CelebWatch: Live Shat, Pundit Mulgrew, Broadway Stewart, Jailbirds Orci and Kurtzman

This week, CelebWatch brings you news on William Shatner going live, Patrick Stewart going Broadway, Whoopi’ going weepy over an Oscar snub, Mulgrew going political, Takei going snarky, Blalock going trooper, Greenwood going artistic… and Orci and Kurtzman going to ‘Michael Bay Jail’ (see artists rendition…right) Read below for more!

Shatner Live!
William Shatner has been doing videoblogging for over a year, but next week he finally will go live.  ShatnerVision goes live with a special Live Video chat with Bill Shatner and his daughter Lisabeth on Monday March 3, 2008 at 2:30PM Pacific [UPDATE: Chat has been postponed until later in the week…will update again when new time is set]. To participate you will need a LiveVideo.com account (it’s free). On Monday there will be a special ShatnerVision Live room set up on the front page of LiveVideo. Bill will be taking questions from the chatroom and answering them on the video stream. More info at WilliamShatner.com

Shatner recently revealed on Oprah (see story+ video) that he recently had hip replacement surgery, but it appears he is now well enough to be outside, since the actor was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle to have attended the ceremony to place a posthumous star on the Walk of Fame for Newhart actress Suzanne Pleshette. He was also spotted with his wife Elizabeth at the Fruits to Remember Pre-Oscars party on February 19th and 20th.

Check out the size of Shat’s strawberries

Stewart headed to Broadway and Comics
Patrick Stewart
(Jean-Luc Picard) is preparing to bring his acclaimed, award-winning performance as Macbeth to the Broadway stage. Playbill reports that Stewart’s Macbeth will play at Broadway’s Lyceum Theatre for a limited eight-week engagement, beginning March 22nd. That’s the same day Macbeth‘s current sold-out engagement at the Brooklyn Academy of Music is scheduled to end. The Broadway run is guaranteed to be sold out, as well, so I would suggest keeping an eye on this page to find out when you can buy tickets. In the meantime, Birmingham Mail claims that Stewart has given his “seal of approval” to the concept of adapting Shakespeare plays into comic books. Classical Comics is intending to do just that in order to encourage children to read Shakespeare and acquire a love for literature. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing kids love to read about more than murder, mayhem, and death. And maybe the occasional sonnet.

Shakespeare comics: kid tested, Patrick Stewart-approved.

Orci & Kurtzman in jail
If you are wondering where our old friend Bob Orci is…apparently he is locked up. According to director/producer Michael Bay, Star Trek (2009) scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (along with co-writer Ehren Kruger) are currently hard at work writing the sequel to last summer’s blockbuster hit, Transformers. Bay tells Variety:

They did a detailed outline before the writer’s strike, and now they are in Michael Bay jail, holed up in a hotel and working feverishly. We’re paying for a beautiful suite and they are getting a lot of work done.

Sources say Michael Bay Jail…is ‘awesome’

Greenwood gets arty
Last month the new Captain Pike dropped by the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus when it was at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim. The actor opines on ‘what is creativity’ and other things artistic. His video was just uploaded, check it out below. More info on the Lennon Bus at lennonbus.org.

Greenwood gets deep

Takei’s Toupee Tease
Cinefantastique has put up the third and final part of their interview with George Takei where he talks about the William Shatner Roasting satisfaction, and his new found stardom on the Howard Stern Show and Heroes. Here is a snippet of Takei on roasting The Shat:

I was finally able to take my shots at him at this thing and really let it out. Over all the years, he really could just not pronounce my name right; everyone else could, but not him. But after the roast, he is getting the name correct now. I could not get it into his noggin then, but I got it onto his noggin now … It is George Takei … just think of it as “toupee.”

You can read the full interview here.

