McGillion: Being In Trek Like Part Of History

Stargate Atlantis actor Paul McGillion, who was first reported here to have a small part in the new Star Trek, talked a bit about his role with a hometown paper. The actor told the Canadian Welland Tribune “It does feel huge” to have worked on Trek. McGillion promises that the role will be an ‘amusing cameo’ for his fans, but still isn’t giving many details. He did talk a bit about the historic nature of being in Trek.

On working on Trek

It’s something I’ll look back on and say, “That was neat to be part of that.” It’s like being in a ‘Star Wars’ movie or something – even if you’re in a little bit of it, it’s a little part of history.

Regarding his role, Paul only repeated what he said in his recent interview, that he has a scene with Kirk (Chris Pine) and that he doesn’t get killed off (leaving room for showing up in the sequel). On Abrams, McGillion again noted that the director was “a terrific guy” who went out of his way to tell him that he wished he had “something bigger” to offer but wanted to be sure he still had a part in the film.

McGillion is currently in Canada preparing for his return as a recurring character in the fifth season of Stargate Atlantis.

McGillion explains Star Treks and Gates to parents
Here is a bonus video of McGillion at the January ‘Pegasus 3’ convention in the UK. Paul is retelling the story of explaining to his Scottish father how he is in Star Trek, but that (gasp) an English actor (Simon Pegg) is playing Scotty.


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Paul McGillion is a great actor and I am happy that in Star Trek.

Better than being in a Star Wars movie….You are in a Star Trek TOS-era film! Glad to know he gets it though. It is huge. I don’t watch Stargate Atlantis, and don’t recall seeing him anywhere else. An “amusing cameo”? Must be a nod to fans of that show. Anyway, welcome aboard.


Finnigan would make sense. My odds are on him or Gary? from the 2nd pilot.

Or Finney from TOS, “Court Martial”.

An amusing cameo?? Finnigan or Garth of Izar! Ha Ha!!

Got to be Finnigan!

I would like to see this guy as Mitchell, Finney, or Finnegan (if the script calls for any of them). Then again, he doesn’t have to be an “established” character at all. Maybe he is just a crewmember on the Enterprise or an Academy contemporary we haven’t heard of yet.

Maybe they’ll put him in a fat suit, give him a curly mustache, and call him Harry Mudd. We’ll see.

Then again amusing cameo for HIS fans!? Whatever thats supposed to mean. No wI ma really lost.

” Now I am really lost” Just to descramble that error message!

I don’t know why the “Star Wars” comparison made me grin so much, but it struck me as an amusingly ironic way to put it in perspective :) It would be like Bruce Campbell comparing his “Spider-Man” cameos to being in a Superman movie :)

Come on, i want some real news! What’s the uniforms gonna be like?

He just reeks of Jimmy Doohan! What were they thinking??

What a classy guy he is. I hope he does get a bigger part in the sequel and yes, I think there will be a sequel to this movie.

Perhaps as an “Amusing cameo” he is briefly playing the part of a doctor.
I am looking forward to seeing him in the movie,its just a great pity that he is not playing Scotty.

I bet he plays a doctor saying the famous line, “he’s dead jim.”

I would like to point out that McGillon is scottish and the Character finnegan was IRISH!!!!!
therefore, its unlikely that he’ll be playing Finnegan!!!!
I watch Stargate Atlantis and McGillon was brilliant as the doctor so whoever they put him as it should be good!!

# if they cast him in the role of Finnegan so what? Why can’t a scotish actor play him? you know the who accent thing is getting quite foolish . Look at the fact that there are a number of English actors and actresses playing the part of Americans on tv., The lead actor in Journeyman and Michelle Ryan in the Bionic woman. A good actor can pull off a convincing accent. The only thing that puts a hole in my argument is Kevin Cosnter in Robinhood.

In fairness, I’ve heard Scottish guys do Irish accents, rarely ends well! The accents are too similar and they tend to bleed into each other! I’m just curious as to when the film is set. I Kirk an ensign or what in this movie?


Yeah — but he basically fakes the Scottish accent anyway (his parents have a Scottish accent, but his is practically non-existant, since moved to Canada at such a young age), so why can’t he fake an irish accent? Doohan was of Irish descent, but he played a Scotsman.

Having said that, I have no desire to see Finnegan in this film. I would rather McGillion play some brand new character in a meaningful role that could bring him back for the next film(s).

#20 Yeah but Finnegan was nemesis in the Acadamy, it would just be so much fun to see Finnegan and Kirk go at it.

No Finnegan was Kirks instuctor in the academy, the two became friends with Finnegan namming his duaghter Jamie after Kirk. When the two served together on the Republic, Kirk logged a mistake made by Finnegan that would have destroyed the ship, costing Finnegan any future his career might have had!


You’re thinking of Ben Finney.

Finnegan…… as in annoying guy who nearly destroyed the ship during that thing with the psi Virus?

#24 that kevin Riley that did that not Finegan, you might want to check out the episode Shore Leave to see who Finnegan is, Finnegan was an upper class man at the Star fleet academy. iegan made Kirks life a living hell when he was there.


Ok — now you’re just messin’ with me.

