Trek Celeb Stalker: Captains A’Plenty

NEW FEATURE: presents a new regular column where we stalk your favorite Star Trek celebrities and inform you on what they are up to. This week we have Shatner giving the smackdown, Patrick Stewart getting (yet another) award, Kate Mulgrew opining on the superiority of Voyager, Scott Bakula getting work, and much more!

A whole lotta Shat!
Who better to start off our Trek celebrity column than William Shatner? Captain Kirk (Classic) was among the stars attending the 13th Annual Los Angeles Art Show this week. The Insider talked to The Shat (along with Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton) on the death of actor Heath Ledger. You can see that video at The Insider Online. However, Veronica Belmont of the Mahalo Daily wasn’t so lucky. She twice attempted to interview the Shat-man at the art show and failed both times. It seems the Shat was more interested in schmoozing the ladies (shocking)…check out Belmont stalking the Shat.

Interview: De-nied!

And we have even more Shatnerific news for you! Shatner’s TekWar series (based on his novels) will be available on DVD on June 10th, according to TV Shows on DVD. In addition, the Shat has a series of interviews at VideoJug. In one such interview, the actor/author discussed his Star Trek books (a transcript is available at SciFi Pulse).

Takei: accept it…you’re dead, Bill
But wait, the Shatner news doesn’t end there! Shatner’s Trek co-star George Takei (he who played Sulu) explained to Starburst Magazine why Shatner will not be in the new Star Trek film:

Kirk’s death was visibly seen on film. Science fiction is wonderful, but to be credible, there has to be some verities. With Spock, he’s got a lot of special Science fiction things. We did one movie, The Wrath of Khan — where Spock dies — but we followed it up with a movie titled The Search for Spock. You can’t finish a movie like that saying “Well, we didn’t find him!” So Spock is a very special character, Kirk is a humanoid and Bill Shatner has to accept that.

For the full interview, pick up the latest issue of Starburst Magazine.

Speaking of Takei, the actor was a guest at the 2008 FX International convention in Orlando, Florida over the weekend. Star Trek director J.J. Abrams‘ best buddy, Heroes star Greg Grunberg, also showed up. Too bad he won’t be showing up in the new movie…

Nichelle Nichols hearts Quinto (and Saldana)
In the latest issue of SFX Magazine, Nichelle Nichols speaks enthusiastically about Star Trek‘s director, J.J. Abrams, and actors Zoe Saldana (who has taken over Nichols’ role of Uhura) and Zachary Quinto (who plays Spock). On Quinto she said:

I saw Zachary in one of the episodes and I said, ‘Oh my God, what an actor’. And then when I met him in person, I said, ‘This is the young Spock!’, so they did a brilliant job in casting him

(Full transcript at SciFi Pulse. )

Everybody Loves Patrick
Moving on to The Next Generation, Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) won the prize for Best Shakespearean Performance from the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards for his performance in Rupert Goold’s production of MacBeth. Stewart actually shared the award with actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (who won for Othello) — the first time the prize has been shared between two actors…or so says Stewart is also the subject of a recent article in The New York Times, which TrekMovie highly recommends you read.

What the hell do you mean I have to share it?!

Spiner’s spoof
The trailer for Brent Spiner‘s new film, Superhero Movie is now online. In this spoof of superhero films like Spider-Man, Spiner plays a scientist responsible for producing “genetically-enhanced super dragonflies.” You can view the trailer at Movieweb.

Life forms… tiny little life forms… precious little life forms…

You don’t have take my word for it…
LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) was the keynote speaker at the 26th Annual Black History Month Kickoff Brunch held at the University of New Mexico on January 26th; see UNM’s site for more details. According to EURweb, Burton will next participate in the Pan African Film & Arts Festival’s celebrity read-in at the annual Children Fest in LA on February 9th and 10th.

Janeway or the highway
Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) discussed Voyager with Star Trek Magazine. In addition to discussing her role of Janeway, she told the magazine that Voyager was one of the most popular Treks.

Voyager is a lot like Next Gen. We were the two most successful ones. Two captains in peril at every turn. We were lost in space on a ship, trying to find our way home, it was a wonderful way to capture the imagination. It had all the key elements of drama.

Of course, we think Mulgrew might be a bit biased… Pick up the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine for the full interview.

