New Trek Actors Confirmed has confirmed two more actors appearing in the new Star Trek film. Up and coming actor Kelvin Yu has already filmed his role as a medical technician, while Holland-born boxer turned actress Lucia Rijker will begin shooting her role as a communications officer (not on the Enterprise) next month.

About Lucia and her role in Star Trek [incl. spoilers]
Rijker will be playing a Romulan communications officer, further confirming the Romulans’ presence in the movie. A source tells that Rijker has a decent-sized speaking role and that she won the part after two auditions. She is scheduled to shoot her scenes during the first two weeks of March. In addition to being an actress, Lucia is a professional boxer and kickboxer, although she will not be utilizing these skills for her Trek role. She did show off her boxing talents in the Oscar-winning movie Million Dollar Baby, in which she had a supporting role and served as the film’s boxing advisor. She currently has a recurring role in Showtime network series The L Word. More on Rijker: Official Site | IMDb

Lucia Rijker, an actress that could kick your butt

About Kelvin [no spoilers]
As of now all that can be confirmed with Yu is that he has a speaking role as a Starfleet Medical technician, and that his work is already completed. The UCLA grad first worked for Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams on an episode of Abrams’ first television series, Felicity, and was most recently seen in the Abrams-produced monster smash, Cloverfield. Yu started in television with a recurring role on the WB’s Popular and has since appeared on such shows as Frasier, ER, Gilmore Girls, Without a Trace, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Yu had a supporting role in the 2006 comedy Grandma’s Boy and has also starred in numerous short films and has even written and directed a few of his own. One short he starred in was My Prince, My Angel, which paired him with Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Linda Park (Hoshi Sato). He later appeared on Park’s new series, Women’s Murder Club, in an episode with Star Trek: Voyager‘s Robert Picardo (The Doctor). See IMDb for more on Yu.

Kelvin Yu…Star Trek’s new Medic

Counting Yu and Rijker, the total number of known cast members is now 29. will have more casting news coming up soon so that number will continue to grow.

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Sounds good!


More Romulans eh? Very interesting.

Sounds definitly good. ;)

More Romulans, good choice, and Lucia Rijker is great.


Re Rjker Is her name pronounced RYKER?

Star trek coincidence #1701 for this movie.

Cool cool! They look good.

Thanks Charles.

See next Gen fans it’s not so bad you got a Riker after all

great to know that romulans are in the film. I know verry little about the Romulans since I last saw Spock on ST TNG with Picard. Watched first couple of seasons of DS9, but beyond that Berman started taking ST in his own direction and thus I lost interest.

Is there alot more known about the Romulans in any of the other ST TV shows?

Go Romulans !!!

Is there alot more known about the Romulans in any of the other ST TV shows?

well there was a some decent stuff in the last few seasons of ds9

nemsis was a joke , as i was looking forward to seeing my fav race the romulans on the big screen , and instead i get remans and a human clone ,

enterprise well umm had a plot where the romulans tried to wreck relations with the andorians and telerites . and there where some hints about their past on vulcan , but thats about it , i hope we get to see alot of them in the new movie


They did a lot with the Romulans on DS9 and two Episodes of Voyager. One Episoe of Enterprise, although I think they were never identified as Romulans.

Speaking of coincidences, I watched Forbidden Planet last night again. Did you ever notice that Adam’s spaceship enters the planet’s atmosphere (or maybe it was the star system, not sure about that) at exactly 17:01 hours? The time is given by one of the crewmen.

OK, back to topic… :-)

Kelvin Yu looks like he could have been a good Sulu.

She was badass in Million Dollar Baby.

The adventure continues…

Yea, but what about Finnegan? Surely the character has got to be in the movie… somewhere.

Looking forward to some of his pranks :)

That girl looks deadly..very intimidating!! I bet she will show her muscles someway as a Romulan. I wonder if..????? Well, I better not ask.


Berman had very little to do with DS9 past season 2 (and not much before that, really). That show was Ira Steven Behr & Ron Moore’s baby. Romulans featured heavily in seasons 5-7 and the war arc, but are present as early as season 3 and the inclusion of the Defiant in the form of a Romulan officer placed to monitor the cloaking device.

