Even More Yelchin: Now Talking Plot and Enterprise Designs

Boy Anton Yelchin is certainly the chatty Cathy this week. While the new Chekov is promoting his film Charlie Bartlett (opening tonight), he keeps dropping more and more hints about the new Star Trek. The latest is from The Chicago Sun Times where the young actor talks about his first day on Enterprise, a bit about the plot and the design of the new Enteprise. check it out below. [minor spoilers]

Yelchin’s first day:

The first day I walked onto that bridge, I thought, ‘It’s the freakin’ Enterprise!’ It was really an epic feeling. I put on my Star Trek gear and thought, ‘Damn, it’s Star Trek!’

On the Plot

It is an origin story. It’s really about how everyone’s favorite characters … got to the Enterprise. It’s about how it all comes together. It’s not just them arriving and saying, ‘Let’s just kick it on the Enterprise.’ It’s really an epic story full of different action and drama.

On the new Enterprise:

The new Enterprise ship isn’t straight out of the ’60s.’ But they did take some ’60s elements and keep them. The whole project is really a balance between the old series and the new film.

More at the Chicago Sun Times.

Yelchin, Anton Yelchin…on a secret mission
Will all recent the divulging from Yelchin, the following quote from his interview with Star Trek Magazine (done before shooting started) seems relevant:

My script has my name on every page. It’s coded, you know? everyone’s script has that. I have never worked on anything like that, either. I have been on sets where people tried to keep things secret and I’ve been like, “What the hell are you keeping things secret for? We’re lucky if people get to see this movie.” But it’s really interesting. Even without it, you understand the incredible scope of this thing, but it adds a certain level of fun to it. I feel like I’m on a secret mission or something, before I actually get to the set. Part of it is like a little bit of James Bond.

Read the rest of that interview in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine on newsstands now.

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Talkative lately, isn’t he?

That he is.

No doubt we will hear more from more members of the cast as may 09 approaches

Well, in typical fashion with this movie, he is talking alot but not saying much!

“Let’s kick it on the Enterprise” is the take away line here.

I can’t believe he said that! My hopes are ruined!! Spoilers!!! Spoilers!!

– Warp 3 isn’t it…?

He seems like a nice enough young man, ha ha. Can’t wait to see his interpretation of Chekov.

Well, there we have it. The ship will not fit in with canon design. ST will be moer along the lines of a Planet of the Apes remaquel. Now life can move on.

# 8

Didn’t the trailer kinda give away that it isn’t an exact canon match?

He’s only 19- Sheesh. He’s been dropping hints for the past 3 days: Blue red and gold uniforms, and ’60s elements in the ship. Klingons, Romulans, and next the combination to Kirk’s safe. Fun stuff!

I know. like I said. Life can now move on and the people that still moan about Trek XI’s looks will have to move on too.

This was aimed at the people that thought this would fit into trek history perfectly. If you took that attitude into this film then you were going to be soreley disapointed.

Chekhov was created to improve ratings by putting a moptop youngster on the Enterprise.

Yelchin fulfills a similar role circa 2009, but with a starring role under his belt to boot (and alongside Iron Man). JJ is seeding this film with future talent so that sequels will be required viewing in the next few years.

Sir JJ™ and The OrcSter® had better get a muzzle on this kid el pronto. Nothing says KEEP YOUR EFFING MOUTH SHUT faster than some lawyers. Sure, he’s a young kid. He can be allowed some missteps. Such is the nature of youth. However. and this is a big however.

The little Alpha Pup™ has divulged way way way too much information at this point. With the movie being pushed back 6 months, it was now too soon to have even put the teaser trailer out there. Understandably, they want to control the information that is being released as well as do that at a pace which builds momentum and keeps interest. What’s this kid doin???

Serve this guy some non-discloure papers. That will constipate his diaharrea of the mouth. And it’s not easy for me to say all this – I want info as badly – hey I want the frickin movie as badly – as anyone else.

