Shatner: Star Trek Is Frog

William Shatner is the gift that keeps on giving. A new ShatnerVision video shot at the opening of Star Trek The Tour (from a month ago) shows the original Captain Kirk answering that perennial question “are you in the new Star Trek movie?” He is very positive about not being in the film, but also very positive about the film itself. He then goes into a discussion of how Star Trek is like a frog…really..see it below.

More from the Tour. Shatner talks about what influence Trek had on his life

Retirement for Shatner?

Plus Don’t Forget: The Shat and The Oprah Today!
Here is a preview image from Bill’s first visit to the Oprah show

More info at

By the way, this is the last weekend for Star Trek The Tour in Long Beach (it was extended until March 2nd)
Tickets available at

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Shat on Oprah?1?!?

I may have to watch (ouch)

Should I lower my viewing standards? Hell ya! It’s the Shat!!

What a character. I love this guy. I love how he thinks. His mind leaps around like. . . like. . . a frog.

AICN is reporting George Takei may be in the new movie.

Please God no.


All good things…

arrrr… Star Trek leaps around… in place and time…
Piner: “Full stop! We’ve reached Heaven and… oh my God… look at me in 40 years! And dead! Well, at least I’m still having some fun…”
Shatner: “Why did that stoic, cold and evil wanker leave me buried under a bunch of rocks? God needed a starship to get me out of there and into Heaven.”
James Spader: “This isn’t Heaven, you dope. And David E. Kelly is not God… but he do have a starship.”

I have gotten so far and away from topic that I be takein’ me leave now…


There…is…no…better…headline…than…this! :-)

#4 this is all it says:

George Takei, who played Hikaro Sulu on the original “Star Trek” and now serves as announcer on Sirius’ Howard Stern radio show, recently had lunch with J.J. Abrams, Takei tells Sirius’ Howard 100 News.

Asked if he would be in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming “Star Trek” feature with Leonard Nimoy, Takei would only issue a “no comment.”

Lunch=Roll in film–me thinks not

Takei’s “no comment” was shrewd, it left it open for discussion and to get his name out there more, but without saying he was in it… But I’m betting he ain’t.

Shatner: “Why did that stoic, cold and evil wanker leave me buried under a bunch of rocks? God needed a starship to get me out of there and into Heaven.”<<<<<

Sorry, Bill. It wasn’t the rocks holding you down. ;-) Why do you think Starfleet had to send a Nebula-class ship? They have really BIG tractor beams!

Love the Klingon theme playing in the background during Shatner’s “frog” analogy.

AICN also insisted Shatner was going to be in the film, and Yelchin said that Nimoy is the only original actor. Bottom line is Abrams managed to botch the easiest decision on his plate by not including Shatner. Takei would only make the film better, but it would also increase the bitterness over the Shatner debacle.


Just gotta love Bill.

I might do the unthinkable and….watch Oprah.

12. Good god, give the “shatner” thing a rest. Please.

Disagree; keep the Shatner stuff coming.

He’s an icon, and an essential part of Star Trek.


Um, in case you didn’t notice, the article has Shatner talking about his lack of participation in the movie. If you don’t want to talk or read about this topic anymore, then why would you post on an article directly related to the topic?

What’s amazing is that people ARE still talking about it. People still believe that Shatner will be in the movie, probably because it is SUCH a no brainer that people can’t fathom someone consciously hurting their own movie by not using him. It’s such a ridiculous thought. Yet it happened.

Frog and frog, what is frog?

Shatner is god, now and forever.

will he jump around on the couch? (please oh please!)

i hope his appearance is online later so i can catch it…

#14–Yes. My wife actually caught me setting the TiVo last night to record it. I, rather embarassingly, had to explain that Shatner was on and I wanted to see what he said. She told me that I was “such a child”.

