“The Ultimate Computer” Remastered Video [UPDATE: + Screencaps]



Remastered & Original



Kirk gets angry

Daystrom gets desperate

Wesley gets nervous

Kirk all happy again

David Mack thrilled over Vanguard shout out
In the TrekMovie.com interview with TOS-R producers it was revealed that the new space station for the remastered “Ultimate Computer” was based on the design created for the “Vanguard” series of novels, written by David Mack. On his blog, Mack discusses what a thrill it was for him and designer Masao Okazaki to find out out the Vanguard look made it into TOS-R.

Vanguard station design makes it into TOS-R

More to come
TrekMovie.com will update this article with images on Sunday, plus have a full review (yes I said a review!)

Screenshots by Matt Wright, video complied by our friend Joe Coatar

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