May 2008 seems miles away, let alone 2000 Ott Niner. They won’t have this momentum for the sequel SO FOR NOW, you ride it and you milk it for all it’s worth. You heard it from h69 first. Then you heard it from my women. But it’s true no matter what the source.

all my best,


I think he has babbled bit too much about the movie.

#11… true. But if they set themselves up for such a disappointment by expecting a 2009 film to exactly match a 60’s TV show, they should expect to be let down.

He’s yappin’ like a 5 year old……..hey, good nickname for the kid…..


I’m not seeing anything in his comments that’s surprising. Why don’t we want him to talk?

JJ: “I thought I told all of you not to reveal any secrets. Yelchin…I know you…you started it, didn’t you?”

Yelchin: “Oh Sir, eet vas Khan….he pute kreetures…een our bodees…to kuntrol our minds…made us say lies….do things…”

JJ: “Mr. Yelchin, your agonizer, please…”

Yelchin: “Aieeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!”

uh,oh… arrrr… young Anton’s gunna get fired for yakkin so much… or be sued whatever he makes off o’ “Charlie Bartlett”…

ha, just funnin’…

It’s fitting to have the young bloke go blabbing about Trek and building it up to potential young moviegoers…
Imagine a bunch of kiddies at the show…

I best bring me acne cream with me to the cinema when I see it… in case of an outbreak…

Might get arrested for unintentionally hittin’ on some teenie…

I could ask those sittin’ ’round me what the latest colorful metaphor be…


#18 – lol

He hasn’t revealed anything new that hasn’t already been disclosed. I like him talking it up, it’s good early PR for the movie.

#20–Just like Yelchin, I’m here all week!

“I best bring me acne cream with me to the cinema when I see it… in case of an outbreak…” British Naval Dude

I think this is the most promising aspect of the Future as foretold by Star Trek, warp speed, transporters, phasers, and certainly no acne. Perhaps the elimination of acne more than anything can allow one to go boldly where no one has never gone before.

Seriously, the guy has said literally nothing of substance so I am not sure why everyone is so concerned with his disclosures.

Re: #1. ety3, #13. hitch1969©, #14. Captain Hackett

Yeah, I’m thinking he’d better cool it a bit. I remember what it was like to be his age and then add being “famous” but he really needs to calm down and be careful before he gets into trouble. On the last thread I think it was Vulcanista who wanted to hear more from Chris Pine (Kirk). Chris is probably sitting back watching this kid go. Smart man.

I’m excited for Yelchin and yes, a little jealous, but I do think he needs to take a deep breath and think before he speaks.

I was wondering if anyone was going to say “let’s kick this pig”. I guess saying “let’s just kick it…” is close enough.

Re: #15. Diabolik

I wondered about that before I saw “Enterprise” but thought it turned out okay. Hopefully people will realize it’s what we would have done with the script if it just came out NOW as opposed to the 60’s. I’m just going to enjoy this.


excuse me… but what does God need with Children, running a Star Trek movie?


or to quote from Joel..

…” 113. Joel Roller – February 22, 2008

Hell is REPETITION, like an old episode of Star Trek seen for the millionth time.

The “good” in others that you think you see is an illusion.
Little fables folks tell themselves so they can get through their days without screaming too much.

Just remember – Born in lust, turn to dust… people like you will see me in hell, over and over again!

;-) “

Re: #16. Harry

“BABBLE-ON 5” ???????

lol lol lol lol !

One of your better ones, Harry!



The design MUST remain EXACTLY as the 60’s version and genes original vision or I will personally write 1000,0000 letters of complaint and my local star trek group will engage in a mind meld to affect the profits of this movie!

Re: #18. Closet-Trekker

“…JJ: “Mr. Yelchin, your agonizer, please…”

Yelchin: “Aieeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!” ”

Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are on a roll!


I want to see the Enterpriseeeeeeeeeeee Dx

It would appear that Chekov likes to shoot his mouth off!


