Aerial Shot Of Star Trek Location Shoot

This morning on KTTV’s This Morning LA the traffic copter spotted location shooting for the new Star Trek movie taking place close to downtown Los Angeles. Although the anchor team were not sure, has confirmed that the footage (which is now on YouTube) is indeed Trek being shot. See the video below [minor spoilers]

Here is the video

What is going on?
According to a source the scenes being shot are “some guys flying out of a ship.” You can see parts of what looks like a ship later in the clip, but it isn’t clear what ship it is. Not sure what to make of the white area, but it looks like some kind of glacier or ice thing.

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Finally, some set pics!

Yes…good old Star Track…

I see nothing of interest there…
but I’m sure this blurry footage will be analyzed to the nth degree…

woo hooo!!!

If that’s the Enterprise, I wonder which part. It’s quite rusty and old looking. As far as the ice planet, maybe we’re in for a Rura Penthe hat trick…

Those blue screens do not fit into canon.



The “white area” is probably an artic / snow set, which would square with the supposed location shooting in iceland.

The white area is maybe an Icelandic stand-in area? Are they still intending to shoot in iceland?

Stanky…. They promised red bridge rails if you are really, really good…

good thought Miles

Why do these douchebags keep saying “Star Track”? So effing annoying.


…I can’t get over the fact that there are still people out there you call it “Star TRACK.”

I used to call it that back in 1976. When I was 4 years old.

dude sweet

I love Star Track! I am also a big fan of Amtrek.

I can see Shatner from here….

Very strange…

Also, SIXTEENTH!! lol…

Yeah, you would think that being reporters they would know how to pronounce words.

I will say this folks, there is no better way to have something look like it was shot outside, THAN TO SHOOT IT OUTSIDE. Be a keen viewer of movies, like for example the Quidditch match in the first Harry Potter movie, and notice how bad it looks to try to use studio lights to emulate sunlight. It never really works. Hats off to these filmmakers for obviously working very hard to make things look right.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, surely someone on these boards lives near there and can scoop some images. Go rent a nice 600mm Canon IS lens and get to work!!!

RS out…

I’m betting that that’s a Romulan ship.

That “Star Track Enterprise” bears a small resemblance to NX-01 saucer from Star Trek Enterprise, but it’s way to small to be anything but simply a part of a ship for the scene which will be augmented by CGI.

18: Agree, but when people are in sub-zero temperatures, one can see one’s breath. It’s quite warm in SoCal,.so there goes that.

What that a bridge I spy?

Maybe in the far future the enterprise is buried under ice?

That rusty-looking thing in front of the green screen looks like a shipwrecked starship.

#18, Breath vapors can be CGI’d in, I suppose.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Lol.. especially the ship being the Star Track Enterprise.

re: 23

Yes, it’s not too hard to CGI water vapor and other tiny particulate matter now-a-days…


I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who cringed when the talking head said “Star Trak.”

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I suggest everyone go and rent George Lucas’ Star Wuz. A fine companion sci-fi epic to watch after Star Track.

“Star Track”

Wish there was more discernible detail.

Saucer section crashed onto an ice planet? Too bulky to schlep to Iceland, I reckon. The color variation makes it either the ‘alternate battleship’ E or an alien vessel. That big brown arm on the left is a mystery, but could be the a starboard side shot of some kind of raised propulsion system.

Maybe they are just shooting pics of the ship, and no CGI vapors will be necessary.

Its NOT canon, the colors are all wrong for 23rd Century and the construction appears far too primitive!

With all that white in the background it just lends credence to my theory that the movie will actually be entitled, “Snow Spock and the Seven Worfs”!

Maybe they were thinking Time Track . . . as in Time Trax?

Time Trax was produced by Harve Bennett, the producer of Star Treks II through V.

It’s easy to see how they could have been confused.

I used to call it Star Track.

When I was like, 6-years old.

If that’s a snow scape, perhaps that filming in Iceland didn’t work out?


I would imagine that anyone who’s *that* confused has difficulty finding their way out of their house in the morning… :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Imagine if that helicopter or a plane accidentally got into the footage they were shooting?

This is great! Not a spoiler, but just a little bit of something to pique my interest. For me, the less info about the movie the better. I don’t understand why people like spoilers! Having a little self control and staying away from them leads to a much better viewing experience in theaters. It’s supposed to be a surprise!

Spock lives on the north pole with Superman. I thought eveybody knew that! Get a load of the way our modern newscasters talk. It’s depressing. They sound like tweens hanging out at the mall. I miss walter Cronkite. Hey Harry I saw Time After Time this weekend. Very enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the late 70’s references.

#38. This is always an issue on set especially when shooting in a city or underneath a jet path. Filmmakers have to wait for gaps in activity before shooting, or they would loose a lot of money when they got back crap dailies. Shadows and sound are always problems from planes.

Roberto is lurking about the boards again… I wonder how much this pisses him off? I mean, if it is just outside downtown, somebody was bound to find it eventually, right?


glad you liked the movie! I thought both McDowell and Warner were especially good for their acting!

The 2nd unit filming in Iceland may be like what they did in Alaska in TUC with Bones and Kirk: A bunch of stunt doubles walking around in a real arctic setting.


Hate to break it to you guys, but the first few frames clearly show an American flag as part of the set. This is doubtfully a set for Star Trek.

As for Star TRACK, the talking head is likely an insecure fan trying to “distance” himself. God forbid someone thinks he’s one of “those”

Police training facilities will inevitably have an American flag flying. Anthony says above that Trek is confirmed as the film being shot here.

star track, a film by g.g. obrums.
screamplay by rebooto arcy and neelex kruntzman.
starring lownard kneeloin as dr. spork.

The first time I watched it I thought to my self, “I thought Enterprise was canceled”. That ship looks just like the NX-01.
How can anyone still say “Star Trak” after Star Trek has penetrated our culture so much?

23, as Red Shirt said it’s rather easy to CG water vapor so the character’s “breath” can be seen in the “cold” settings. It’s used fairly frequently. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban is one example. On the train when it stops and the windows “freeze” up and then you can see the actor’s “breath”. All CG. There are better examples that unfortunately escape me at this late hour…time for beddy bye.