Perry: Abrams Talked Me Into It

The cameo of Tyler Perry was a surprise addition for the new Star Trek movie for both the fans and apparently Perry himself. In a new brief interview with BlackFilm Perry says he isn’t a Trek fan and he took some convincing (and that Star Trek Nemesis could have derailed it). Apparently Perry felt an affinity with Abrams as they both are writer/director/producers who have worked in film and TV.

Perry on how he got the job:

J.J called and said, ‘I’m a fan and would love for you to do my movie’ and I was said, ‘Great! I’ll call you back.’ I called my agent and was like, ‘Who is this guy’ and he said I need to look at his stuff. I was so impressed with what he does because it parallels a lot of my own stuff.

When asked if he was a Trekkie, Perry said:

No. I’m telling you it was J.J Abrams. He talked me into it and it’s a good thing I didn’t see the last Star Trek movie or I would have said no.

For more from Perry on Trek, goto [contains spoilers on his role]

Taylor is currently promoting his new movie Meet The Browns, opening on March 21. It is likely that we will see more from Perry on Trek in the next few days. Here is the trailer for the film which was written and directed by Perry.


More on Taylor at his official site.


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This is a first – I may be a first!!! Who’s this dude? No more Nemesis bashing though surely?

Hopefully Abrams blocked all of the cast from viewing Star Trek Nemesis.


…and don’t call me Shirely…

Rather than bash poorer Trek outings how about praising some of the excellent stuff produced in DS9,VOY and even ENT’s season 4… This guy seems a idiot hope he’s a red shirt

There’s no stopping in a white zone…

Abrams is scaring me. If he likes Perry so much, why not wait until he makes a non-Trek project to ask Perry to be involved? If Perry’s not a Trekker the whole thing seems awkward. Star Trek ’09 is going to be such a good movie… that has nothing to do with Star Trek. The Shatner snub is such a bad idea… Abrams has perhaps the last opportunity anyone will ever have to put the Shat back on the screen as Kirk, but he won’t because old Shat would clash with the Chris Pine aesthetic. I don’t care what Abrams says, that’s the real reason.

time to cut the old guys loose..its a new(old) gen now!!!

Noooooooooooo… he’s Head of Starfleet Academy !!!!!!


Haley Joel Osment has just been cast as Boothby!!!!

#7 – It seems odd to require (or even to prefer) that the actors be Trekkers in order not to be “awkward.” Actors are actors, and Trek should do all it can to get good ones. It seems unnecessarily limiting to add such an abstract — and ultimately irrelevant to a good performance — criterion.

#7 – I guess that’s why Nimoy isn’t in it either, right? Oh wait, Nimoy is in it, so I guess your theory doesn’t really jive.

OK, so what is it with this guy? I mean, why would Abrams want him, of all people? I checked his credits on imdb, and his (mostly made-for-DVD-)movies are stinkers, obviously (with an average of 2-4 of 10). I don’t know if he has any acting talent (because, you know, he never seems to be in anything except his own movies, which usually is a bad sign). So – out of the millions of actors out there: why him?

so he took the job offer out of respect for JJ rather then a script or a charactor?

didnt we hear hes a teacher or something at the academy?
well i guess he can still wear a red shirt.

All right. Give me Hamm on five, hold the Mayo.

Trek=progressive, tolerent, all-inclusive, optimism. This was a brilliant choice for Abrams to make. Kudos!

Why is this story such a mystery to some of you?… it was reported months ago. He’s a good actor and liking Trek isn’t a requirement to be in the movie.

#77. Aphelion – March 14, 2008
“Abrams is scaring me.” …”. The Shatner snub is such a bad idea… Abrams has perhaps the last opportunity anyone will ever have to put the Shat back on the screen as Kirk, but he won’t because old Shat would clash with the Chris Pine aesthetic. I don’t care what Abrams says, that’s the real reason.”

While you are entitled to your opinion… Shatner isn’t the subject here and that’s been addressed over and over. And you call that the real reason… you sure? Abrams told you this?

@15 Amen!

5. Craig – March 14, 2008
“… This guy seems a idiot hope he’s a red shirt”

kinda harsh on a guy you don’t know.

#5 What would be there to praise since he’s already admitted that he’s not a fan of the franchise?

Someone sure seems like an idiot, all right, but it isn’t him*

*It IS him, actually, but for totally different reasons

Tyler Perry =HUGE fan base =more box office gross=more JJ Trek movies

Uh, just thought I’d remind some of you…the original cast weren’t trek fans either when they were first cast in the roles.

Wow… there are a good few mega-stars in this one. #20, agreed, Tyler Perry does indeed have a huge fanbase. I think that there will people who go see it just for the big stars, but will leave thinking that it was WELL worth the money.

