Wil Wheaton and Rod Roddenberry On Abrams Trek

Our friends over at the On Network webshow “Bif Bam Pow Wow” have dedicated their most recent episode to all things Star Trek. Their focus is comics, but there are also interview snippets from last summer’s Vegas con with Rod Roddenberry and Wil Wheaton talking about the new Star Trek movie. Check it out below.

Oh and hey Bif Bam…thanks for the shoutout for TrekMovie.com…right back at ya

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Wheaton is the man!

Another Jeff agrees… Wheaton is the MAN!

lol, the host reminds me of the simpsons comic guy

What’s with Tom’s enunciation and big hand gestures? He’s like the geek version of Rachael Ray. ;)

Wil is the mack.

Good interviews; I’m really anxious to see how this turns out…either way I will definitely be in line on opening day!

I love that blond’s T-shirt! Where were girls like here when I was a teen-age Trekker?

you know I never really got why there was soo much animosity towards weatons character (crusher).. I never really had a problem with him.. and I liked the traveler stuff.. huh.. of course maybe that animosity was just from a very few individuals and it was blown up disproportionately…

#8 “you know I never really got why there was soo much animosity towards weatons character (crusher).. I never really had a problem with him.. ”

Same here, guess there will always be those grumpy types that just don’t like kids. It was his yawn-inducing mother that I had trouble with. Frankly they should have never EVER had families on the Enterprise. Bad move.

#9 fully agree on the “no families” policy. The other thing that would have to go is that damn holodeck – talk about heaven for the closet dysfunctional!

#8 and #9 — Wesley was not a well-written character. What *I* can’t understand is why people assume that Wil is equally lame. He is not. He is one of us, a geek through and through. Only he is funny and used to be on Star Trek. I suggest you make your way over to his site and judge for yourself:


Here is a recent entry:

‘I have a sticker on my car that says, “There is no place like”

I get to explain it to a lot of people, and I’m usually rewarded with a blank look, followed by a pitying look, followed by parents holding on tightly to their children as they move away slowly at first, then quickly, never turning their backs on me.

Such is the life of a geek among normals.’

See? One of us.

The problem with Wesley Crusher is that the writers used him assuming that geeky kids needed or wanted a surrogate character on the Enterprise as a point of entry to the show. Geeky kids don’t want to watch geeky kids, though. (They don’t call it escapism for nothing.) They want to watch Captains Kirk, Picard, et al.


“I love that blond’s T-shirt! Where were girls like here when I was a teen-age Trekker?”

One possibility:

They weren’t, at that time — as in this case — pretending to like Star Trek. They were simply unaware of it or outright hostile toward it.

Re: #8 ensign joe and #9 star trackie

I think some people thought he was too “goodie-two-shoes” and I can see their point, but maybe some don’t stop to realize that not everyone was a brat or a rebellious teen like some (I definitely was, anyway). Some of my friends’ children were an absolute delight to be around and others were a nightmare.

I appreciated that he was a great kid and loved that they included children because, after all, we will still be having them in the future. And though, like some in the TNG episodes said, who would bring their kids along on a treacherous mission into space (was it the Ferengi?) I kind of like that you could. It would be heart-breaking to have to leave them (in real life — yes, I know it was a TV programme…).

Anyway, that’s my take.


Wil, was superb.

Wesley…. inadvertently kneecapped the other characters on TNG as written. Picard and Riker were made to be fools, LaForge incompetent, and Data malprogrammed.

Notice how Wil talks up seasons 3, 4 and 5! Wesley left early in season 4!! IN other words, Wil is saying TNG was at its best mostly when his character wasn’t there. Fascinating.

#11 Wesley was not a well-written character.

I disagree. I haven’t critiqued the show or anything… nor have I watched tng episodes in the last 3 years.. but I can tell you that from what I remember I never had a problem with the writing for the character. Perhaps my ignorance is bliss?

# 12 Geeky kids don’t want to watch geeky kids, though. (They don’t call it escapism for nothing.) They want to watch Captains Kirk, Picard, et al.

Sorry Brian, I’m a computer programmer, was and am a geeky kid.. and I liked just about all the characters for different reasons.. if anything the character DID act as character to relate too.. not saying your idea doesn’t have merit… but I’m definitly an example to the contrary..

Why all the Wil love here? I didn’t think he said anything that warranted it.

But, I guess I’m one of the “very few” (#8) that couldn’t stand Wesley. He was SO OBNOXIOUS!!!

# 14 Katie G.

I can get behind that.

