Pegg Geeked Out On Star Trek

Playing Scotty in the new Star Trek is a dream come true for Simon Pegg. In a new interview with Collider the actor says “I am such a roaring geek. I still have the bruises from pinching myself.” In the in depth interview the actor shows off his geek cred in talking about about getting the Star Trek job, his feelings about Abrams, the script, the original Doohan, and even Trek fan films.

Pegg on Abrams, the script, Trek, fan films and more
Pegg told Collider that Abrams reached out to him for M:I:3 after being impressed with his zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead. Pegg’s work on on M:I:3 film is likely what got him the gig for Scotty which again was offered directly from Abrams (this time via email). The admiration seems to go both ways, Pegg saying “I don’t have praise high enough for that man. As we say here in the UK he’s the dog’s bollocks.” Pegg gave Abrams a vote of confidence on the film in a message to fans: “put your trust in JJ, you will not be disappointed.” Pegg, who is an accomplished writer (and a geek) also made a high compliment to Star Trek co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. When asked asked if he was able to work any lines or ideas into the film, he replied “No need.”

Pegg showed his respect for James Doohan, the original Scotty, saying:

I’m very aware that the character of Scotty belongs to James Doohan the man is a legend and it will always be his. Anything I do is a tribute to him. I actually got to meet his son Chris, which was a real treat. He told me a few stories from the old days, not least actually being on set when they were shooting “The Trouble With Tribbles.” He gave me a little bit of Dilthium Crystal from the show. I felt honored.

And Pegg displayed his inner Trekkie when asked to rank each of the shows:

Oh jeez, that’s a big question. I would say The Original because it’s the original, TNG because it reignited the franchise, Voyager because of 7 of 9, Deep Space 9 because of that fantastic throwback episode, the cartoon because I remember it vaguely, and lastly, Enterprise because I never saw it. An honorable mention must go to Star Trek: New Voyages which can be found on the net which has to be one of the most amazing examples of fan based dedication out there. It’s impossible not to get high on the love. I would say Shatner’s Kirk is my favorite Captain because he created such a brilliantly charismatic character. Having said that, I must ask the world to prepare for the wonder of Chris Pine.

Just a geek
Pegg showed more geek cred in the interview. For example he is clearly a fan of Lost created by Abrams and fellow Trek producer Damon Lindelof, telling Collider that he tried to corner JJ Abrams and ask him “who are the Oceanic 6?” He also talked about geeking out working on How to Lose Friends & Alienate People where he stars with Kirsten Dunst, Gillian Anderson, Jeff Bridges and Megan Fox, saying he appreciated the fine work, but his inner geek was screaming:”look it’s me with Mary Jane Watson, Special Agent Dana Scully, The Dude and Mikaela from Transformers!”

For much more check out the excellent interview at (which is also a great site if you haven’t seen it before).

Pegg on Trek as Sci-fi
With all of that above, it may be worth re-mentioning a quote from Pegg in a previously reported interview with the Australian Herold Sun. The self-described geek was asked if he thought the new Star Trek was ‘serious sci-fi’ to which he replied:

Very much so. It’s not at all ironic. It’s not a jokey take on the original series. It’s a faithful and loving installment in the ongoing mythology of the show.


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Pegg’s involvement is what has me most excited about this film. :)

Knock’em dead Simon. No pun intended.

How can we like this man as Scotty?! He say’s all the right things and he seems sincere and he’s appreciative of the chance to be a part of Trek

I got a dilithium crystal from chris too. the Doohan family has a website where they sell them.I’m not sure if they have any left but you can check out their site at

I’m beginning to really like this guy!


I really hope he’s able to do the American convention circuit as much as his schedule allows (and as often as he finds himself on this side of the pond to begin with). It sounds like Pegg has the capacity to do honor to Doohan both onscreen and off, and with that kind of obvious warmth, the fans will love having him around.

Glad you wrote this, Anthony. It’s very encouraging to see some cast members so excited. It’s contagious!!


It is so heartwarming to read Pegg’s interviews. One comes away with the feeling that he not only respects Doohan deeply, but also took a tremendous interest in his character of Scotty and enjoyed his time on the Trek set.

So I take it that Kirk doesn’t belong to Shatner, but Scotty belongs to Doohan, Spock belongs to Nimoy, and McCoy belongs to Kelley? Every ones role will be a tribute to the original actor/actress that played, except Shatner? Instead he gets the slap in the face “oh we never really liked your hammy portrayl of Kirk, so we are changing him to have absolutely nothing to do with you”, tribute?

