Today is Anton Yelchin’s Birthday and He Thinks Trek is ‘Awesome’

Today (March 11) is Anton Yelchin’s 19th birthday. He may not be old enough to drink, but he is old enough to get a seat on the bridge of the USS Enterprise as Chekov in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. In a new interview with Total Film Magazine, the young actor says he thinks the new movie isn’t going to be ‘old Trek’ and that it is going to be ‘epic’ and ‘awesome.’

Yelchin on the mega film’s budget and where it is going:

Most of the money is going into making it look awesome. You have to realize how epic it is. That word is so overused, but we were shooting on the bridge and you sit there thinking, ‘I’m on the Enterprise!’ Would I ever have thought I’d be on this set? Never!

The new Chekov also talked about what kind of film he thinks they are making:

I talked to JJ a lot about what he wanted. He said, ‘We’re not making something that’s supposed to be the old Star Trek’, but I think people wanna see the things they love so we’re all trying to remind people of the old characters.

More from Yelchin in the latest issue of TotalFilm (via SciFi Pulse)


oh…and Happy Birthday Anton from


Anton Yelchin at the 2008 ACE Eddie Awards February 17, 2008 (Wire Image)


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Happy Birthday, Chekov! Koenig has toups older than you.

He’d be old enough to drink if he was in the UK =)

19. So young and so lucky.

The adventure continues….

“awesome”…………..hmmmm, that’s a 23rd Century expression, isn’t it?

Is it “awsome” in a Michal Bay kinda way?

I’m not sure there are that many photon torpedoes in the whole universe.

(Won’t link to it, but I can’t hear the word without seeing the Verison advert he did recently…)

He’s only 19? So he was in the film when 18? Is that… uhhhhh canon?

(/Ducks and covers)

Happy Birthday, Anton!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Well, happy b-day, Anton! Hope it’s a good one!

It would be so nice to hear the actors, production crew, etc. refer to TOS as the original Trek instead of the old trek. Both words start with “o” – wouldn’t be that difficult to wrap their brains around…

I love it when the term “epic” is used for this movie, but as mentioned before how about a little something new? Cast photo, another partial ship photo, just something new. I know the movie seems a long way off, especially with the dates being pushed back, so JJ has to stretch things out, but how about a little something new?? A cast pic, or even of Nimoy as Spock in uniform.

Do we really need to be presented with every minor statement made by these people?

We know. The actors think it is awesome. They think Abrams is the greatest. The third cousin of the assistant key grip’s step-sister thinks this movie is going to rock.

And I will further chastise my own self for reading that drivel.

@ 10 – if you don’t want to hear it, Stanky, why do you bother checking out the site and reading the articles?

I for one am appreciative of the work Anthony & crew are doing to give us any little morsel they can. May 2009 seems SO far away.

Happy Birthday Mr. Chekov!

May you Live Long and Proseper.

Happy B-day Yelchin! I wonder what it must be like to be young, handsome, rich, and in demand?

Probably pretty nice! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTON!!! Someone buy the man a beer!!!!

19 huh? is that even old enough to be a Starfleet ensign?

Happy Birthday sir. By being cast in this movie, you have already received the birthday present most of us on this site could only dream about! Enjoy it to the fullest!


Don’t you mean buy the man a wodka? :)

Happy Birthday Anton, I remember being 19, hell it was only a few months ago!! and guess what?? Im allowed to drink :P!!

Have to agree with Stanky though… we dont need to hear every segment that is being said about this film by the actors… only new stuff like accidental plot hints etc etc

ARGGHHH 422 days 22 hours and 52 minutes!! I wish i had a Klingon wessel to slingshot round the sun, but go forward in time!!

The best thing that could happen is that the film breathes new life into Trek and the world picks it up and carries it around on it’s shoulders shouting “we love Star Trek!”

The worst thing that could happen is that the film only recycles old Trek and only makes the existing fans happy, and it dies.

So let’s give up the insistence that it cling slavishly to the original and enjoy the new growth. Otherwise it will die with us old Trekkers and be buried along with us and our Photon Torpedo caskets and tribbles placed around out bodies, clutching our “canon-accurate” phasers.

