Announcing: Orci and Kurtzman Q&A At Grand Slam + Ticket Give-away [UPDATED: Available Globally] is headed to beautiful downtown Burbank next month for the Creation Grand Slam Convention. The event is chock full of Trek and sci-fi celebs (including Spocks, Quinto and Nimoy). And today Creation and are announcing the addition of a Q&A with the writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. We also have a pair of ‘Gold’ tickets to give away.


The Event: Creation Grand Slam IV: The Sci-Fi Summit
When: Fri. Sat. & Sun. April 11-13, 2008
Where: Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel (Burbank, CA)
Trek Stars: Leonard Nimoy, Brent Spiner, Zachary Quinto, Roxann Dawson, Salome Jens, Nichelle Nichols
Sci-fi Stars: James Marsters (Buffy), Kevin Sorbo (Andromeda, Hercules), Aaron Ashmore (Smallville), Erica Durance (Smallville), Phil Morris (Smallville), Laura Vandervoort (Smallville) Grace Park (BSG), Thomas Dekker (Terminator), David Palffy (Stargate)
More info at Panel
Creation’s description: presents ROBERTO ORCI & ALEX KURTZMAN on STAR TREK, TRANSFORMERS, FRINGE and more! Hollywood’s hottest writing duo takes the stage to discuss all their projects including the eagerly awaited Star Trek feature film. Hosted by Editor-in-Chief Anthony Pascale. Scheduled for Sunday afternoon (immediately preceding Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy).

What it is: I will be moderating an ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ style Q&A with the writing team. It will cover their writing process, the new Star Trek movie as well as their other sci-fi genre projects. Alex and Bob will also be taking questions from the audience. The Orci/Kurtzman/Pascale Q&A will last about fifty minutes. will be reporting on the Q&A as well as other Trek related activities from Grand Slam weekend.

Come see Anthony Pascale put questions to Orci & Kurtzman at the Grand Slam XVI

The ticket give-away
Creation is providing two ‘GOLD’ weekend passes (a $738 value!) to a lucky community member. Each Gold package includes:

  • Reserved seating for all daytime events for all three days
  • Entry into the Friday night cabaret and Saturday night desert event
  • Free autographs and gifts

To enter the contest CLICK THIS LINK and follow instructions.

UPDATED: Contest now available to anyone globally (not just USA residents)


After Orci, Kurtzman and Pascale…catch the Spock show


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How exciting! Will this be televised live on the net at all?

I wish I could attend. If only plane tickets were also part of the giveaway. I look forward to some new info. from Orci and Kurtzman!

Very cool. Wish I could be there too. Hopefully by April when this occurs they will be able to get a tad more specific.

Anthony will you be able to record this for later perusal by us folks not able to attend?

The adventure continues…

Sure you’re gonna ask them about Superman, right?


And yes, please ask them about Superman. The themeatic similarities with Trek are obvious. Where so many other sci-fi/fantasy projects dwell on the “dark”, “conflicted” and “reluctant” heroes, Star Trek and Superman are wonderfully optimistic and unabashed morality tales.

Star Trek: “I think that one day, they’ll take all the money they spend on war –
And make them spend it on life?”

Superman : “They could be a great people Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you. My only son.

” ‘Cause I want the Golden Ticket”
“I want the Golden Ticket”

What it is: I will be moderating an ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ style Q&A

Anthony, are you going to ask them their favorite curse word from the Bernard Pevo questionaire like James Lipton?

Is there a reason why it is limited to residents of the U.S. only? If I won, I would pay for a plane ticket no problem. I live closer to Burbank, than those living on the east coast.


How about reconsidering that one rule Anthony, and let some of us living north of the border take part?

“Always… no, no… never… forget to check your references.”
– Dr. Meredith, Real Genius

Sounds cool. Wish I could be there!

I look forward to all the details from the Q&A being posted on this site so we can all read about all the latest Star Trek news!

Sounds like a cool contest.. a little more advanced notification would have helped i’m sure, but I bet there will still be no lack of entries..

On a side note.. does anyone know if there will be a concurrent movie release in Canada?

Oh and if anyone talks to Orci & Kurtzman please tell them for the love of Krum please put the Constructicons (and Devastator) in the new TF movie..

That is all :)

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout… Man Anthony, you really know how to get our Trek juices flowing – a Q &A with Mr. Bob and Mr. K! Cannot wait – I’ll be there in my own gold seat (already paid for – rats!) taking notes and trying not to drool…

1) Anthony: With all the ST XI buzz, the additions to this site, the Q&A from the XI set, and the new contest with K & O’s Q&A here, I gotta give a shout out to all the great work. It is fun checking the site everyday. Solid work.

2) Great ad above for the convention. Looking forward to New Trek. But look at that pic above. I expect ZQ to do a fine job, but, that pic of Nimoy is very very cool.

Full speed ahead, phasers on stun.