Mulgrew was present at the opening performance of the Broadway revival of Come Back, Little Sheba on January 24th, according to Playbill. Recurring TNG performer Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) and Star Trek: Insurrection star Donna Murphy (Anij) were also present at the event.

Confessions of a Holodoc
In an interview with SFX Magazine, Robert Picardo says he is “perfectly pleased” to let go of his Voyager role as The Doctor, but admits it would be “fun” to return to Trek one day in another role. Asked where he thinks the Doctor would be right now, Picardo replied:

I used to joke that the Doctor and Neelix would open a gay bar in the Delta Quadrant, or that the Doctor and Seven of Nine would open a strip bar in the Beta Quadrant – we had just a million different answers because we got asked this all the time when the show was going off the air. I think if I take the question seriously the Doctor would have been perfectly delighted to be a lecturer at the Academy on medicine or medical ethics, and possibly even the study of holograms.

See the latest issue of SFX Magazine for more.

Bakula in the Dark….and in Boston
When not time-traveling, battling Klingons, feeding cheese to his dog, watching waterpolo, or threatening to knock hot Vulcan women on their asses, Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) loves to dance. He loves it so much that he will be starring in a new stage musical called Dancing in the Dark, based on the 1953 film The Band Wagon. Bakula will portray the character of Tony Hunter in the musical, which premieres at the Old Globe in San Diego on March 4th. See for more details.

[UPDATED]Speaking of Bakula, be sure to tune into ABC at 10pm EST on February 12th when the captain of the Enterprise NX-01 boards the show starring the Enterprise NCC-1701. Bakula will be guest starring on an episode of Boston Legal, but it appears he will not have a fateful scene with William Shatner. The episode, entitled “Glow in the Dark,” will also reunite Bakula with his Murphy Brown co-star, Candice Bergen. In the episode, Bakula plays a former lover of Shirley Schmidt (Bergen) who comes back into her life, complicating the relationship she’s currently in with Carl Sack (played by Star Trek III‘s John Larroquette. Should be fun! See the show’s official site for more.

Bakula plays the piano for Candice Bergen

Welcome Back, Braga
Veteran Star Trek writer and producer Brannon Braga will be teaching a three-day television screenwriting course at his alma mater, Kent Statue University, beginning on February 4th. Oh, and in case you didn’t know it, Braga is currently a producer and writer on the Fox series 24. Surprise! Anyway, information on the course can be found at Kent State’s web site.


  • Rosalind Chao (Keiko O’Brien) is starring in a production of Neil LaBute’s play Some Girl(s). The play is currently in previews and runs from February 6th through March 9th at the Audrey Skirball Theater. See Playbill for more details.
  • The Post-Tribune has a story on David L. Ross, who played Lieutenants Johnson and Galloway on TOS. You can read the article here.
  • Yesterday Was a Lie, a film starring and produced by DS9’s Chase Masterson (Leeta), has been getting a lot of buzz according to Hollywood Today.
  • Review Journal has a story on TOS guest actor Lawrence Montaigne (Decius in “Balance of Terror;” Stonn in “Amok Time”), who shared some of his memories of working on the original series. You can read it here.
  • Veteran Star Trek costume designer Robert Fletcher will receive the 2008 TDF/Irene Sharaff Lifetime Achievement Award at a ceremony in New York city on March 28th, according to Broadway World Baltimore.
  • DS9 guest star Gabrielle Union, Star Trek: First Contact‘s Alfre Woodard, and the new Uhura, Zoe Saldana, were among those listed on AfterEllen’s 11 black actresses to know and love.
  • JJ Abrams and his Star Trek star Zachary Quinto made the top 20 of USA Today’s Top 100 people of 2007…both ahead of such notables as Stephen Colbert and Bruce Springsteen.

I am bigger than The Boss!

No celebrities were harmed, terrorized, chased, violated, or sped off the side of a road in the making of this report.

If you spot a Trek Celebrity anywhere in life (or on the web), let us know by clicking our tipline on the right column

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Kate says “We were lost in space”
sorry, wrong show!

This could be interesting.

Oh My… here comes the old, tiresome “my Trek’s better than yours” arguments.

The Shat took the time to pull himself away from adoring his own reflection in the mirror to take in an art show? Wow!! :)

please give us feedback on this column.