In case you missed it…George lets Bill have it (NSFW)

Burton’s Pride
LeVar Burton
(Geordi La Forge) spoke at Lamar State College-Port Arthur on Thursday, where he said he was proud of his work on Star Trek and its philosophy. “You know ‘Star Trek’ had the first interracial kiss on network TV?,” he said. “That’s getting it done.” He also admits he still has the VISOR he wore on the show, saying “Don’t be surprised if you ever see those on eBay. They’re going to put my daughter through college.” For more on LeVar’s visit to Lamar, check out The Beaumont Enterprise.

Lookin sharp LeVar

Whoopi Weepy Over Academy Snub; Oscar Apologizes
Academy Award winner and four-time Oscar ceremony hostess Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) was saddened that she was not included in a montage aired during this year’s Oscars which featured past Oscar hosts. On The View the following Monday Goldberg showed disappointment and got teary-eyed over the apparent snub (see video below. Access Hollywood later reported that Oscar producer Gil Cates offers his apologies for what he calls an “absolute oversight.”

Ladies of the View back Whoopi

Blalock’s A Real Trooper
As we reported on Sci-Fi Friday, Enterprise star Jolene Blalock attended WonderCon last weekend to promote the direct-to-DVD release of her film, Starship Troopers: Marauder. If you missed it, io9 quotes the actress explaining her typecasting:

The reason I’ve done a lot of science fiction is because my first big job was Star Trek, [so] a lot of the offers i get are science fiction. The universe shines down on me, in a psychobabble way. That’s what’s inside me, and so that’s what the universe offers me.

Jolene looking cute at WonderCon

In the meantime, the trailer for Starship Troopers 3 is up and running… and it even includes a famous quote from Mr. Worf! Check it out below.

Think this is bad? You should see what Brent Spiner’s doing!

Top Banana Bana
Star trek‘s new villain, Eric Bana (Nero), has two movies opening tomorrow. The Other Boleyn Girl, a historical drama in which he plays King Henry VIII of England opposite Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman as sisters Mary and Anne Boleyn, opens nationwide. In addition, the award winning Australian film Romulus, My Father is opening in limited locations around the US, check local listings. This is the film Bana for which Bana recently won the Australian Film Institute’s Best Lead Actor award.


Bana in Romulus…with hair

Pathological Q
After a few delays, the thriller Pathology, which features John de Lancie (Q) as the head of a medical residency of forensic pathologist, has received a release date of April 18th. The catch is that it will only open in limited release, meaning it will open in less than 600 select theaters nationwide. To learn more about the film, visit the official site; you can watch the trailer (with an introduction by star Milo Ventimiglia) below.

I didn’t know Q had a medical degree…

JJ loves Colm
Last week we reported that JJ Abrams was one of the attendees at the “Oscar Wilde: Honoring The Irish in Film” event honoring Colm Meaney. Abrams was later quoted as saying he was open to putting Colm in a future movie and now we have a picture from the event…they look good together (along with actress Fiona Shaw and producer James L Brooks).

 O’Brien’s ancestor for Abrams’ Star Trek 2?

Mulgrew Sets Phasers to Obama
Kate Mulgrew
(Kathryn Janeway) was on hand at the Democratic primary at Cleveland State University on February 26th, according to Cleveland.com. Mulgrew cheered for Senator Barack Obama as her Presidential Candidate of choice, and has some select words for Obama’s Democratic rival, Hilary Clinton:

She’s cornered. Over-extended. Strident. She’s showing her hand.

 Mulgrew prepares for next debate

Spiner Credited on Superhero Movie Poster
ComingSoon.net has unleashed the poster for Brent Spiner‘s (Data) new latest outing, Superhero Movie. Spiner doesn’t appear on the poster, but at least his name can be seen in the credit block at the bottom. Brent’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise” co-star Christopher McDonald (Lt. Castillo) and VOY guest star Robert Joy (Yerid, “Workforce II”) also received poster creds but are also lucky enough not to be seen on the poster. As the poster warns, Superhero Movie opens “March 28 everywhere.”