I mean, honestly now, are there no *older* characters in the film? With experience? Older characters that have something to *say*? (Except Spock of course…) New movie and all… really great… but all we get is infos on the casting of young, up & coming actors, which is fine in a way, but I’m looking for some balance here. At the moment it looks a lot like Star Trek is going Babyfaces in a Brave New World.

Mary Jane,
I am not sure what you are talking about. Most of the actors in the film are over thirty (avg age is 37 for the adults in the film). Many are over 40s or more.

Here is a list the adult actors by age

Leonard Nimoy 76
Ben Cross 61
Bruce Greenwood 51
Marlene Forte 44?
Lucia Rijker 40
Eric Bana 39
Paul McGillion 39
Simon Pegg 38
Clifton Collins Jr. 38
Tyler Perry 38
Winona Ryder 37
Karl Urban 35
John Cho 35
Sonita Henry 31
Zachary Quinto 30
Zoe Saldana 29
Kelvin Yu 28?
Jennifer Morrison 28
Chris Pine 27
Chris Hemsworth 24
Jeff Hauser 22?
Anton Yelchin 18

Ben Cross is 61??? Damn.

And Miss Lucia looks like she could kick any one of the bridge crew’s azz. While doing her nails.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

– A Romulan communications officer having a decent-sized speaking role –

This is the information which will at last provide me with unquestionable confidence in the film.

fresh faces


I’m sure it’s Probably been mentioned, but Do we Know If “Nurse Chapel” will be In it? if so then Who’s Playing her?

Romulans Rock!!

Welcome Aboard!

#16: I see you forgot to mention William Shatner’s age!


29 actors so far? Wonder if they are on pace for 47 speaking roles? As that would be too cool!

9. Alex… “They did a lot with the Romulans on DS9 and two Episodes of Voyager. One Episoe of Enterprise, although I think they were never identified as Romulans.”

At least five episodes of “Enterprise”. “Minefield” and “Dead Stop” in Season 2, and the three-parter “Babel One/United/The Aenar” in Season 4.

They were good stories, but the idiot Berman completely ignored canon to tell them. (“Cloaking devices 100 years before Balance of Terror? Sure, why not!”)

Exactly!!! They are such a cool race! I was so disappointed with Nemesis and then again with Enterprise! What happened to the war between the federation and the Romulans!? I would have rather seen that then spend half the series talkin bout some ‘temporal Cold War’. They,ve never gotten a decent episode with the exception of Balance of Terror! I’m hoping with this movie, Trek’s best bad guys (yes including the Cardassians) get the attention they deserve!!

Rant Over!lol

Kelvin Yu was great in “Grandma’s Boy” – should be a nice addition to the cast!


But what about Faran Tahir, Anthony?

Kelvin is kinda cute. But I’m partial to asians. Lucia Rijker is quite lovely as well.

What of Gary Mitchell, who is supposed to have been Kirk’s best pal going way back to the Academy, and Lee Kelso (a character who was NEEDLESSLY killed in WNMHGB, and would have been a great ongoing character on the series)

Nemesis was such a huge letdown with the stupid Remans and Picard-clone. The Romulans were almost entirely absent from their own movie. It looks like this movie might finally give Romulans, my favorite villainous race, their due! I am so excited for this movie.

@ 28: Good Question!

Anthony, can you confirm the following rumors?

– Faran Tahir as ?
– David Narloch as Starfleet Cadet
– Greg Ellis as Enterprise’ Chief-Engineer Olsen
– Wednesday Mourning as an extra

I’ve been re-looking at the JFX Online “On Set: I’m An Extra Jim, Not A Cult Member!” pics from ages ago and the man on the image (oso_0055.jpg) looks remarkably like this new guy Kelvin Yu. Could the white costume he’s wearing be that of a Starfleet Medical technician? What does everybody else think?

Since cast members’ ages are being tossed around… let’s see…

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are both 76 (Shatner is three or four days older than Nimoy–both will be 77 next month)
Grace Lee Whitney is 78
Majel Barrett is 76 later this month
Nichelle Nichols is 75
Walter Koenig is 71
George Takei is 70
Bruce Hyde is 66

— and those who’ve gone on to the stars…

Jimmy Doohan was 85
DeForest Kelley was 79
Gene Roddenberry was 70
Mark Lenard was 72
Jane Wyatt was 96


I didn’t see “Nemesis” until after the first LOTR flick came out. My first thought was: “Where are the Romulans?”

