kidding

So could this mean that some of the chat here can get siphoned off there? Not that I think that will happen. But I do wonder, being it’s the official movie site, would it get exclusives over trekmovie? Like the nice chat that was here last week. Hope not, hope the exciting stuff still happens here too!

Right. Let’s all go over there and tell Shat jokes.

Arrrr… why be I going to Paramount when I can go “arrrrr” here?

Do ya have to enter a code every 4 hours to keep a’blogging there?

First time I say Parrrrrramount and out I be… before I even ask where the mountain is in thar logo…

I can only imagine how much your traffic has been growing over the last few months, Anthony. Those servers will need to be made of forged steel to handle the hits that will be coming throughout ’08. Bring it on!

I won’t be signing up until some of you braver souls come back here to tell us about all the spam you’re suddenly having to delete fom the “in”box. Or not. We’ll see.
That privacy notice is making me cross-eyed.

Thanks for the heads up Anthony!

Hello Anthony. I noticed tonight, for the first time that this site is behaving strangely. Little hiccups I never noticed before. I hope Paramount isn’t trying to bring you down. Jealous of your superiority, no doubt.

Joined! :D

Wait… uh, I need some help. Oi. It’s not letting me log on! I registered, activated the account, clicked remember so I wouldn’t have to enter the name and password every time, and it won’t let me log in anymore. What gives? =(

I can’t click on any threads or forums, either. Weird.

#16… a bit paranoid?

For that, we must come for you.

Nevermind, kinda. I can see the forums and log in now, but can’t post or select an avatar or anything. Maybe it’ll just take a minute to straighten out.

hiccups? maybe you have…

Had tToo much Romularn Ale?

or maybe a virus from Psi 2000?

or maybe nanites have infected your computer from the internet?

I joined as well, and can’t log on. When I click threads, it says that i need to register.

gee, I guess I have had too much Romulan Ale myself…

sorry for all those da**ed typos… it should have read as follows….

hiccups? maybe you have…

Had too much Romulan Ale?

or maybe a virus from Psi 2000?

or maybe nanites have infected your computer from the internet (which means it’s Wesley Crusher’s fault)?

I am such a TREK geek!

Will everyone go there, and abandoned here? :(

I went ahead and registered so I could get The Vulcanista as a user name.

The one, the only, ME! Accept no substitutes!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Naw, 25, I’m pretty sure we’ll all be sticking around here. It’s too groovy a site to ditch just like that. ;) No, this site’ll still be big. (Especially for news- most likely the majority of news stories posted on the new forums will be linked back here. LOL)


Absolutely NOT!!!

These folk here at have worked *far* too hard for far too long to be abandoned now.

Besides, I think we have a very *interesting* crew of bloggers here! :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

#25 – No way! This is the place to be. In Feb, when Anthony opens the forums here, everyone will leave there to come here!

Crusher! I knew it. Couldn’t be that I’m paranoid. Could it? No. Maybe. Well? Nah. Seriously tho, I hate junk email.

And if the execs and sharks at Paramount in charge of Trek have any sense at all, they’ll leave the hell alone!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Can we keep posting here??

I can’t seem to be able to log on or view posts. =(

WTF? Is it just me?


Live Long and Prosper

‘Kay, now I’m getting frustrated. When will I be allowed to post?

It won’t even let me view the FAQ (?)

Awesome!!! Thanks Anthony.
How many hits do you get on this site a day?

Oh well, I like it here better anyway.

Anthony: Are you going to start your own forums?


SWEET! Looking forward to it! =D

Calling Mr. Ballz! I said I’m looking for Harry Ballz! Paramount will probably ban a few of us just because we have questionable pseudonyms. Good call Vulcanista. You need to need to hang on to that name and we need to hang onto Harry Ballz! Wouldn’t be the same without ’em. Er, him I mean. Ampris, every time I read your name I get dyslexic and say “armpits”. No offense:) Nah, this place is our animal house. I’m stayin’. Richpit! Just noticed yours too. Love it.

just checked out the forum section at the official site and i am not a fan of that type of forum layout. here at trekmovie it is so easy and user friendly, it is what drew me here and what will keep me here.

Thanks Anthony


Be warned. LOL ;-)


I don’t have *time* to read ‘n’ post anywhere but here! It’s the Super Wal-Mart of Trek, and I mean that in the *very* best way!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Me either!

Finally was allowed to log in, but now it says that all are closed to posting.
I’d rather be here anyway. I doubt seriously that the “official” site will give much away. There is an item in the rules about posting Spoiler Warnings.

Re #47: Aw, man. I just sent them a message asking if there was a problem for nothing. Oops? Oh well. I’ll just wait, then. Maybe we’ll be allowed to post by tomorrow morning.

(And 42, no worries. I get that a lot, actually, LOL. :p )

You’ll find me using the above screen name (if I ever actually post!) :P