Minimates Go Mirror + New Lines Coming From Diamond Select

Ever since Star Trek Enterprise brought back the Mirror Universe with the popular “In a Mirror, Darkly” in 2005 the alternative place with the beards has been all the rage. Pocket Books has released a couple Mirror Universe books with more on the way and IDW recently announced a Mirror comic, and now Diamond Select is headed to the other side.

Today DST announced today that their popular Star Trek Minimates line continues this summer with a set based on the episode “Mirror Mirror.” The new set from DST will be the first time they have offered a boxed set of Trek Minimates. The set will include Mirror Universe versions of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Sulu, Uhura, and Marlena Moreau.

Mirror Minimates

Two new lines coming from Diamond
DST also mentioned today that “To date we have released Star Trek toys from six Star Trek series or films. After next month’s American International Toy Fair, expect that number to jump to eight!” Although some might think DST is hinting at the new Star Trek feature film, recently reported that the new movie toys will be done by Playmates. So far, DST have released toys from three films (The Wrath of Khan, First Contact and Nemesis) as well as three series (TOS, TNG, and DS9). For you nitpickers, remember the 2002 Enterprise line of toys was available from Art Asylum, not DST. This means that we could guess the line will soon include Enterprise or Voyager figures or versions of characters from films other than TWOK, FC, or Nemesis. If The Voyage Home is one of the films, this will be the first ever action figures from the feature film. will report more as it is available from DST.

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