Rumor Control: George Takei Still Not In New Star Trek Movie

Last fall debunked a rumor that George Takei will be in the new Star Trek, but apparently you can’t keep a good rumor down. Today The Howard 100 News on Sirius ran an interview with Takei where he was asked number of questions on various topics which he did not answer because he felt they were based on “privileged conversations.” One of these topics was Takei’s meeting with director JJ Abrams. This sparked AICN to run a story “Is George Takei In J.J. Abrams’ STAR TREK Movie??” Of course this has sparked numerous “Takei in Talks” stories on other sites (examples: here, here, here). has talked to sources and Mr. Takei himself to get to the truth.

The answer is NO
The report on AICN states that Takei “recently had lunch with J.J. Abrams,” however Mr. Takei tells that it was actually a breakfast last fall before filming began on the project. Takei would not go into details about his talk with Abrams because “the whole conversation is privileged,” however the actor did express concern over how not commenting has been “turned into an affirmation” that he will appear in the new Star Trek movie.

According to multiple sources connected to the film, George Takei will not appear in the new Star Trek. The film makers are fans of Takei’s, but he just doesn’t fit into the story they are telling.

Academy Awards George
George Takei did attend attend the Oscars over the weekend, here is a shot of him on the red carpet.

Takei and partner Brad Altman attending the Academy Awards in Hollywood Feb. 24th

Photo: Stan Honda, AFP

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I seem to recall Anton Yelchin confirming that no other original Trek actor outside of Nimoy will be appearing in the film. Apparently, AICN forgot about this little fact when jumping the proverbial gun.

Between this and the “Shatner in Movie” thing, I find some of these rumours to be a little nauseating.

Until I hear it from the source, I don’t believe it. has nothing on! :-)

In the picture, that guy looks like he’s about to kiss George. :P

Whether or not George Takei is in the new movie, I just can’t wait for it to come out! :-)

I like Takei as an actor, But this movie is beyond HIS character. That is a very Interesting photo, dont you think?? What is Altman whispering or blowing into his ear??

OMG. How could he *NOT* know his response would have this affect? He’s not a newbie. IMO all he had to say was, “NO. I AM NOT IN THE MOVIE.” That is answering the question without giving any deep, dark secrets away. What he did could easily be misconstrued to look like he was just trying to stir the pot.


I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing not to have Gearge Takai in the movie! Don’t get me wrong, fan of the Sulu right here but if you have more than one old cast member, I think the novelty value wears off pretty quick!

Hercules over at AICN is clinging to the unfounded notion that several TOS folks, notably Shatner, are secretly in the movie. If you read the piece in question today, you can see this.

enough with these original cast rumors….shatner ruined the rumors for all…it’s nimoy only and we have to settle for that, i understood that writing others (like Shatner) into the movie was too complicated and there wasn’t enough time to do it, however my personal opinion was they should’ve found a way for the 5 alive (shat, nimoy, nichols, takei, koenig) to be in this movie or involved in some way, shape, or form…especially now that the movie has been given an extra five month period…but it’s not gonna happen, no takei, no nobody…just gonna sit here and wait 15 months for this movie and hope for the best…


Mongo seem to recall that man in picture with Sulu mans is life partner. Him probably do want a kiss. Mongo have no problem with that. Better than all angry all time.

Mongo think we already knew no old Sulu mans in movie? Mongo like read article anyway.

This is nuts. I’m outta here.


Just to stop these ugly rumors:

I did not win the recent Mega Millions lottery (although I’m about that age and about one paycheck away from living in a trailer.)

and folks, please stop this gossip, because:

I am not the father of Angelina’s bump.

“Hoo Hoo Robin, I invented Star Trek.” Shut up Stern. Take the Howie Chooper back to the Hamptons and play with a phaser not set to stun. Seriously, the only funny thing on Howie’s show is George making fun of himself.

Don’t tell anyone, but I think George Takei might be gay…

rumours for publicity !! at least u at trekmovie tell the truth

the rampant and disgusting homophobia towards george on aicn absolutley disgusts me, they should all be ashamed of themselves!
including the people who monitor the site!

im sure cawley will have george back for an episode or two of phase 2, and maybe this time we can have the excelsior side by side with the classic enterprise!

ssssshhhhhhh!!!!! Lol

Thank God for that.

George’s “no comment” had the desired effect: a flurry of media interest in him. Ever the publicist.

And looking at Mr. Pucker-Up, just reinforces my hetero-ness. Come on, George, wouldn’t a girl be better? I suppose I just can’t understand some things.

“Thank God for that.”

Oh, why is that? He’s in great shape for his age–hell, he’s in pretty good shape, period. If nothing else, “World Enough and Time” showed that Takei could still believably look the part of a starship captain, if need be. Unlike some. Not that it means he should be in the film. The dramatic requirements of the story should be what drive the casting decisions, and nothing else.

