February 2008

Writers Strike: End In Sight?

This week the Star Trek movie production enters its fourth month of operation under the WGA strike that began November 5th. Plans are for the film to wrap in early April and signs are that they may get at least a few weeks which will be strike-free. Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and The LA Times are all reporting that talks last Friday reached a breakthrough and draft deals have been bouncing between the two sides all weekend.

History of Trek Movie Merchandising

There is more to movies than just going to the theaters. There is, of course, the merchandising. The Star Trek film franchise kicked off shortly after Star Wars really brought film merchandising into the big time. As the merchandising for the new Star Trek movie is just gearing up, TrekMovie.com takes a look back at some of Trek’s past forays into this world, with a close look at a couple films in particular.

The Future of TrekMovie.com

TrekMovie.com has been in operation for 18 months now, and in that time it has grown to be the number one site for Star Trek news. By next week our migration to a new robust platform will be complete and so the site will be able to not only sustain continued growth in visitors, but also finally add some new features as well. Below is an insight in the where we are headed.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Fringe, Farscape, Freddy, and more

NEW FEATURE: Most (if not all) Star Trek fans are also science-fiction/genre fans. Every week TrekMovie.com reports on every nook and cranny of the world of Trek. Now once a week we will bring you Sci-Fi Saturday, a column about the latest in the sci-fi world outside of Trek (although often with ‘Trek connections’). Our first week brings you news on JJ Abrams new "Fringe" TV series, Farscape, The Hobbit movie, Indy 4, plus some min-reviews, ratings and more.

Trek Teaser Hits Germany

Trek fans in Germany, Trek’s largest non-English speaking market, finally got to see the new Star Trek teaser on the big screen when it appeared with this weekend’s German premiere of Cloverfield. Unlike other international trailers, the German teaser is essentially identical to the English one with the NASA audio clips by Kennedy, Armstrong and others not dubbed into German. However, the “Space, the Final Frontier” (voiced by Nimoy in the English version) has been dubbed into German by what sounds like a familiar voice.

Yelchin Sees Klingons

Anton Yelchin (Chekov in the new Star Trek) is out there promoting his new movie Charlie Bartlett and talking up Trek. In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes the actor is quoting saying many of the same things that were covered in our recent roundup of Yelchin interviews. But Rotten Tomatoes had something new. When discussing working with green screens Yelchin dropped the following nugget…[spoilers]

Minimates Go Mirror + New Lines Coming From Diamond Select

Ever since Star Trek Enterprise brought back the Mirror Universe with the popular “In a Mirror, Darkly” in 2005 the alternative place with the beards has been all the rage. Pocket Books has released a couple Mirror Universe books with more on the way and IDW recently announced a Mirror comic, and now Diamond Select is headed to the other side.