 Spiner would probably be better off without this kind of recognition…


  • Connor Trinneer‘s (Trip Tucker) reprises his role as wraith Michael in the Stargate: Atlantis two-parter “Kindred,” which began last Friday and wraps up tomorrow on the Sci-Fi Channel.
  • Michelle Forbes (Ro Laren) is “In the Limelight” this week over at TV Squad
  • Armin Shimerman (Quark) continues his “The Fine Print” column at BackStage.com with a description and analysis of the union agreement known as Phase One.
  • The Palisadian-Post has an interview with newly-minted Oscar-winner and TMP vfx photographer Michael Fink; you can read it here.
  • AZStarNet chats with Star Trek (2009) science adviser Carolyn Porco; check it out.
  • TrekWeb.com has an interview with Trek production associate and script coordinator Eric Stillwell in which he discusses the TNG episode, “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” and his book, The Making of “Yesterday’s Enterprise”
  • The Hudson Reporter has a piece on TNG/DS9 writer William Stape.
  • And finally, former Star Trek: Voyager star Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) turned 40 years old last Friday. Happy birthday, Jeri… you’re still hot!

Jeri…40…does that make her a ‘cougar?’

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An interesting read as always!!!

Oh, First, or second …whatever

Star Trek: Cougars. Collect all the older beautiful women from all the shows and let them have adventures in some all female alternate universe. I would watch that show.

That trailer for Starship Troopers 3 was so corny! At least they know well enough to make fun of themselves otherwise no one would ever have watched the first one.

George’s turn on that Roast was just hilarious! And with such heartfelt venom, a real treat….more comedy roles please George!

Good to hear that the Shat is recovering and taking up new projects.

Oh, and I’m glad for Takei that his name gained recognition from the Shat, at last. His name’s final and obviously most important endorsement. :)

As for Whoopi Goldberg, I don’t care that much about Guinan, but IMO Whoopi is a great actress who has had much influence on the self conception of black women in Hollywood and she has indeed made history in this regard. I definitely agree that it has been an oversight to not include her in the montage and I for one cannot understand such a performance.

I only ever watched “the Awards” with Crystal and Goldberg. They are the best. Bring back Whoppi!!!!

PS. Christopher McDonald (Lt. Castillo) S/be “Castille”???

Lets try bring back Whoopi – and when I’m trying to be smart with Castille to – Dooh!

“She’s cornered, overextended, strident.” Was she talking about Hillary Clinton or Katheryn Janeway?

Yep, just checked. Im still in lust with Jolene…

Bob & the AK are in the Bay Slammer?

Absolutely, no bueno.

Drop a word when you get a chance, gentlemen.

Jolene, Oh! You just dont know, baby!!

Nice Job. It’s so great to read all that stuff. You make every fan’s heart feel very warm.

Christopher McDonald (Lt. Castille)

Seriously underrated actor, and it’s sure a shame that they had to kill off his character right as he was introduced. “Yesterday’s Enterprise” might be the best ST-TNG episode ever.

jerri is 40 wow shes still got it happy birthday to her again wow

“lets go crack a planet ”

I love that worf quote

jolene or jerri !!?? id go for both if i could

>>And finally, former Star Trek: Voyager star Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) turned 40 years old last Friday. Happy birthday, Jeri… you’re still hot!

Why is it I can accept her turning 40, but when Molly Ringwald (who has never appeared in any incarnation of Star Trek whatsoever) turned 40 on Feb 18th, I suddenly felt very very old?

Thanks for all the updates- it kind of rounds out the Trek week.:-)

#13—Yes. 7 seasons of TNG, and that might be the only episode I would stop and watch again in syndication. “Relics” had such potential, but I didn’t like the way the writers treated Scotty. I thought they over did it (especially Geordi’s behavior toward him), and I was disappointed.

“Yesterday’s Enterprise” is just a wonderful story. Well-written sci-fi.

The Other Bolyenn (sp?) Girl looks good. Superhero Movie? Uh– put me down for a pass.

Nice to see Kate is an Obama Mama.