I want that “I

Oops! That should say:

I want that “I

Why do my posts keep getting cut off?!?!

#7—You could have been like me and kept your love of Trek to yourself—while you played sports, dated pretty girls, drank beer with the boys, etc., and who knows? She might have talked to you, or at least given you a second glance. I have been, my entire life, a closet geek. It has never once kept me out of social circles that I ever wished to interact in. I’m not the first Trek fan of that ilk, and probably not the last.
To each his own… I suppose.

“There is no place like″


I have on my desk

“there are 10 types of people who understand binary, those who do and those who don’t”

Will Wheaton Grows on me more and more – he is Definately not Crusher


Yeah, I really like Will Wheaton. If they ever make another Next Gen Movie he’d make a great villain.

He was good in GTA!

Re: #17. richpit

Sorry, guess you are one of the few (of us here at least). I do know that there are a lot of people who didn’t like “Wesley” but don’t “shoot the actor” so-to-speak. He got stuck playing the part that was written for him. Anyway, I kinda liked him. But I totally get why you don’t.

Re: #21. Juli

Keep trying. I had to post one of my comments 3 times before it finally “stuck”. Don’t know what it is but Anthony has said that it happens at times and he doesn’t know what it is either.

Re: #11. Gravitic Yours

I hate to admit it, but I’m not familiar with this “″ thing. I’m a huge Trek fan but I guess I’m not in the “inner circle”.

Anyone care to explain what “″ stands for?



Your “home” computer. So there’s no place like “home.”

Esoteric and non sequiter to say the least, but I laugh because it makes me feel part of a tiny, inner circle of dorkdum.

Re: #23 maffc

Yes, I’ve seen that too. My husband showed me that joke because he knew I loved Trek and we had just seen the episode where the Binars hijacked the Enterprise (TNG). That I get. The 127 I don’t. Guess I don’t understand binary enough.


Re: #26 ensign joe

Thanks. I’ll check it out.


Re: #26 ensign joe

L M B O !!!

Got it. There’s no place like “home”. I’m such a newbie. And “The Wizard of Oz” is one of my favourite movies. Duh. You’d think I would have at least guessed what it was. I thought it was a Star Trek in-joke. But it’s a internet in-joke.

Thanks. Now I won’t look quite so dumb. Woohoo!


Wes Crusher was more disposable of a character than Tasha Yar. I was glad to see that whining punk go.

I think Weaton should write a book called “Life of a has-been”. Altho, I did see him in a giant snake movie.

I think that Wheaton is right, this is definately Trek’s last chance, at least for a good long time. Even if this movie fails, there will probably be another series somewhere along the road. It might be 10, 20, or 30 years before another one is reached, but it’ll still live on.

Someone will one day in the future will pick up that old series called “Trek” that no one’s heard about in over 30 years, and will dust off the cover. After watching a few hundred episodes, they’ll realize that this is something worthwhile.

Even if this movie tanks, which hopefully it won’t, I have made it my personal goal to work my way up the ranks in order to reestablish the Trek universe myself. May Q stop me if he wishes, but it will be done. To hell with what anyone else thinks, it will always live on.

Plus, if this movie goes well, we might be looking at more movies, possibly another series (TOS remake??), and thousands of new fans.

May Trek live long and prosper, even moreso than it already has.

Re: #27. Red Shirt

Thanks! Your comment wasn’t posted yet when I checked. Guess I was following the link in #26 while you were typing. Those links are excellent. They explain things well. I’ll check your link out later. Gotta go make dinner… :-|


#32 T’Juli

I got this idea when I was a kid.. pondering infinity.. about what would somebody do with all that time… how would you pass the time.. me, I’d make the Enterprise ;)

Wil Wheaton is the man.

I do actually, when it comes down to it, enjoy his character on TNG, but there’s no doubt he was terrible mishandled the first two seasons of the show and given some of the most godawful dialogue ever seen in Trekdom during that time, which kind of made it an uphill battle from there. Course, a lot of the characters (Picard even, to a great extent) were mishandled that first season, so I guess Wesley just gets most of the flack cause he was the easiest target. After all, he’s from Starfleet. They don’t lie.

Shame his Nemesis cameo was mostly cut-out. Course, extra time in the dune bungy-thing was much more important, so can we really blame them?

and? You want a medal

” 1. Michaer – February 6, 2008


Yeah, I was not a big Wesley Crusher fan either but time has mellowed me and he has a good attitude about Trek-dom. So I can cut him some slack.

He also mentioned the run from season 3 through 6 where the finest episodes of TNG were created IMO. Like the writing team was hitting on all cylinders.

