“By Any Other Name” Remastered Preview Images

CBS just sent us some cool preview shots for the remastered Star Trek episode “By Any Other Name,” airing this weekend

Image 1 “Planetscape”
Captain Kirk (William Shatner) leads an Enterprise landing party to a planet near the edge of the galaxy. The planet’s incredible beauty proves strange – and even frightening – to the Kelvans, invaders from the Andromeda Galaxy. The planetscape features an all-new matte painting.



Image 2 “Andromeda”
The Starship Enterprise, hijacked by the Kelvans, streaks toward the distant Andromeda Galaxy.



About the episode
“By Any Other Name” features aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy, sent to explore our own Milky Way as a prelude to conequest. The aliens, known as Kelvans, take on human form in order to take over the Starship Enterprise, and it is their unfamiliarity with humanity that proves their undoing.

The episode stars William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, with DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy. Warren Stevens of “Forbidden Planet” fame guest stars along with Barbara Bouchet, who played the beautiful Moneypenny in the 1967 spy spoof, “Casino Royale.” The original episode was first aired in February, 1968. Teleplay by D.C. Fontana and Jerome Bixby from a Story by Jerome Bixby. The episode was directed by Marc Daniels. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek is distributed in nationwide syndication by CBS Paramount Television.

More info on the episode at Memory Alpha

The remastered “By Any Other Name” airs this weekend in syndication, check local listings.

Images courtesy CBS Studios and Paramount. Original caps from TrekCore.com

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Now, was that so hard CBS-D? Good job this time. Sure with we had more of this calibre effort.

Looks Promising


Andromeda, whata cool name. Sure better than Milky Way.

Zelh Gabl (spelling needs checking) the matte artist is at the top of his game and I hope he can go onto becoming somthing great!

The E looks like it got a nice wax job ;)

Looks fantastic. Go Kelinda, Go!

……those lady murdering aliens got off so easy in this episode……I’ll never forgive them!!

#3, galaxy envy

#7 LOL yes. It looks good on a candy wrapper though.

They are finally cooking with gas!! Finally someone was reading the posts.

From the provided images, this definitely appears to be one of the best efforts yet. Kudos to CBS-D.

The matte’s pretty awesome — looks like something they might have done back in the day.

You know what would have been even awesomer? If they had designed a Kelvan in its true form, and shown it for a fraction of a second when Spock is doing his mind meld attempt.

And Babs Bouchet makes the shorty mcshort list for loveliest guest star. No remastering necessary.

Scott B. out.

WOW, does that look nice!!

Wow! See that’s the type of stuff I want to see. I’m amazed. Now if we could of just had this type of work consistantly through the whole series.

Wow… that’s what I was hoping for the entire project to look like…

Sometimes I look at these re-master- original comparators and what really strikes me is how terrific the originals are. This was true when they remastered The Tholian Web and I was more impressed by the originals than the digi-job.

I just threw that image on my 42 inch plasma TV and have to admit: wow, that looks truly great.

Just a shame so many other episodes seems to have fallen short of what could have been. Images like these only prove that even more.

Yes! This is what we want to see, the vistas of the planets expanded! Great work!

We Earthers are pretty arrogant, thinking we have the right to name galaxies and stars which really belong to their respective indigenous species. But what’s a primitive culture to do? To another species, our sun may be called (insert four letter word).

The original planet set looked better than the fakey CGI. I’ll take a cyclorama background any day.

Just spectacular!
Can’t say enough about those matte paintings.
VERY well thought-out and executed.
Al Whitlock is up there smiling.

A prelude to “conequest”, eh Anthony?

We are not from Kelva… we are from France.

#18 lol, well we have to call it something. If there’s other life in our Galaxy they may refer to it as the Creamy General Direction or the Snickers. Andromeda might have several lifeforms all calling it something else.

WOW! awesome matte!

Now, I wish we could fix the multiple-angle shadows which clearly indicate studio lighting…:)

“””Just spectacular!
Can’t say enough about those matte paintings.
VERY well thought-out and executed.
Al Whitlock is up there smiling.”””

Yeah, I think that artist, Gabl, is THE highlight of the entire remaster.

An episode that has one of the best Scotty moments.

“Me and you, we drank him right under the table”.

Also a very controversial issue for the time, a white woman and an African man are reduced to a ball of styrofoam the woman’s ball is crushed and the African man survives, for the 60’s that’s deep. We couldn’t see the Genie’s bellybutton or even Bruce Lee’s face in whatever that show was called. But that must have been shocking to people at the time. Married couples sleeping in twin beds 4 feet apart from each other, Jim Morrison couldn’t sing the line; “get much higher”, on that silly wannabe hip show, yet that moment on Trek passes the censers. Then came Archie Bunker, by today’s standards we are back in the 50’s and 60’s because that show would never fly today, its not PC. They show a butt on channel 7 and it costs the station a fortune, yet I can watch another program on channel 7 and people are being killed by small arms fire, thats acceptable. We can program peoples minds that killing is ok as long as its a dramatization, yet too see beauty, that’s obscene we need to stop that crude and tawdry programing. But the local High School is handing out rubbers to students. People today are way too sensitive, lighten up!