13. Alex “what is it with this guy?”

He’s huge with African-American audiences. Does a lot a ‘morality play’-type sitcoms that apparently really connect with them. I think Abrams sees just how well Tyler Perry connects with African Americans (lets face it, not a huge demographic in terms of Star Trek fans) and extending this invitation to him could open floodgates in terms of a heretofore barely-touched demographic. If Trek is about diversity, inviting Tyler Perry to be involved is a really good idea. And it is indeed telling that Perry is not a Trek fan to begin with. His experience could equal many, many new viewers.

Tyler Perry is a very intelligent, incredibly funny man who has made it in show business through his own merit. He started out writing, directing, casting and producing his own plays. From years of doing that, his talent was recognised and he was given financial backing to start doing the same thing with his films. Apparently he’s doing something right, because not only have his films done moderately well in the theatres, but his DVD sales are respectable as well. Shame, though, that he had to mention Nem – wish he had researched the TOS series and films before making such a declarative statement to, especially considering JJ had absolutely nothing to do with Trek back then.

Never heard of the guy or his work except a previous article on,he deserves a red shirt or skirt, whatever.

Last I checked, there was no Star Trek when the original cast was cast, so they couldn’t possibly be fans. You make a ridiculous argument. They might have, however, been fans of science fiction, which might have made them a bit more enthusiastic about being in the show.

I have never read anywhere of Mr. Perry’s love of sci-fi, and he outright said he never liked Trek and took convincing to take the part. No offense, but if you need convincing to be in a Star Trek movie, which has an huge, established and dedicated fan base, perhaps you should skip on the role and wait for JJ’s next movie to be cast for a part, if it’s simply being in a JJ Abrams movie that thrills you.

From what I can gather over at IMDB, Mr. Perry’s list of credits (and it’s a really small list) is comprised of 15 projects, all of which he wrote, directed and starred in. I don’t know what kind of a fan base he has (nor do I care) but I’m guessing with that credentials list, he is also his own biggest fan. I’m sure any of us on a bad day could come up with a list of at least 10 actors that could play the part he was signed to play in the new Trek movie.

I’m not impressed, and I don’t know why Abrams is. Poor casting choice, IMHO.

#23, well put, Izbot. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Good move. More viewers = more box office = more following…oh, you guys know the rest.

But I don’t know how many people his appearance will really attract. He’s not the main star, just a cameo. Cameos are usually small bits for those who want to see the movie anyway. I mean for example, how many of you would go to the cinema to watch Showtime just for that Shatner cameo, if you don’t like DeNiro and/or Murphy or Action-Comedies in general?

Bringing in another fanbase is always a good thing, soooo many people I know won’t like trek simply because it is trek, without even seeing any.

#14 Do you like movies about gladiators? (Logan or non-logan! hohoho)

The guy is huge among blacks because he writes plays and movies and tv shows that feature black actors, black families, and a black perspective on life- which is a rarity these days. I personally think his writing isn’t too great but he’s the only one out there who is trying to speak to that audience without going into sex or profanity. He’s successful enough to have gotten a couple of hit movies with his old black grandma character “Madea” and he’s got a tv show on TBS called “House of Payne”. He’s also got most of the Oprah audience thanks to her talking him up on her show.

I sincerely doubt the Oprah crowd or black people will come running into the theater to see a cameo by Perry, but I think it is a nice bit of stunt casting- no trekkie will notice him, but blacks and the Oprah crowd will get a slight kick out of his presence. To me it signals that the new trek is willing to try new things rather than gather up the unknowns and the has beens to play the cameo/bit parts.

Shatner knows less about Trek than most people on the street. He admitted to never watching the original series (he doesn’t like to watch himself perform). He’s a “reluctant astronaut” who makes a tidy living from his association with Trek, yet everyone wants him in the next film.

Perry’s not a fan? Well, neither is our intrepid Captain (IMHO).

I’ve never seen Perry in anything so I’ll reserve judgement.

I saw The movie “Doomsday” today and I was pleasantly suprised, it was a pretty good for what it was, better than i expected, but all I kept thinking about was Nemesis every time Malcon Mcdowell appeared on the screen and how dissapointed I was with Kirk’s crappy death in the movie. Its not about Malcon personally, but the association with Nemesis. (I think I have my facts correct Nemesis/McDowell and Kirks death. I have not seen the movie since it was in the theatre’s and I can’t take myself to watch it again. If I am incorrect on my facts, sorry. But for a non stop action movie, go see Doomsday, it was a fun and nonstop action movie, you will not be dissapointed.

or was generations?

