Cryptic Confirmed As New Developer for Star Trek Online

In January was the first to mention Cryptic Studios as the possible new home for the “Star Trek Online” MMORPG. Since then evidenced has mounted that Cryptic has the license, with the latest clue coming from sleuthing by board members of Although Cryptic will still not officially acknowledge they are the new license holder, has independently confirmed with sources that they definitely are.

Word is that since acquiring the game Cryptic has been assessing the current state of the game and assets and deciding what to keep and what to change. Cryptic is holding off on making an announcement because they want to make their announcement more than just words and actually have something to show. Before the game died at P2 Entertainment, they had only just showed the first two ‘in game’ images from “Star Trek Online.” P2’s version of the official site was also very short on actual information about the game, with just a smattering of ‘devlogs’ and concept art. Apparently Cryptic want to make it clear that their “Star Trek Online” is alive and well and by no means ‘vaporware.’ So we will still have to wait until they are ready for their big announcement.

A clue as to what we can expect may be found in Cryptic’s other big game in development, the super-hero themed “Champions Online.” The first news of that game came from some magazines and game sites about a month ago. The game was officially announced on February 20th, and that announcement came with a new official site with lots of game information and screen shots. A trailer was released just two days later.

In the mean time the official Star Trek Online site will continue to just say “COMING SOON” from an anonymous developer. So we will continue to wait until Cryptic is ready to talk about (and show us something from) their “Star Trek Online.” Until then just know that the game is alive and well and apparently in good hands.

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1st –
Let’s hope that they make it compatible with consoles.

My PC is useless for gaming.

I was thinking about MMO playstyles and Trek in general, and I realized that making a single officer was kind of un-Trek-like. I mean, it’s a television show with an ensemble cast; why not play “as a ship” and assemble a crew as your resources/special abilities?

This is excellent news! Or wait… this is horrible news! I am doomed to spend the rest of my life behind my computer screen!

I have never played a game of this type online…I would be very curious to try it…especially a Trek-based game.

Trekmovie has more reliable sources than the CIA. How do you guys pull off all this amazing information gathering? Boggles my mind…

And so closed down for no reason? Doesn’t anybody here find it an odd coincidence that not even a month after closes down, news about STO coming back to like sarts to spew out on the internet?

If its just ship action than it’ll be no different star Trek legacy…….
Otherwise it’ll be an experience worthy of appreciation

#2… Those were my thoughts as well. I hope Cryptic comes up with an approach like that, it would certainly set STO apart from all the other MMOs as nothing on the market handles player interaction like that as far as I know.

Having a unique playstyle where a player uses a cast of characters instead of just one would be a unique feature that could push the game beyond Trek fans and onto other frequenters of the genre as well.

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– Universal Translator:

While a Trek virtual world would (assumingly) be inherently less violent than other on-line experiences, I still do not think I would ever enjoy it without intentionally misbehaving.

Original statement:

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Good :)

I take it British Naval Dude that that last bit of “traslation” was aimed at me?
If so, I Apologise for the fact that I have a phsyco english Teacher that would castrate me if i used anything other than fancy friggin adjectives!!!!!!
If not, i am sorry for gettin in your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I want is Lego Star Trek …. With Lego Star Wars, Lego Indy and Lego Batman it would be a great one in the set!!!! Still, I suspect the license is the pain …

awk, no- not at all…

me translator just was back talking to me…aimed at me from the little bugger…for callin’ it a gangaa foo wanker….

see tha misunderstandings that can occur in tha virtual world? give Trek On-line a week ‘fore they nuke Cardassia…

Star Trek if needed, or whether a new game.

#13 sorry for misunderstanding is a great site, I visit it all the time.

This is FANTASTIC news. Cryptic is a great studio.

unfortunately the game will be another 3rdrate gimme money trek license all of them have been

Well since Marvel dropped their hero MMO that Cryptic was developing, and that they did City of Heros/Villains which I have been playing for years… this is a good thing. I’ve tried most the biggest MMO and CoX is the only I’ve kept to this day.

Be warned however that they are NOT the biggest fans of ATI graphics.

#2- how about a The Sims: Star Trek. You could design you ship and select your crew and then sit back and toss the whole universe at ’em and see what happens.

I’m sure all of you remember how Superman returns did a touching homage to the original movie, showing Superman’s father original footage. And then suddenly, the Krypton system star explodes. What a nice respect for canon.

I hope when this game is released the current status of “canon” do not turn the game useless.

I was dissapointed when I heard about the Marvel MMO. I loved Ultimate Alliance and was really looking forward to more Marvel games. Oh well, hopefully STO will fill in that gap in my heart!

I’m going to play a Klingon Shaman!

I’m glad to hear about the game being alive and well. I think Cryptic will have a better grasp on things – sadly P2[E] did not. I hope they’ll make a Mac version as well. With the new iPhone SDK, could you imagine a mobile ST:O? That would be cool!

