Giacchino Wins Annie and Grammy Awards

Star Trek (2008) composer and long-time JJ Abrams collaborator Michael Giacchino is having a very good weekend. On Friday he picked up his second ‘Annie‘ award for his Ratatouille score and tonight he nabbed a Grammy award for the same. These will sit nicely alongside his Emmy and other awards on his growing trophy shelf, and in two weeks he may have to make room for an Oscar. Giacchino joins James Horner, the only other previous Trek composer who has won a Grammy.

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Congrats, Mr. Giacchino! Can’t wait to hear your work for Trek! :)

Very nice! I’m glad to have this man writing the score for Star Trek!

If there’s one thing that fans should have a consensus about when it comes to this movie, it should be that Giacchino will provide us with a wonderful score!


Looking forward to a brand new shiny Trek score!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Make it a good one! Congratulations!


If his score for Cloverfield is any indication, his score for Star Trek should be excellent!

Congrats to Giacchino!

The Annie Awards were great! ;) When he won I told my dad, “He’s scoring Star Trek!” He said,”Cool!” amid applause.

Jerry Goldsmith never won a Grammy?

STXI will probably be best remembered for its score.

STXI will be remembered for MANY things – the score being one of them.

Congrats to Giacchino! Love his work on Lost, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles.

The adventure continues…..

Many a Movie that attains classic status and re-watchability has done so with the help of a fantastic soundtrack score. I sure hope Michael’s one for ‘Star Trek’ is worthy of awards nominations eventually. This is one of the aspects in the project that I am most looking forward to, and I have no doubt that he will do it justice.

Goldsmith never won. What a tragedy.

I just hope MG leaves out all TNG and movie references. Been there, done that- especially with Goldsmith’s Nemesis score, which I now have an extended version of, and is much better than I first thought, actually.

Regardless, ST0’s score is going to blow everyone away, I’m sure.

Goldsmith only got 1 oscar (for The Omen in 1976), dispite his legendary status, and the number of absolutely stunning scores.

Congatulations to Mr. Giacchino.

Still, Goldsmith was nominated for eighteen Oscars… that has to be some record for a composer. :-D

I know John Williams and Alfred Newman were each nominated 45 times… Anyone know of other composers who have been nominated more than Goldsmith? I can’t think of any…

Congratulations to Mr. Giacchino and OMG, I just found out that there’s actually an award bearing my first name… This is so very cool! :D

Congrats! The Ratatouille soundtrack was amazing.


I thought the score for Ratatouille was simply fantastic. I am so looking forward to his score for STXI. Congrats!

yeah, Ratatouille music was great