BREAKING NEWS: Star Trek Pushed To May 2009 [UPDATED]

Variety is reporting that Paramount has pushed the release of the new Star Trek movie from Christmas 2008 to May 8, 2009. Apparently the reason is to go for bigger box office during the summer season. Variety quotes a studio insider saying “Star Trek has the potential to gross more in May than in December.”

UPDATE: Trek move part of larger reshuffling at Paramount
Apparently this is all part of a larger plan on the part of Paramount and the decision was likely made by new Film Division Head John Lesher. Here is more from Variety’s Blog.

John Lesher is starting to make his imprint felt at Paramount. (And make no mistake, he’s still overseeing Vantage too.) Paramount is changing a number of release dates on their 2008 and 2009 skeds, moving J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek from Christmas, 2008 to May 8, 2009. David Fincher’s Brad Pitt-starrer The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will move from November 26 to December 19, 2008.

DreamWorks Pictures’ comedy Tropic Thunder, originally scheduled for July 11, will now be released on August 15 by DreamWorks-Paramount. And Sam Mendes’ Revolutionary Road, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, originally announced as a DreamWorks-Paramount release, will now be distributed by Paramount Vantage. Which makes perfect sense; who better to handle it as an Oscar contender?

UPDATE 2: Nothing to do with script
The Hollywood Reporter also notes that Paramount’s reshuffling of six films was due to a rethink after the strike and that in the case of Trek it was not related to the script.

Dramatically underscoring the need for movie-side execs to review slates following the long writers strike, Paramount on Wednesday bounced six films to new dates and moved two unslotted films to next year’s calendar.

Other distributors were scrambling to complete similar reviews of their upcoming productions to determine what can or can’t be delivered on scheduled dates. In some cases, films will move because of talent issues, but many film projects have been frozen in time when script rewrites weren’t completed before the 100-day scribe walkout.

“Star Trek” arguably was the biggest film moved, with the intended Christmas Day release now set for the first prime date in the following summer boxoffice season: May 8, 2009. But “Trek” appears something of an exception in the mix of itinerant pics, with its shift unrelated to script or cast considerations.

” ‘Star Trek’ is moving to summer because its has so much boxoffice potential,” Par spokesman Michael Vollman said. “It does not need any script tweaks. They’re two-thirds of the way through shooting, and we would have delivered a great movie at Christmas.”

Summer a better move?
Although winter release films can make a lot of money (like the recent Lord of the Rings films and last years Bond film), the biggest film’s tend to come out in the Summer. Due to the writer’s strike, the summer of 2009 will be a bit lighter than 2007 and 2008. Right now there are no movies slated for the 8th of May 2009, although the week before is X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the week after is Angels and Demons (ironically this sequel to The Da Vinci Code was originally slated to come out the weekend before Star Trek in December 2008). Of course, there is no guarantee those films will stay in those slots. As for Christmas this year, Star Trek was one of three films being released that day (although the other two were likely more aimed at different markets).

The move could be to help fill Paramount Dreamworks 2009 line-up after 2008 which already has a number of strong entries (Spiderwick, Iron Man, Indy 4, Madagascar 2, The Love Guru, Benjamin Button, etc.). The only other big films currently slated for Summer 2009 are Transformers 2 on June 29th and G.I. Joe in August.

As more details emerge, will report them.

My take
Obviously my first feeling is disappointment. No one saw this coming and all reports from the production and Paramount are that things are looking great. Looking at the landscape I think it is likely that Paramount feel their 2008 lineup is already strong and their 2009 is looking a little thin. Plus 2009 has less competition and more summer movie goers. Of course it should also ensure a better film as all that time can be spent on more polishing and more post-production. So in the end we can get a better movie that appeals to a larger audience (translating into more strength for the franchise) which is all good. But it still means waiting twenty more weeks for the film and that is not fun.

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First to say this is WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak.

never mind.
It’s still weak.
And, it’s all for money?

Good, more time to tweak script, filming, FX.

Bad in every other way.

This blows!

That means they’ll have more time to mess around with the final cut which increases the chance of the film turning out to be a crap fest of indecisive edit choices.

Okay, Okay, I trust the creative behind this project. That they won’t do that. But this friggin’ sucks.

In the words of Bart Simpson…”Set your faces to stunned!”

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is bittersweet news, BUT more Bitter!

THAT DIDN’T HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the sign is nigh

This sucks on so many levels! I have been looking forward to this film for almost two years, now we are going to have to wait another year!


Some thing might be well worth the wait. Can you imagine this movie getting the chance to open as the prime release Memorial Day weekend? I’m still stoked.

What else is being released next May, it could make for much harder competition?


It is not the end of the world. Hopefully, that means we will get a more polished product. If it means big sells, I’m down with the studio’s game. But now I wonder, who’ll be our competition come May?

This is actually wonderful news!

Not only have the more recent ST movies fared poorly in their December release, but this gives JJ and the writing staff the capability to do those “on-set rewrites” we’ve been hearing about for months.