I guess I’m using a double edged sword here. For the most part, Trek has a linear design flow. it is shown throughout the TV shows and movies. I sympathize with both sides of the debate. I lovethe 60s look and Star TRek Enterprise’s In A Mirror Darkly used TOS elements as is. they puled it off flawlessly. on the negative side, it is obvious that the film is not just a prequel and the new designs overlap what had been established in rock solid canon. THAT is what I’m not happy about. JJ could have made this a nice prequel and not touch the TOS 5-year mission error, but he had to put his new designs where the older ones belonged. He’s going post TNG-Fine, Pre TOS Fine, Pre-Pike Fine. JJ’s look contradicting Gene’s look NOT FINE. Keep the film neat and concise where it belongs and offer some kind of explanation for the design changes. I looks as though we’re getting none of that. The new ship looks like is could eat a Borg Cube for dinner and that’s not good.

However, for Trek to live again it needs new blood. JJ’s cast are exactly what the franchise needs. The hype surrounding the movie is the most I’ve seen for any Trek film ever. Returning Spock into his role as Leonard Nimoy :) is the aspect of this move I am loking forward to the most. Period.

Yelchin confirms it, the Enterprise has been de-canonized! This is Star Trek in name only. What’s next, Vulcans have 2 hearts & can regenerate?

I am so split on this move it’s not funny.

Well! Isn’t he quite the Russkie chatterbox? LOL!!!!

I guess this ties it – if they don’t want any more of the movie given away, they’ll have to move the release back to Christmas 2008 to give Yelchin less time to say any more…

(Oh, well, I had to try…)

But, I’m sure if he steps too far into saying something that gives away the movie, he’ll be asked to not say any more.

18- Now that was funny!!!

Have no fear. Everything he’s saying is allowed publicity. Nothing is leaked without JJ turning the tap.

31 – Lets see what JJs Enterprise actually looks like before making rash judgements please.

Also, if you wnat design continuity, look at the difference between the Enterprise in TOS and Star Trek: TMP.


Of course, the on-screen explanation is a refit, but in truth, the style and aesthetic change is more than a refit can comfortably explain, when it really comes down to it.

Gossip — eet vuss a Russian inwention!

OK all for getting info on the movie, but I just hope we don’t already know half of it by the time it comes out. Good to hear that the other characters do get attention though!


It’s not canon!!

Let’s all jump off the cliff NOW!!

Maybe Sir JJ™ should call Timberlake and have him take the kid down to Palm Springs for a few days to chill out?

Wonder what next week will bring? His Verizon wireless photoalbum?


I wish we would finally hear more out of Chris Pine. He’s the one person we should be hearing, and yet he’s arguably the most tight-lipped.
On the subject of Yelchin, I’ve been reading reviews of his new movie, Charlie Bartlett. None of the reviewers hated it, but none of them seemed to actually like the movie. The A.V. Club says that Charlie Bartlett was better back when it was called Rushmore.


It’s not funny, this is a serious upheaval in the ST universe. Canon is the thread that holds ST together. Pull the stitching out, anarchy thrives and Trek is no more.

YES CANON MUST BE PRESERVED. NOT ONLY WILL TREK UNRAVEL BUT OUR LIVES WILL TOO!!! What am I gonna do with my vintage figures I kept “in box” that I thought would be worth 10,000 each when the new movie comes out, they will be worthless and my mom will be pissed!

He has yet to really say anything we did not already know. Well, maybe he did break the story about the Klingons, but that could be a Kobyashi Maru thing, or as someone else pointed out—he could have mixed up his alien villains. Did anyone really think that we could have a TOS-era Star Trek movie without the Klingons making some kind of appearance anyway? I wonder if he realizes what his little “away team slip-up” did to set this site on fire. Other than starting a debate over that, the biggest thing he has revealed by himself is that Pavel will still confuse his “V’s” and “W’s”! I doubt Anton will be put into the agonizer booth over any of this.

Shatner: “Let me get this straight. There are two Spocks??? Are you sure I’m not in it?”