#17–Most non-fans (the only ones who could logically see it as a “no-brainer”) are probably unaware that his character died a few bad films ago. As for a lack of Shat “hurting their own movie”, having him did not save STV or Generations, and it was painfully obvious in STVI that he couldn’t really play the role well anymore. It is not ridiculous at all. What possible benefit could casting him as a man, who wouldn’t be alive post-Nemesis anyway, have for Mr. Orci’s tale of the beginnings of the TOS-era characters? Nimoy’s character is just as iconic, and even more importantly, available (alive) to suit their needs. William Shatner, as great as he was portraying Kirk in his day, is irrelevant to this incarnation of Trek. It is not a mistake. It is a decision which proves that JJ and co. are serious about making this film something which will attract new fans to the franchise. The Shat won’t help to do that. His presence would present continuity problems for their story and take up valuable screen time explaining why he is there to traditional fans, and give non traditional fans something new/old with which to poke fun at Star Trek. No thanks. I enjoyed the twenty years or so in which Bill actually played the character well. I, and many others, put up with him overstaying his welcome for another decade in a Starfleet uniform for nostalgia’s sake. It is time for something new. It is time for Star Trek to move on.
I’ll watch him on Oprah today. He can still be very entertaining even now—just not as James T. Kirk. So do everyone a favor and find the serenity to accept the things you cannot change! The rest of us will be here, eagerly awaiting the release of this film, and the introduction of the TOS-era characters to a whole new generation.

George Takei may be in the movie but not The Shat??? Now that’s a STXI frog with warts!

Maybe Takei is seeking revenge because Shat’s used George’s trademark ‘Oh my’ line when Kirk died in GEN.

Shat forgot to mention that while he is not in the movie, several of his hairpieces are – and they will have cameo roles as Tribbles.


#8 Well a ‘no comment’ certainly means he at least wants people to think there could be a possibility.


#21–George is probably more than willing to have a cameo.


#22: “Shat forgot to mention that while he is not in the movie, several of his hairpieces are – and they will have cameo roles as Tribbles.”

DeForest Kelley wore a toupee too, why is Shat always singled out????

#26–Mr. Shatner is in good health and thriving. He is also the kind of guy who has played to the satirists. No one really cares about his toupees, but he has always been invitational to jokes–and even laughs at himself.
Mr. Kelley has passed on, and was never anything but loved and respected by everyone around him. Quite frankly, making jokes about such a man is more distasteful than poking fun of Shatner. His ego makes him a target for jokes, and he doesn’t seem to care. Somehow, I doubt his feelings are hurt… DeForest Kelley never made it to Oprah.

De NEVER wore a wig….

Shatphibian! a strange new genetic hairless creature…

#36 I Love My Moogie

Maybe he is singled out because his hairpieces changed shape and color so many times that it could lead one to believe it was a mood-piece, and changed it’s appearance according to his emotional state? His hair actually got thicker and darker for TMP than it was in TOS. I’m not complaining, though. He’s still the Shat, even if his hairpiece was a piece of one.

Sorry, thats #26, not 36. I see too far into the future…

watch TMP closely and Shat’s hairline changes thruoghout. Guess the makeup guys were out of practice.

Now if I understand that whole Nexus concept just right? If one were to go back int the nexus wouldn’t Kirk still be there? The kirk that aided Picard against Sorrin was a Temporal Nexus copy, because remember that Picard found Guinan in the Nexus and I believe that she stated that a part of her would alway be here, Lame though this is, it could provide Abrams with a way to allow Shatner into the movie. Im not saying this is good Idea but it might be a solution to this whole controversy.


in another minute after tha image still, Oprah hurls Shatner down a bowlin’ alley… see in tha still, she’s tellin’ him how her straw reaches all the way over ta his milkshake… and that she puts her straw in his milkshake…

sorry… I was just thinkin of dear Daniel Day who got an award tha other night…
actually looks like they be playin’ cops and robbers with each other… TJ style…

iz today the hair news day? lookit the other post about bald Bana…


#33–There are dozens of ways it COULD be done, but not one good reason why it SHOULD.