Plus what is going on is that ‘this week in trek’ has been exploded. We will now do a series of regular columns…each by a different author. spread around the week

regular columns (some weekly, others bi-weekly or monthly) we are considering…
– Celeb Stalker
– Science Friday (pure science)
– SciFi Saturday (scifi news that isnt Trek)
– Comics
– Collectibles (incl toys, stuff)
– Books
– Fan Productions/Films
– FanWatch (clubs, events, etc)

any suggestions for more regular columns…please let us know

Bottom line is is much more than just about the new star trek movie…it is about everything new in trek!

Veronica Belmont likes nude pictures of women. So we have that in common.

Bring Back Thatcher!

Veronica Belmont seems very nice. The Shat could have been more gracious. Small moments like these are enough to ruin someone’s psyche for the rest of their lives. Good thing she’s self confident enough to move on. I pity the Shat for not making her day.

I like this column. I used to go to the official for this kind of news. Nice to know you’re adding this feature as well.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

And Kate Mulgrew needs to quit smokin’ that Vulcan trip-weed.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Bakula joins William Shatner,,,,


they dont share any parts together,,

take a look at the past vids and find Mr Bakula talking about it

watch the first 30 secs of it,,and you;ll see how cheesed off he was that Shatner vision wanted to talk to him.

Look up
“Scott Bakula Speaks About The Writer’s Strike and Boston Legal”
on Shatners site,,its easy to find

I wish they did have a part together,,it would of been fun to watch

I used to enjoy Vulcan trip-weed…..until that fateful night when I climbed a tree in my backyard and attempted to build a nest! :)

So Mulgrew thinks that Voyager was one of the two best ones huh….. I think The Original Series and Deep Space Nine would disagree, as would I.

You should change the name of the website to something that shows that the site ecompasses a great deal more than just the Trek movie. Pretty sure you’re not going to get the name from CBS… but something along those lines.

Didn’t you register other domains in case you wanted/ had to change the name?

I’m curious to see how much things such as article navigation and forums will change once the site is moved to the new server. I’m envisioning something a lot bigger.

When the forums are up and running… you’re definately gonna need mods.

Oh! The task at hand… yeah, this could easily be added to this week in Trek.

Gees Veronica Belmont reporting in that clip is a laugh!

what a great sence of humor that girl has,,

Well Done !



I thought the bit when she goes into full-blown psycho-fangirl mode was fun-nee!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

If you need a comic reviewer, I get all of the IDW Star Trek books Anthony. I work at a comic shop, I organize a comic convention every year, and I really like comics.

You know, just in case you’re considering.

I don’t usually read much celeb news, but this wasn’t too bad!

And, I know this is a bit off topic, but do we have a schedule for Star Trek the Tour? I want to know when it will be in Phoenix.

[Ok 3, you asked for it—]
Each of the Trek series have both their charms & their distractions.

TOS was struggling to create a consistent universe. Hard to use it as canon, because it so often contradicted itself. Just take the best of canon from it and run with it; the movies pretty much did that.
TNG started out as pompous and overblown but oddly enough, found its way once Roddenberry was no longer an active participant. Oh, and ST 6 would have been a much better movie if The Bird hadn’t overruled Bennet’s wish to have Saavik be Spock’s betrayer. A bird to the Bird in this instance.
DS9 wasn’t really Trek at the beginning, it was far too claustrophobic early on. Once it loosened up the parameters a bit, it became some of the best of the Treks. And again, oddly it improved once the head of the Franchise backed off day-to-day involvement.
Voyager was the beginning of the end for Berman & Co. A quirky mix of Gilligan’s Island meets Lost in Space, it was a real mess until they were put back in touch with the Alpha Quadrant. Too many false starts [a hinted pairing of Torres & Chakotay, then Torres & Paris’ bonding, Kes’ whole storyline, the near elimination of Chakotay’s mystic storylines & heritage] kept everyone off-balance in a bad way. Many slam the appearance of 7 of 9 for the T & A factor- watch TOS’ blatant sexism and get over it. I always thought Jennifer Lien was sexier than Jeri Ryan in a down home sort of way.
Enterprise started slowly; the power-that-were simply ran out of fresh ideas. Until Manny Coto came on board and began to make some real links between Ent & TOS, it floundered, almost directionless.