This is a great article and I am very happy with Peggs enthusiasm, but I can’t get all warm and fuzzy about this knowing the extreme opposite is going on with Shatner’s Kirk. We are seriously suppose to think this is Okay? I’m so confused………

As we say here in the UK he’s the dog’s bollocks.”
Just wondering how to work that into a conversation.

IMHO Rowan Atkinson would have been a better choice to play Scotty.

The casting for this new Star Trek is very exciting! As a longtime Trek fan, I see no reason why there can’t be alternate versions of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and the rest. It worked for the New Voyages/Phase II crew online. Worked for James Bond. Worked for Doctor Who. Hell, it worked as far back as Sherlock Holmes! What remains timeless about Trek are the ideas and the characters themselves. As long as the essential characterizations remain more or less intact, I’d love to see how this “Next Generation” interprets them! And being a huge fan of Pegg’s ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and John Cho of ‘Harold and Kumar’ fame, it seems JJ Abrams and co. really went for top-drawer talent on this film. Can’t wait to see it!

Doctor Who wasn’t alternate versions, it was always the same character /different regerations within strict canon.

Trek is so much more than Shat….I can’t wait to see this movie and I think that the new cast is great! don’t hate the new Trek simply because of Personal Bias toward who plays Kirk.

Haha! I loved the part about the Oceanic 6. Too bad he didn’t get an answer for us. :P

I’m also glad to hear how much he likes Star Trek. I think he’ll do a fine job. :D

Loving this guy! Let’s go grab a pint!

As I said before, Simon is a class act. I must say that Simon, Robert Orci and J.J. went out of their way to make me feel comfortable on the set and they all took time out of their busy schedules to sit down and chat with me.
Meeting them and the rest of the cast was definitely one of the high points in my life and it is something I will never forget. Actually, Simon and I still keep in touch and email each other on a regular basis. He’s a very funny guy on and off camera.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin and Marlene Forte and even spent a little time talking with Nimoy. I can‘t wait for May 2009, as there is so much I want to tell you guys.


PS. I see there’s a link to my website above. If you would like a Dilithium Crystal (don’t have too many left), I will reimburse your paypal 20% off of any sale if you mention that you heard about it on

#17 Chris we would definitly love to hear everything you’ve got to say about the movie, we understand why you can’t tell us all you know, but we can wait impatiently but we can wait. Hey I agree Pegg is going to be awesome in the role Scotty . I just wish May of 09 would get here a little sooner , I think the vast majority of us share these sentiments.

Re: #17. Chris Doohan

We always appreciate it when you take the time to visit. You sound like a really wonderful man. I’ll bet your father was very proud of you.

It must be killing you to refrain from telling us about the movie. I remember as a kid when I had a secret that I wasn’t supposed to tell (let alone know) I was just bursting at the seams. (Nana nana naaaa na etc.) Anyway, we acknowledge that and also admire the restraint you’re showing.

No, no, actually we don’t. WE WANT TO KNOW!

Sorry. Momentary slip. Just promise you’ll tell us as soon as J.J. gives you the “ok”.

I’d LOVE a Dilithium Crystal but my husband would ABSOLUTELY KILL ME if I ordered one. He doesn’t share my passion for Star Trek.

Now I REALLY must go.


There’s an interesting scene in one of the episode of the British sitcom “Spaced” that may apply here. Peggs character works at a comic book store but keep getting in trouble because he keeps telling the kids of for saying “The Phantom Menace” was a good movie.

There is even a flashback to the time when his character was so disillusioned with what George Lucas had turned his favorite film series in that his character set fire to a huge pile of Star Wars merchandise – his entire collection.

It’s a hilarious show that also proved the guy is as much a geek as Will Wheaton.


Chris, Your dad will FOREVER be the only authentic Scotty in my book! I’m staying home the day this movie opens & watching the ‘real McCoy’ (no pun intended) on DVD.

Here are some great and heartfelt quotes!

Ironic that you will miss seeing Chris in the movie.

Anthony, there just weren’t enough pictures for me to wrap my brain around the article. Kidding.

Agreed. Although I appreciate Pegg’s respect he’s repeatedly expressed for James Doohan and the role he‘s going to portray, that “off-Shatner” attitude which imo becomes more and more apparent is very disappointing and a major turn-off for me with regard to XI.

Thank you very much for posting here, Chris – your father’s memory will always be held in high regard.

#23: “Ironic that you will miss seeing Chris in the movie”

Not if I watch TMP. Though I many issues with STXI, I’m happy that Chris has a role in it & enjoyed his time on the set.

