More Yelchin: On Spocks, Move To May, Accent and More

In a new video interview with MTV, Anton Yelchin talks at length about Star Trek. The new Chekov talks about aliens, a ‘gracious’ meeting with Walter Koenig on the set, a photo shoot, working with two Spocks, the move to May and more. Check out the video plus a new excerpt from his Star Trek Magazine interview below.


more on the interview at MTV.

Anton Yelchin admits that he didn’t know anything about Star Trek before he got cast. But in a new in depth interview with the official Star Trek Magazine, the actor shows how he has really studied the character.

Yelchin on Chekov’s accent

I know the Russian accent so well because I have so many family members and family friends who speak with one, but there are also certain things that Walter Koenig does specifically, like his version of it, that I have been picking up and studying to incorporate, because I think they’re really important. It really is Chekov. It’s not just some Russian guy. It’s Chekov. Specifically the word “very.” He always says “wery.” It’s a big emphasis on using a W instead of a V. And the way he says “keptin” … All these things, I think, are important to take note of and to use.

on what interests him about Chekov

My personal opinion of Chekov in the original series is he’s just a really funny little guy, and that’s what we’re going to do. I watched my favorite Star Trek episode yesterday, “The Apple.” The whole episode, everyone is doing something that is relevant to their mission, and he’s just over there with his girlfriend. He’s supposed to be this brilliant navigator and it’s in combination with this wonderful sense of humor and weirdness. In “The Apple” he starts talking about the Garden of Eden being outside of Moscow. Great little things like that I really like about him.

The latest issue of Star Trek Magazine has much more from Yelchin as well as other good articles on the film, and much more. Pick it on newsstands now.

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I like this kid.

No… must resist…

But I have to say in this image I buy him a little better in the role.

no comments yet – I shall be the first!

I think he will be great in this role. The little nuances of the accent plus his take on it

apparently not…..not too optimisitc rite now with actor news, i’ve kinda fallen out of the trek movie mood, may get back into it later this year, probably around the 1 year to go countdown (hmm de ja vu saying that)…anyway i’m happy for yelchin

I finally realized that TOS stands for “The Old Show”, instead of “The Original Series.” I think this kid is gonna be a good Chekov.

Uniforms sort of confirmed?

I’m going to echo #1 and say “I like this kid”

He seems to ‘get’ it.

im impressed that this guy is taking the time to watch some original series episodes. i think its essential. well done mate.
looking forward to your take on chekov

Good interview. I like this kid too. And two Spocks are indeed better than one!

It’s high time we heard from Chris Pine, though.

Peace. Live long and prosper
The Vulcanista }:-|

I think he’s got a good sense of humor and a good approach to this project.
His favorite episode is “The Apple”? Why not “Way to Eden”? OK, to each his own. I guess Apple is one of the few Chekov featured eps where Chekov isn’t made to scream out in agony. (Wonder if JJ’s mention ear-wigs to Yelchin yet?)
Velcome aboard, Anton. You’re wery velcome on this wessel.

Oh god, are we going to have to go through an actor’s strike now?

1. Jorg Sacul – February 21, 2008

I like this kid.

I do too.

In The Apple, Chekov was just hangin’ with the girl. In Way to Eden he was nearly compromised by the girl. Good character integrity choice, Anton!

Somebody has to ask the important question! WILL he be wearing a “Beatle” wig?? lol!

Somebody give this guy a feckin’ hug. He’s so bleedin’ nice.

Have to say that some of the remarks from the cast members have been very good. They seem to all think of the movie as some kind of Camp Star Trek, where they get to go play as Kirk an Co.

His new movie looks very good, I might just check it out.

Anthony, thanks for that MTV interview!

We really get a lot of good info and a great sense of how excited the cast is about what they’re a part of. That interview more than any others I read recently gave me chills of excitement. Anthony, you da man!!!

This young man will do a good job as our favorite navigator .

Nuclear Wessles!!!

Glad he doesn’t look like the pipsqueak kid I took him for in the first pictures I saw of him.

I think he’s got authentic Russian edge, a certain cool impatience. In the 60s, we needed to laugh at Russians, but anybody who lives with Russians [like we do in LA] knows that they are psychologically tough people.

Hope they don’t use him for comic relief.

well, he just confirmed some costume colors…gold, red and blue…

“Obviously there’s special perks if you’ve been a ‘Star Trek’ fan for forty years…”

There certainly are – the discounted “Early Bird Special” down at Denny’s is one of my favorites. :lol:

MTV guy: “obviously the kids watching MTV have been fans of yours…”

Did I miss something- is this guy really popular with the yungins? I’ve never heard of this kid before.

#20- Dennis , you so crazy! LOL!

NOT CANON!!!!!!!!

His eyes are .002 microns too far apart to accurately represent Chekov as Gene envisioned. Boycott…

Not canon????
It IS NOW!!!

Dennis: Do you have to carry all your DVDs and ships/action figures/autographs down to Denny’s to get the discount?

