First Image from “The Ultimate Computer”

CBS just sent a first look of a new image from this weekend’s TOS-R episode “The Ultimate Computer”…check it out below

Remastered imageThis shot is from the opening scene as the Enterprise approaches the space station. CBS-D have created an entirely new space station, which is based on previous Original Series era designs.

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Original This is the shot used in the original version of “The Ultimate Computer,” but it is actually a re-use of the Enterprise approaching station K-7 from “The Trouble with Tribbles.”

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The remastered version of “The Ultimate Computer” airs this weekend, check local listings. will have more “Ultimate Computer” coverage as this big effects heavy episode gets closer.

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good ep.

Eight hundred and seventy first!

Looks like the covers of the vanguard novel…

the textures in that shot look better than in the screencaps you see on this site…

The space station looks a lot like the space station in the “Star Trek: Vanguard” book series. Even still, it’s nice to see a unique TOS era space station. The screen shot looks great and I look forward to next weekend!

Yeah, new preview image! Really looking forward to this one as i’m sure most are. Glad they added a new starbase, seen that one before but never on screen. Can’t wait! :-)

#2 I agree and commented on it in my post. As for the texture of the starbase: the screenshot is a distance shot. It’s possible that the detail will increase the closer the Enterprise is to the station. Even if it doesn’t it still looks pretty good.

I’m also looking forward to the battle between the USS Enterprise and the four other Constitution Class starships and the damage effects on said starships.

It’s not exactly like Vanguard, but it absolutely looks like one of Masao Okazaki’s concepts. Very nice!

I wonder if that’s the Lexington docked at the station.

It’s looking wonderful from my perch in snowbound Omaha, Nebraska. Takes my mind off the wintry weather, believe me!!

Well, this is a pleasant surprise! When I see things like this, I really wish CBS-D had the resources to go the distance on ALL of the episodes. I’d love to see some of the concepts they would have done with more time, money, etc.

Looking forward to this episode. Ther aren’t too many others where they’ll really have a chance to show off. “The Cloud Minders” is still in the wings. Any others?

It’s pretty darn close to Vanguard:
The Masao Okazaki Vanguard and Starfleet Museum designs are awesome!

I wish the new movie would have kept with this design aesthetic.

After a string of let-downs, it looks like CBS-D has really been working hard on this one. I’ll bet the battle scenes are going to be AWESOME!!

Actually it is exactly like Masao Okazaki’s Vanguard station as far as I can see by comparing the preview pic with the cover of “Harbinger”. It’s a great “old school trek” design that references both K7 and Franz Joseph’s Starfleet HQ. Very TOS. I much approve. Bravo CBS-D.

Compare it yourselves. Pic of Vanguard at Memory Beta:

sa-weet. Nice usage!

I have to differ. That screen cap looks like a computer game screenie or someone’s really good 3-D Project.

Hmm.. hope the live action looks alot better.

Me want to see more.

Looks like plastic toys.

“Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them. Captain, a starship also runs on loyalty to one man. And nothing can replace it or him.”

Great episode; most remarkable for its excellent interacting between Daystrom, Kirk, and Spock, the pronounced and subtle dialogues, and the beautiful and memorable Kirk-Bones scene including “Sea-Fever”.

And the remastered shot from the opening scene looks grand.

I’ll wait til the epsode airs before I post any comments..wait, I just did!….

Hmm, the design is reminiscent of the K-7 space station and of the orbital complex seen in Star Trek III to VI.

R.I.P. Captain Harris (U.S.S. Excalibur) ;)

I hope they add a screenshot of the “formation-flight” from the four constitution-ships BEFORE the episode airs.


I dont wanna be that guy…..But. Why doesn’t the remastered ship scenes look a little better. Im not a fan of having the graphics looking like a computer game, im sure it doesnt take much money to make em look a little more realistic.

I dont wanna be that guy…..But. Why doesn’t the remastered ship scenes look a little better. Im not a fan of having the graphics looking like a computer game. Im sure it doesnt take much money to make em look a little more realistic.

#22 – In all fairness, CBS DIgital is all in house, so they can only work with the resources the have (which they do have quite a bit.) But then again, doesn’t change that it comes off looking like a computer game or some times.

I do hope EdenFX gets the job of doing a possible TNG Remastered though.

I can’t wait for this episode. I’m already psyched. Bring on epic space battle. In regards to a TNG remastered, it probably won’t happen #23, considering the effects are already really good in the first place. I’m happy with the originals being remastered because it brings them to a finish that is more in line with all other productions thus far and will probably fit the new film well to, although I think JJ and his crew will undoubtedly have more complex and original shots to work with.

I seriously hope Masao got paid for this, the guy deserves it. :-)

However it does look a bit smaller than Vanguard. Or is it just an illusion?

ok, sorry to say the CGI doesn’t look as good as models, too bad….
but I hope we get lots of starship shots and close-ups… good fist peek, I like what they doing with new shots, though CGI really takes away from it…

Have to say that the opening shot reeks of someones home produced 3D render. It looks nice but it is not broadcast quality to my eyes.

Perhaps the moving shots will do it justice.

