Toy Fair Report 2: New Trek SceneIt? Game + Playmates Movie Toy Details

Day 2 for at the New York Toy Fair was supposed to be all about Playmates and their upcoming line of figures and toys for the new Star Trek feature. Playmates did finally officially announce their movie license along with details on the the planned line. However (likely due to Paramount’s recent decision to delay the film) Playmates limited their Trek presentation to just a press release with no prototypes on display. But we do have pictures and details on a fun DVD game all about Trek from SceneIt?

Scene It? goes Trekking

Scene It?, the "most popular DVD board game on the planet" is headed to the final frontier. Carrie Peters, Director of Public Relations for Scene It?, told today that Star Trek has been the most requested Scene It? version and so they have listened to what the people want. “The Star Trek game will encompass all the TV shows and movies, so we have content from all the generations. We wanted to put together the best game we could so we really feel like this is going to be a great one.” Peters says the game will have some unique puzzlers to Trek and all the content and clips are from the original material.

(click to enlarge)

Unfortunately since the game will include material from the upcoming movie, they planned to release the game in fall ’08, but it could get pushed to spring of ’09. Decisions will be pending in the coming months. More info on other Scene It Games (such as Harry Potter and Bond editions) available at their official site.  

Star Trek Scene It Game screen caps (click to enlarge)

Playmates announces Trek movie license and details

Playmates, the toy company that released hundreds of Trek toys and figures during Trek’s heydays of the 90s is now officially back in the Trek business. However, due to the delay of the upcoming Star Trek movie, Playmates did not display or tease any of their prototype tie-in toys at Toy Fair as anticipated. Playmates did provide details on their plans. Playmates confirmed they will make a line up of highly detailed, fully-articulated action figures in 3.75”, 6” and 9” sizes, vehicles, playsets and role play toys for the new movie. Although they were first planned for the Christmas season of this year, they will now debut in Spring 2009.

According to their press release, "the line will include three scales of life-like action figures and accessories; a 12″ scale of collector figures; and iconic vehicles, such as the USS Enterprise with realistic features and details. Additionally, the line will include basic role play toys and deluxe versions boasting exciting electronic features; amazing and intricate playsets that are compatible with the 3.75” figures: and more.”

Pat Linden, Sr. Director of Boys Marketing at Playmates Toys is quoted in the release:

We are proud to represent Star Trek, an important entertainment event, with highly-detailed and intricately designed new toys. With a full line of figures, vehicles, playsets and role-play toys, fans of all ages can relive their favorite moments from the feature film again and again. With an exciting new theatrical release and Playmates Toys extensive product line-up, Star Trek will continue its mission to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” attracting a new generation of fans.

Although we were hoping to see more, being that the film is now fifteen months away it is not surprising that Playmates didn’t show prototypes at this Toy Fair. However, next Toy Fair will be too late for them to allow retailers time to make plans so there will likely be some more news from Playmates this year. was the first to reveal Playmates had the the Trek film license and will continue to follow the story closely, so stay tuned.

Playmates announces (but doesn’t show) Trek line at New York Toy Fair 2008

Coming up next will have one more report coming up from Toy Fair. We will visit with Corgi/Master Replicas to see what they have for 2008 and find out what they have to say about their plans for the new movie.

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Photos by Bill Edwards

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Rats! I wanna see the glorious new E in all her scaled down plasticy splendour. Oh well. The other toys look fun for my wee one.

Playmates was really screwed more than anyone else. They got this license and had been showing these prototypes all over, thinking they’d get these things on the shelves for the Holiday season. They won’t be able to capitalize on the seasonal market…hmm, do you think they’ll scale back what they’re releasing?

Star Trek Scene it? As always… awesome!

… any guess how long till we get to see the prototypes?

YES! My Star Wars guys can play with my Star Trek guys…..

next year.


Damn, wanted to see the uniforms this weekend.

Oh man, I just knew we’d finally get pics from the New York Toy Fair.

But noooooo……

Paramount and their stupid re-scheduling.

Fargin Bastages.

Another reason why I. Hate. This. Decision.

YES! SceneIt Star Trek!


To people still complaining about the rescheduling, “GET OVER IT.” The plus side is that now Playmates will have the time to work on the toys. And hopefully get them out on time unlike The First Contact toys and the Insurrection toys which I never saw at all when they first were released 10yrs ago.

I *want* that Scene It Trek game!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Poor Captain Archer… they slapped the “NEW” sticker over him on the Scene It game, lol!

not to mention all of my christmas gifts from everybody were gonna be playmates releases for old times sake. thanks for ruining christmas, paramount! on the other hand, star trek scene it?…..fantastic!

