Minimates Go Mirror + New Lines Coming From Diamond Select

Ever since Star Trek Enterprise brought back the Mirror Universe with the popular “In a Mirror, Darkly” in 2005 the alternative place with the beards has been all the rage. Pocket Books has released a couple Mirror Universe books with more on the way and IDW recently announced a Mirror comic, and now Diamond Select is headed to the other side.

Today DST announced today that their popular Star Trek Minimates line continues this summer with a set based on the episode “Mirror Mirror.” The new set from DST will be the first time they have offered a boxed set of Trek Minimates. The set will include Mirror Universe versions of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Sulu, Uhura, and Marlena Moreau.

Mirror Minimates

Two new lines coming from Diamond
DST also mentioned today that “To date we have released Star Trek toys from six Star Trek series or films. After next month’s American International Toy Fair, expect that number to jump to eight!” Although some might think DST is hinting at the new Star Trek feature film, recently reported that the new movie toys will be done by Playmates. So far, DST have released toys from three films (The Wrath of Khan, First Contact and Nemesis) as well as three series (TOS, TNG, and DS9). For you nitpickers, remember the 2002 Enterprise line of toys was available from Art Asylum, not DST. This means that we could guess the line will soon include Enterprise or Voyager figures or versions of characters from films other than TWOK, FC, or Nemesis. If The Voyage Home is one of the films, this will be the first ever action figures from the feature film. will report more as it is available from DST.

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Those are so funny! Check out the evil Spock!

They have already done Enterprise figures, so I don’t think it will be that. I assume we are either looking at Voyager figures or maybe animated style figures.


First – I like toys!

I like toys 4th and beyond, too…

Voyage Home toys would be wild – maybe they’ll come with whales!


…that these “Mini-mates” things are as ugly as sin??? Just never understood the appeal.

Oh, and I would do naughty things to that Marlena – they certainly accentuated her figure…


Aside from a white-robed hippie Spock (which I admit I’d love to own), the other characters would look pretty boring, since they’re running around in their 23rd century civilian duds.

I’d much rather own some Diamond Select versions of THE MOTION PICTURE, simply ’cause that era seems to get the least amount of love. Think of the possibilities… SUPER-hippie Spock, Chekov with glowing, burnt wrist, Ilia with battery-powered sensor in her neck, bearded McCoy, first Decker figure since 1979… and Captain Kirk with adjustible hair.

For crying out loud, it’s just a small piece of plastic :))

Did Marlena Moreau have at all a real-universe of counterpart?

In addition I never really belive how the mirror universe was particularly plausible.


10.Yeah.She was the saucey clipboard babe at the end of the episode.

Mini Mates aren’t for me either. They’re kind of….well…..not fun. I have always sort of wondered what you were to do with them, actually. Do they have Mini Mates playsets? They aren’t really display worthy. I am biased, so I might not have the right tack on how one “enjoys” their Mini Mates toys. I like my props and ships and haven’t really gotten into “action figures” so gimme some of those.

And I still say that I can play with my DST AA ships. Just don’t swing them around your head on a string or throw them at the wall. I hear lots of complaints about how delicate they are but I must have gotten the prototype super-strong ones.

Still keeping fingers crossed that the Playmates ships are as quality as the DST AA ones or that MR doesn’t price the ships for doctors and lawyers only.

#10 – …haven’t you watched “Mirror, Mirror?” Marlena was at the end of the episode in our universe.

It’s funny how people love the old-school Mirror universe…the whole “fallen Terran empire” thing in DS9 was pretty boring and lame. The old MU was a lot more fun, because it was just populated by evil versions of whoever was good in the regular universe. DS9’s MU was just…ugh, boring. See, that’s what happens when you over-complicate things and rethink something in your own vision instead of the original vision…

And come on, you’ve gotta admit, the Terran Empire is pretty darn cool!!

I would have sworn that Spock’s prediction of the fall of the Terran Empire *was* the original vision. Maybe I dreamed it . . . .

10 & 11 —
Of course, there’s a “real” Marlena (not to mention a real Barbara Luna.) What’s even more fun is that it’s THAT clipboard scene that they used at the end of DS9’s “Trials and Tribble-ations.” Only Kirk winds up “making bedroom eyes” at Sisko! Too funny.

I never liked the mini-mates, they always seem to be the most “fisher price” of all the AA Trek stuff. Can’t say they tug my chain much. At least weebles wobbled…but they never fell down!


A Mini-mates humpback whale. Now there’s a concept piece!

Im still waiting for Andrea and Ruk figures from “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” Andrea says, “I will kiss you.” Kirk replies, “okayyyy!”

I’d like a nice Kruge, or maybe his whiney beeyotch–Maltz.

#14–I was about to post that, but you beat me to it. Good thing I read the rest of the comments first!

I think it will be Voyager figures or Star Trek: The Motion Picture figures.

I agree with SBP. A Diamond Select TMP line would be GREAT!