Iowagirl, I’m wondering where you’re getting an “off-Shatner” attitude from Pegg? He is quoted in the article as saying that William Shatner’s Kirk is his favorite. He just also happens to mention that we should get ready for Chris Pine as Kirk which I take as meaning he’s doing a great job. As a matter of fact, I don’t seem to recall anyone from the new cast as having an “off-Shatner” attitude. I guess I’m not really even sure how one would properly define such a thing.

Oh, they’ll be there…..

The “wonder of Chris Pine”? The bit player from The Princess Diaries 2?

The only interesting SciFi aspect to Pine is that his grandmother Anne Gwynne was in the 1940 classic serial Flash Gordon Conquers the Universal.

THX-1138, remember the IndyPine discussion? Don’t want to rehash the points I made there, but taking the main inspiration from another actor who has no relation to ST instead of making the logical choice, imo is an indication of a tendency to move away from Shatner’s portrayal and his inspiration. That’s what I meant by off-Shatner. So, I agreed to asc1183 when he said that he’s feeling like everyone’s role will be a tribute to the original actor/actress that played, except Shatner. I have that feeling, too, mainly gathered from the comments we hear from Pine, and from the fact that Abrams‘ surely has given his blessing to everything we hear from any of the XI people.

Granted, Pegg said that Shatner was able to create a brilliantly charismatic character, but he carries on saying “Having said that, I must ask the world to prepare for the wonder of Chris Pine.” So, he puts the two actors in direct contrast, and with his diction he emphasizes Pine‘s portrayal, not Shatner‘s. The re-casts tend to emphazise the original actor‘s portrayal and achievement, not the new one, but only if they‘re not dealing with Kirk/Shatner.

You may consider my attitude nitpicking and overreacting, but this is how I truly feel about it. Those may only be small pieces, one in every news article or interview, but considered together I get that picture.


I used to think Kirk and Spock had the best jobs in the universe ever. I was wrong. You, sir, for one brief, shining moment, had the best job in the universe ever.

And if you have any little bits of your experience you can/will share with us, we’d love to hear it. We eat this stuff up with great relish, you know. :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I would geek out when I meet Pegg. He’s geekable in his own right. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz were terrific.

Argh- please set phasers on kill for the stupid Will Smith banner! On Firefox it loads completely before the blog even starts to load.

#28 Moogie a lot of actors who were extras and bit players and b movie actors went on to stardom. don’t forget that John Wayne started out a total unknown and thanks to John Ford’s 1939 movie Stage Coach evolved to stardom and if I am not mistaken Jimmy Stewart’s first role was in a Charlie Chan movie. I think you don’t give Chris Pines enough credit, you just keep knocking him down, I think by the lack of responses that your getting ,most of the people here don’t agree with you, myself included and worse don’t take you seriously. In the case of Simon Pegg let’s look at the fact that Chris Doohan who wanted the part of Scotty has given Simon Pegg his blessing and he thinks highly of him and thinks his father would approve of Pegg in the role as well. Pegg is both fine actor and Comedian who can play Scotty. As for Pines this role will make him a star
and a household name.

Everything is looking good from the actors’ point of view. My excitement toward this new movie is reaffirmed each time I read such enthusiastic comments.

Way to go, Simon! As Scotty might say: More power to you!

No worries people, Pine will play Kirk just fine.

The rhyme was completely unintentional.

Besides Pegg, each actor has stated how they will bring something of “their own” to the character they are portraying. I think the whole Shatner debate has put a negative light on the new incarnation of Kirk and made it at least feel like there is some disrespect to the original even though there is none present. I expect Pine to play and Kirk as bold, confident, and larger than life, just like Shatner. A different person is playing him, so I do expect some differences in look and delivery, but not personality. It’s the persona of the charater, the essence, that’s important.

I know this may be slightly off subject and we all don’t spend quite as much time scrutinizing the remastered episodes but this weeks was a wonderful Scotty- sentric (and Spock) episode. That scenes of Scotty in the access tube were just briliant. He really delivered the tension and good humor Mr. Doohan was known for!!! Besides that the nice byplay with Spock was just terrific!!! I always loved this episode, very spooky and a great creepy clausterphopic Twighlight Zone feel to it. Scoty saves the day again!!! Uber hot Lee Meriweather in purple little almost nothing outfit !!! Spock in command fondling his Spock’s brain Rubiks Cube devise throughout the whole episode. And the old effects still hold up, that crackling energy in the tube still looks very cool, The Lee Meriweather blinking out into a thin black line still looks effective and quite creepy. Good stuff. I hope The Pegg checks this one out !!!