Top to bottom in order of my point of view, invalid to anyone but myself…
1. TOS ——- 10.0— nothing else exists without this and the movies corrected many of the series’ flaws.
2. DS9 —— 9.5 out of 10 — dealt with consistent characterization best of any
3.TNG —–The best insofar as establishing continuing canon ——-9.0
4. Enterprise, on the strength of season 4 ——8.5
5. Lost in the Delta Quadrant. —- 7.5


Spiner is doing a super bug movie…
Bakula is licking at the heels of a former co-star…
Takei is confirming the death of a fictional character…
Mulgrew is trying to promote a show that ended years ago…

Meanwhile Patrick Stewart is winning a award for his potrayal of MacBeth.


Is this a dagger I see before me?

I suppose ya can say that anyone ever involved in Trek is a’part o’ the family. Just don’t let dear Katie give ya directions.

(and I kid poor Scott thar… who else leaped from one successful sci-fi show into Trek?)

Man, the Voyager actors just can’t go without taking a dig at DS9, can they? Sorry Kate, but VOY was no TNG.

I like how Picardo would be “perfectly pleased” while his character would be “perfectly delighted.” It’s these subtle distinctions that really highlight the actor’s craft :)

(And I kid because I love. While I can’t bear Voyager, I really like/admire Picardo).

Ms. Mulgrew
I knew Star Trek The Next Generation, I worked with Star Trek The Next Generation….Star Trek The Next Generation was a friend of mine

…your show, maam, was no Star Trek The Next Generation

Chuck and Anthony…great new feature….keep stalking those Trekbeens

Patrick Stewart is a gifted actor returning to his roots…

William Shatner is a pompous gasbag who wants in for one more paycheque……disgusting!

Let’s start fresh with new faces……not old wrinkled fat ones who should recognize that their day has passed!

And, no, Nimoy doesn’t count….because he had the style and grace to stay out of it until asked….sheesh! Talk about class versus crass!

Why is common sense NOT so common???

Exactly, Thank You!

Great Colume Anthony. I would love this every week.
I stand tall in saying that Voyager kicked ass, screw you guyz I’m goin home!
Did Picardo just step out of the closet?

It’s a fine column, Anthony. Your hard work is appreciated. Thank you.

But man, what is Kate Mulgrew smoking? Voyager was dreadful most of the time, and tepid at best. It has the dramatic punch of kelp, and enough techno babble to make your ears bleed.

Veronica Belmont – very agreeable, very endearing. The end of that tape was particularly funny. I don’t know art either, but I know Veronica is a babe in my book.

#23 Harry Ballz

I’m always amazed at the hate people have for Shatner these days.

In the 60s, he was a well-respected actor. His acting in Star Trek was passionate and inspiring. Nowadays people mock the way he acted for being over-the-top and campy, but if you look at the way others acted back then, his acting isn’t extreme at all. Nimoy and Kelley both had their share of over-the-top moments. Think of Spock yelling “The pain… the chamber of the ages… the alter of tomorrow!!!” Or Kelley shouting “Murderers!!! Assassins!!!”

And yet over the years, Shatner has been mocked for his role as Kirk. So what does he do? Well, he could sit back and take it, and slip into oblivion and many actors do. Or, he could get all defensive and pouty, which would make him seem like an ass. Or he could join in and mock himself. And so that’s what he has done – with a great sense of humour, he has joined in, and he’s extended his career because of it! It’s easy to hold back criticism of Nimoy when Nimoy doesn’t do anything – he has drifted away. It’s also easy to praise Stewart when he had 7 years and something like 170 episodes to refine his character. Try comparing his first 3 years to Shatner’s Kirk, and Stewart doesn’t come off nearly as well. Remember how he was so uncomfortable around children? He was very stiff those first three years.

Anyway, for those that still have a hate on for Shatner, he has written and performed a song for you – it’s called Has Been. Listen to it if you dare.

Takei demonstrating his sci-fi knowledge once again:

“So Spock is a very special character, Kirk is a humanoid and Bill Shatner has to accept that.”

Uh, no, George. Spock and Kirk are both humanoid. Kirk also happens to be human, while Spock is half human and half Vulcan. But they’re both humanoid, as are the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Andorians.


Well I enjoyed this a lot, though can’t see the video (will do that later) so more please!

Though more of Picardo and less Mulgrew I think? :-)

I couldn’t put it better than #26 Jacob…

Oh, and nice to see the Operative from Serenity with a beard and lots of hair – is it me or should someone tell Patrick Stewart that he doesn’t suit that ‘tache…?

