John Cho Sees Importance Of Trek

It seems everyone is talking this week, now it is John Cho’s turn in a couple of new interviews. The new Sulu tells AP when he was cast as Sulu a friend sent him a long email about “how great a responsibility” it was. In comparing Trek to other work Cho said: “it is daunting, it’s scary. Frankly, I’m not used to this kind of heat.” Cho is also the cover boy on this month’s Geek Magazine where he talked about meeting George Takei and how the film has a lot going on.

From AP
Cho on Abrams reasons for secrecy:

I think he sees it as a favour to fans to keep everything on the down-low because he’s a very enthusiastic moviegoer, and he wants to be surprised and he wants things to be kept from him until the last minute.

Cho says that he is finishing up his last scenes this week, and describes the experience:

It’s been going great, what can I say except that it’s really thrilling. There are a few dreams that you have when you’re a little boy: It’s cowboys and Indians, it’s being on a spaceship. This is one of the great fantasies of my life.

More from Cho at AP, split into two articles: one on “Star Trek” and one on his new film “Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay”

Cho Geeks Out
This month our friends at Geek Magazine have John Cho on the cover. Here are some excerpts about Star Trek:

On meeting George Takei:

He’s a great guy. He’s such a nice guy. They don’t make them like that anymore. He’s almost from another era, he’s such a gentleman. People aren’t like that anymore, so loving and intellectual.

On how director JJ Abrams is approaching Trek:

I think the movie goes all over the place. And J.J. is very good at that. I don’t think any character is just sitting there twisting knobs. Or maybe they don’t twist knobs on the Enterprise, but pushing buttons and stuff.

Much more from Cho in the March issue of Geek Magazine, on newsstands now. Editor-in-Chief Jeff Bond also devotes a bit of his March editorial to Star Trek (which includes a shout-out to the community and the ‘6000-post argument’ over the teaser trailer.)



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1st – Bloody awesome. Love Cho’s work and his persona.
Really cool attitude. Very glad Takei approves also.

Love that cover photograph with the writhing hand reaching out – reminds me of a certain green hand grabbing a certain beloved starship.

Cho is a funny kid. I look forward to seeing another side of his acting ability as Sulu.

“Editor-in-Chief Jeff Bond also devotes a bit of his March editorial to Star Trek (which includes a shout-out to the community and the ‘6000-post argument’ over the teaser trailer.)”

Well, they definitely know where to find us!

The cast members all seem to have been briefed on what to say. There’s a certain sameness to their comments. That’s about normal, I suspect. They do sound genuinely enthusiastic.

“I don’t think any character is just sitting there twisting knobs”

Where are Harry and British Naval Dude (he does spend quite a bit of time at sea) when we need them????

Good for him.

You know, when this movie was first announced and having a young cast playing the well-loved characters in their early days, I immediately thought of Cho as Sulu. I’m in my 40’s but found him hilarious in Harold and Kumar. He just struck me as someone who might have the right attitude to play a young Sulu. Good for him…something tells me he’ll do a good job.

A lot of the characters do seem to be making public comments lately. Albeit, the same enthusiatic but secretive stuff…but at least with the delayed release they are keeping the interest high. I understand and appreciate the need for secrecy. I want to be surprised…good or bad…when I go see this movie on opening night. Recently, someone posted a blurb in here concerning the alternate ending to “I Am Legend”. He blatantly said what the theatrical ending was. I wasn’t able to see this movie at the theaters and have been waiting for it’s DVD or PPV release. Now, the ending is utterly ruined for me…please keep this movie as secret as possible but, also please feed my need for little tidbits and sneak peak pics.

And as I always say…I LOVE THIS SITE!

Koreans in da house! Or as my mom would say, “how-soo”.


Oh no you di’n’t!!

I wonder if Cho is going to use his natural speaking voice or if he tried to do the Takei deep talking thing?

no way, Takei owns that bad boy!

This story was actually the third most-read story on earlier, above several other big stories and interest pieces. Thought that was pretty cool, since a big news outlet like that picking up a story about a Star Trek actor can only be good for driving up interest among the masses. :O

He mention not twisting knobs… just pushing buttons.

As I recall there were knobs on TOS.
And NO knobs in the movie?

I hear the canon police coming down the road with flaming torches and pitchforks.


#13: If we act quickly, we can assemble a soothing rationalization scenario where knob-removal is a critical component of Nero’s time-travel scheme … his wicked machinations to plunge the crew of the Enterprise into a knobless world, and thus ripe for domination and destruction. By presenting this scenario with a straight face, the canon-cops might be placated for another night …

#13, George Carlin once maintained that a particularly jerky clergyman might find anything with ‘two knobs on it’ uncomfortable… It’s not Star Trek related, but he rocks!

I wonder what the bridge looks like……

16. Irish Trekki – March 13, 2008
“I wonder what the bridge looks like……”

…Don’t we all…

Takei’s advice ta Cho:
“Always take a space heater with you on landing parties.”
“If you meet Bill, make sure he doesn’t start calling you Cha. Never break him of that habit.”


… obviously BND

darn computers!