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Ive said it before and ill say it again…..Join SecondLife and then find your way to “United Federation Starfleet”

A Star Trek Roleplay Sim with a complete Academy, 2 space stations, numerous Starships, the works.

All rather cool!

“Vaporware” lol!

I hope someone gets this going and off the ground in decent style! I already have my “crew” ready to go! :)

Personally, I hope we get to choose to start off a career if we choose to join a ship as either Enlisted or Officer with different responsibilities and as we progress, we get more options and advance in Rank. Or choose to start off just as an Alien on a Planet set to cause trouble alone or setup groups to attempt to steal a Star ship.

It would be great to work up to being a Ship Captain or Team Captain and then be able to award points as well as Awards to crewmen that are under me.

Also, to choose which time period and to be in the Mirror Universe to Start in would be great as well.

City of Heroes and City of Villains are fantastic, vital MMOs—and while many of their best developers stayed with those games, which are now fully owned by NC Soft, there are still plenty of good people at Cryptic Studios. Take heart!

Wow, great news all!!

We of will be waiting for this game lol !!!

http:// geminifleetcommand. com

I have noted the post above about the Star Trek RPG being created at Secobnd Life. has anyone here played that? please advise. thanks.

i like all of them have been

Lets hope they DON’T make it compatiable for consoles.

any news?

To Listen to your pagh!

I am on SecondLife and I was a former member of SL Starfleet. I left it because certain people like Zed Drebin run it like their own little kingdom. The micromanagers and control freaks run that sim and Mike Calhoun buries his head in the sand.

To all people, regardless of what LTYP says, the Starfleet sim in SL is rife with drama and unfairness. Unless you’re a human lesbian or a furry, good luck managing to advance. I definitely recommed against it. It looks good but it’s too much of a pain in the arse. In all fairness, I haven’t yet seen one RP in SL that doesn’t suffer from this. As far as RP is concerned, SL basically sucks. The high rankings are given to builders and scripters who wouldn’t know how to lead an RP if they took a college course. If you want space adventure, play SWG until STO comes out. Otherwise, just keep waiting and hoping.

@ #19

What do you mean, “Be warned however that they are NOT the biggest fans of ATI graphics.”

ATI sucks. And now more than ever, seeing how its under AMD.

Rule of Thumb: Tech companies with acronyms for names are second-rate in general (ATI, AMD), and ones with cool names actually make cool stuff (nVidia, Intel, Micron)

Intel procs have TOTALLY been kicking AMD’s *** (Core 2s)

And Nvidia GPUs pwn in benchmarks over ATI. (8800s, 9000s)

Yeah, pretty much the only thing ATI has going for it are the babes it plasters all over it’s … everything.

Im glad to play sweet trek games on nVidia

I honestly believe this game will be the BIGGEST in the world! Lets hope that star trek lives up to its name in this game…. Oh yea since I KNOW i will be one of the FIRST people to have this game… I think im going to name my Starship “USS Voyager” So you people DONT TAKE MY NAME…

*nod nod nod* i love that company, city or heros/villians has a solid system..and what star trek games need is depth with freedom…we can’t just fall back on shooters and ship to ship sim games. and…well it makes sense..start off as a cadet, earn your skills and think what oyu wanta DO for your career..and well pending on how skilled you are, you get promotions and then captaincy. Oh Oh and what if you don’t start with command…say your a medical or science…what skills will you have as a captain that a command only captain will have? it gives us the abilty to get really deep…to BE a part of star trek. *nods* OHh and say for an expanision pack….they make a whole new game like they did with city of ties into the star trek online..but we can be caradassian…or kilingon..romulan…even *wince* furengi or ..well i’ll stop my rant i just wanta be on this dev team…they need trekies and trekers on board….we can’t afford for it to be ruined like the star wars game was by sony…….*sighs*

To 36,

understandable you may be a bit behind the times. UFS is NOT SL Starfleet.

the dynamic individuals you mention have been left to their own thing (UFS) in their own place (sector 001)

SL Starfleet has moved to its own sim. Starfleet Command
I am a proud member of SL Starfleet and the first thing that got left behind is the smiley and frowny masks.

in your list of those eligible for advancement in UFS you left out the crossgendered avatars ( dudes playing as chicks)

UFS encourages the propaganda that SLSF no longer exists, and has somehow “transformed” into UFS but nothing could be further from the truth.

give the REAL SL Starfleet a try. we are rebuilding, and small at the moment, but we have some of the best engineers and worst primaholics in SL to make us strong again. if you work you will be rewarded, if you work hard, you will be rewarded greatly. if you wiggle a cute hiney, or a furry tail and expect it to get you anywhere, we all will have a good laugh at your expense..

Great – another game for me to be totally hooked on :)