WOW. Burbank is half a country away from where I am and a bit of searching shows that it’d cost $300 (!!) dollars to fly two people out there, but what the heck. I’ve never been to a convention and would absolutely love to, and even if they ever came through my state I would never, ever be able to swing tickets like THAT. And it really sounds like a lot of fun, so what could it hurt to enter? :)

But I’m looking forward to hearing about the convention even I don’t go. (which is very likely, lol). ST.Com made the DragonCon last year sound amazing, and that was really neat reading about everything that went on. Can’t wait for this one to happen!

I don’t see the tips section up anymore…and I know this isn’t the place for CNN’s running an article on Cho

Decloaking . . .

What a great Con line up. Wish I could be there. Being an East Coaster, this is the first time I’ve ever wished that I lived in So. Cal.

Looking forward to the extensive coverage on

Denise, I had a great sleep on my Klingon board. As Picard said: “I like it hard.” (Just joking, have a nice gushy waterbed.)
For the Minsk reference see: the big party scene in the second half of the final ep. of DS9 “What we leave behind.”


I can’t go that weekend, but it would be worth it just to meet our fearless leader here at Trekmovie, not to mention the stargazing opportunities. And, Anthony, if you could rig up some video for the Q&A, that would be the icing!

Denise, we’ll need a full report from the peanut gallery, missy!

And afa conventions, the only one that’s really possible for me to attend is Dragoncon here in Atlanta. I guess I need to take that one in just to update my street creds as a Trekista.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I’m a continued supporter of and visit the site every day for information about the star trek universe. There are many Canadians like myself that love Star Trek and support the site. Whenever there is a contest for prizes or tickets to events, its always only for residents of the USA. Why shut out your friends from the north? We would like to participate in the chance to win them!!

Vulcanista- Man, wish you and everyone here (am not going to list names as I raked Closet over the coals for not including me in a list!) could go. We would rock out. Sure you can’t weedle your way there… I would let you play with my communicator (which I will be buying – I assume DST will have a large inventory of their latest as reported by


I *really* wish I could be there too. Imagine the trouble we could get into; the possibilities are endless! You and I could live forever in convention infamy! However, my credit cards are DOA after my last excursion.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Sounds awesome, here’s hoping we get some video clips :)

Hey, I was just on the CNN website and they’ve got an article where John Chau (?) is interviewed and he says that he finds playing the part of Sulu in the new Trek film to be “daunting”! Go read it before it disappears!

If I win, I WILL indeed ask them about Superman, and have them explain to me why THEIR script (unlike the one for Superman Returns) won’t suck. :-)

I went to the GS back in 1994… They sure don’t get nearly as many Trek people there as they used to, do they? Sad. Not one DS9 person on the list either?? No, Salome Jens doesn’t count. That’s just wrong. Still, this would be fun.

Instead of all the Smallville and Buffy people (and Kevin Sorbo… Um, whatever), a couple of Lost people would’ve been cool! Doesn’t Creation do stuff with Lost now too? I suppose they’ll still be filming while the GS is happening. Bummer. That would actually have me just as excited as seeing Nimoy again! Best thing on TV, period.

Anyhow, seeing as there really aren’t any sci-fi/Trek cons where I live (Wisconsin) anymore, this would be a treat.

Vulcanista#19- Convention infamy …ah, what sparkling, seductive words. I love the thought of others shuddering when they think of the acts perpetrated by the ladies of Trekmovie… Well, enter the contest ‘mi lady. Two gold tickets, you might get lucky and end up with one. I have a gold ticket – we could go to everything together and make all the Marriott employees dread the day we walked through the door!

#12, paragraph 2

That pic of Nimoy is indeed very cool! Heee’s baaaaack!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

This week, on a very special episode of “The Ladies of”…

Exciting! And now a question slightly off-topic, but convention-related: Anthony, are we ever going to see the “guided video tour” of Star Trek The Tour which was promised us a while back?

Jorg#25- LOL!


“… the Ladies arrive in Burbank for GS and go home on probation.” :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Vulcanista#28- You think Anthony would bail us out – he’s such a good guy, surely he wouldn’t want two such steller Trek chicks languishing in an LA jailhouse…

Ummm … why is ther no zero in the poll?

Am I not considered a fan if I don’t go to at least 1 convention a year?

What a shame I’ll be in Las Vegas that weekend! (Well, no…not really.) I’ll toss back a couple of Warp Core Breaches at ST: The Experience for everyone!

What’s a “sci-fi convention”? We haven’t had anything like that in my (city, area, neck of the woods) since the early 90’s. As I recall, they were fun gatherings where many people gathered at our premier hotel and convention center and spent a lot of money. Oh well.

OK, ladies of, have yourselves a great time. Remember us unwashed masses forgotten by the powers of the “sci-fi” community who have turned their backs on us. Jealousy is so unbecoming on me, isn’t it? I am green and blue.