That’s not the first time I (or “we” in general) have scared off a girl. Won’t be tha last either.

That’s why I make sure me date hears no Trek talk and me tongue only wags to show her me cherry stem tying technique…

Does Mongo want more beans?

Why the holy hell was George at tha Oscars? I mean, I’m happy he a’went but anyone know tha reason fur the invite? Seems odd…. not that George is a stranger to odd behavior “Oh, my.” Shatner dunna have the monopoly on oddity.


OK, so the moderator did remove his messages. Good. Please disregard the reference to #21 and 22 above.


Shat’s on Oprah — and the clips are REMASTERED! (From Naked Time and some flyby of the E)

hmm… got quiet in here.

George, you’re welcome at my home near Atlanta anytime — but, you have to tell Trek stories.

If Takei won’t go into detail about the breakfast, we’ll never know how he and JJ like their eggs. If we never know how they like their eggs, it becomes that much more difficult to emulate them! My god, what if they’re vegetarians? What if they had cold cereal? If so which kind? Raisin Brain? RAISIN BRAN???? WHAT IF THEY HAD RAISIN BRAN???????*

Fans have to know this stuff or we can’t be sufficiently creepy.


* Bran and Brain, What is Bran?

I’m sorry, George is great and all, but to think that he did not know what a not committal answer would spark would make him naive well beyond believability. Either he really is in the movie and just slipped, or he wanted to stir up publicity and churn the internet rumor mill a bit, but I can not believe that he was unaware of the impact of a statement like that.

I never expected a Takei appearance. What for? We have enough nostalgic time with Nimoy, I’m sure. I don’t see how Takei (as Sulu) would have made sense unless his Excelsior days were part of the story’s moving around to different time periods. There was never any reason to believe they were…

It’s been two months since I last looked at AICN and I don’t miss it a bit. They are the meanest & foul-mouthed people on the Internet.

Some of the posts above have me a little worried, too. Jeez, just get over it.

oh my

How come posts with homophobic remarks about Mr Takei, and all kinds of posts knocking Bill Shatner are left up, but god forbid anyone mention James Cawley’s awful toupee and the post is removed?

#31–Are you referring to this site, or someone else’s?

His partner? You mean business partner? Or did you mean….OH! What will the folks in the fly-over states think?

Too bad that no other Old Trekkers will be in it. Maybe they’ll still throw in Patrick Stewart with the 1701-E. Or maybe they’ll get bored and put in Janeway again.

Either way, I’m cool.

34: I think Patrick Stewart would steer clear. Does calling in Janeway make them any less bored? I guess it was the highpoint of Nemesis.


Mongo get that all time. It OK. Beans good for Mongo. Mrs Mongo make Mongo sleep outside.


To each, own. More love never bad thing.

Sulu good, but time passed. Cawley mans maybe hire him again?

Re: #26 S. John Ross

Funneee post! And

“Bran and Bran! What is Bran?”


Re: #27. myrth

Sorry but I have to AGREE with you. Said a similar thing in my previous post (#7). It’s kind of sad, actually.


What? You mean that AICN was taken in by rumor and speculation and ran a story without checking to see if it was true first?

I am shocked. SHOCKED, I say.

I’m sorry, but that picture is just begging for a comic balloon text.


How about, “Mr.Sulu mans, why Picard stand behind.”?

I’m just grateful after 17 years of moaning George has finally stopped promoting a Sulu/Excelsior TV series!

Ok, Takei’s not in it.

And in my opinion, all the posts, sly jokes and etc. about George’s sexuality are not needed here.

#27 Myrth

“Either he really is in the movie and just slipped…”

‘S’cuse me, Mr. Takei. Your slip is showing.

George Takei is class all the way, I would have liked to have seen him get his own series. Say what you want ,A captain Sulu series would have rocked!
I don’t think He wants to be in the new trek movie though.


#44 Garovorkin
Yes, Takei is a classy man.

I dislike that his life choices are the subject of jokes. It’s not the topic and has no bearing.

Now I am dropping it.

(Garovorkin, I am not referring to anything you posted)

Takei is a sophisticated person. He is another one that promotes change despite adversity. His choices are at the subject of debate. However, I am not interested. I enjoy him as Sulu!! Nothing more or less!

#11 I can’t be the only one here who thinks Mongo is An Idiot.

Takei would make a great Admiral Heihachiro Sato Nogura. Perfect cameo, him handing the “keys” to the Enterprise to Pine’s Kirk, and the “helm control bar” to Cho’s Sulu. Something ceremonial like that.

#45 and #46 I think that im beginning to understand why there is so much resistance to the new film, maybe im reading to much into this but look at the original cast Deforest Kelly and Jimmy Doohan are no longer with us and the rest of the cast is aging before our eyes. Its life but hard so hard to watch this happen,In our minds, these characters that they portrayed are forever. but not the actors time is gradually taking them away from us. Someday they are all going to be gone. For some of us just cant accept anyone else