Argh. Please show the Enterprise somehow. I should have known they’d pull the new movie toys.

I’ve always hoped they’d give trek the scene it treatment (actually I believe I sent them an email or 2 about it!)

As for PM, they might show them at the Fall Toy Fair.

#11. Didn’t even notice Archer there. Saw the small pic in the articles list and thought that they had left him out. Will have to pick this up when it comes out.

The release delay seems to have set us back big time. Back to relying on tabloid news and leaked photos for our spoiler fix.

I want details.

jonboc (#6),

A “Johnny Dangerously” reference! Outstanding! Here’s another, slightly paraphrased…

“My mother didn’t show me the toys for the new Star Trek movie once…just once.”

I had never heard of Scene It! Before today but that Star Trek version sounds like it’ll be loads of fun! I’ll definitely be picking it up.

Arrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!! Darn studio!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see everything I’ll be lusting after darnit!!!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!

the playmates announcement really got me pumped up. i was really getting into following the movie news…then the delay is announced. the toy fair could have been better (even though it looks promising) if they could’ve shown something, anything, from the movie……and now i see the countdown here on trekmovie is at 445 days…what a jump from where it was…300something…what a low feeling i get looking at the new countdown…ugh

Maybe they’ll make a TOS-Only Edition of SceneIt, which of course would be the only version I’d buy. :D


I bet that the Scene It Game will give the option to play within just one show. With 5 shows, if you only watch one, you would be guaranteed to be wrong 4 out of 5 times. If I wanted to feel that dumb I would play Trivial Pursuit! Besides, trivia games should be set up like golf, with handicaps. If I always had to play every category against my friends I would lose every time. Talk about a Kobayashi Maru….

#22: At our house, we do allow handicaps in Trivial Pursuit ;) [instead of needing one wedge of each color, you’re allowed to repeat a single color and in the process skip one … I always skip sports; I enjoy playing backyard sports but the idea of watching other people do so on TV has always struck me simultaneously dull and perverse]

What’s cheering about this particular article is the news that, had the movie been on its original Christmas schedule, the SceneIt game would have been releasing scenes from the new movie as early as Autumn … If Paramount had already approved that, then I figure there’s a fair chance they’ll be okay with a Christmastime release for the SceneIt game.

LMAO at how Archer’s covered up by the ‘New’ sticker/icon….

Evidently, even Scene It feel that Enterprise is worth ignoring…:P

#21 “Maybe they’ll make a TOS-Only Edition of Scene It, which of course would be the only version I’d buy. :D”

Same here. If this version is comprised of all the spin-offs I might as well be playing the scene-it for “Friends”..

and Buckaroohawk,. thanks for the laugh, I love that movie!

If they would make a Scene It of the 1960’s series only I would be interested.

Bullshit translator:

“With an exciting new theatrical release and Playmates Toys extensive product line-up, Star Trek will continue its mission to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” attracting a new generation of fans.”


“We are really pissed off by Paramount crapping on our pre-holiday sales AND toys fair presentation plans with their unwarranted move, but we have no say in this so we’re keeping a straight face and making the best out of it.”

A TOS scene it would be cool, but I don’t want to pay for having to answer questions about all the other series.

And yes…no prototypes = blah. I bet the whole “marketing” push for Trek 08 is geared down considerably.

Its really inteesting in the first toy show report. Thee are pictures of phasers but if you go to the source images, there is another style of phaser that either the photographer just ignored, or didn’t know what it was.

In the phaser pics at the image hosting site, you can see what is obviously the back of a phaser from ST:TMP! There isn’t another device in the series that would carry this particular profile and yet somehow, the photographer just seemed to miss it.

“the photographer just seemed to miss it.”

No, the photogropher didn’t miss it. The TMP/TWOK phaser had a little notice with it that said “no photography please” because the licensor approval is pending.


Mr. Penguin angry. But still pleased.

It’s good to see the Scene It? game, but I’m disappointed that there were no pics.

I’d be interested in a TOS only Scene It deal, but not with those spin-off analog copy series attached.

Anyone else a little confused by the toy line description?

Playmates confirmed they will make a line up of highly detailed, fully-articulated action figures in 3.75”, 6” and 9” sizes, vehicles, playsets and role play toys for the new movie.
According to their press release, “the line will include three scales of life-like action figures and accessories; a 12’ scale of collector figures; and iconic vehicles, such as the USS Enterprise with realistic features and details.

Are you gonna get the 3.75″, 6”, 9″…OR 12 FOOT SCALE?????
I want a 12′ Enterprise!

Actually, this may be a benefit to the toy line…
often figures are based on prototype designs, and not the final look of a costume or ship, etc.
This could give time to tweak details :)

Oh, well. Better luck tomorrow, I suppose.