And If you don’t cut it out I’ll tell Kevin Riley to sing “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen”…


#26 because of that episode the Naked time I still to this day cant stand that song.

one more time….Riley says to the crew… Got to love it. Btw was that a actual song irl.

The “Welland Tribune”??!?!?!?

Never knew that this guy was from my home town. I wonder if we know any of the same people?


all i can say is thats just ‘Braw’

#18 Garovorkin –

Let’s not forget Hugh Laurie’s perfect American accent in House. And let’s not forget another wonderful accent to rank along with Kevin Costner’s – Keanu Reeves in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

I always thought Robin Hood would have played better if Little John had introduced him as his cousin from Kansas. Then Costner wouldn’t have had to embarrass himself and the rest of us.

Mr. McGillion will probably be Finnegan. And he’ll probably be good at it.

I would love to see him play a doctor that has a sort of comic nature about him. That would be a totally awesome tribute to his ST:A fans!

Hey I’ve sung that quite badly drunk myself……. I think I did……. I’ll ask my friends….

#33 Irish Trekki it will be nice to see Pual McGillion get to be in the trek film. and by the way at least Kevin Riley didn’t Sing Danny Boy.

Please, not again ;)

#20 – Paul & his family also returned and lived in Scotland during his early teens. He’s said multiple times that when the family get together they speak with or switch in and out of the accent. So while his normal speaking voice is North American, you could also say his ‘Scottish’ accent is natural too.

I still think McGillion is a far better ‘fit’ then Pegg for Scotty (they’re both good actors, but McGillion had the edge in looks for me) but as a big fan of Paul’s I’m thrilled to bits he got a part regardless! He obviously impressed JJ so thats a good nod of confience! Let’s hope the ‘character’ has a chance to be a bigger part of the sequel! And big or small it’s still part of something legendary!!

Is it May 2009 yet???????

I would love to see a few advanced preview clips of the movie just to tide me over till may of 09. I have to admit it does seem like forever, but it will worth and hopefully all the nay sayers or at least most of them will be satisfied with the final product. Still Pegg does have one thing in his favor for the role and that is the fact that Scotty in the original series was older then most of the characters so maybe that was one thing that Abrams was looking for. I like Paul McGillion and I agree he would have been the better choice, but I have seen Pegg in enough roles to have confidence that he do great job playing Mr Scott.

If I am correct, Pegg is actually a year younger than McGillion.

#15 & #36 – give it a rest.

McGillion looks too bloody smug and pleased with himself to play Scotty. With his hair dyed dark, Pegg has scotty’s looks down to… well… a peg (pun intended).

J.J. has made ALL the right choices. Just chill.

– Maybe he is the new Neelix / Phlox…..

..Well..i hope he is a good actor…

#39 McGillion is a fine actor,a fact acknowleged by J.J.Abrams himself and reflected in his personal approach to McGillion on set. McGillion is on record speaking warmly about their interaction.Simon Pegg is also a very talented actor ,writer and is of course J.J Abrams choice.However in the absence of any pictures or interviews by Mr.Pegg regarding his playing of Scotty and in the context of Mr.McGillions previous work,particularly in Stargate Atlantis,it is for this reason that I feel it is a pity that he is not playing Scotty.His comment in which he equates having a small part with the opportunity to have a little share in the history is far from being smug and if anything is quite humble.

#42… then I suppose the recent focus on Pegg should put to rest any concerns you may have about THAT actor fitting the bill.

As for McGillion, I didn’t say he WAS smug or pleased with himself… just the way he appears (facial disposition), in my humble opinion.

Pegg, on the other hand, seems to radiate the naiveté and general likability apparent in his predecessor’s portrayal of Scotty.

I still believe Pegg is the better choice. Time (and box office performance) will tell.

#39 & #43 Considering you”re comparing a CHARACTER promo photo of McGillion, to CANDID shots of Pegg makes it a very un-thought-out and totally unfair comparison statement. Not to mention pointless!

Essentially you ARE calling him ‘smug’ which is totally out of order!

Have you met McGillion? Or have you read ANY interviews, articles or comments on his personality? If you had, you would know that Paul is a really sweet guy and no one, cast, crew, fan or media has EVER had anything bad to say about him. Quite the opposite in fact, they have nothing but the highest regard. And as a fan who has met Paul on multiple occassions I can personally say Paul is anything but smug and a totally down to earth, very likeable, sweet and funny guy. He would also have NAILED Scotty with all the ‘naiveté and general likability’ and done Jimmy Doohan’s memory proud ON screen AND off.

#42–thanks for your reply.The recent focus on simon pegg and Chris Doohans endorsement of him is reassuring.As you said time will tell.

That’s ok, apparently it was written by an English guy who never visited Ireland so we can say with clear conscience that one isn’t ours! Besides you can’t sing it drunkenly which really negates the point of most of our songs!

#44 – if you actually read what I wrote, you’d notice that this was just my opinion.

Anyway, who appointed YOU chief authority on what’s in or out of order? I realize I’ve hit a nerve, but I’m still entitled to MY opinion, and posting a message full of exclamation marks doesn’t change that.

Much as you’re impressed with the man, I don’t see him as Scotty and believe Pegg IS the better choice by leaps and bounds. So there.