#35 I think the Shat and his Rug of the Day SHOULD be in the new movie Because in a few years, he will be GONE. and what a LOSS that will be….

#25 no no Closettreker I don’t thinks its a good Idea either it was just a thought thats all, but ill bet that if Shatner were in this movie in some capacity then there would be far less complaints about the movie. Then again i could be wrong about this as well.

[Gasp] – – We’re stuck in one of those time loops where the same period of time keeps repeating itself and the same discussion keeps occurring.

Quick, anybody – – WHAT YEAR IS THIS??



I’m very positive, too – about Kirk, and about Shatner, and about their congruence.

#36–He made his Trek exit in Generations, however unsatisfying it was. I would rather have a good movie. The Shat is doing just fine professionally, and in roles better suited for who he is today. Orci, Kurtzman, and Abrams are making a film which revisits iconic Star Trek characters, one of which was helped to such popularity by the work of Bill Shatner. That is quite a tribute.

May we all be so well respected, 40 years from now, for OUR work.

#37–I actually understood. I was agreeing with you. I’m sorry if my post gave you the wrong impression (I assume you meant post #35).

#17 “it is SUCH a no brainer that people can’t fathom someone consciously hurting their own movie by not using him. It’s such a ridiculous thought. Yet it happened.”

Totally. And for you Borg drones who chime in with, ‘Shatner not being in the movie will not hurt it’ … let’s just say, it hurts this TOS fan’s heart! And the hearts of many others.

Nimoy PLUS Shatner > Nimoy alone. No one would argue that.

And say whatever you want, all day long, but years from now this film will be viewed by many as the one last chance to have them together again in Star Trek … and it being passed on. UGH. Dumb!

36. Derek Evans – “I think the Shat and his Rug of the Day SHOULD be in the new movie Because in a few years, he will be GONE. and what a LOSS that will be….”

Exactly. I made my last post before I read your comment. When Shatner is gone, it will REALLY drive home the point of what a missed opportunity this is turning out to be!

#40 Closettrekker- I’m not trying to be combative. ..I understand your point. I just wish that we could have more adventures with the original cast. As they pass on..that possibility grows smaller and smaller. I’m thankful for ANY Star Trek movie. I just love the old cast do much!…sorry! Please E-Mail me a Kleenex.

#42–Nimoy + Shatner does not necessarily= good movie. One third of the bigt three is already passed on, so the wonderful dynamic of Shatner/Nimoy/Kelley is relegated to dvd. As I said before, The Shat left the building in Generations.

“Nimoy PLUS Shatner > Nimoy alone. No one would argue that.”

Nimoy’s character happens to be relevant to the story, and does not require a suplot to get him in. Obviously, Shatner’s character is not relevant to the story and brings the baggage of his character’s death. So, in this case, I WOULD argue that (I can’t believe you underestimated me).

…In other words, The Shat in STXI is a negative number!

#44–I hear you, Derek. They have given us some great moments.

Shatner Fan and the rest of you:

Sorry your heart is hurt, but do you really need to start name-calling? I’m hardly a Borg drone, and I’m of the opinion that this movie does not need Shatner in it, for all the reasons that have been stated overandoverandoverandoverandover again, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

Apparently, William “I-Don’t-Do-Cameos” Shatner and JJ could not come to terms on salary or story. That’s it. Game over. Go over to Shatner’s site and bitch to him if you didn’t like the outcome of their negotiations.

You know, I could take you and the other hard-core Shatfans with the name “Shatner” in your screennames seriously if you actually contributed something to this forum besides the constant spammy “Shat Must Be In It” rants and tantrums.

Dear Vulcan, when does my vaca start???

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

#47—And the award goes to…The Vulcanista!!!

#47 Need a little ‘Pon Far’?

-I’m still a Shat fan…but it’s a free know..