Nimoy Log: Is It Strange To Play Spock Again?

The third in our series of guest blogs from Leonard Nimoy.

I’ve had a great time working on the movie. I expect to finish around the end of March. The level of production, the quality, the size and the talent continue to impress me. The people I’ve worked with have all been extremely enthusiastic and JJ Abrams impresses me as a very special talent and as a person.

Is it strange to be playing Spock again after so many years? Definitely…and I’m having a wonderful time !!

The opening date of the picture has been pushed off to summer of ’09 and I take that as a vote of confidence. It is an additional cost to the company to do this and I assume they have decided that the footage they are seeing is exciting and makes it worthwhile to make the additional investment.

I look forward to appearing at the conventions in the near future.


NOTE: Mr. Nimoy will next appear (along with Zachary Quinto) at the Creation Grand Slam Event in Burbank, CA on April 13th. More at


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Assuming there are three movies and they take on a life of their own… are there themes or topics you would like the new TOS movies take on?

Nice to have you back one more time, by the way.

Thanks Mr. Nimoy!

Nimoy is Awesome!

For some reason I’ve been assuming Older Spock is going to have a smaller part, but it seems now like he has a bigger role in the movie.

We love you Mr. Nimoy!! Thank you again!!!

Mr. Nimoy, I have the utmost respect and belief in your words and judgement.
I am truly looking forward to this new take on Star Trek based completely on TOS.
I was getting tired of all the spin-offs anyway…apparently every one was.

“Strange is part of the job.” -Kathryn Janeway.

And it’s true. When you work with Starfleet and Trek, you never quite know when something odd is going to happen. That IS the whole point of Trek, isn’t it? To boldly go where no one has gone before? To seek out those strange new worlds, to do things that no one had ever dreamed of.

I mean… the first interracial kiss on TV was… unthinkable back in the time when TOS aired. Trek broek many-a-frontier, and we’re glad for it.

What a strange new world we live in.

Great to have you back, Nimoy!

Leonard Nimoy back as Spock = Awesome!

It’s going to be fun to see him as Spock again.

Does everyone here realize just how cool it is that Leonard Nimoy posts a blog here on In the world of Star Trek geekdom, this is the coup of coup’s. Anthony, I have to tip my cap and say “That’s amazing!” Nimoy comes here to talk to us. Wow!

Now, the next step, mr. Nimoy, is to come and chat with the villagers. As long as they behave.

Yes, nice to hear from Mr. Nimoy, but “where’s the beef?”

Without giving away plot spoilers he could maybe share a bit more detail as to what he’s found stimulating while on set…

Mr. Nimoy,

You are amazing. I’m really glad you’re back in the ears!

My fiance and I saw you at a convention in 2005 in Massachusetts. You inspired her to do a college honors project on the feminine aspects of god from your talk on your photography. Keep up the great work!

I can’t say exactly why, but that tiny photoshopped image of Nimoy and the new old Trek logo is very powerful. I think ‘old Spock’ will be at least as exciting to see again as any of the new stuff.

I mean.. here is Spock, reflecting on his past, all those people that are no longer around him, his Federation coming out of a bloody war. He could feel a little out of place there. Of course, that wouldn’t be logical, but still.

(Well, I guess, don’t know or want to know any plot spoilers.)

I beleive Nimoy is truely just enjoying himself and is excited to be part of the re-birth of the classic characters that have made Star Trek the greatest space adventure of all time.
It’s spaced in history has always been assured, now it’ll be written in the stars.

To everyone:
There was a time when no one knew the plot of a movie until openning day…it’s good to have thing’s back where they belong, a complete surprise!

Wow.. still filming him? Guess he does have a large role. Also, sounds like they are beefing up the budget! Good news.

Hi Leonard!

Good to hear that you’re having a great time! =)

REALLY looking forward to seeing you in the new movie!

Spock is my hero! Keep up the great work!


Always excellent to hear from the gracious Mr. Nimoy.

I went to see Charlie Bartlett last night, btw, and found it to be really excellent, really awesome (and not just because of the … seven hundred or so nods to my favorite movie of all time, Harold & Maude). Got me really re-re-jazzed about Yelchin. I continue to have a great faith in every member of the new cast, but Nimoy’s presence is still the anchor that makes this film potentially solid for me, and it’s very encouraging to see that his role will likely be a substantial one.

Great to hear from you Mister Nimoy! I am very glad you are enjoying your time on the set I know the story must be a good one to inspire you to don the ears once more, after not acting for longest time, I am very glad that you are coming back!

He’s gonna “Rock out” with his “Spock”out !!!

Mr. Nimoy. I can’t tell you how great it is going to be to see you don those ears one more time and do it like no one else.

Thank you very much.

As Spock would say: “Fascinating!”

Everyone asks about Shatner, but I wonder if Mr. Nimoy misses acting alongside his other colleagues (DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, among others).

6. Tired of spin offs? No, just tired of how dull they had gotten.

This blog entry just reminds me again…what an incredible treat to know that the legendary Leonard Nimoy will again grace the big screen as Spock — or considering his semi-retirement from acting, in ANY role, really!

Five, ten, fifteen years ago, how many of us long-time true believers in the original series held out any hope that we would again see Mr. Nimoy in a Star Trek movie?

This little report from the set makes me smile today. Looking to the right at that countdown clock sure makes the future seem awfully far away though….

Scott B. out.

Anthony- Is Trekmovie going to be covering the Scifi Slam in Burbank?