“Generations” as in, “Next” and “Former”. Ha ha. Good sense of humor, those TNG guys :-)

#34 – the latter. And Doomsday will definitely be in my Netflix queue, when available. Netflix is a great way of vetting potential DVD library candidates, without all the traffic, greasy popcorn, cranky kids, and expense.

While not a big fan of Perry’s, I have to disagree with an above comment (#23) that Star Trek does not have a large African American fan base. Simply not true. Working for a DVD distribution company, I can tell you MANY of my African-American clients LOVE Star Trek. Why would one assume it doesn’t appeal to that audience? Trek portrays a very inclusive future where everyone has a voice. Personally, I admire Perry’s chutzpah in putting together all of his early productions himself. And I’m quite sure the Head of Starfleet is NOT being re-written as an 70 yr old “Mad Black Woman” to accommodate Perry’s ‘Medea’ fan base, so relax. As for him not being a fan, so much the better; it’ll bring a fresh perspective! As for the ridiculous question asked above, “why him?” Well, why NOT?

There’s no better reason that that JJ likes him and wants him in it. No need for anyone to be a fan prior.

As a point of personal trivia (not that anyone gives a hoot in Hell), back in ’04, I was working the web/mainframe app helpdesk for Bell South in midtown Atlanta when they were filming Diary Of A Mad Black Woman. You should have seen the array of trailers lining Peachtree Street for a couple of weeks. Interesting, but a parking nightmare.

I’m not particularly sure Mr. Perry’s in any position to bash any movies… has he watched his own? I mean, come on, his highest-rated theatrical release on IMDb (Madea’s Family Reunion) has only 3.8 out of 10 stars! And Daddy’s Little Girls (the only movie of his I’ve seen) was just horrible. Abrams is a fan of this guy’s work? That worries me a little.

correction to previous post — I saw Diary of a Mad Black Woman, not Daddy’s Little Girls. See, I can’t even remember the damn title :P

Charles – I think we’re drinking out of the same bottle tonight. LOL :-)

I have unfortunately been exposed to his work. I found his acting skills to be lack lust at best. Let’s just hope his part is little more than a cameo.

#43 I agree. I tried to watch one of his movies when it came on cable to see what the big deal was and it was mediocre.

I don’t get the whole thing about African-Americans being a minority when it comes to ST fans. The biggest ST fan I knew in high school was a wonderful individual who filled me in on the last season of DS9 in our government class because I wasn’t allowed to watch tv during the school year. And he was “African-American”. He even *gave* me a lot of books, a tape, and stuff which were really a godsend for me during my senior year. (The tape was part of a local marathon that ran years ago and my dad had taped over my copy…that tape is something I cherish.)

I find no problem with having Mr. Perry in the part. He’s not carrying the film and so what his work hasn’t won an Oscar. Many good and enjoyable films haven’t.

ok i know i might get severely bashed for this but I for one liked Star Trek: Nemesis. Granted it was not as good as First Contact which was the strongest Next Gen movie but it was better then Insurrection. I mean come on…Riker steering a Sovereign-Class starship with a joystick. Give me a break

If this is not a sensitive area:: COLOR! I dont know what is?? Evidently the few of you that pointed out there must be something interesting about Perry that made JJ talk him into this movie. That main focus of most of his movies seem to be on the SUCCESS of African American families sticking together through trials may have been the reason why they were not so hot at the box office??
Common now, I love Star Trek, but I wont hold a gun to someones head to make him or her love it either. His role in the movie must be substantial enough where he said yes! he could not possibly be the highest paid actor in the movie, but I look forward to seeing him in the film and what he is doing accordingly.

Some of his movie were not the greatest or funniest! But they did send a message! Perry’s background before hitting it big was nothing to brag about! But he hung in there and the rest is history!!! Perhaps, there might be a future collaboration of him and Abrams. All of this is my opinion. Not for nothing, this movie is covering some major ground. Is this script so good that it would be hard for anyone to say no!! I wish they would break the silence.

What an idiot. “Who’s this guy?” Tyler Perry is one of the most successful people in Hollywood and he doesn’t know anything about JJ. And that he needed to coaxed to be in STAR TREK. Give me a break, I used to respect this guy, but that short quote sounds like someon who is high and mighty.

I am sure there were more qualified people who could have done our secular jobs. right?? But someone out there said “I like you, I am going to give you a chance” What hiring requirements are most of you “trekkies” looking for?? How many episodes or planets can you name? From each series. In my opinion, this was the worst form of verbal assault on someone’s character than when George Takei’s posting came up. For obvious reasons. Sorry! Anthony Pascale. but there is a lot of unnecessary venom here!!