Thanks Charles. A noticeable lack of news on STXI (of couse; grr) but otherwise it’s full of fun.

Wow, I didn,t anticipate that level of filth from George Takei…… Impressive!! Neone in NY? Go see Stewart, he was supposed to come to Dublin but it got cancelled, so go see it……… for me!!!! And what’s the story with this sequel? How substantial is it? Answers people, Answers!!!!!

8. GraniteTrek – February 29, 2008
“She’s cornered, overextended, strident.” Was she talking about Hillary Clinton or Katheryn Janeway?

She’s unfortunetly talking about Hillary, shame on her supporting that empty suit and turning on Hillary.

Did anyone watch the interview of John Cho that this site had a few days ago on the new Harrold and Kumar movie? Well they were all pronouncing George’s surname as “Takai”, not “Takei”……… now what does George have to say about that!!! ;)

I don’t care much for Bay’s movies, but that’s a hell of a funny commercial. Nice attitude. :)

#22—I don’t know what George would say, but I will say something. Has John Cho known George for 40+ years? I’ll bet you it is much less significant. As trivial as it may seem to you from afar, imagine the feeling of belittlement that would engender, considering you have worked alongside someone for a good part of 4 decades, and he never bothered to show you the common decency and respect of learning how to pronounce your name. Is simply acknowledging one’s dignity as an individual human being such a huge favor? You can deny it all you want, but I can all but guarantee that you would feel resentful of that man. I would never treat an individual so inconsiderately (I would only have to be corrected once), and you probably wouldn’t either.
Now, before anyone gets upset and says that I am attacking BIll, let me say that I am not, and it isn’t the worst thing a person could do. However, I wouldn’t dismiss Mr. Takei’s resentment of that as unjustified. After 40 years, it IS a big deal.

22 apparently gene made the same mistake when he first met george tekai means somethin in janpanees but i cant remember what it is

Starship Troopers 3?

Looks like Blalock needs a paycheck. No, really, she needs someone at Paramount to give her a job in Starfleet. Jesus God, that looks like a bad, bad movie. You just don’t get any worse than what Verhoeven has done to Robert Heinlein’s masterwork.

Eventually, should the Trek enterprise continue, we’ll have to deal with the Starfleet Marine Corps. Hopefully, JJ, Orci, and the rest will look at what Verhoeven did to Heinlein as a model of what NOT to do to Federation mobile infantry.

The Shat almost looks height-wieght proportionate in that photo….

and…. I know, it does not make me a high-brow, but I love those parody movies. (Airplane, Hot Shots, Naked Gun, etc.) Leslie Neilsen is awesome. The Abrahams/Zucker productions are the best ones… the others pale in their comedy efforts…

and….I don’t see the Abrahams/Zucker name on the credits for the newest superhero spoof, so that doesn’t bode well….

Colm Meaney is big actors.

Somebody help us….

Romulus, My Father? arrrrr…

The following is a repeat due to me lack of any originality:

One of these Trek cast member interview tidbits is not correct. care ta guess which one be that? Maybe all?

Yelchin on still using fake accent: “because in Soviet Russia, role play you.”

Cho with fuzzy glove on: “because he’s my only friend and I think he’s a plant.”

Bana bald: “because the RAZR-style communicators we use really are just that.”

Avery Brooks in a Vader-type suit: “becuase Sisko fell in the damn lava.”

Toddler Spock sick on set: “because I ate my ears.”


#29–Only on one condition. Write Harry Ballz, Mongo, British Naval Dude, and The Vulcanista each a part in the next ST film (or put in a good word)!

Do you feel like Mr. Lindelof short-changed you by rating you a 7 on the Trekker scale of 1-10?

#21… arrrr… Hillary Duff? Dear Kate, maybe ya meant Lindsay Lohan?
Oh, yeah… Mr. and Mrs. Clinton- Yanks are voting a new ruler… errr… leader in office. Thinkin’ that the next president of the US will be inherenting more power than any other past President?