Nimoy is my canary in the mine on this movie. If he says JJ is good, JJ is good. I can’t wait to see this movie.

Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock – 42 years and still going boldly…makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up to think of it.

The event with Nimoy & Quinto will be awesome. Anyone going to the con in NY/NJ this weekend?

Oh cool, nice to see you posting again and thank you.

I’m glad your are enjoying your time on the set and playing my all time favorite character Spock.

I’ve been out of trek for a while now but I still watch my dvd’s of he original series. That’s what I grew up with.

I was a bit sad the movie is not coming out in December.

I envy Maggy, she’s going be seeing you next month.

Chomping at the bit to see and hear Mr. N and Mr Q together in April – made arrangements months ago and have my copy of Shekhina packed and ready to be signed. I considered taking a copy of The Full Body Project, but I cannot go there- too many bad memories from the freshman 15 I put on in college.

God bless you, Mr. Nimoy, and thanks for the many hours of happiness and fun you’ve given the world with your talent.

And anything you can do to get “In Search Of …” on DVD would be greatly appreciated ;-)

If Nimoy says, must be a great movie.

Well I for one am glad that Paramount is using dalies footage in determining that the movie will be of a competitive quality w/ other summer movies. I’m glad Mr. Nimoy recognizes this. As an industry insider he must know how to “read the suits.”

Looks and style aside, Leonard Nimoys performance is what I’m looking forward to the most. Period.

Leonard Nimoy wrote: “The opening date of the picture has been pushed off to summer of ‘09 and I take that as a vote of confidence.”

So did I Mr. Nimoy. So did I. Can’t tell ya how much an old Trekkie like me is thrilled to see Star Trek return in such grand fashion, and with top talents in the biz once again. Must be like the old days eh?

Cheers! :)

Why are you guys praising this man as a genius or a hero. He is an actor. He played spock well and created a part of vulcan culture from his jewish roots, but the man is no leader.

It’s about as bad as an actor making political comments. Keep acting and we’ll keep paying you. Start following them and you may find their not the most educated or powerful of leaders. Spock was an ambassador Leonard Nimoy is an actor…

Scott —

Leonard Nimoy is a man in his 70’s who has occassionally achieved excellence in a profession noted for mediocrity, and used that status to draw attention to other areas of art and endeavour. Moreover, he’s maintained a healthy curiosity of life, a keen sense of humor about the changing fates of fame, and an open heart to reach out to his fellow man with projects, such as The Full Body Project, that demand sober thought. For that, he deserves our praise. Would that any of us is so accomplished in our 70’s.


The only reference to “genius” or “leader” as of post #35 is in your post.

The only reference before #35 to the word “hero” refers to Spock, not Nimoy.

However, Leonard Nimoy IS an acting genius and a hero to many, not only because of his portrayal of Spock, but because of his charitable work, poetry, photography, campaigning work, his foundation, which gives grants to artists-in-residence programs, etc etc.


There’s nothing wrong with having respect for someone who has given us so much over the years via his various on screen characters. People are showing their admiration, nothing more. No need to diminish anyone for that.

could be, sted ‘is’

had a one-month old in my left arm. oh, and fathers who pay the mortgage and type one-handed with a baubei in the other are heroes, too… dammit

I am definitely ready for a photo of him as Spock in this film.

Dear Mr. Nimoy:

Thank you for taking the time to post here. Words cannot say how thrilled I was to hear that you would be playing Spock again in the movie. I didn’t become a Star Trek fan until after Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Generations, so I never got to see any of the crew from the TOS on the big screen. So I’m very happy that will change when I get to see you portray my favorite character again. Best wishes to you!

I wonder if we are going to see Spock (as played by Nimoy) in his old Blue shirt and Black pants uniform??

Unlikely, but that would be pretty cool IMO.

It is very cool that Leonard Nimoy takes the time to post us the occasional message from STXI. Anthony should be justifiably proud that he maintains the atmosphere of decorum and moderation that Mr. Nimoy find’s acceptable.

As a die-hard fan of the original series, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Nimoy for everything he has given us both on and off the screen.
It will be a real treat to see you one more time in the role that you defined so well and made so memorable for so many of us, past, present, and future.
Glad to have you here.

Mr. Nimoy, I have enjoyed watching you as Spock since I was a child and still do. I have read your books and enjoyed them thoroughly.

Thank-you for comming back to Star Trek…I cannot wait to see you on that big screen once again.

In reference to #35

Do not feed trolls.

Just for reference:
“I have the utmost respect and belief in your words and judgement.”

you have a respect for a man who is known for lies in his profession? As for Nimoy, he’s a darn good spock, Im just waiting to see what his next big roll will be once this silly trek thing fizzles out. ;0)

Isn’t he known for the book: I am not Spock? Well besides that no one knows him. Maybe its type casting but in search of and trek sums up his career. It seems for a man who has tried to leave Trek in the dust, he still has legions of sheeple. I hope all the trekers out there are posting with their spock ears on!

And where was he at the Shatner roast? At least Bill acknowledges the Trek success and has gone on to do more, even with out forgetting his Trek roots.

Now shoot the messenger!

Oh yes, and to follow the others on this board:

“THANK YOU oh so much for allowing us to be your fans. Thanks for posting. And thank you sooo much for allowing us to make you rich!” ;0)

Spocko! “I’d advise yas ta keep dialin’, Oxmyx.”

#47: “Now shoot the messenger!”

And why, given your annoying pretense that “the message” issues from somewhere more grand and profound than your own poor crabbed envy, should we not do so with dispatch and satisfaction? ;)