My second thought was, “Why are there orcs in a Star Trek movie?”

Then I flipped the channel.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

32…and others…

We run a story every time we confirm an actor with a speaking role (or a famous person with a background role). There are dozens of extras out there that we will not do articles on, but I may add them to the cast list at some point…but really there are far too many.

As for more speaking roles…This site reports those we have confirmed through sources. We also report what other trusted sites report, but do not report stuff off any site that allows user generated content.

We have reported first on more trek cast members than any other site. I am 100% confident that every single one reported has a role (at least before the editor gets her hands on the movie). When I say ‘confirmed’ that is not a rumor…that from my point of view is a fact. This site will report plot points that I consider still ‘rumor’ but not cast

patience is a virtue and stay tuned.

36 Thanks Anthony for taking time to answer my question! I really love your site and the effort you and your team expend on it.

“I am 100 % confident that every single one reported has a role… When I say ‘confirmed’ that is not a rumour” – That’s why I asked you :-) You are THE source. I just wondered what you think about these rumours.

I absolutely understand this. There are far too many people in this movie to do an article on every single one. But I’m just so curious about this movie: every little article brings a thrill to me :-)

But I think I can be patient – or try to be :-)
And don’t worry, I will “stay tuned”!

Thank you very much.

There were some pretty cool Romulan episodes on DS9 in fact they were key to the story arc for a while with Sisko trying to find a way to bring them into the war.

They had a key episode revolve around a Romulan senator who Sisko brought to the station under stealth to present “evidence” of a dominion attack on Romulas in an attempt to gain the Romulans entry into the war.

Romulan Warbirds also featured heavily in the larger engagements shown in DS9 and they were mentioned to have liberated several Federation systems from Dominion control.

Like many fans, the Romulans were also my favorite of “Star Trek’s” alien races. In my opinion, we never saw enough of them in any of the series. I was fascinated with the dichotomy between the Romulans and Vulcans, and often wondered about the divergent path the two races traversed… and what lead to their split.

I never understood (or liked) why the subsequent TREKs gave the Romulans those odd protuberances on their foreheads… I guess the make-up budget had too much money to play with.

VOY did a couple of respectable episodes that involve the Romulans, as did DS9. I was very happy that ENT preserved canon by not ever permitting Archer and crew to (knowingly) meet the Romulans face-to-face, although I would have been curious to see how ENT would get around this since one of the season four arcs alluded to a conspiracy between a faction of the Romulans and Vulcan’s leader V’Las.

Note: Someone in one of the threads said Berman destroyed canon in “ST: Enterprise.” probably referring to the episode The Minefield,” by showing a warbird decloaking/ cloaking. Why this breaks canon is beyond me as it was introduced in TOS’s episode “Balance of Terror.” and if I recall correctly, there was no indication in that episode that cloaking technology was new to the Romulans–just the plasma weapon.

Just a thought, perhaps the Romulan / Federation War was was the result of the subterfuge that we saw in ENT’s season four.


In “Balance of Terror,” Kirk and crew are most definitely amazed at the ability of the warbird to vanish at will, though Spock noted that invisibility was “theoretically possible”–which would be a pretty bizzarre observation if the Federation had already encountered it 100 years before.

Despite some disappointments I’d held out hope for “Enterprise,” and even had enjoyed a fair amount of what I’d seen up till that time. But with “Minefield,” I knew the jig was up, and that the show would never be the true prequel to TOS that it should have been (instead, it was merely a prequel to TNG and its offspring), because the producers obviously didn’t wish to go to the effort to make it one. And what angered me about the whole thing was that it was so unnecessary, since a stealthed ship would have worked just as well for the plot of “Minefield” as an invisible one. B & B were just too lazy–and too disdainful of TOS–to care one way or the other.

Alright, what a good start but i’m going to check into that a touch more. Will let you know exactly what else there really is.