Thanks again guys – another interesting interview made available by this site.

I’m in the ‘like Wheaton as a person, not so much as Wesley’ camp. He did rock in Stand By Me.

“…been burned over, and over, and over again with things that I love…”
And what have I been saying??

Good job, Wil. (Wesley, all is now forgiven!)

I think a lot of people got tired of Wes saving the day, again and again like some boy genius. The worst was when Wesley saved the Enterprise hijacked from spacedock with his new little girlfriend, something out of Scooby Doo, “If it weren’t for those kids, we woulda gotten away with a Galaxy class starship!”

But like Next Gen, Wesley just need to grow up. I got a new appreciation for him after the traveler. Its too bad we didn’t see more of the mature Wesley. On that note, Alexander was annoying in his own whiny little way till he grew up. The adult version on DS9 was also a great character.

#13 “They weren’t, at that time — as in this case — pretending to like Star Trek.”

I don’t think I’m misinterpreting what you’re saying, but believe me that neither Tom nor Mary are “pretending” to like Star Trek. They are for real, letting their geek flags fly high.

good interview…
I also like Will and his attitude but never did warm to his TNG character

On my iPhone – on holiday in south africa – in the loo again!

> “There’s no place like”

The bumper sticker (and more) are sold @ ThinkGeek

( this post is just FYI, not commercial spam )

Every time I see more of Wil Wheaton, I like Wil Wheaton more. By now it’s up to quite a lot of liking.

I don’t think anything could warm me to Wesley Crusher, but that isn’t really his fault. If I ever meet Wheaton at a con, I’ll be full of praise for his fun voice-work on GTA: San Andreas instead, and just gloss right past the Trek. Maybe I’d toss in a nostalgic note about Stand By Me, or chuckle over the opening scene of that Lovecraft adaptation he was in (“so, what DID they make that manure out of?”). I like Wheaton, and I like some things he’s been in, too. Just not Crusher.

I don’t have a problem with geeky characters (I often love them with all of my geeky heart), but I do have a problem with the stereotypical know-it-all types, who seldom ring true as people.

#22… but, if you aren’t true to yourself, you’ll never attract someone that shares your interests.

No one in school knew I liked ST except my close friends… who happened to be Trekkers. I guess I never was one to be fake just to make social points.

I wasn’t the stereotypical nerd, I just wasn’t interested in the airheaded girls who only liked jocks. The shallow type didn’t do it for me.
I’m just sayin, it would have been nice to get to know a nice-looking one like that, who was smart enough to show she liked stuff like Trek.

#31 – I think Weaton should write a book called “Life of a has-been”. Altho, I did see him in a giant snake movie.

You know Wil has written 3 books. One of which (Just a Geek) starts off with his “Hooter’s Incident” that talks about life after Star Trek and lack there of roles that followed. It’s a good, but if you want to read a book to really get to know Wil read “Dancing Barefoot” (has a great story about a Trek Convention) or my favorite “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” (all about growing up geek).

For those of you who didn’t like Crusher don’t take it out on Wil until you get to know him through his books and blog. He seems really down to earth, though I haven’t met him yet he has been kind enough to respond to a couple of questions I’ve emailed him before.

#15 said:

“Wesley…. inadvertently kneecapped the other characters on TNG as written. Picard and Riker were made to be fools, LaForge incompetent, and Data malprogrammed.”

That’s a poor observation; not even vaguely accurate. The writers of the series, in fact, set up an arc for Wesley wherein he was basically a super-genius, so much so that he Traveller, a cosmic entity of some sort, feels the need to pop in and check on his progress. That character makes it obvious that Wesley has some sort of important destiny to play in mankind’s future.

With that mind, the fact that Wesley is occasionally able to out-perform other crewmembers is perhaps not that surprising.

Unfortunately, due to whining fanboys’ poor reaction to the character, Wesley’s arc never quite paid off. Personally, I’d like to see that taken into consideration if another post-Nemesis series is undertaken at some point in time.

Also, I have to say this . . . the host of the webshow this clip came from is about as annoying an onscreen personality since that guy who wears all the question marks and wants to tell me about government grants.

Were there any pans in those Picks n’ Pans?

It’s ok to not like Wesley Crusher. Wil doesn’t like him much either and often makes fun of how poorly written TNG was in it’s first seasons. I consider his blog required reading for the informed geek.

Star Trek: TITAN !!!

This needs to be made! Not a tv show, but a direct to DVD movie.

W. Crusher