While I was really looking forward to opening up some presents and then rushing to the theater to see Kirk bed a few aliens, I think that the late spring release date will help the new Trek team push this version of “Star Trek” as a true Hollywood blockbuster, not just a fanboy piece. Expect wayyyyy more marketing through TV, internet, and toy marketing — May 08 is Indy, May 09 is Kirk. What could be better for two iconic Paramount heroes?

And, it gives everybody @ some extra time to revamp this site, which we are all waiting for (especially after CBS canned the staff)

Very bad idea. Principle photography is half done. Photos from the set are being leaked out. The feeding frenzy will peak, and past Christmas it could diminish. You have the Star Trek tour going on, a lot of buzz. The time is NOW, guys. THIS year. I hope the delay is not because of re-shoots and studio cold feet. Strike while the iron is hot, guys!

#5 Yammer, I agree with you 100%.

I really hope this report is wrong.

This is six weeks early, right?

IF Paramount would go ahead and greenlight a second and third movie to follow, then how about a 1-2-3 punch. Could have Summer 09, a followup Christmas 09, and a conclusion Summer 2010.

Such a trilogy is the only way I’d buy this.

This could kill the film. Both Dune & Starship Troopers were hyped then took forever to get to the screen. The result was poor ticket sales. Is Paramount this stupid? Keep Trek in December when there is no film to take the limelight away from it.

Well the teaser and the widget need to be updated



What a bunch of Eggnog flavored cheese photons!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a way to tell the fans to go to hell on a half a hot dog roll!!!!! Only if true of course.

Don’t tease us like this. Bad bad bad bad move if true. Put a hint of thought into what you are doing. Shame on you!

This would really take away my motivation to check out every 30 seconds. It would become every 2 minutes instead.

That would be absolutely silly at this point. It has been promoted up the wazzoo as a Christmas release. I think they’ll miss the mark if they delay now. Anticipation can only be maintained for so long before it strains.


Hell, it’s bad enough having to wait until December but even worst to have to wait until May2009. It really sucks if this is true.

It would be an understatement to say that i am rather pissed about this.

Maybe it’s taking them a bit longer than expected to get a decent performance out of Chris Pine…..

That’s too long. How could they do this??

On another note, they’ll have time to do IMAX prints, maybe 3D digital versions…how about that? Trek in 3D?

I wish Paramount would’ve given the TOS-R team another half a year to polish up their work. It makes no sense why “the suits” would rush one project out the door, then turn around & give another a reprieve; unless………………….

Maybe the Okuda’s, & Rossi are being brought in to participate w/ JJ. Hmmm.

If this were the case, it might explain both decisions.

To quote the inimitable Bob Novak in his famous confrontation w/James Carville on CNN: Well that’s just bullshit, and I hate that!

Wait… WHAT?! Okay… I can deal with this. May is a much better time to release a movie than December. It also gives them more time to get it right. The only thing that would concern me is what kind of competition is expected for May?

It was soo close. Less than a year… now… my God I’ll be an old man when this thing comes out.

It’s not April 1st again already is it?

……whimper whimper…….

Take the fork out of my Eye

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!! I don’t think I can make it another 15 months!

To make it up to us fans, please show us the Enterprise in a full glory render.
: )


This could be good Shatner.

Variety, even though mostly reliable, could be wrong. Think: they already have a trailer out that says Christmas 08. But oh well, if it means a better film, then good. It will be worth the wait.

But I’m REALLY mad about this…

Surely It can’t be true. Hollywood is supposed to be running behind now because of the writers strike. Many movies were slotted in for the end this year but had to hold off because the stories weren’t finished. Star Trek got in just before the strike.

Didn’t AMERICAN TRESSURE II break all boxoffice records this festive season? There wasn’t much else up against it …blockbuster wise. Well there’s that “Potter” thing at the end of November in 2008 and the remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” but that’s it. ST should be the big thing in January 2009.

The offical movie site still says Christmas 2008.

you gotta be F**King kidding me!

I’m so angry i just kicked my cat! I love my cat! You see what you made me do? I was hoping to watch Star Wars AND Star Trek on the big screen this year. But nooooooooo. Jerks.

30 because they don’t give a damn about us, its that simple


WTF?!?!!!! This thing was announced in what, 2006? And now they’re making us wait another half a year!!

I agree on the “sniveling ferengi” comment, #38.

“THIS IS DISHONORABLE!!!” -Just about every single Klingon ever

They can’t do this to us!

“The hell they did.” -Spock, STIV

Shut the hell up Spock…

To quote Saavik: “Damn.”

Agreed bringing the Okuda’s in would be excellent.
Also I totally agree with the previous posts regarding
this delay as a good thing.


Are they kidding… after they already announced (both covertly and blatantly) the Christmas release date?

Great. JJ is making a great movie and Paramount is being its usual turd-headed self.