Happy Birthday, sweety! He’s just too cute and adorable… :-D

Personally, I like hearing from the actors, and in defense of the site, the authors never know when someone is here for the first time.

As for his reference to TOS as “old Trek”, he is only 19 years old. TOS is more than 2 decades older than him! And let’s not forget who he made the comments to. One of the stated goals is to appeal to a new audience and create new fans. Whether we like it or not, there is a stigma of sorts to Star Trek for many people. The more they can do to get people to give ST a chance—the better.

#5 – I’ll take an 18-year-old who is an Academy grad over some annoying eager-beaver child prodigy who gets underfoot only because Mama is the resident sawbones.


Surely he will scream in this movie! If he’s in it enough

In truth, Walter was too old for the part, though I love him dearly in it. Some of the ‘green’ jokes will work better with Yelchin.

Be careful of women in velour, Anton. Otherwise, enjoy your birthday and Trek. Now that combo really is awesome!

oops. I called him by his last name, not first. I’m sure he’ll forgive me. :)

10. Stanky McFibberich – March 11, 2008

“And I will further chastise my own self for reading that drivel.”

May we help?


Closet#20- Okay bro, let’s dig into it:
Debate point #1- Constantly referring to TOS as “the old Trek” weakens, not strengthens, the film’s prospective fanbase. In the next year, so much press will be put out concerning the film that continually hearing the words “the old” in association with Trek will subliminally turn off the very audience JJ’s team wants to draw into the theatres. Referring to TOS as “the original”, on the other hand, gives the film more “umph” and validates that there was an original – now there’s a new version.

Debate point#2- Constantly referring to TOS as “the old Trek” , by anyone involved in the making of the film, diminishes respect for Trek in general, thereby diminishing prospective audience expectations before they ever get to the theatre. This, of course, results in lesser box office revenue because, well, Johnny doesn’t want to go to the mall on Saturday with his buddies to see a movie about an “old” TV show.

Summary: If television, print ad, magazine and internet media is awash with the words “old Trek” for the next twelve months, the bottom line will result in decreased ticket sales as well as less revenue in Trek merchandise. If, however, the production team values its product and shows respect for what has gone before (by calling TOS “the original show”), the viewing public will, most probably, respond with interest and, hopefully, more butts in seats.

Young Mr. Yelchin shares a birthday with me! Of course, I’m old enough to be his father, but what the hey!

Happy Birthday, Anton! Hope yours was as good as mine!

I am not Old… I am original!


pisces mount up!

There is no need to refer to Star Trek as anything but “Star Trek.” There was only one series with that name. All the later “versions” had some kind of subtitle.

re: 11 Newman
It’s a sickness I can’t seem to shake. An apparent need to continually punish myself.

and Xai….if I need any help, you will be the 5280th person I will call. ;)

Decloaking . . .

26. Denise de Arman. That’s your second “Right On” of the day. The term “Old” is considered marketing death. That is precisely why there is no longer an “Oldsmobile.”

You can beam your Juliet/Emily self onto my cloaked wessel anytime.

I’m currently docked in Minsk, yes Minsk. Where Seven and Iowagirl should go to honeymoon . . . Minsk . . . Minsk.

I actually think all you Trekkers / Trekkies / Trekites / and MotherTrekkers
are AWESOME. Thank you all for a very fun day!

Must now hit my nice hard Klingon sleeping platform here on the East coast of . . . Minsk.


I dunno, I’ve never met anyone outside of a Trek board or convention who habitually called TOS “the original series” or anything other than either “Star Trek” or “the old show.”

Yelchin is awesome, his own self :) After seeing Charlie Bartlett I’ve placed him in the iron-clad “no worries” category … He’d have to say something extremely scary to tarnish my faith in him at this point.

Faith in Cast continues to hold steady at approximately 99% Total Faith overall.
Faith in Script/Direction continues to wobble uncertainly around 43% (slowly climbing) mainly due to information I lack rather than information that specifically worries me.
The overall trend has been: the more I learn about any of it, the more faith I have. Overall. Resulting in current odds of seeing this movie at 71%, with 100% warm, huggy HOPE :)

Ok, this nitpicking is really starting to get to me. First Pine’s off-hand remark about Harrison Ford, now this.

