Star Trek Online ‘Coming Soon’…Again

In January we reported that P2 Entertainment was looking to transfer the license for the MMORPG “Star Trek Online” after failing to secure new funding. Since then P2 shut down entirely (as their blank website indicates). In February both the official STO site as well as the largest fan site also shut down. However, in the last couple of days the official site has suddenly reappeared with the same old logo, but a new message “COMING SOON.”

Cryptic STO?
The obvious question is: where is STO being developed now? When first reported on the change of license, we broke the news that Cryptic Studios (the makers of the award-winning “City of Heroes”) was hiring laid off members of the STO team. Just a few weeks later it was officially announced that Cryptic cancelled work on the previously announced “Marvel Online.” A couple of weeks after that, the Trek gaming site Hailing Frequency reported Cryptic discussed a “secret sci-fi project” at a gaming conference (and the guy talking about it was wearing a Starfleet Academy sweatshirt). However, Cryptic remains tight-lipped and will still not confirm if they are the new STO licensee. has been looking into this situation, but since January information about “Star Trek Online” has become harder to get than info on the ultra-secret Star Trek film. What we have gathered is that the game is still alive in some form and that there is a new licensee and that this licensee is very likely to be Cryptic. So apparently STO will not end up as another ‘might have been’ game like “Secrets of Vulcan Fury.” However, until there is some kind of announcement, the only thing that is official is that “Star Trek Online” (a game announced in 2004) is “COMING SOON.”

STO Preview
This preview for “Star Trek Online” was on the on the November 2007 release of Star Trek Remastered on DVD HD DVD combo. It isn’t known how many changes will be made for the ‘new’ “Star Trek Online” but it gives you a general idea.


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