February 2008

Exclusive Interview With Carolyn Porco – Star Trek’s New Science Advisor

It was announced today that Carolyn Porco, the leader of the Imaging Science team on NASA’S Cassini mission at Saturn, has accepted an invitation from Star Trek director/producer, J.J. Abrams, to join the Star Trek production crew as a consultant on planetary science and imagery. Porco spoke exclusively with TrekMovie.com about her role bringing science to the Star Trek film (and the fans).

Abrams Talks Canon And Fans

In Empire Magazine’s ‘25 Most Exciting Movies of 2008‘ feature, Star Trek director JJ Abrams speaks briefly about the film he is currently shooting. Abrams tells Empire “I’m completely respectful of the Star Trek canon and I feel that there’s a great movie to be made.” And is Abrams worried about us famously persnickety fans?…nope….

Giacchino Wins Annie and Grammy Awards

Star Trek (2008) composer and long-time JJ Abrams collaborator Michael Giacchino is having a very good weekend. On Friday he picked up his second ‘Annie‘ award for his Ratatouille score and tonight he nabbed a Grammy award for the same. These will sit nicely alongside his Emmy and other awards on his growing trophy shelf, and in two weeks he may have to make room for an Oscar. Giacchino joins James Horner, the only other previous Trek composer who has won a Grammy.

Review “The Ultimate Computer” Remastered + Thoughts On TOS-R To Date

To quote one of my favorite bad Kirk lines: “Out of the nowhere; into the here!” It’s a pleasure to take a crack at another Trek Remastered review, and a very special one at that…Other than “The Doomsday Machine,” no classic Trek episode has been more anticipated in Remastered form than the late second season’s “The Ultimate Computer.” The spectacle of starship-on-starship action, achieved almost entirely through duped stock footage in the original episode, has had fans of the Remastered project slavering since the project was originally announced.

Writers Strike (Almost) Over + Showrunners Return To Work Monday

Over the weekend boards for the WGA recommended to the membership approve a new contract and end the 3 month long writer’s strike. Members vote on Tuesday to suspend the strike with a separate vote on the contract later in the Month. Picketing has been suspended and the Variety Strike Blog is reporting that ‘showrunners’ (writer/producers) will be returning to work on Monday.

New Trek Actors Confirmed

TrekMovie.com has confirmed two more actors appearing in the new Star Trek film. Up and coming actor Kelvin Yu has already filmed his role as a medical technician, while Holland-born boxer turned actress Lucia Rijker will begin shooting her role as a communications officer (not on the Enterprise) next month.

Colbert Honors Worf

Stephen Colbert showed what a fine American he is by honoring none other than Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Lt. Worf on Thursday’s “The Colbert Report.” So prepare yourself for some Klingon truthiness and check out the clip below.

MovieNight: Trek After Dark

The return of the Friday Night Movie — TrekMovie.com brings back a fan favorite feature of the site with a new compilation put together by our old friend GeneralGrin, just in time for Valentine’s Day (coming up next week guys and gals). Grin has found that if you look at things from a certain way, TNG could get rather racy….check it out below.

Star Trek…4th 3rd 2nd Most Anticipated Movie?

MSNBC has one of those ‘Most Anticipated Movies of 2008‘ articles…and it doesn’t even mention JJ Abrams Star Trek. The article features what MSNBC consider their top 5, but there is a poll listing 22 films and Star Trek is currently ranking 4th (in your face MSNBC). Trek trails Indy 4, Dark Knight and the new Harry Potter, but is ahead of Iron Man and the new James Bond, Get Smart, and X-Files movies. It would take a few thousand votes to get it to number one, but get voting and maybe Kirk and Spock can knock the boy wizard out of 3rd place. [UPDATE3: By Friday night Trek was in 3rd place, by Saturday it was 2nd and on Sunday number one!]

TOS-R Producers Talk “Ultimate Computer” and Share New Images

EXCLUSIVE: This weekend on the digitally remastered Star Trek airing in syndication we will be treated to a brand new version of "The Ultimate Computer." This effects-heavy episode features the USS Enterprise facing off against four Federation Starships in a wargame that turns deadly. The TOS-R producers talked exclusively with TrekMovie.com about the episode and also shared some new preview images. 

Orci Chats With Fans on Canon, Marketing and More

Yesterday we reported on JJ Abrams comments to the USA Today, which (as it so often does) kicked up a lot of comments from a lot of fans (500+ and still going). Luckily Star Trek co-writer and exec producer Roberto Orci dropped in to TrekMovie.com and answered many of the questions and took some more. Orci talked about mainstream v fan appeal, canon, publicity photos and more. For those that don’t dive into the comments, there are some excerpts below in easy to ready format.

Bana Spoofs Star Trek Plot Details

Star Trek’s new villain, Eric Bana called into to an Australian morning radio show to talk about his new movies and of course things got around to talking about his upcoming stint as Nero. The actor portrayed his Trek role as “a cameo as the bad guy,” but when asked what kind of alien make-up he will be in the actor would only say “you will have to wait and see.” Bana also spoke about director JJ Abrams and then had some fun with some ‘spoilers.’ Details and audio clip below.

The Collective: Khan’t Wait for DST’s New Mego Style Figure

NEW FEATURE: The latest regular column to add to the TrekMovie.com mix is “The Collective” from regular contributor and all around expert in ‘stuff’ John Tenuto. Every week or so John will bring news, reviews, retrospectives and more from the worlds of toys and collectibles. This first week brings breaking news on a new Khan figure done in the MEGO style, plus a look back at Mr. Singh’s history with Trek collectibles.

Picardo Joins Stargate Atlantis Cast + McGillion Back For More

The SciFi Channel announced today that Robert Picardo, The Doctor from Star Trek Voyager, has been tapped as a full-time cast member for the 5th season of Stargate Atlantis. Picardo’s recurring character Richard Woolsey is stepping in as head of the Atlantis Expedition. SciFi also announced that former SGA cast member Paul McGillion (who has a small part in the new Star Trek film) will reprise his role as Carson Beckett for five episodes.

Abrams: Star Trek Not Traditional Prequel

When JJ Abrams comes to TrekMovie.com for a live chat or speaks at some tech conference, he shows off his geek cred. But, of course his plan for the new Star Trek is to appeal to everyone so he has to shed that when he talks to the ‘norms.’ Which is exactly what you can see with some quotes buried in one of those ‘Movies to look forward to in 2008’ previews over at USA Today where Abrams is quoted saying…

William Shatner NOT In Life Or Death Struggle

The current issue (which came out last Friday) of The National Enquirer has a story titled WILLIAM SHATNER SURGERY TURNS INTO LIFE-OR-DEATH DRAMA which would be pretty big news if it were true. The story states that Mr. Shatner suffered heart complications during hip surgery. After being sent tips to the story, TrekMovie.com checked in at Shatner HQ and was told that Bill was fine, that he has had no surgeries and the whole thing was made up.

Bana Talks A Little About Trek

In the last few years Australian actor Eric Bana has graduated to leading man territory and has fronted big movies such as Steven Spielberg’s Munich and the upcoming Time Traveler’s Wife. So it was big news that he was tapped as the villain Nero in JJ Abrams new Star Trek. However in a new interview, the actor raises the question about how big a role he will play in the film.