The show was made before many of the audience for this new film were even born, so it’s only natural they’d think of it as ‘old’. It isn’t intentional disrespect and I doubt any of the general public are keeping count. If anyone actually chooses to skip the movie because a 19 year-old referred to TOS as ‘the old show’, they’re far, far too sensitive and should probably never leave their homes for fear a stray offensive remark should reach their ear.

#30: I was under the impression that both TOS and TAS are later, tacked-on subtitles, and that both shows were simply titled “Star Trek” when they aired.

Happy Birthday Anton! =)

Cheers Mate! ;-)

OK, time to lighten up with a Star Trek joke I made up:

Hey, did you hear about the spin-off Star Trek movie they’re working on………about a renegade lizard captain who suffers from excessive flatulence?

Yeah, they’re going to call this epic……………GORN WITH THE WIND!

Harry Ballz:
In light of your recent joke, you are no longer allowed to post on Please pick up your thing and go…

p.s. = free
waiting for the next star trek movie = sucks
Gorn with the wind joke = priceless

He’s so cute…

But this use of the word “awesome” is starting to make me cringe. C’mon, kiddo. Learn more words. Someone give that young man a dictionary for his birthday!!

BTW he’s going to make an awesome Chekov!!



Blake “Please pick up your thing and go…”

Isn’t that usually “your things”?

Freudian slip on line one!!

And, er, thanks for the compliment…….I think.

Happy birthday, Anton! And here’s to many more :)

Hey Anton, hope you had an epic party… ans since you are in California, maybe it’s still running. S dniom razhdjenia!

For all you may say, but his “old” comment is in line with most other statements we’ve heard from the XI people so far.

Anyway – hope you had a happy birthday, Anton!

Check off one more year for Anton!

Doesn’t TOS Stand for “The Old Show” ;)

Happy Birthday!! If you want a celebratory beer, come visit Canada!

I like that “they” refer to TOS as “old Trek”. It shows great respect for TOS and it’s fans. They are, in essence, acknowledging that they cannot and will not recreate such classic greatness. They are attempting to build a new, different, but familiar Trek. I think that that will serve to increase the potential audience. Keep up the good work JJ. And please, no spoilers!!


“The worst thing that could happen is that the film only recycles old Trek and only makes the existing fans happy, and it dies.”

Nope. The worst thing that could happen is that it gets us fans pissed off, and makes millions in the process.

Considering the respect heaped upon us by Roberto et al, I do not see that happening. But if Trek’s last gasp makes us happy and bombs, I could think of worse things.

But let’s face it, a lot of fans only want a new TV show… they’d be much happier if The New Voyages… I mean “Phase II” sets, props and costumes were borrowed and used for the new movie, and made exactly in the style of the the old show with updated effects. That’s all they want.

But if that’s all they got it would only ever be a direct-to-DVD movie and ST would be dead as far as the general public was concerned.

I for one want it to live.

most o’ the money goes to make it look awesome…
Sounds good. I relished tha animated space battles in DS9, however breifly shown… and they were amidst a decent story…

But spending money ta look good isn’t what a good film be about.
I mean, saving the money spent on their costumes, an all nude “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” could have have been just as good… maybe better…

Oh, and, just in case there do be money troubles, rememeber ya always got that shot of Kirk and Sulu blowing up that Klingon ship to re-use again…

Anthony- Anton does not need to be singled out in his constant reference to TOS as the “old show”. Yes, he is a cool, young kid (and obviously talented). My concern is placed in the consistent use of the word “old” as it is used in its descriptive reference to the TV show the film is based on. For the next twelve months, would it not be more advantageous to the film’s success if the words “original show” were used in interviews read and heard by young kids (those kids think eighteen is old)? As indicated by Commodore above, the word “old” is advertising and marketing death; frankly, I’m surprised that someone connected to advertising for the film hasn’t contacted JJ to banish the word “old” from their vocabulary in interviews. Keep in mind, this would work to the positive receptiveness of the young prospective young audience come May’09.

Commodore#31- So you have a wessel in Minsk? If you can afford a cloaking device for your wessel, surely you can throw down a few quatloos for a better mattress – throw out the “old” Kilingon pallet!