#35 is right. This will probably result in more accurate toys.

Anyone remember the toy of the Enterprise-E from First Contact? It didn’t look ANYTHING like the actual one from the movie. The entire warp nacelles were wrong, they had the impulse engine where the main shuttle bay is, not on the sides of the saucer section, the details of the engineering section ( nacelle pylons, rear shuttle bay, deflector dish, etc.) were all wrong, as were the details of the saucer section (the bridge, the underside of the saucer, the quantum torpedo launcher.) When Insurrection came out, they fixed the impulse engines and the nacelles, but the rest of the toy remained so awfully wrong.

To people telling me to stop being upset about the rescheduling:

I live in a free country. Don’t read my posts. You wouldn’t be the first.

arrr… that Scene- It game looks pretty simple indeed…

perhaps they also ask “What color is the white Enterprise in The Wrath of Khan?”….

arrrr… I know, just a sample that be… how ’bout “how many folks got phasered?…”

14 – me too, also sent an email. Couldn’t fathom why no Trek Scene it. With hundreds of hours of programming it seemed … illogical.

To all those who said they won’t buy “Scene It?” unless it’s the “TOS Only” version: have you ever stopped to think that strictly selling that version would put a serious dent in the potential sales of the game?

I guess if the full Trek version is really successful, they could decide to market a TOS version and generate a good profit. But personally, I wouldn’t be interested in buying it because I would probably fail miserably at playing it. My best Trek knowledge lies with TNG and Voyager, not TOS. I agree with being able to pick your categories, though. That would be cool.

Yeah that Scene It? DVD game does look good, might have to add that to my Christmas list.

On the subject of DVD’s the BBC are reporting that BlueRay has won the format war, don’t know if it’s true or if they’re jumping the gun.
If it is true it’ll be another example of the better format (Betamax/HDDVD)losing out to money and placement, PS3 anyone.

Oh well Maybe I’m just bitter, because I spent ninety quid on TOS-R Season 1 and plan(ned) on buying the other two eventually.
At least I didn’t spend a fortune on a Toshiba player, I opted for the 360 add on when I bought the Console.

I think I’ll watch The Final Frontier on it and see how it looks Up-rezed ;-).

For the “Scene It!” game I’m much more familiar with DS9 and TOS as they’re my favorite Star Treks. I’ve seen TNG a fair amount too. Voyager and Enterprise I don’t care that much for, and hadn’t watched them nearly as extensively though I have seen a good amount of their episodes at least once. Hopefully they will allow you to select some parameters.

Look forward to Star Trek Scene It? In my opinion, it should’ve been out long ago. I also look forward to the scenes from the new movie in the game. I am also quite sure that it will be the first thing I buy following my seeing of the new film. Put me down on the wish list. My father, mother and I are huge Trek fans, and we look forward to playing a game together. I’m so excited I can’t wait! I also hope that the manufacturers put at least 15 to 20 scenes from each series and the eleven films into the game (and of course, all of the usual Scene It? hi-jinks) I also think that the game pieces will be: The Enterprise NCC-1701, a phaser from TNG, a communicator from DS9 and VOY, and Shran from ENT.

finally… a scene it? that I would *own* everyone on.

it’ll be me against all my friends ;)

I requested a Trek “Scene It” game years ago, back when I bought the first edition of the Harry Potter game. It’s about time! The HP game is fun, but a bit frustrating in that they make a new edition with each movie. A “booster disc” for those of us who bought the first one would be nice. Guess I’ll just wait for the last movie in 2010 and then replace my current game with that one. LOL…

Anyhow, while I’m disappointed to see how many people here want a TOS-only game I guess I’m not surprised. This site is mostly a news resource for the upcoming movie. There’s little to report where the other shows are concerned. Personally, I hate Paramount’s decision to “re-imagine” the original series, and if there is to be new Star Trek I’d rather see it looking forward, not backward. But that’s just me, YMMV.

While I wasn’t terribly enamored with either VOY or ENT, I am overjoyed that TNG and DS9 will be included, especially DS9. I think a lot of those “TOS only” people would probably enjoy the grittier feel and political backdrop to DS9 if given a chance (or in some cases, another chance) to check it out.

It’s a shame that Spike TV appears to have dropped DS9 reruns (and TNG as well), because DS9 continues to age incredibly well. At times, DS9 seems almost (no pun intended) prophetic! People who love intelligent sci-fi would do well to re-discover the series on DVD. It’s too bad we’ll likely never see those richly drawn characters again.

Is the “New ” sticker just on the cellophane wrapping or is it printed on the actual cover?..either way hahahhahahahhahahhaa!