Greg Ellis Joins Star Trek Cast has confirmed that English actor Greg Ellis will appear in the new Star Trek movie in the new role of Chief Engineer Olsen. Ellis is probably best known for his role as a villain for the third season of 24. The 38 year-old Ellis has also appeared in numerous TV series and feature films as well as doing quite a bit of voice work. This will not be his first time with Trek as he appeared in an episode of DS9 and provided voice work for two Trek games.

About Greg
Born and raised in England, Greg Ellis is an experienced theater, TV, film and voice actor with dozens of credits to his name. In addition to his role as the arms dealer Michael Amador on 24, Ellis has appeared on a number of TV series in the US and the UK, including CSI: Las Vegas, Jake in Progress, The X-Files, and The Division. He was most recently seen as the main villain in the pilot/TV movie for Knight Rider. Trekkies may also recognize him for his role as the Cardasssian Ekoor in the series finale for Deep Space Nine. In addition, the actor  appeared in a number of feature films including two of the Pirates of the Caribbean films (as Officer Groves), Titanic, Beowulf and Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Ellis is also an accomplished singer and has done extensive voice work for TV and film animation as well as video games (including "Star Trek: Hidden Evil" and "Star Trek: Invasion").

Ellis in 24, Pirates and DS9

Chief engineer? What about Scotty?

Little is known about Ellis’ role as Chief Engineer except to say that it is a speaking role with multiple scenes. Some may be wondering why Ellis’ Olsen (and not Simon Pegg’s Scotty) is being listed as the Chief Engineer. However it should be remembered that this film is primarily a prequel to The Original Series. has already reported that the original crew characters go through their own arcs in Star Trek. For example Kirk (Chris Pine) does not start off as captain. So just like Bruce Greenwood’s Pike is the captain of the Enterprise for part of the film, so, too is Greg Ellis the Chief Engineer.

According to a source, Scotty may appear for part of the film as a civilian. However, it is confirmed with multiple sources that he eventually steps into his iconic role as Chief Engineer of the Enterprise under James T. Kirk. And has got one other Scotty report that is a bit strange but here it is…apparently at some point Scotty has a “midget sidekick.” It isn’t clear if this tip has anything to do with the casting call for little people in January. Not really sure what to make of that one, but it is from a reliable source so thought it should be passed along. Maybe a drinking buddy.

Ellis Interview at the Knight Rider Launch Party

More on Ellis: IMDB  |  Wikipedia  |   Memory Alpha  |   Official Site

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OMG it’s the guy from the travesty that is the new Knight Rider…

maybe chief engineer under Pike? o well, welcome aboard!

More characters! More characters!!

Scotty has a midget sidekick?


I may be wrong, but I thought it had been established somewhere that Scotty had been on the Enterprise about as long as Spock had.

Well… that’s a mixed bag of info. LOL

Maybe it’s a OMPALOMPA?

From Willie Wonka. They did look like little aliens.

Boy, messed the spelling on that one up good.

Midget sidekick??

Wut?? Why??

Iguess the midget sidekick could be one of them gold dudes from “Journey to Babel.” Not that it makes it any easier to stomach.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|


Check your sources and see if Vern Troyer has been cast. Scotty’s ‘mini-me’??


Maybe he was, but as an Assistant Engineer.

A Scotsman, a midget, and a Vulcan walk into a bar…

I dunno, but it’s a start, eh?

#5 shame on you. This is a Canon Free site

a midget dide kick that must be tom cruise

maybe the midget is for the Jefferies Tube and Scotty just throws him up to where he needs to be.

You guys! You’re not going to believe this, but on the way home from work I finally got a call from JJ Abrams! He said now that the writers strike was over he was going to use Timmy but changed his mind and instead is going to cast me as Admiral Billy Rubin!

Isn’t that the coolest or what?

I KNOW how Abrams is planning to use the midget sidekick of Scotty…it’s for comic relief……..

Picture it……the midget is slow dancing with Yeoman Rand at the ship Christmas party and she hauls off and belts him after he compliments her on how nice her hair smells!

makes sense…hence the recent casting call for little people. Probably a new alien race that is comprised of small sized individuals.