I kinda like the plastic look of the ship and station. It evokes “Flash Gordon” and “Forbidden Planet” to me. 40s-50s cinematography at its’ best. :)

Kudos for trying something new by changing the space station. Am I mistaken or are the rear lights below the shuttle craft bay doors finally on?

I saw th episode of Enterprise this past weekend called ” In a Mirror Darkly” and their version of the Defiant looked pretty good–not too CGI/cartoonish. This shot of TOS enterprise approaching the station looks too much like plastic toys and low budget computer animation. Maybe it will look better on TV rather than this screen shot.

I really hope we get to see some other federation starship designs instead of 4 constitution class ships like some of the ones in this video on YouTube

It’s a while since I saw the episode but apart from there being 4 constitution class ships on screen, I didn’t think there was any point at which it was stated by the characters which would leave the door open for this…

The Texture work looks different to me from previous remasters. There is a glow about the models in the scene. The colors seem more vibrant and maybe not in a good way.Perhaps they have increased the shaders and bump mapping slightly. I guess we will have to see the finished product.

#29:””This shot of TOS enterprise approaching the station looks too much like plastic toys and low budget computer animation.””‘

LOL. Because this IS low-budget computer animation!!

With you 100% on the Mirror Episode.

Their choice of angles really bother me as they often replace angles that were clearly superior. They can rarely seem to nail an angle that can represent the size of the ship vs. whatever else it is on screen with.

Also, these ‘special’ episodes seem to suffer from the cartoon look more than the regular episodes. It really drives me nuts when the quality/look of the work either suffers or benefits because it’s an ‘event’ episode.

Some consistency would be nice.

I appreciate the fact that they’re on a budget…but that’s hardly an excuse after all this time. With so many stock shots, it should be getting easier by now.

Nice depiction, but it does look a little “soft”, like the Enterprise has lost all the texturing on the hull.

BTW, in response to #23 & #24’s reference to the TNG effects, they will have to be redone for HD release. All the TNG effects were compostited digitally. So they may not suffer from the generational loss and graininess that can result from the optical compositing (like in the TOS case). But they were composited at a resolution adequate for standard definition TV (computing power being what it was in the late 80s). At HD resoultions, they will look very “blocky”. They can evan appear that way now on the current DVDs.

Whiners…. it’s a low-rez image. Wait for the HD-DVD release.

BTW, I think it’s awesome. This is a TV show, not a movie. Better than a fuzzy reused shot from “Tribbles.”

After this episode, the next one I am interested in is “The Way to Eden”. I would like to know what they change the design of the Aurora to.

9. Buckaroohawk

I agree and I hope one day, maybe a few years from now this work will be improved on further and another more complete version will be made available on whatever format DVD is about at the time.

I think for each episode they should ask the fans what they would most like to see added or improved upon and then they should carefully go through each episode and add to the work they have currently started.

It would take a lot of time but it would surely be worth it. Obviously fans aren’t all going to agree but they could pick the best request or the most sort after requests and use their better judgment on the other stuff. I personally would love to see those static display screens doing something, displaying data, tied in to the episode.

CBS work has been great at times and at other times they leave me scratching my head as to why they didn’t make certain changes.

I like they have created a new space station based on the familiar TOS movie style space station instead of just using the model they made for “The Trouble with Tribbles” which would have been easy. They could have just used the “we didn’t want to change anything “ line. So it looks like they may have pulled out all the stops for this one. I live in hope that this remastered episode is going to be great!

I really miss the previews as they have been quite fun to watch.
Anthony is there any chance CBS Digital can send you this weeks preview
It would be great to see!

Hey, it’s Vanguard station! :)

I hope they do the same great job on the “space battle” shots. This is the one I’ve been wait to see how “Remasted” can improve on the original!!!

Looking forward this episode. Obviously TOS did not have many extended battle sequences during its run so I hope CBS indulges a bit like they did with the Doomsday Machine.

I think Ronald D. Moore calls episodes like this a “Big Mac” episode. The special effects are designed to support the story but every so often you just gotta blow stuff up!!!!

cool like the looks of very retro. mixing up K-7 and Star Trek III. Bringing the whole franchise together aesthetically.
Love the early peak. Thanks for sharing.

I wonder if replacing the K-7 design means they’ll add new starship designs to that fleet the Enterprise takes on.

I think back to when this remastering project was announced. The screams and moans of “How dare you change a thing!” and “That’s not what Gene wanted!” have given way to “They didn’t go far enough!”

I have a lot of respect for what the team has done with cleaning up the episodes and the choices they have made on the cg shots.

This place needs a “submissions” thread. Check out this picture I found of the new Uhura

I like it…..a lot!

I’ve been looking forward to this one. However, if CBS-Digital keeps to their standard of only using the time alloted for the original 1960’s effects, I don’t know how much of the battle we will actually see. It will be interesting.

Its NOT canon, look at the star patterns behind the ship, this does not match the original in anyway in fact its a completely different system of stars namely the ta’ruan symbiote of clusters from N23

lol omgzzz the stars aren’t canon

Stars are incorrect … RED ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!