Quinto ‘Lives Long and Proper’ on New Comedy Show

There’s a strange new improvisational comedy series on VH1 called Free Radio, and Star Trek‘s Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) was a guest on last week’s episode. The show is set in a dysfunctional radio station where an idiot DJ interviews celebrities. Quinto appeared as himself, and talked a bit about the new Trek film… at least, when the DJ lets him. Details and video below.

Although the show is a joke, Quinto did seem to speak genuinely about Trek, for example on his audition:

I didn’t read for JJ, he saw my tape. I went in one time for April Webster, who is the casting director, who’s awesome and really is a huge part of why I got this job ’cause she was so supportive of me during the process…

Quinto also showed off his Vulcan salute which he said he has been practicing. Naturally, Quinto couldn’t reveal any plot points but did (after being pressed) promise there were “no whales involved.”

You can watch Quinto’s ‘interview’ below.

Free Radio airs Friday nights at 9:30pm on VH1. More at the official site.

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Live long and prosper, Quinto!


His eyebrows look normal. I wonder when this was taped?

I can’t belive we are going to have to wait so long for this movie! JJ give us some uniform pictures please, just to keep us going!

I’m glad Quinto is showing his sense of humor about this film and his role in it…It seems to me that he was a bit stiff and “artsy” in some earlier interviews.

He seems to be more the “average Joe” here in this video rather than the “master thespian”.

He’s a southpaw!

The adventure continues…

“No whales involved.” Yes well, a certain captain Ahab I’d guess said something similar…

Decloaking . . .

Big difference in responses as compared to the Chris Pine thread.



It’s just all the new Spock grokking. We’ll see how wonderful he is next May.

What, no whales? If the rubber whales from STIV are not back I will boycott!

Is that show a joke? Sounds like half my FM dial in Atlanta. “The Morning Mess” with Superfat Mikey, etc.. Yikes, what happened to music?

Good to see Quinto has a sense of humor about his role. He’ll need it for the next 80 years or so.

In “The Naked Time,” Nimoy and the crew stayed way late so he could get his emotional breakdown scene. You could see the five o’clock shadow on the Vulcan’s face. I’m guessing Quinto must have to shave about every 30 minutes on the set of the new movie.

CmdrR#10- “He’ll need it for the next eighty years or so.” LOL!

I wonder if he’ll release a CD of music called “Zachary Quinto Presents: Mr. Spock’s Music From Outer Space Volume 2”?

All the bickering about Trek makes me wonder if I should laugh or cry… I mean, that at the very least aided and abetted the demise of ENT. What next?! The movie comes out and people are up-in-arms about the floors of the Enterprise being the wrong shade of grey?

Do people that are “beamed” actually get copied and die?


“Is that show a joke?”

Yeah, that’s kind of the point ;)

Yes, Sean and that’s kind of my point. I know it’s parody, done right — so close to the real thing as to be nearly indistinguishable. Pray you don’t get stuck in traffic in Atlanta! It’s pretty much that sophmoric… or sophmoronic.

I like the girl.

“No whales involved”

So, Kirstie Alley will NOT be making a cameo appearance?


…the canon’s in the toilet on this one!

His eyebrows grew back!

That was funny.

I’ve had a problem with seeing Zachary as Spock in that he’s always been so convicingly evil as “S.I.L.A.R.”, and until I see him wearing the blue spandex, with the eyebrows and the laser gun, he still makes me want to run off and hide.

I think the hat and the lack of someone’s brains lying around the floor made me feel a bit less scared there though, so that’s good.

Ah, 423 days to go still…. sigh….

Sounds good, no whales and hopefully no Quark.



I should of said and hopefully no Ferengi !!

trekee#22- 423 days..sigh… Sure would be nice to find a nice time vortex to propell us 422 days forward…

“I’d thought they’d Do the Whale sound in post”

Quinto : “I won’t let them,”

Thats gold right there.

incase you all don’t no this hand thing should be done with the right hand


I’m having MC hammer flashbacks.

Live long and – Proper!

#19 Harry – That’s so wrong, lol.

Did you see how defensive he got when they dissed Simon Pegg? :) Quinto’s totally got Pegg’s back :)

He’s one cool dude. :-)

Quite a forceful salute. Liking him alot though.

Harry… Don’t take this the wrong way, but… “Why aren’t you dead?” I thought there had been some recent unpleasantness. Anyway, welcome back.

What an utterly bizarre little show.

Peace. Live long and proper.
The Vulcanista };-|


He got better.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

22 S-Y-L-A-R


I’m ready to throttle Lance.

#22 I thought it was pretty funny when Quinto cracked up a little bit when Lance misspelled “Sylar.”

#38 Agreed.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

That was actually quite funny.

“Will there be whales in this one?”
For the last time Shatner is NOT IN THE MOVIE!

Live wrong and perspire…

Spoctor#40- Not nice, Spoctor. Twenty lashes with a wet noodle.

I still want to hear what Quinto sounds like as Spock.

Does he have the gravitas that Nimoy did?

This host is annoying. :|

Heh, I cracked up when Quinto showed how he had to practice on his Vulcan salute. I remember when I was a kid I had to really work at getting those muscles to work. I still can’t do it on my left hand as well as I can my right hand.

I wish I could disagree with the joke about Quinto putting those dollar bills on eBay, but that’s probably true :)

#42 I think so. He certainly has gravitas as Sylar on Heroes in my opinion.

Re: #19. Harry

Harry – – where have you been? It’s been terribly quiet around here…

Wouldn’t it have been interesting if Quinto couldn’t do the Vulcan Salute? That would have been part of the audition, I guess!



No, at least according to the (non-canon) book Federation, it is the original matter that is converted to energy and then back again. This seems to be concistent with all other references to transporters.

is it just my imagination or does Quinto sound kinda gay?

no gay bashing intended….just curious..

#49 OMG, are you serious? How exactly does gay sound? Like Rock Hudson, perhaps?

Eyebrows: They regrow, but they also can be touched up to look normal. I’m sure they’re giving him “street” eyebrows in between periods of filming if he wants that. Never seen someone pencil in an uneven brow?

Quinto: What an excellent job of casting, as he can completely handle the press that’s going to follow him for, erm, the rest of his life. Lance Krall’s act is getting tiresome (and yes, I know that’s the point, but it’s not so funny anymore when you know it’s a put-on) however, occasional bright spots like the Priceline bit… is actually funny. Priceline actually would be wise to sign Quinto up now and have him in their with Shatner… sort of a Obi-Wan tutoring Luke sort of thing could really be funny.

Anna Vocino: Find her a role in the Star Trek sequel. A comedic yeoman, perhaps?