January 2008

Shatner and Trek Celebs Lining Up for Star Trek Tour + Return of Wesley Crusher [UPDATE: and Tuvok]

Star Trek The Tour (the 50,000 square foot traveling exhibit of Star Trek sets, costumes, props, motion rides, etc) kicks off next Friday in Long Beach, CA. William Shatner is the official ambassador for the event and has already started his publicity tour. In addition a number of Trek celebs are already lined up for signings. Plus Wil Wheaton reveals that the tour will feature the return of Wesley Crusher.

Urban Talks Trek Characters and Production Design

TV Guide has put up an extended version of their interview with Karl Urban about his upcoming roles in the CBS mini-series Comanche Moon as well as the new Star Trek movie. Urban repeated to TV Guide that he was a fan of Star Trek who actively persued the the role of McCoy and he feels that the characters are faithful and the designs are like ‘high definition’ versions of the original (more below…no spoilers).

Takei On Trek’s Diversity

In a new interview with Metro Weekly George Takei (TOS: Sulu) talks in depth about the diversity in Star Trek. Takei said that he he was proud to be part of the production with the first interracial kiss calling it “a real breakthrough.” But Takei also defended the series for not having a gay character saying that it would have pushed the envelope too far. Also in an unrelated bit, Takei revealed a bit about what we may see with John Cho’s Sulu in the new Star Trek.

Karl Urban Was Ready For Star Trek

Apparently playing Dr. McCoy in Star Trek isn’t just another high profile acting job for Karl Urban. In a new interview with IGN TV promoting his role in the CBS mini-series Comanche Moon, the actor also talked Trek. Urban said that he actively pursued the role and he didn’t need to review the old shows since he has been watching Star Trek since he was a kid. .

Star Trek Trailer Online Jan 21st

Next Friday January 18th the teaser trailer for the new Star Trek hits screens across the country in front of Cloverfield. And if you aren’t headed to a theater, then according to Paramount you will have to wait until Monday the 21st to see it online. The trailer will be available at all the usual locations for trailers and at a Paramount promotional site.

Set Designer Talks About New Enterprise

Since production on the new Star Trek film began, there have been several reports as to what the interior and exterior of the newly-designed USS Enterprise will look like. Now, comes more clues from someone who actually worked on the sets. Dawn Brown, one of the film’s set designers, tells SyFy Portal that fans should come to the movie prepared for a new look and hopes they will have an open mind. More below (some minor spoilers)

Paramount Sticking With HD DVD – Star Trek Seasons 2 & 3 Still On Track for 2008

Last week when Warner Brothers switched to Blu Ray in the HD format war there were some questions about whether or not CBS and Paramount would stick with their agreement to go HD DVD exclusive. Earlier today a report from the Financial Times indicated that Paramount was considering dropping support for HD DVD, but a subsequent report with Bloomberg states that Paramount has denied the FT report.

AICN Has More Trek Rumors – Orci Responds

This morning Aint It Cool News posted an article containing what they claim is a review of the script for Star Trek as well as a description of some of the footage from the film. The script review part seems mostly negative, but the footage review seems mostly positive and apparently they are from different sources. However, Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci questions whether they have actually seen the script. More below (spoilers)

Nimoy Talks Spocks [UPDATE: and Shatner]

CBS 2 in Los Angeles has put up more video from their interview with Leonard Nimoy, with this one focusing more on Star Trek. Although he acknowledges that he helped shape the character of Spock (and therefore all future Vulcans), the actor gives most of the credit to Gene Roddenberry. Nimoy also revealed that the original plan for Spock was to use red make-up, but it didn’t work well on black and white TVs which were still prevalent in 1966. Nimoy also spoke about coming back for the new Star Trek, revealing a small spoiler.

Jennifer Garner Wants To Be A Klingon

Although rumors of her being a love interest for Spock in the new Star Trek appear to have been wrong, Jennifer Garner still seems to want in to the new movie. After starring on JJ Abrams Alias the actress seems to have become quite the fan telling MTV “he rocks; I would do anything for him.” Apparently Garner is a bit of a Trekkie and the actress tells MTV that she would even do a non-speaking cameo.

Nimoy Talks New Photography Exhibit

This weekend an exhibit of Leonard Nimoy’s “Full Body Project” begins at a gallery in Los Angeles. Mr. Nimoy gave an interview to the local CBS affiliate where he talks about the show and his photography. You can see the interview at CBS2.com. Part 2 of the interview (where Mr. Nimoy will talk about the new Star Trek movie) airs tomorrow on CBS 2 in LA during the 5 PM news. Nimoy will appear at a gallery reception on Saturday. (More info below)

Tyler Perry Confirmed In Trek

Not that we needed it, but the Hollywood Reporter has confirmed earlier reports that actor-producer-writer-director Tyler Perry will appear in the new Star Trek film as the head of Starfleet Academy. THR had no other details except to repeat their usual summary of “the film chronicles the early days of the Starship Enterprise crew.”

See (and Hear) Karl Urban Talk Texan

On January 13th Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy in the new Star Trek) will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor Golden Boot-winner DeForest Kelley by appearing in a western, the CBS mini-series Comanche Moon. If you were wondering if the New Zealand-born actor could do a southern drawl, then check out clips of him playing Texas Ranger Woodrow Call at the Official Site. [Click “VIDEO” and select clips 5 & 8].

Cloverfield TV Spots

In just 17 days the JJ Abrams-produced monster movie Cloverfield (along with the teaser for some Star Trek movie) hits the big screen. The buzz on the film is heading to fever pitch and Paramount has released a whole mess of TV spots for the movie (7 in total).Check them out below.