Good thing we got Tony B out.

Janeway’s old man ran for governor once.

Shakespeare comics? I thought modern comic books didn’t even have words no mores.

Orci- How’s ’bout then Transformers 2 being a re-telling of “Twelfth Night”… see Optimus in drag… “the rain, it raineth every day” and maketh us rust…

Oh, and I been calling him “G-eee-rg accidently fur donkeys years… better than calling him “Solo”…

IMHO Jolene looks much hotter as a brunette. Dark hair on her = exotic.

Closettrekker#18- I agree with you 100% as to Relics. My heart dropped into my stomach earlyon in that episode and stayed there until the end. I was actually a bit surprised that Doohan agreed to play the character with that script – definitely not the way I want to remember Scotty, so I’ll go ahead and delete it from my memorybanks as soon as I’m finished with this post!

Man, that Starship Troopers trailer blows major chunks.

I enjoyed the 1st film, just knowing that Verhoeven (sp?) would add his usual “joie de vivre” to the scenes of ultra-violence. No.3 looks like something James Cawley would have done when he was 10 for show ‘n’ tell.

Closettrekker- What about me – I want to be in the film too!

Mr. Bob- Be glad to – just give us your location, cellphone#, home address, email address… I’m sure you will be receiving all kinds of ideas


…is my idea of jail time.

I very much enjoyed MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, and I have hope for STAR TREK XI and wish Orci and Kurtzman nothing but the best, but jeez-Louise, that first TRANSFORMERS movie…

“Fool me once…”

BritDude- “…it rain, it raineth every day and maketh us to rust…” LOL!!


Give us your coordinates and we’ll get Scotty to beam you right on outta there!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|


Mongo like way you think. Don’t forget self in plan. Mongo make good alien.

Mongo like Jolene. But Starship Trooper movie not like Heinlein book. Fun but should be called “Kill the Bugs!” not Starship Troopers.

Seven of Nine new math. Equals ten.

#36—Only if you agree to the mini-skirt!
Sorry, I didn’t want to seem too demanding (LOL). After he sees my jailbreak for the thoroughly impressive feat it is certain to be, I’m quite sure that I’ll gain more negotiating leverage!!!

I would have asked on behalf of myself, but my wife says I am too good-looking and might overshadow my more prominent co-stars.

Vulcanista- I got your Shaya tonat on another board – how does one say “you’re welcome”? And can you believe Closettrekker left me out – I feel like calling his wife and telling her that he spent their vacation money on ST comemorative plates.

#41—“Optimus Boogaloo”! LMAO!!!!

#43—I’m begging your forgiveness, Denise. If you do that, the first thing she’ll say is, “Who the (expletive) is Denise?”, as she hands me divorce papers! Just kidding…

40 is the new rrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRROOOOWWWWW!

Wish Starship Troopers didn’t share initials (or anything else) with another franchise I kinda like. 1 was awesome. This looks like warmed-over bug stew-pid.

Anyhoo — it’s Friday! Soccer with the kiddies and maybe 4am dose of remastered Trek.

Shatner’s got a cane in that picture. sigh.

Closettrekker#42- Okay, you’re forgiven, I won’t call your wife. You’re lucky – I was considering going by your house and kidnapping your beagle!

Oh, and of course I’ll wear the mini-skirt – make it a mirror film so Vulcanista and I can do the thighhigh boots and daggers as well.

41 — “Bay’s aircraft carrier idea”

You mean the one he got after watching RoboTech?


thanke you, too but… I…. can’t…. act at all.
It…. would be…. so bad.
I’d just go to the catering table ta grab some nosh… this is MY chicken sandwich and coffee!!! My chicken sandwich and coffee…

wait thar a minute… is Bella Oxmix gunna be in it? I’ll take actin’ lessons fur that role. Put a bag on me and get me a heater… perfect fur film be I then.

arrrrrr… 7+9=a 10. Good thar. Math usually be bad fur me – I still have ta be naked in order ta count ta 21…