#33: “the fact that Chris Doohan who wanted the part of Scotty has given Simon Pegg his blessing and he thinks highly of him and thinks his father would approve of Pegg in the role as well”

How fast would Chris’ scenes be deleted if he were to be critical of Pegg?

#36 one of the better episodes of season 3. I always what changed making seasons 1&2 better than 3,can anyone tell me?

#37 I think Chris Doohan is being geniunely honest, when He says that he likes Pegg in the role. Evidently he came to believe that Pegg was the better choice, I sense no false hood here in this regard.

Garovorkin, my old friend—-I’ll say one positive thing about Pine: his grandmother was hot stuff playing Ming’s spy Sonja in Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. She was also in Ride ‘Em Cowboy with Abbott & Costello, Dick Tracy meets Gruesome & House of Frankenstein, so she’s okay in my book!

And I did say I’m happy for Chris getting a role in STXI, he’s a good guy & IMO should have been cast as Scotty.

I think I read here that Simon revealed in the last article on him here on that he was signed up for nine years, meaning that there’s a three-movie deal, meaning that there migh well be at least two sequels to this upcoming Star Trek movie. I think we can thank him for revealing this much.

From what I’ve read, it’s possible that his Scotty will be a breakout character of sorts, although naturally I hope that *every* character in the new movie will be in some sense a breakout character. If so, it seems that Star Trek will be more international than ever before, which is not at all a bad thing, in my view.

Decloaking . . .

I must say I was very dubious of the Pegg casting as Scotty.

However, he sounds like one of us and has become the best salesman this film has.

He has won over this (nervous about the new film) old Trekker.


#29–Of course he is emphasizing Pine’s Kirk. Pine is the one playing Kirk in STXI. I find it funny that you cite Pegg’s comment as a turn off to STXI.
Obviously, nothing any of these people say could ever do anything to give you a positive feeling about it. He is just saying that Pine will give a good performance and due the role justice.

So, let me get this straight. A positive statement about Pine is a negative statement about Shatner?

#37—Shameless. Now you are calling Chris a liar. That’s classy. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Let me just say here folks, that a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Mr. Pegg after the AICN sponsored screening of “Shaun of the Dead”. There was an after screening party at a Hollywood bar. Pegg and the film’s director, Edgar Wright, were in attendance. Lets just say that in addition to being down to Earth and just plain NICE, he demonstrated that he is truly a geek. His love for the Zombie genre is absolute. When I read his comments about Trek and his part in it, I get the same feeling of dedication and respect. He is totally sincere about it.

In that same spirit, I look at his comments regarding Shatner vs. Pine as a positive thing. I don’t believe he is contrasting the two or portraying their Kirk characterizations as opposites. He is acknowledging, as we do, that no one will replace Shatner’s Kirk. Chris Pine, however, will deliver the goods in a way that will respect the past. Sure, it sounds like interview B.S. but I think it’s on the level. He’s just being a pro and backing up a fellow cast member who will, no doubt, have the most scrutinized performance in the entire film.

Re: #13, I think you missed my point; different actors interpreting the same character. I wasn’t discussing “canon” (which Doctor Who adheres to loosely at best; re-watch the old series, it’s true). But my point was (is), as long as an actor maintains some of the essentials of the character, I find it intriguing to see what they can bring to the table from their own personality! And with Leonard Nimoy playing the “older” Spock, I suspect there will be a ‘Doctor Who’ level of adherence to canon (which suits me fine; strict adherence to guidelines strangled the Trek franchise previously; it collapsed under its own weight, as it were). Now is the time for Trek to truly “re-launch.” And I find the casting choices a step in that direction; familiar, but new.

To the artist formerly know as Closettreker you officially now have the coolest handle in the history of nick names +++++++++++++ and LOL

Regarding the Chris Pine issue, let’s just say that a classic character can have many interpretations. Every Shakespearean actor has his own King Lear. Heck, even James Bond varied each time a different actor played him.

Perhaps Shatner-as-Kirk is Sean Connery to Chris Pine’s Daniel Craig. Both of the latter two have their admirers.

Perhaps Pegg-as-Scotty will be every bit as appealing as James Doohan’s version. I, for one, have high hopes.

#48 Hat Rick well spoken

Nimoy approves. Someone who labels himself a “roaring geek” approves.

Could someone remind me why there’s still this much skepticism about the movie?