Awesome article… Now I can feel even nerdier when i go to my job at the Geek Squad. It strikes me as odd that Kate Mulgrew thinks that much of Voyager. Glad to see the ole lass is still kicking.

Have they ever really addressed homosexuality in Star Trek. To my knowledge they haven’t unless they did it at some point in Enterprise *which i haven’t yet watched all of*
Also, I think it would be cool if there were recommendations on star trek books. I haven’t really stepped into that realm, but maybe reviews on things trek. IDK basically i’m being selfish and I want that resource on this site.

also, can we have a related party/convention.

#33 —

I’m pretty sure all we ever got was the TNG episode The Outcast, the DS9 Jadzia/Lenara kiss, and the whole mirror!Ezri thing. It kind of bugs me too, just because it makes ST society look almost less progressive than our modern society.

I think it would be cool to have star trek book recs/reviews as well…I’ve seen them a few times on this site but not regularly. I wouldn’t mind doing it, except that my ST novel knowledge is rather scattered.

Randomly: the Data lifeforms song caption in this article is hilarious.

Oh, also, didn’t see this on the celeb news:

Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun & Liquidator Brunt [DS9]; Shran [Ent]) is in a new movie that’s *actually getting a theatrical release* (fellow Jeffrey Combs fans, take note!) and the trailer recently went online (be warned, it’s a horror movie, so there are some graphic scenes in the trailer):

Harry Ballz… you said “paycheque.” Are you Canadian like The Shat? Do you say “sab-oh-tahz” like The Shat instead of “sab-oh-tahge”? What about “proh-cess” instead of “prah-cess”? Harry, you’re scaring me!

– Kirk is a humanoid and Bill Shatner has to accept that. –

Oh my, George, I hope one day you’ll get over your Shat envy and find your own humanoid marrow. :)

The use of the term ‘stalker’ really isn’t humorous any longer.

I’d strongly encourage the use of “Celeb Tracker”…. or to turn a pun, “Celeb Trakker” to mimic Trekker…
“Trekker Celeb Trakker” might even work.

But whatever you do, the “joke” about stalking them, leaves a bad taste.

I don’t know… maybe make this a biweekly thing. That way you can make sure that only the good tidbits worth reading are thrown in here. Just a suggestion.

If Braga is a producer and writer on 24, doesn’t that make Manny Coto his boss? Interesting.

#37, Canadians say ‘sab-oh-tahge’, considering it’s pronounced phonetically French, and that’s one half of our official languages. I have no idea who says ‘sab-oh-tahz’. It’s kind of the old ‘garah-dge’ vs. ‘gar-odge’ debate. :)

Feedback: Limit Takei, Nichols, and Koenig imformation to once every two (2) months.

No more interviews by the ditz girl above. And the whole “Celebrity Stalker” thing should be abandoned.

And how about just erecting a statue to Abrams instead of covering every breath he takes?

The other stuff is fine.

Braga is on 24? Are you sure? That’s the first thing I hear. I’m cool with the idea of having him as a writer, because he is a damn good writer. Just don’t give him any creative power. As in, you know, “producer”. That’s when things start to go downhill…

Oh, and good to see the Shat rejecting that Bambi out-take and that Mr.-If-only-I-had-two-brain-cells-to-rub-together-Thatcher, and to marvel at the objects of art instead.

I can’t believe Shatner turned down an interview, then again he has done 7,000 interviews this month alone!

“Chiwetel Ejiofor (who won for Othello)”

He was great in Serenity. This guy has chops.

7 of 5 – some of what you say I agree with, some I don’t, but you forgot to mention the real downfall of Voyager – using technobabble to solve plot points.

I love this site and its many features and scoops. But I do hope you change the name of this feature. “Stalker” carries very negative connotations for anyone who has experienced a true stalking. Why not Celeb Tracker/Report/Reconnaissance/etc.? (I know someone will complain that it is politically correct to avoid using stalker. I agree – it is the politic thing to do. And being polite doesn’t hurt anyone in this case.)

31# Patrick Stewart’s tache is for the part rather than a fashion choice, fortunately. : )

Wait, was that a Takei quote or a Schwarzenegger quote?

“He’s got a lot of special science fiction things, and other things of such nature. Vote McCain!”

I love TOS, but voyager is my favourite. Newer show, newer ship and technology. a female captain played brilliantly by Kate mulgrew who also was in a way like a mother figure that was determined to stay true to herself and the get the crew home!