Simon Pegg with a midget sidekick! How can you lose??
#14 LOL!!

its a trip because in this video he looks like he can be peggs younger brother.

trek it out!

Confucious says:
Crowded turbolift smells different to Scotty’s midget…

#5 It’s non-canon that Scotty served aboard the E under Pike, although it was mentioned in a novel or two. It really makes better sense, considering his age.
But again, the Enterprise is not the only ship he served on. And that is canon.

Now then… a MIDGET SIDEKICK???? I want the rest of the details there…

#18 — Agreed. I try not to get too worked up ’till we’re closer to seeing a finished product though.

I got the same mental image. Except mine was that Scotty makes him crawl into the tight spaces in the warp core to save the ship.

“Don’t worry about those plasma energy burns laddy. A wee bit of scotch and you wont feel a thing. Now, go on and close that injector… Yeah, the one in the back. Keep crawling laddy.”

Glad you see the little people are in the future.

ARRRRGgggghhh… MUST…. forget….. Knight Rider…. TV movie…

Let’s face it, Jeffries tubes can’t always be as spacious as they were in TNG’s “The Hunted” :D

Whew, there we go, forgotten all about it.

ARRRGGHghghh… Knight Rider… 2000… flashbacks…..

Minor thing, Greg Ellis’ character in 24 (Michael Amador) was A villian in the third season but not the primary villian (Stephen Saunders played by Paul Blackthrone).

he was probably the best thing in knight rider – it was very bland!


In one of the 80s novels, it was shown that Scotty was an engineer (not sure if he was CE) under Pike, and served alongside Spock. But the novels are not canonical, since they contradict each other as well.

Midget sidekick = guaranteed blockbuster.

NOT CANON! He’s too tall to be a 23rd century citizen!

Maybe the midget is a leprechaun that helps Scotty work all his miracles.


It was in the novel “Vulcan’s Glory” by DC Fontana (my all-time favorite Trek novel) in which Spock and Scotty join the crew of the Enterprise under Pike’s command.

Also, in that novel, Scotty was not the Chief Engineer.

horray! another Brit in the new star trek movie :o)

Good casting choice

Maybe Scotty was just two dwarves in an overcoat all along….

Wait, do dwarves grant wishes?

How many characters are in this movie….?

Old Spock
Kirks Parents
Spocks Parents
Pikes Engineer
Nero’s Sidekick
And many many more…..

Oh, and a Midget!

I vote for Bethany from Boston Legal

Could be Alexander from “Plato’s Stepchildren”.

Let’s see, we know that Montgomery Scott WILL someday be the Chief Engineer of the Enterprise. AND now we know he won’t be in the movie… at least not initially (gulp).

Ruh roh, Reorge! Methinks we might see the infamous red shirt syndrome in action.

I thought Mr. Ellis made a great villain on the pilot movie of the new “Knight Rider.” It wasn’t great, but I’d say let’s give it a chance. At least the “Hoff” isn’t the star (whew).

Did someone say the movie won’t come out this year?

Maybe AP misunderstood and should be Scotty and his Widget. I’m sure one of the cannonites can find a book where he used a widget to save the day.

A small person in engineering? Cool!!! And scotty comes onboard at some point to take over the post? I’m seeing a pattern here…

I don’t mean to spoil anything, but does anyone else feel like were going to start out with pike’s crew and his Enterprise, and most of them die?

I’m just sayin… it kinda looks that way… I’m probably completely wrong…

Maybe the midget is for one of those “forced perspective” shots …hmmmm.

the scottsman picks up two food cubes turns to the midget, and says…

never seen one before. but i know what you mean.

oh that thing was painfull.
i dont know who scored worse? KR or BW.
whats next? planet of the apes, lost in space, airwolf, streethawk, space 1999. Star Trek?

Someone has to die!

As far as Pike’s Enterprise goes, remember that Pike commanded the Big E for quite a while (ref. TOS “The Menagerie). I do not recall anything in canon which confirms that Scotty was on board as long as Spock, and certainly not anything that suggests he was Chief Engineer. Forget about the novels. They are fun, but not concrete sources.

This is alright with me. By the first season, Scotty is a mere Lt. Cmdr. This makes complete sense.