THX-1138- Alas, I am all on my own, as Vulcanista is not going to come and safeguard my behavior… I’ll end up in that LA jailhouse all by myself.

Sounds sweet. As ususal, however, us Canadians are left out. :( Oh well, someone will have fun!

Well, Denise, I know a good lawyer if the need arises. Remember, don’t admit to anything.

I wondered the same thing. I only voted for 1 because of DragonCon being local to me. I might actually make it this year after reading about the ’07 con.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

RedShirtWalking(by the way, appropriately funny name)-
I’ve been to Quark’s, but I don’t remember the Warp Core Breach – what illegally smuggled beverages are mixed in it?

32. THX-1138 – March 12, 2008

What’s a “sci-fi convention”? We haven’t had anything like that in my (city, area, neck of the woods) since the early 90’s


Good grief, where do you live? It seems like I can’t throw a dead tribble without hitting one on any given weekend within 3 hours of Indianapolis!
In fact, I’m going to one in Cinncinatti (Millennicon)this weekend, and in mid April, (Conglomeration) Louisville, KY, where Walter Koenig is appearing. Can’t wait, I’m going to have him sign my picture of him and Celeste from “The Apple”. Vulkon in Columbus Ohio, early May… In Indy, July 4th weekend is Inconjunction, then two weeks later is Wonderfest in Louisville (again), August has GenCon (gaming, I know, but has media guests also), then the big daddy of them all in Atlanta DRAGONCON. And those are just the ones I can afford through the judicious use of ramen in my diet :-)

Sci-Fi conventions rule. The mega-cons are fine for seeing the giants, but the local/regional ones are the best for hangin’ with your peeps and meeting the stars. I’ve been hugged by Robin Curtis, Chase Masterson, Barbara Luna, Katee Sackhoff, Yvonne Craig… all at conventions of under 1000 attendees. And of course, all the swag to be had in the dealer’s rooms!

Good times! I’m sure to be talking up (and the ladies thereof) at each.

THX- I will try to remember that; however, since I will be in said jailhouse, it will probably be due to the fact that I had one too many Romulan ales and my memory might not kick in until after I’ve been frisked and handed my jailhouse blues…

Jorg#38- Will you be tipping it in Burbank, Jorg?

@31 RedShirtWalking- Right – if you’ve not been before DO NOT DRINK A WARP CORE BREACH ALL TO YOURSELF. By the time you’ve got to the bottom you can’t tell that you are about to inhale a carbon dioxide pellet through a straw…

I had SUCH a sore stomach!! :-)

(I’m assuming a warp core breach is a goldfish bowl full of alcohol and carbon dioxide tabs)

Watch out for the Vulcan Mind Probes, also. Oh sure, they’re fun… then the ship suddenly tilts at a 30 degree angle, and you flop over the red railing.

No Burbank for me. I just don’t have the extra $thousand to spend! Unless I hit tonight’s Powerball lottery. Then we’re ALL going!

Jorg, I live in eastern Washington state. Back in TNG’s heyday, we seemed to have two conventions a year that were pretty big and well attended. There was even a full time Star Trek retail store in town.

But in the early part of the last decade–POOF! No more conventions in the area. Ever. Too bad as we had a real strong science fiction fanbase here. Still do. I think someone is missing the boat in the EASTERN WASHINGTON AREA hint hint. Now I have to go to Seattle which is a 4 or 5 hour drive. And I don’t go for conventions, that’s for sure.

And Denise, you just quit. ‘Aint nobody going to the jailhouse. You’re just frettin’.

Trekee#41- Thanks for the info – have to look for that next time I get there.

Jorg#42- Let us all meditate and send positive thoughts that Jorg wins the lottery so all posters can attend said convention and revel in riotous living for 3 days.

# 42 Jorg

Good luck Jorg.. I’m assuming that since you were indeed post 42 that you didn’t forget to reference your guide as to what the winning numbers will be. In which case I do formally request to be in attendence when said winnings are bestowed upon the human inhabitants to gain attendence to said convention. May I be the first to offer my congratulations and hope to be sipping on at least one Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in the near future…

Oh well ….
I can’t go cause I live in Ireland.
Also I don’t know where BurkBank is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not impressed with the fact that only US residents are allowed to enter the Grand Slam Ticket contest. Shouldn’t it be open to all TrekMovie posters?

‘Course, it reminds me of when I was in Las Vegas last November for this huge international conference…..35,000 people were in attendance. There was a big draw for a new Cadillac and, of course, once again it was only open to U.S. residents. It’s irritating how organizations encourage people from all over the world to come out to their events, but then exclude/restrict them from entering any contests to win prizes offered there. If it’s a law indigenous to the U.S., it’s a silly one!


Off to the lottery sales window I go… :-)

Kick ASS!!!!!!!
Looks awsome! Good luck to everyone (any luck of the Irish jokes will be frowned upon but taken in good humor)