Sorry for the outburst, its been a long day.

All the new shots look worse than the old ones.

they should have only enhanced the models (and not look the enterprised look so harsh even though there ARE abrupt dark shadows in space) and leave the lighting and angles the same….

I have not seen one single new shot that is better than the originals directors shot….

Just because they have CGI doesnt mean they know how to stage a shot… lol

CBS-D should have been doing this high quality work throughout. Well at least they are doing it now. Hopefully my local affiliate will show it this weekend and not pre-empt it with wall to wall basketball coverage.

Sulu please… that new planet scape is mega better than the original cheap set with the Brady Bunch turf, cardboard rocks and studio backdrop sky.

man. You can’t please some people!

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Great Job CBS digital!!

It’s pretty much a love/hate relationship at this point ;-)

I love this episode. I always have. I’m glad CBS is giving this one the attention it deserves.

Now that’s STAR TREK!!!!!

Yep, CBS has been reading our posts.
This looks terrific! Keep it up, there’s still lots of episodes to do!

I think this actually looks pretty great. The nice big backdrop adds a wonderful touch, in my opinion. Sure it may not be prefect, but it’s very pretty and makes the place look big and open and alive, as opposed to all of those closed studio sets that look tiny for being “outside.”

I’m glad they are making things look better now. I’ve been less than impressed with a number of episodes, and very impressed with others. I remember being very disappointed with Doomsday Machine because it looked so cartoony and I had such high hopes they would do better things with that one.

The Kelvins had to go to the Miky Way because they couldn’t stand living next to the Myrons in Andromeda.

Love the matte painting. It is gorgeous and well within the style of the show. Don’t really buy the ship shot. It’s lit brighter than ANY previous shot they’ve done of the ship… and it is supposed to be in between galaxies. :) Ah, well…

IMO, The remastered Doomsday Machine was a masterpiece.
Very nice job on the new, outside set/matte painting. It should actually improve the “feel” of the episode.

On the remastered outside matte painting, are the people “drawn in” or is it the original actors/ film superimposed on the matte painting? When I enlarge it the people don’t look real. Otherwise it’s great. Am I seeing things?


A mediocre episode, but this one has a bit of cannon violation, namely the fact that the Kelvins were able to get the Enterprise to go warp 14 and beyond so that they could get to Andromeda, What i find fascinating is that the Kelvins modified the ship to go faster and for some strange reason the following episode the Enterprise is back to the way it was before, Click, everything resets to zero again. I guess neither Starfleet or Kirk was interested in having a ship that could travel faster then all the other ship in the Federation and the Galaxy, Like the Cloaking device who needs a tactical advantage. I must say that the remastered images do look good.

Eh, I always assumed the Kelvins were the only ones capable of making the ship go so fast so without them it wouldn’t work.

Does anyone remember when st.com used to give us this information?

Fitting threads for St Patty’s Day… first green women and now the episode with the green stuff… “What is it?” asks the drunken Kelvin
“It’s….it’s… it’s green!” answers Scotty. arrrrr….

Take me down to paradise city where tha girls are green
And the remastered grass is pretty

Wait a tic- with re-mastering, the episode doesn’t make any sense… why would tha Kelvins wanna leave such a beautiful planet now?

I wanna go….. arrrr…

I dont remember did they break the Great Barrier in this episode?? Someone please answer??

Yes, they broke the barrier. Kirk was supposed to give Scotty the word to ignite the anti-matter pods once they were in there and stop the Kelvins dead cold.

Nice matte shot. Yes, that view gives the scene a more expansive feel.

British Naval Dude wrote:

> Fitting threads for St Patty’s Day… first green women and now the episode
> with the green stuff…

I wonder how much green alcoholic stuff will the band, Warp 11, inbibe at their St. Patty’s Day concert. (Also wondering if Kiki will be green…) :-)

#43 Thanks for answering the question. Now, I remember what you just brought out. Why I said what I did is because I was curious will we see remastered reused footage from Where No Man…or will they just give us a slightly different angle.

It’s all coming back to me. In ST5 The ship breaching the barrier was in fact based on established fact!! But the shields had to modified in order to do it. All right,not a total loss!! Sorry to veer off point. Just had to say that!!




stunning work here….again sadly inconsistant. Big favorite episode of mine….I’ll be glad to tune in.

RE: #25
It’d be great to read some thoughtful intelligent comments like “Flint”‘s on here more often. Most of everyone else just blurts out nonsense.

looks good cant wait for these to hit england

yep that matt is super fantastic! congrats!!!!!!!