#23: “NOT CANON!!!!!!!! His eyes are .002 microns too far apart to accurately represent Chekov as Gene envisioned. Boycott…”

I’m more concerned about how Chekov fits into a Pike era story, that would make Pavel about 5 years old.

What I want to know is who’s playing Rand? My vote is for Tracey Gold.

Aw, c’mon……what’s next? Interviewing the catering truck guy? Why are we hearing nothing from Chris Pine? He’s playing the Kirkmeister for cryin’ out loud!!!

Can somebody link a transcript of some sort. MTV hates Canadian viewers like me. :(

#26 The current theory is that there will be several different eras depicted in the movie. From what Yelchin said it would seem the end of the movie is very likly to see a Kirk as Captain era as one of them.

er…nm…found the interview /blush

Ah, “The Apple”… the episode with the space hippies!

Also the episode that my “handle” is taken from ;-)


The Apple has Vol, the papier mache rhino with an attitude and a red shirt body count of staggering proportions.
Way to Eden is the hippies.

#26—Why would he be involved in a Pike-era story? That is a small part of the story. The story also depicts Kirk’s academy days, Kirk’s days of commanding the Enterprise, Spock’s childhood, etc. I’m not sure where you get that Checkov would have anything to do with Pike. I’m beginning to think you just make negative comments about the film without any regard for accuracy whatsoever. You have been on his site long enough not to have missed that element in Anthony’s many spoiler articles. Do you even read them?

Oh Sh*t! You’re right! D’oh!!!

Hmmmm….it sounds like we only see the crew in regulation uniforms (from TOS) at the very end of the movie. Everything else in the film probably layers the story with how this iconic crew came to be together. If the last scene of the movie is them on the bridge of the Enterprise in the uniform “look” we know and love, what a great way to usher in the much anticipated sequel………….HOO HA!!

…cornfused Apple & Eden…

Both have hot chicks in silly situations. IMHO.

CmdrR: Heh! Too true!

Hmm. I can dig ‘epic’, but describing it as an action movie over and over again isn’t sitting too well with me. Not that there’s anything wrong with action, but that’s really not how I’d expect a Star Trek movie to be described as. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens

But anyway, he’s pretty cute. Kinda reminds me of Michael J. Fox in a way. Can’t wait to see him (and everyone else) in their uniforms!

But will he get to do a Chekov scream? AAIAIAIIIEEEEEEEE

Young Chekov has to be a fun character for an actor to get into. Let’s suppose the final part of the film is set during Kirk’s command of the Enterprise. Chekov probably gets no formal introduction, just has a few lines here and there where he can be recognized: “Romulan wessels decloaking keptin!” Any actor worth his salt would make the most of it, I think we can count on Yelchin.


Camp Star Trek … wouldn’t *that* be a trip and a half!

It sounds like everyone is having a lot of fun making this movie. The fact that Yeltsin is really into the Chekhov character is very encouraging. And interesting that Yeltsin also mentioned publicity photos. Hopefully, TPTB will fork some over soon!

We still need to hear from the Cap’n Pine himself, though.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I just think it’s great that MTV is taking enough of an interest to talk to Anton about the new movie.

Here’s hoping it catches on. The franchise needs to bring in fresh some fresh fans as well as ideas.

This dude sure is spilling the beans. J.J. better tell him to be wery, wery wuiet!.


9. The Vulcanista – February 21, 2008

“It’s high time we heard from Chris Pine, though.”

Sensors indicate that Mr. Pine is a most smokin’-hot humanoid, Captain.

Do sensors indicate that Mr. Pine has hazel eyes and a hairless chest, Mr. Spock?

Yes, Captain, as well as the ability to chew the scenery upon demand.

agreed. they sem to hava a lot of problems in that area. and now the film is pushed back to May? god help them.

and that mention of a photo shoot? when can we get those pics?

sorry but its always been ‘the original series’ to me and most people ive talked too. only rarely every few years does someone pop up and say they thought it was ‘the old show’

Anton Yelchin seems like a nice enough kid, but honestly…. LOSE Koenig’s crappy, pseudo-Russian accent! I have had some Russian friends and NONE of them ever sounded like Walter Koenig. I love the idea that Abrams and company are saluting classic Trek, but you don’t have to salute the things that DON’T work! That phony-baloney accent of Koenig’s was not “stylized;” it was BAD acting! Don’t salute it; do it better! Make it your own, kid! Never liked Walter Koenig’s characterization and I never will. Russians CAN make the “V” sound! This is not 1967. They should not be characterized as cliche, Cold-War stereotypes! Too bad they feel the pressure to hang on to stuff that didn’t work before.

Aww…Koenig’s crappy, pseudo-Russian accent was part of the fun and charm of the character! I’m kind of glad they’re going to keep some aspects of it. After all, how do we know for certain what humans from Russian are going to sound like in the 23rd Century? TNG did give us a French captain that sounded exactly like he was from Britain. ;)

Of course, I would have been happy with a legitimate Russian accent too. I don’t envy the job the actors and producers of this film have at all. There is SUCH a wide array of what different fans want and don’t want. No matter what they choose there’s going to be some outcry from some fans.

I look forward to seeing him in the in the role of chekov