Yelchin: “Actually, there are three. I’m wery sorry keptin, but…JJ’s orders are confirmed… You know, I remember Peter The Great once had a problem like this. He…”

Shatner: “Nevermind. Just get me on Oprah!”


A little extreme, I feel. I don’t think they’re “pulling the stitching out”, just updating trek for a new film

Either way, it’s this or trek really is no more (apart from New Voyages / Phase II)

#8, #9, #27, #32 (and all who worry over if the Big E will look a lot like TOS version—-or not):
I have to think that, now with the WGA strike overwith, JJ Roberto and Alex can get back to making those many tweaks they said they missed (during the “Pencils Down!” strike). To that, I would think that if this story has any damage inflicted to the Big E so soon in its mission(s) of exploration, a subsequent patch-up of such damage might include more upgrades, slightly different lettering of the ship name across the hull, and a look just a little closer to TOS era image—if A LOT MORE REALISTIC than we’ve ever seen it (ILM is doing the effects, and that company is FULL of “Star Trek” fans). There can be ALL MANNER OF REASONS for that kind of make-over to occur in the storyline where it makes sense (and isn’t done just to do it); it only takes a little imagination. And NO “Pencils Down!” writer’s strike going on to make it so. (—pun intended.)

Besides: what if they DO show what all the detail in the vessel is there for? And those uniforms……… several websites recently showed a new type of garment that is self-heating, which would make those blue and gold pajama-like shirts the crew wears QUITE COMFORTABLE on the colder planets, presuming the temperatures don’t drop beyond a certain level, that is. (Think: “THE ENEMY WITHIN”)

Anton’s FUN with the character of Pavel Chekov will perhaps steal the show in scenes he’s in, if Roberto and Alex have anything to do with how the scenes are written. Chekov screaming again? “Wessels” …” etc. Walter K. will have the greatest fun seeing the movie, which also brings to mind a potential AMAZING premier performance: wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have the entire audience of the first screening be attended by the Cast and Crew of ALL FIVE of the “Star Trek” TV shows, all 10 previous films, this film, Majel and Rod, the children of the late Dezi Arnez & Lucille Ball (whos’ studio, DESILU, first produced ‘Trek in the 1960s), the most wel-known celebrity Trek fans (both in the entertainment industry AND professionals in various fields who were inspired to get there by STAR TREK from the very beginning)—and their families? They might need a BIG auditorium for that, though…..

ANTON: From one actor to another, Welcome aboard this amazing thing called STAR TREK! And warp speed toward ST-12 and ST-13………

Now, if we can only find out more about show that “Fleet Captain” (or as Pavel might say, “….Keptin”) is, we’ll have far more to chew on between now and May 2009. Is it Robert April? Is it Jonathan Archer? Is it Garth of Izar? Is it……. someone else? (—–or is that revealing too much of the plot to reveal so soon? Hmmmm……)

BTW, ROBERTO: may I urge you guys (Alex/J.J./Paramount) to see that the trailers show as much of the ISSUE that this story is about without revealing the plot, so that the “TREK MESSAGE” you are trying to convey actually inspires theater-goers to want to see this film more than anything? In other words, the delay in release date makes one wonder if the moral Star Trek-style message may be too important to wait for may 2009—but can be at least partially touched on in the advertisement trailers we will see later this year (and/or early in 2009)?

I have made no rash judgements. I am simply pooling together all i have heard and read thus far on this site. I am on the fence and calmly explaining my concern.


TOS to TMP is – —> +, where TMP tech >TOS

There is no sign there will be an exlpanation, no matter how simple it might be, and that is sad

“It’s not funny, this is a serious upheaval in the ST universe. Canon is the thread that holds ST together. Pull the stitching out, anarchy thrives and Trek is no more.”

So true.

I’m with Yelchin on being somewhat baffled (but still amused and entertained) by the secrecy fetish ;)

#44: LOL. Priceless :)