Would love: Hippie Spock. Kirk in Admiral gray. McCoy with beard. Ilia. Scotty in Engineering uniform. Klingon commander. TMP Klingon Cruiser…

Main reason I got the TWOK Enterprise is cause it’s the same as in TMP.

Diamond would score with figues based on the animated series. Like DC Direct, it is not uncommon to have fiigures based on the work of specific artists (in this case, the Filmation artists), while continuing to produce standard lines.

Does Spock have a migraine or something? What’s with the squint?

LOL! Those are some *fugly* toys!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Undiscovered Country would be cool (for me because I love that film) but unlikely as they have all been done in those uniforms for TWOK line.

I would think TMP and TVH are likely.

PLEASE not rubbish Voyager UUUuuuRRRrrrGGGgggHHHhhh!

#11 & 13

I have seen Mirror, Mirror, of course. I remember now about the ending where she shows the clipboard… but she has never been a character in other episodes in ours real-universe, is correctly?



Yeah! You would think someone out there would have released some TAS action figures!

All we ever got were those McDonalds Dr. Pepper glasses. LOL!

Rittenhouse released a really awesome TAS trading card collection in 2003, but what we really want are TAS TOYS!!

I hope they come out with a Mirror McCoy, Chekov, and Scotty too.

Yeah, TAS figures would be great. Would also like some TMP crewmembers as well, then we would have the TOS crew in every uniform. That would be great.

TMP figures came out with the Playmates line years back, but I always wanted more characters. Yes, the McCoy with beard, Hippie Spock and such are good ideas, but I have always wanted the Spock/Kirk spacesuit pair. Something about how the oversized helmets looked…very cool.

A Decker figure, the away team at the end (Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Decker with those Tan jackets (What color would they put on Spock’s and McCoy’s sleeve?)

And I second the need for TMP Klingon Cruiser with ultra detail…

The Kirk Minimate looks like Chris Pine.

Action figures are cool, but minimates. . . C’mon no since splitting hairs on geekiness. I love the hairstyles and expressions.

I sure they be dandy…
But if I have Star Trek mini-toys in me kipper then the other sailors be tossing me overboard… Star Trek be a turn-off even to the worst ShangHi dark lady I meet on leave…

Sorry ta ya… I never had me ST toys as a lad… only a model of the Wrath O’ Khan Enterprise…

If ya can recommend a respectable toy for a man to have with no shame… then I say “Thank ye!”…

Truly! What TOS Trek gizmo can I hang above me at night… dreaming of a brighter tomorrow????

Star Trek be a big idea realized with American 1960’s limitations…and then brought boringly forward by Berman… Until yon Enterprise show… But I be a narrow wee voic in favor of ST E.


Depends on your notion of “real”. She didn’t appear in further episodes, that’s correct, but that doesn’t actually say much with respect to a possible future with one Kirk in one of those countless parallel universes and timelines which are all equally existent and “real“, does it? :)

Oh, and I always welcome action figures, as long as they’re from TOS and the original films.

Personally, I’d love to see them bring out Voyager figures – Voyager has some of my favourite Trek characters – The Doctor, Paris, Seven – and as they’ve done both TNG and DS9 it’s only right I think.

As for the ‘other’ range. They *could* do a Generations series!? There’s a few options they could do there – Picard, Riker, Data & Geordi in Voyager style uniforms – as well as the whole crew in old style Navel uniforms. Guinan (considering they haven’t in the TNG series), the klingon sisters, Dr. Soran, Kirk as he was in the Nexus. There’s also Harriman & Demora Sulu if they wanted…

… I’d rather that than an ‘animated series’ range or – as someone else stated – a ‘dull’ Voyage Home range.

I’d also like to know who they’re releasing in the DS9 range after Odo, Sisko and the Dax girls… PLEASE at some point release Ensign Nog! :-)

Hello John and everyone who takes the time to express thoughts and feelings re Star Trek Minimates.

This is BarBara Luna & Marlena Moreau letting you know how much we appreciate all of you for being so loyal to Mirror Mirror. It is because of your loyalty that we have this other dimension in our lives, allowing us to live well and proper. Being invited to conventions all over the world and meeting some of you has been an absolute joy, thank you.

We love you and hope to continue seeing you somewhere in time.


BarBara Luna & Marlena Moreau


Hi there BarBara Luna,
whoever you are in *our* dimension, your post is sweet. :)

Please give my regards to Marlena…

What about an action figure of Apollo from Who Mourns for Adonais? Look real cute in that gold tutu!!!

Well now, the captain’s woman herself!

Very gracious of you to post. It’s always a treat to see you in so many different shows. Just saw you in a Wild Wild West episode last week. Great stuff.

Thanks for all your good work in so many of my favorite shows!


I agree, TAS and TMP figures would be great. I would especially like to see Lt. Arex and that alien cat, Lt. M’Ress.

TMP figures would rule for me – the entire main cast including Ilia, Decker, Chapel, and Rand and maybe some of the alien crew from the Rec Deck scene.